Meet Harper Seven Beckham

07/17/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Harper Seven Beckham has made her debut! Parents Victoria and David Beckham took turns posting photos of each other with their 1-week-old daughter Sunday morning on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“Daddy’s little girl!” Victoria, 37, captioned a picture of David rubbing noses with their baby girl, while David, 36, snapped a shot of his wife and daughter snoozing, writing, “I took this picture of my two girls sleeping.”

Harper Seven arrived July 10 in Los Angeles and joins big brothers Brooklyn Joseph, 12, Romeo James, 8½, and Cruz David, 6½.

Courtesy David Beckham

— Sarah Michaud

Courtesy Victoria Beckham

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klutzy_girl on

Harper is so cute! I love that picture with David.

Brooklyn on

She is absolutely precious! Beautiful pictures, too!

Cee on

Beautiful pictures!!!

M on

Victoria thinks that’s the most beautiful baby girl she’s ever seen? Really??

Proof that parents are delusional!

ForeverMoore on

She is gorgeous! Love newborns, nothing like ’em. Makes me yearn to welcome my second little one in December…love the snuggles on the chest

KRS on

Congrats to the Beckhams, she looks perfect. Just noticing the crease at the top of Harper’s little nose, is that maybe from labour?

Natalie on

M- Any mother thinks that their baby is the most beautiful baby they ever saw, and if there was ever a person who didn’t think that about their baby then they are the one who is delusional!!

Piper on

M is acting like a troll.

She is a cute and from her profile looks like Cruz.

Anonymous on

Yeah, that first picture wasn’t staged at all LOL. I’m not hating though, it’s still cute!

April Jordan on

Love the pics. Makes me wanna have another one. Congrats to the Beckham family

M on

I’m a troll just because you don’t agree with what I have to say?
Great logic there.

Its undeniable, parents ARE delusional. Don’t get me wrong, Harper isn’t ugly. She’s cute in her own way. I just think its amusing how parents will find their kids attractive no matter what. That’s why every child is the most beautiful, smartest, and most talented kid in the world in their parents eyes, but we all know its not possible for every kid to be that way.

Kay on

Aww… cute pictures..

M – your comment is rude. Why hate?

Elisa on

some people are never happy! follow that old saying: “if you have nothing good to say then don’t shut up”…

Harper is really cute! indeed she reminds Cruz a little, but isn’t it too soon to say with whom she looks like?

Whitney on

I’m so happy for them. Another Little Galaxy fan…. I think she does look Cruz..

Crystal H. on

Harper is such a pretty baby. Congrats to the Beckham family. 🙂

angie on

She’s adorable! Congrats to the Beckham family!

Bancie1031 on

What a gorgeous little girl …. she definitely got her parents good looks. I love both pics …. especially the one with David giving her eskimo kisses.

nelly on

Awww congrats she does look like Cruz

Tee on

What a pretty baby! I’m really glad that the Beckham’s chose to release a couple of simple photographs of their daughter!

Shannon on

Look at the little princess! She looks like Cruz and Victoria. 🙂

Holiday on

M of course every parent thinks their own child in the most beautiful baby in the world! It is very obvious you are not a parent yourself.

Mira on

Labor and Posh Spice? That made me laugh.

Harper is a cuter than average newborn, I think.

RKF on

M – I thank G_d you’re not my parent. Not only do I hope you’re not a parent, I certainly hope if you have children you don’t instill in them they’re unworthy losers. Kids like to feel they’re the apple of their parents eye! Unless someone hated kids, I can’t imagine any parent not thinking their kid is the most [insert adjective here]… Who is going to go around saying they have the ugliest, dumbest, least talented kid on the block? Who cares if new parents are “delusional” as you say?

jesse on

i love this family! they seem like such hands on, loving parents. congrats to them! she’s beautiful!

harley on

RKF – Well said.

Love the photos. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing a parent and their child in a ‘moment’.

Hea on

RKF – I agree. Every child in this world deserves to be the apple of their loving parents eye.

I think the pics are adorable and I hope they all stay healthy and happy.

