David Beckham Displays Kids’ Names on Soccer Cleats

07/18/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Matt Smith/Pacific Coast News; Inset: Splash News Online

Since welcoming daughter Harper Seven on July 10, David Beckham has wasted no time showing off his fatherly pride.

Not only did he post a sweet photo of his baby girl with wife Victoria Beckham, but he also sported a pair of pink-and-white cleats with all four of his kids’ names — Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8½, Cruz, 6½ and Harper, 1 week — during the L.A. Galaxy vs. Real Madrid match on Saturday.

Not to be outdone, Victoria has also proudly displayed her love for their newest addition.

“Baby Harper is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen,” the former Spice Girl Tweeted recently. “I have fallen in love all over again!”

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Capri on

Swooon, how adorable…love it!

Rita on

It’s hardly an unusual thing. Almost all footballers who are fathers have their kids’ names on their boots… and pink boots are common as well!

eribri on


Nicole on

He is truly the doting father.

Jillian on

I like the gesture. I think it is so cute!

Rita, I have never seen a football player have their kids names on their shoes. And you calim “almost all.” Which ones have them on their shoes? And which ones wear pink ones?

cassidy on

look at that smile! he looks so happy, it’s adorable. i’m excited for the family.

Person@people.com on

Awww…that’s so cute

Becky on

I’ve never heard of footballers having their childrens’ names on their boots before. I have seen them wear pink though but that was in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month only.

Stacey on

AW how sweet!!

josy on

how adorable is he!

as for “almost all” footballers, thats an overstatement. I know Gerrard does, Lamps has in the past, Terry, but that’s hardly almost all AND pink and white not because of fashion but because of his baby girl? he’s the first one i’ve seen and TRUST ME I would know. haha.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

Aw! That’s really sweet!

Shenae on

Hey Jillian,

Rita is not referring to American football players. She’s obviously talking about soccer players, b/c David Beckham is a soccer player. In case you didn’t know, Europeans refer to the sport of soccer as “football.” DUH.

Rita on

Like Shenae said, I’m obviously talking about “soccer”, rather than american football.

It’s common knowledge that footballers often costumise boots with their initials, flags, their kids names – like Javier Zanetti has “Sol” and “Nacho” on his boots. As for colours, even last year Nike had a bright-pink model, sported by Cristiano Ronaldo, Özil, and many other notable players.

M on


Tee on

No offense meant to you at all, Rita, but I certainly didn’t know that you were referring to soccer. When I hear the word football, I think of American football. I’m guessing Jillian thought the same thing.

Shenae, why did you jump down Jillian’s throat? I understand why you explained what Rita was talking about and I’m glad you did. You cleared things up for me! But I don’t understand why you were rude about it?

Becky on

I wish there were more dads out there like this man seems to be for his wife and their children.

Elizabeth on

My dad was a professional football player-American football to be clear- and he wrote all four of his kids’ names on the gloves he wore when he played.I think it’s a really sweet and cute thing that athletes can do to honor their children 🙂

Celis on

He has money, so he can afford to be a good father.

anon1 on

Celis, being a good father doesn’t mean spending money left and right for kids, its about spending time with the kids, taking care of them financially as well as personally, and loving them. you don’t have to buy personalized cleats to be a good father. Beckham does because he has the ability to take the extra step and spend the money but thats not what makes him a good father. he is hands on and does take care of his kids and loves them, and thats what makes him a good father.

Erica on


Financial support is only one facet of being a good father. Time and energy is the only cost of being there physically and emotionally for a child. Steve Bing, on the other hand, is the prime example of a billionnaire deadbeat.

Kiki on

Celis – I don’t claim to know your situation or experiences. While money is great, its just one aspect. I personally think Beckham has fatherhood nailed down, not becos of his wealth, but becos the bond with his babies is just obvious. There are some fathers at my elementary school that I would give Father of the Year award to because they are at every single function, and are very present. They are no where near rich like Beck, they just are there for their kids, like a parent should be.

Marky on

My father was the best; always there to listen and discuss all sorts of things. He was even the one who explained the “facts of life” to me, in a day when no dad did that (my mom just didn’t know what to say). We were dirt poor, and that didn’t keep him from being the dad we needed, right up until he died. Money doesn’t mean anything in parenting.

Hermione on

David Beckham has been putting his kids name on his boots since Brooklyn was born. So he has been doing it for over 12 years now. Hardly sometihng new. Actually, his fans were waiting for him to put Harper’s name on his boots after she was born. And as for his pink shoes, he said they are a “one-off” to celebrate Harper’s birth.

Poppy on

Agree totally with Marky! Money does not make a good parent.

Besides that, David you gorgeous man…… hmmm

carla on

The biggest clue that Rita was talking about soccer was when she referred to Becks’s cleats as “boots.” American football does not use that term to refer to any of its equipment. Furthermore, the United States is the only country that steadfastly refers to football as soccer. Everywhere else in the world it is football.

Lau on

Agree with Rita, a very common thing in football (or soccer, if you all from the US feel more comfortable that way). Also common to see kids’ names in goalkeepers’ gloves.

Jillian on

I know that Rita was referring to soccer players. I still don’t agree that almost all players have their childrens names on their shoes. That’s just not true.

Jillian on

Lou and or Rita, that’s fine, but who are almost every soccer player to have the names of their children. I can think of a ton that don’t, to my knowledge……..but you guys say, “almost all.” as for pink, same thing. Just looking to understand what I am missing, as I watch soccer and must be missing something.

Fab on

Celis….. That was a totally DUMB comment!!!!!! STHU!!!!

Serena on

HE really doesnt look like a father of 4 children…love u Beckham