BumpWatch: Lily Allen Is Seeing Stars

07/18/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

A kick? Lily Allen gets a grip on her belly while attending The Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Final, held Sunday at Cowdray Park Polo Club in West Sussex.

The singer, 26, expects a baby with husband Sam Cooper, whom she wed in June, later this year.

“People wouldn’t have thought I’d have a church wedding, but since I had the really traumatic experience last year, our local community all pitched in,” Allen tells ELLE UK.

“After the news got out we received flowers and really heartfelt, beautifully written cards. Our vicar said a similar thing had happened to his family, so he would come over and sit with me. It feels really nice. We feel protected.”

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Wishing Lily and Sam the best this go around. They are courageous for trying for a baby again. I couldn’t imagine suffering that kind of loss in the public eye. Lily take it easy, let the past be the past and SMILE 🙂

eribri on

I really wish the best for her!!

What of it? on

Best of luck Lily! Lots of prayers are being sent your way.

Brooke on

I want this baby healthy for Lily and Sam so badly….they deserve it!

Sarah S. on

I wish Lily the best pregnancy this time with no troubles. She certainly deserves it!

Indira on

She looks so lovely! So effortless. Good wishes to them both.

Alysia on

I think she is an awesome singer and person. She looks so happy. I hope and pray for her to have this baby. She really deserves to hold her baby in her arms. I felt so sad for her loss last January. I cant wait to hear for the birth of her child. Looks like she is carrying high im thinking she is gonna have a baby girl.

Terri on

I so hope she has a healthy pregnancy this time.

Alma on

It’s funny when people think that the way the women carries the baby they know what sex the baby is. I have two boys and two girls, I carried both of my boys high and my girls low.

I hope and pray that she will have the baby they deserve and it will come in to this world healthy.

Tee on

I’ve been praying for Lily ever since she announced that she was pregnant again. She’s just been through so much loss and that’s hard enough. I can’t imagine how much harder it must be going through it in the public eye.

Button on

While I love to be a looky-loo and see what celebrities are doing with their pregnancies and babies, I usually don’t get emotionally involved, but Lily Allen was totally a different story. Her two pregnancy losses seemed so sad and having to face the public with them was even worse. I got stupidly happy for her when I read the recent news. I love her music and her unapologetic lyrics and I know how much she wants to be a mum. I really hope everything goes well for her! She deserves an easy experience this time. I know she will really cherish her baby.

kendrajoi on

Sooo rooting for her! She deserves happiness after what she’s been through! Go Lily!!!!

Devon on

I too don’t get too emotionally involved with celebs, fun to watch but really it doesn’t have any impact on me, but Lily’s story really made me sad. I had a friend who lost her baby, at 38 weeks, a few months before so it really hit home.

I hope everything goes smoothly for her and her husband!

Corrie on

I so hope this goes well for her. She’s gone through so much and I pray she has the healthy baby she deserves.

Nella on

I hope for a healthy baby for Lily! Hope the rest of her pregnancy goes smoothly and that she becomes a mom. I also felt very bad for her , her journey to motherhood has been tough, but it seems like something she really wants and I sincerely hope that comes true for her. I have a good feeling about this pregnancy, oh and she looks beautiful

Linny on


My prayers are with you!!! May God bless your family and may your pregnancy be healthy and wonderful! I pray that your baby is born healthy and that you find all the happiness that motherhood has to offer.

Thank you for being so strong in the public eye. I’m sure millions of women are watching you and finding inspiration and strength in your story. We are all rooting for you!!!

Hea on

I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that everything goes well for them.

mindy on

love to Lily and her baby, praying and hoping for her happy ending, remembering her losses.

Leslee on

Not a fan of Lily Allen, per se, but one can’t help but hope and pray for her well being and that of her unborn child. I hope to see her proudly holding her baby here later this year.

mommytoane on

LOL I can’t help but to think she looks so cute here. Pregnancy agrees with her very well. She looks so lively and cute!

Lyoness on

@ Button – I couldn’t have said it better.

AmandaK on

I hope this is her take home baby with all my heart! Having gone through the same experience although not in the public eye, I can relate. What an inspiration she is for other women.

Mimi on

I wish you the best Lily and congrats on the Wedding! I hope everything goes well for you and I pray for a healthy pregnancy. You deserve it!!

Pencils on

I so hope she’ll have a boring and uneventful pregnancy and then a beautiful baby this fall. I was pregnant when she lost her first baby and I felt so terrible for her, I couldn’t imagine what she was going through–and then she lost another last year. She’s very brave to try again so soon. Good luck, Lily!