JMO on

M – David and Victoria just welcomed a healthy baby and this time it was their first girl. They have the right to gush over their baby any way they like. If they think she’s the most gorgeous baby or even when she’s one they proclaim shes a pure baby genius who really cares?! It’s their kid and everyone is biased one way or another when it comes to their own offspring!!

lucy on

Ok, i agree, while she is healthy and full term, i also dont find her to be “exceptionally” beautiful either, proof that parents see what they want to see, which is the way it should be!! she looks just like the boys, with Victoria’s upturned slighty piggish nose. Still i am happy for them xx

Marky on

These pictures are so adorable! I’m very happy for this family; they seem to be a very caring family which truly enjoys and loves their children. Hopefully, as they begin the teen years, they will do as good a job as they have done up until now. They have some really nice kids, it appears.

I wish M and Molly would find another hobby; posting hateful comments on everyone’s thread is at the most a rude, horrid, unbelievably irritating way to waste your time, and at the least it is a hate-filled ugly reflection of M and Molly’s personalities. Honestly, to criticize another woman because she had to have a c-section with her first child and ended up with c/s for the rest as a result, is just disgusting. Most Brits never even think of having a c/s unless it’s absolutely necessary, and I doubt she preferred it.

me on

lol people she looks like a newborn child! she doesn’t look like anyone yet because she’s too little. and of course she’s got victoria’s nose, she’s not going to be born with a full grown man nose like David! duhh

anyways, i love the first picture because it shows a different side of Victoria that i really like. I actually never realized how pretty she is… I wish she was more like this all the time and let her natural beauty show

congrats to the beckham family though! I hope she grows to be happy and healthy like her brothers

Jen on

These are precious pictures. So candid and beautiful. I assumed we would see these pictures in magazines, being sold to them. I guess not. It’s nice to see celebrities releasing pictures without having to get a check for them.

Melissa on

wow I cant believe its actually people who came to the website to critique a newborn babys looks. get a life really something is wrong with u

M! on

Aww! I just love that pic of her and David. Can’t wait for my second to get here

mommytoane on

M obviously has no children, hence her anger at everyone who does.

Beautiful pictures. 🙂

Fab on

Gorgeous photos!!!!!

Mia on

Well Cruz looks exactly like David Beckham + Romeo is all VB–so she looks like one–or the other…too soon to see who she looks like yet!

Maeve on

not a big fan of the name but theyre the parents and if they like it then thats all that matters 🙂

i think she is a cute baby and if shes anything like her brothers shes going to be beautiful!

ZaraB on

These are beautiful photos, particularly the one of Victoria and Harper. Harper is divine, and it’s so refreshing to see a natural-looking photo of Victoria without make-up – she looks gorgeous!

M – it’s sadly apparent that you’re not a parent.

A.M. on

She’s cute! As others said, she reminds me a lot of Cruz when he was a baby.

A. on

She is so cute, love all her dark hair! I think she has Victoria’s nose!

Michelle on

It’s funny – I watched Spice World wiht my mom on Friday night because she wanted to see what Victoria looked like back then. Yeah, we fast-forwarded through most of it. But one thing I noticed was how beautiful she was. She was a bit heavier, her face was fuller and she laughed and smiled, alot. I think she is still beautiful, but I wish she would show that side of herself more.

Indira on

People are so silly. I hate to break it to you but MOST PICTURES ARE STAGED. Go through your family album if you don’t believe me.

Alisa on

Such cute pics. I hope they don’t favor Harper over their boys in any way. I’m sure they won’t. I also think Harper looks like Cruz!

Brooke on

I think both pics are beautiful…..Victoria looks gorgeous.

And for those saying it is staged…Yeah, because you aren’t at ALL tired with a newborn. The first thing you say “Hey, we havent gotten any sleep in the last few days, but wanna stage a photo op??” Get real guys.

Tia on

Congrats to Victoria and David.Their daughter is beautiful.

M you REALLY need to take your MEDS.You remind me of my bi-polar co-worker.You will never be as successful as the Beckhams.

Maria on

Victoria really is pretty- what a lovely family.

Krissa on

They are smart to introduce her this way – via twitter and on their terms. Very happy to see a pic of their beautiful girl.

philly on

this is so much more classier than saling the baby pics, good for them!

CBC on

I can’t believe people are judging what a 7 day old baby looks like… I don’t care who’s baby it is!!! Ugly, piggish nose? 7 DAYS OLD! You should be ashamed!

NickyAngel on

Thanks to Becks and Posh for posting pics of their little darling…the pics are too cute…:-)

NickyAngel on

I love that they took the pics themselves and didn’t sell the pics to the highest bidder.

melissa on

GORGEOUS photos!!! I want more

jessicad on

Adorable pictures, Victoria looks peaceful and gorgeous.

