Ivanka Trump Welcomes Daughter Arabella Rose

07/18/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Rolf Mueller/face to face/ZUMA

Update: The proud grandfather announced the baby’s name on Fox & Friends Monday morning.

“I just left the hospital and the baby is beautiful. [Ivanka’s] doing great,” Trump says. “Arabella Rose is the baby’s name — I just found that out by the way.”

Ivanka added her own thoughts via Twitter: “Jared and I are having so much fun playing with our daughter! Arabella Rose is beyond adorable. She’s truly a blessing.”

Originally posted July 17: The Trump empire has expanded again.

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner welcomed their first child, a daughter, on Sunday, July 17 in New York City.

“This morning [Jared] and I welcomed a beautiful and healthy little baby girl into the world,” Trump, 29, announced via Twitter. “We feel incredibly grateful and blessed. Thank you all for your support and well wishes!”

Herself the daughter of Donald Trump, “We have our work cut out for us to ensure that our daughter is grounded and not spoiled,” the Celebrity Apprentice judge – who admitted she was terrified of labor and delivery – says.

Trump married Kushner, owner of the New York Observer, in October 2009.

— Alla Byrne

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Kristen on

Congratulations! I hope that her labor wasn’t as scary as she feared. Looking forward to hearing her name.

Romy on

hate the announcement w/o the name! congrats to the them

Michelle on

YAY!!!! Cant wait to hear her name. 🙂

Amy on

Can’t wait to hear her name! Sure she is beautiful, just like Mama

Tee on

Wonderful news! Congratulations to Ivanka and Jared!

erica2 on

I wonder if Ivanka’s daughter is American…I am sure grandpa Donald has scrutinized the hell out of the birth certificate

Meghan on

LMAO @ Erica2!!!!!!!!!! Best comment ever.

Alyssa on

Erica2: Yeah..she is. Ivanka and her husband are both citizens.

soph on

Thank you, Alyssa.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! Looking forward to hearing the name.

Emily on

Erica2: GOLD. Pure gold.

Lena on

Congrats to her. Love the comment about making sure that their daughter is grounded and not spoiled. She/They were raised well.

HeatherR on

I am guessing Bianca for the name since it is similar to Ivanka….Lol. Ivanka and her mom Ivana have similar names, why break tradition…

Katie on

rumor has it that her name is Bianca Marie Kushner.If this rumor is true I think it’s a very pretty name.

HeatherR on

Um…I was totally guessing (and half-way kidding!) when I said the name Bianca!!! Is that really what they named her?

Katie on

That’s what the rumors say but you can’t believe everything you read or hear.

Amanda on

$10 bucks says she had a scheduled c-section when baby did not show on it’s due date. You know I’m not the only one thinking it!! lol

Congrats to them either way.

Bancie1031 on


Eysan on

The baby’s name is Arabella Rose 🙂

Marky on

Amanda, you may not be the only one thinking it, but boy! I’m sick of all the posters who feel the burning need to bash others on how their babies are delivered!! YOu do NOT now these people personally, and regardless of their fame, they do NOT deserve to have people ragging on them before they can even get home from the hospital. What the heck is wrong with you people?

My daughter was terrified of delivery, had been told by her worthless boyfriend he would never want to be with her again “if that baby came out of there”, and she BEGGED her doctor for a C/S–guess what? the answer was a resounding “No, you can do it, you need to dump that jerk, and I’ll be with you every minute and you’ll be fine!” And she was laughing with joy as that baby came out. So, shut up with the constant, “If you have a C/S you took the easy way out”, and “Everyone can have a C/S–all they have to do is ask!” It is beyond rude!

raleigh on

Apparently, Arabella Rose is the name. Bella is quite common but I like the Arabella first name in comparision to Isabella.

pammy on

I heard the name was Arabella Rose. Will be interesting to hear the babys name. Hoping this baby has a normal name considering the baby names of the past week. I like Harper, but Seven is just too offbeat, Bing is cutesy, but not with Bellamy and Kase? Should have named him Kasey and just called him Kase. My opinions of course and nothing else.

jessica on

trump posted on his twitter that the name was Arabella Rose.

Congratulations to my daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared on the birth of their daughter Arabella Rose yesterday.

Indira on

The first name is pretty!

klutzy_girl on

I love Arabella Rose! Those are two of my favorite names.

Congratulations to Ivanka and her husband!

Alli on

Arabella is one of my favorite names! Congrats to the new parents!

Melissa on

Congrats to them! I love the name!

A. on

Very pretty name, different but not crazy. Congrats to them!