Brianne on

Congratulations, Victoria and David! Harper is beautiful, and I couldn’t be happier for you!!!

Toya L. on

@Molly – how are you. = ) Harper is adorable, I bet her brothers are totally smitten with her.

Donna on

A beautiful and healthy baby girl. They couldn’t buy that with all their money and I’m sure they realize it. They are over the moon and I say congratulations!

Kat on

Harper is adorable… I see her mom in her already… and every mom thinks their baby is the most adorable… it’s a good thing!

Erika on

She’s very cute, and I’m glad her parents posted the pictures of her!

And of course Victoria thinks she is the most beautiful baby girl- it is *her* child! I don’t have kids yet, but my mother said the same about me and when looking at pictures, I did not find myself to be the most attractive newborn lol. But she is really cute and I think it’s too early to say who she looks like!

AmandaK on

Nice pics but unless Victoria sleeps in makeup I think the “sleeping” one is staged. Still a cute pic though.

josy on

AWW!! so adorable…she’s so precious, she looks like Cruz.

As for the whole “cutest baby” argument, my baby isn’t due until September and I have only seen her in ultrasound pictures but I am sure they are the cutest ultrasound pictures in the world and I am sure she will be the most beautiful baby in the world! Dilusional? it’s my child, I am and will be her biggest fan and gush all I want over her…Vic and David are being normal parents.

Amanda on

KRS, I noticed the crease above her nose, too, mostly because my son was born with the same thing. 🙂 His went away in a few days, but I attribute it to him being so big at delivery. He was 10 lbs 12 oz and 22 inches long. The first thing I said when I saw him was,”He looks like John C. Reilly!” I wish I had a picture to link you to, but my story is on under “The Rewards of Patience.” I’ve never seen another baby with that pronounced of a forehead crease until I saw this one. Harper wasn’t exactly tiny, though, I suppose, especially considering that Victoria is itty bitty. Maybe she’s a little chubster like mine was. 🙂

KRS on

Thanks for the info, Amanda. I thought it was maybe from labour/delivery…but then I realized that she probably had a CS and it must be from something else. Possibly her position inside during the pregnancy? Regardless, Harper is a beauty. Lucky family!

Tanya on

Harper is a cute baby and the pic with David is adorable. A true father and daughter moment! And for Victoria to have her little girl is great! I must admit that first I didn`t like the name Harper, but now it has grown on me, and I think Harper Beckham sounds just fine along with Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz

Amy on

M……..REALLY? You are delusional if you think mothers do not think they have the most beautiful baby….and Harper is very cute! Something is very wrong with you! I mean, jealous much??

Amy on

Ahhh…I think M is jealous of Posh! Is this why you have a problem thinking she believes she has the most beautiful baby? You are very strange and it’s not only people NOT liking your comments, it’s people going “WTF” about you! This is her child for goodness sake! You must be ugly…well, we all know your heart is ugly!

Alina on

He sure is beautiful 🙂 (and yes, I mean David Beckham)

AllisonJ on

What sweet photos!

Of course, every mom thinks their child is the most beautiful in the world when they are born/adopted – that’s just how it is! Any parent would understand this.

“M” is clearly not a parent, but desperately wants to be.

soph on

““M” is clearly not a parent, but desperately wants to be.”

Um…how would you know that?

Dianne on

ADORABLE! I love these very special moments between parents and thier newborn…much love to the Beckhams….Thank you for sharing your joy and your baby with us! Much Luck!!!

Kari on

Congrations to you and your family on the New Baby Girl, And she is very beautiful too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon on

She looks like Cruz, She has his nose. I like the picture of Harper with Victoria. Very nice.

AmA on

When any family has a baby it is a miracle and a privilage. When there is so much hate going on in this world, it disgusts me that people like M rain down ignorance and hatred on such a magical moment. Having a complete family should be full of happiness and love. Who the hell is M to add negatives to that experience? She’s an attention seeker who clearly has issues of not being able to cope with the attention being taken off her for one moment – I recommend you seek help for your issues, before you spread your disease of misery to all those who appreciate happy moments in their lives!

Congrats to the Beckham family – you have a beautiful family and a gorgeous little girl, I hope you are all loving every single precious moment :o)

emily on

A very cute baby, but come on… Harper Seven? That poor girl wil be ridiculed as well as embarrassed to tell people her middle name. Were her parents watching Seinfeld recently i wonder?

eyeswideshut on

Who here believes the crap that Victoria Beckham has even read “To Kill a Mockingbird”? Cliffs notes probably but no way in hell would she have even read that book.

Michelle morris on

Awe how cute,she was born on my birthday 😀

Jillian on

Emily, Did you read the explanation of the meaning of her name?

Eyewideshut, how bout you? You read it?

People need to start reading….

Melody on

I just adore the family photos! I love the name “Harper” meaning “harpist”. “Seven” is unique and has a true heart felt meaning. David’s soccer shirt number with Manchester United was “7”….Congrats to the wonderful family!

Donna on

Beautiful baby!!!!! I love the pic of her and David!! Precious!!!!

diedra on

M…Did you think your first child was adorable? I can’t imagine a parent not thinking their child was the best thing. Kinda feel sorry for your first child and gosh help the second one!!

cherylboker on

congratulations to the beckham family. it’s exciting to have a child of the opposite sex just to see the differences. she is a very lucky baby. she was born into a very talented family


ladies….what matters most is that Harper is healthy and he is a cutie….Im a mom of three and each one of my kids were born with different looks…newborns change everyday..if Victoria says her baby is the most gorgeous…GOOD FOR HER..she is her momma…I dont find it to be delusional…Yes..we are all entitled to an opinion…but can we just be nice for a change????…refrain from the negativity..really..this is a newborn baby..a blessing..their first girl…People…Dont sweat what “M” is saying because its just simply an opinion and you know they say opinions are like know…everyone has one…(smile)

Best wishes and Blessings to the Beckhams…..

jasg on

M-… your parents must think you are the ugliest person alive, for you to think the way you do. I hope you get over your hate and live a happy full life. Congrats to the family, she is beautiful!!!

Donna on

That is truly one sweet baby! Congrats to the whole family. Truly a miracle!

Tiffany Mulhall on

the only one with dual citizenship….

Sharon Sheehlinger on

I’ve NEVER seen Victoria smile. WHy?







Audrina on

You know I have a feeling they will add again in the future

Stella on

Good pics. Can’t go wrong with baby pis.

And yes most parents think their baby is “the most beautiful/amazing/fantastic in the world”, but obviously that sort of thing can’t really be determined. A mother who realizes the silliness of that sentiment is certainly not delusional at all. She is smart and lives in reality.

Some babies are cuter than others, but why make such a big deal of apperances anyway, let alone pretend that one person’s appearances trump all others?

audrey on

why on earth do we have to criticize others’ views so harshly? point fingers at someone who offers a perspective we aren’t very fond of?

every parent thinks their child is the most beautiful. delusional or natural, it is a fact.

i think it is unfair to say someone is hating or call someone a troll for expressing her views. let’s respect that and stop with the name-calling etc.

on the other hand, i think Victoria looks gorgeous in that picture!

Anonymous on

To the haters (M)-
Parents are not idiots, and they know that their child isn’t necessarily the world’s greatest whatever. The reason you see your child as the most beautiful or the smartest is because of the overwhelming love that you have for them. It’s like seeing the world through rose colored glasses. When you love your child everything they are is amazing and wonderful to you. Your opinion of your child comes from the love that you have for them. Just think how when you are in a relationship and are super in love, that person is so gorgeous to you and the things they do are so cute or sweet, but then down the line when feelings start to change some of the things you loved become some of the things that you hate about that person. Your child will always be amazing to you, because you will always be in love with them and everything they are.

niamh on

That little girl is beautiful every parent thinks there child is the nicest looking baby on earth and there is nothing wrong with that!!!!

Harper is not any different to any other child she too is beautiful and i wish them all the very best with there little princess xx

niamh on

Its amazing m is so silly … all this over an innocent little baby ????

meredith on

These are such adorable pictures! I love this family. I hope they have another one!!

chris on

Why is she NEVER smiles?

R on

There is a beautiful baby and every mom has it. There is a thing that
I love the most about newborns, their smell and how sweet they are, congratulations and blessings to Victoria and their family!

Brettlynn on

CONGRATS VICTORIA, DAVID, BROOKLYN, ROMEO & CRUZ!!! Baby Harper is so precious!!! Finally a girl, how exciting!!! Wishing much love to your family! May I ask how you came up with the name Harper Seven? Is there representation? All such unique names for your children! Love it!

Anonymous on

Hey m… Hi hater….

The baby is beauiful..

Aprilynn on

Because I sleep with my face completely made up for cameras….