Noelle on

Of course Mr. Trump had to make the announcement and not let his daughter, the baby’s own mother, do it.

Hen on

Ooooohhh, I love the name!! Wish I would have thought of it for my daughter. Gorgeous and very girly!!!

Jillian on

What a beautiful name!!! Maybe she told her dad he could announce it. I clearly am not famous, but I was not the one who announced my daughters name. It was announced for us. But, of course, people want to find something negative to say.

Amanda, It is very very common to induce, if the baby is overdue. So, chances are high, that is what was done. And if the baby didn’t come out naturally, then a csection was done.

aurora mia on

gorgeous name!

Ashley on

Wow, very pretty name, I love it. Extremely classy too, which is what Ivanka is. Congratulations to the family!!!

Capri on

I looove the name…I expected nothing less then a classy choice from her, no Apples or Inspektor Gadgets!

Emma's Mommy on

Beautiful name. And Noelle.. didn’t you ever think that maybe Ivanka said that it was alright that he announces the name. I’m sure Mr.Trump is a very proud grandpa.

Shannon on

Arabella Rose is a sweet name!

K on

What a beautiful name!

Sarah S. on

OMG, I was going to choose Arabella Rose as my own daughter’s name back in 2000 when she was born!! I ended up switching to Ariana Rose, though. Congrats to Ivanka and her family! 🙂

soph on

Back in 2000…yeah, that sounds like the year this name is stuck in.

Angel on

Beautiful name! Not surprising though, considering how classy Ivanka is.

ClaireSamsmom on

Beautiful name. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Ivanka…she is so classy. Glad all went well! And baby and mommy are doing well!

Molly on

Pretty name. Not what I expected though. I didn’t expect something so “feminine” for some reason.

Sloanesmomma on

wonder if they will call her bella for short…I considered bella for my 9 month old but went for sloane instead because bella is way to popular and i love more unique names

Becky on

I have never heard of the name Arbella, but I looove the babs name..Congrats to the entire Trump family…

Mandii on

That is a beautifully fantastic name!

Brooklyn on

The first thing that came to mind with the name was classy, elegant. Great name. I wouldn’t necessarily choose it for my own daughter but it’s not about me! LOL! Congrats again to them.

Leah on

Beautiful name. Last name could easily be Kennedy – Arabella was JFK’s stillborn daughter’s name, and Rose was his mother. Nice picks.

MKH on

Beautiful, elegant, classic name! I LOVE it! I had a hunch Rose was going to be included in the naming process.

JMO on

pretty name.

Toya L. on

Very pretty name.

A, Heilbrunn on

To honor their religion, names are picked from someone that has died, usually someone old and loved.

I think Jared’s mother is dead? Her name was Rae. Therefore, making it a bit more modern, just use the initial “R”.

Maybe the same thing with Arabella?

The couple may define it later, just like the Beckham’s, Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman?

I think it’s cute.

Jane on

Gorgeous! Feminine and classy.

alise on

Not a fan of the name, but at least it’s “normal” 🙂

eribri on

I love the name Arabella Rose! Very pretty.

Nella on

It’s very pretty and feminine, I like the name! Never heard the name before so to me it’s unique without sounding crazy! Congrats to the family, I think she will be a wonderful mother.

Mina on

Ok, I dont like that name at all! What are they going to call her for short…Arab? At least Isabella you can call her Izzy. Plus, it reminds me of areola, that dark skin around your nipple. Rose Arabella would have been nicer.

Jillian on

Why do they need to call her something for short? But if they wanted to……they could go with, um, I don’t know…..Bella????

Macy on

Mina, duh! They can call her Bella, ever heard of it? Or are you living under a rock.

Alyssa on

Really Mina? Your post is a little weird, mentioning nipples. You don’t have to have a nickname. I know plenty of people who don’t go by any nicknames, they go by their actual name. I think it’s a beautiful name.

Monica on

Why don’t call the baby Arabella? If they want call her for short name, can be Bella. Arabella Rose is pretty.

M on


Not everyone goes by a nickname. I don’t go by a nickname, and nobody in my family does either.

I had a friend in high school named Arabella, and we all called her “Ara” (pronounced arr-uh). Is that such a horrible nick name? I think not.

Gaia and labans mom on

Pretty name. I find her comment about spoiling to be funny given her husband got into Harvard via his fathers 3 million dollar “donation”. It was a big scandal in academia at the time.

RKF on

Mina – you’re ridiculous. Why in the world would someone think to call her “Arab”? And the nipple comment is just plain bizarre.

Regardless, I can’t say I love the name personally, but it does sound very sweet and feminine.

Indira on

I was using the pronunciation A as in Arab but apparently the A makes an ‘air’ sound. Like Air-uh-bella. I don’t know how the parents are saying it but that’s the traditional way.

Heather on

I love the name but that is what we named our 21 month old daughter, Arabella Elise. After she was born we called her Bella, but her two older brothers called her Belle Belle and it stuck. We call her by her name Arabella half the time and Belle the other. I have never even thought of calling her Arab, strange comment.

Sophie on

Don’t really like the name personally but its not horrible. I read she is returning to work after 2 weeks and was shocked, but it may only be a few short meetings, not in the office from 8am to 7pm or something I guess. I hope she spends a lot of time with her baby though, she’s got nothing to prove by keeping up the hard work and trying to do it all if you don’t have to

Jazzy on

It’s like she read my mind! That has been a name tucked away in my mind for at least 8 years for a daughter of mine! Omg- exactly the same middle name too!

AllisonJ on

Such a sweet name!

A girl in my son’s 5th grade class is named “Arabella,” and I always thought it was a classic, pretty name. It goes well with Rose, too.

Best wishes to Ivanka and Jared on their new baby girl!

weu on

a very classic, feminine and pretty name

nemap on

That is a beautiful and unique name!


MINA………………YOU SAY THE DUMBEST THINGS……….What’s wrong with you……………Are you MISERABLE?????? My goodness…….BEAUTIFUL NAME!

Laura on

I love the name. It’s so feminine and unique, without being completely bizzare.

kate on

Surely the focus here should be hooray for healthy baby, healthy mum, happy family. Who cares what kind of birth, who announces the name, what the name is?!? No-one actually knows how Arabella arrived, the inspiration behind her name etc – the negative speculation is horrible.

I will be having my third c-section in September after two emergency ones. For both those I had to have general anaesthetics, so my own birth goal this time is pretty simple: to actually witness the birth of one of my children. My little girl died of a cot death last year at 20 months after being 10 weeks premature but surviving those difficulties so this baby means the world to me. The way he is born means nothing; that he and I can be healthy before, during and after means everything.

Please everyone, can we just take a moment to be happy for every birth story and not corrupt such a blessing, which cannot be taken for granted, with hurtful comments.

AndyCZ on

Arabela is a czech TV fairy tale (made in late 70’s), named after a main character – a good princess (her bad sister is Xenie). This show is still popular here (not the name), so maybe it was their inspiration, when Ivana Trump was born in the Czech Republic.

I have same feelings about the name as Brooklyn 🙂

Congrats to the family.

jennie w. on

I have a 10-year old Arabella. She loves her name. She used to go by “Bella” but requested everyone call her by her full name once she started school since there are a jillion Bellas out there (who are actually Isabellas).

I remember reading the classic book “Arabella” by Georgette Heyer as a teenager and loving the name.

Nice to know I’m a trend-setter! (I also have a 12-year old, Finn.)

Stella Bella on

Beautiful name. Very feminine.

Jgirl on

Pretty name. I have never heard it before, however, I think it is very pretty, and will grow with her. There are also many cute nicknames if she so chooses. But simply going by Arabella is also cute. Congratulations on a healthy baby girl!

kimmie on

Arabella is Ivanka’s favorite character from the popular Czech show, it’s a beautiful princess, every child watched it when they were growing up. Tha’ts where the name comes from.

eyeswideshut on

Arabella=the new Isabella. Bogans/chavs all over the world give their kid this “uneek” name.

Andrea on

I love the name Arabella. I read a book called Belladonnna by Jenna Ryan back in the 90’s with a heroine with that name and it’s the first name written in my notebook of favorite names.

Angela on

I’m so sorry for your loss. You are right, all of us should stop focusing on the trivial and just be happy for anyone who has the blessing of a healthy little baby. Thank you for the reminder.

Jennifer on

OMG my daughter’s name is Arabella, she is 7 months old. We chose it because it means “answered prayer.” I sure hope it doesn’t become popular now.

Audrina on

RFK REALLY?? air (uhh) ARAB!!

Terri on

John and Jackie Kennedy’s first child was named Arabella.

Rebecca on

My daughter’s name is Arabelle- haven’t met anyone with the same name or close to her name till now. Very cool!

Traxie on

GORGEOUS name. Just stunning. So refreshing to see a celebrity go with something beautiful not bizarre.

Ava marcel on

OMG….Love the name…!!
Just beautiful…!!:D