Ivanka Trump ‘Seriously Terrified’ About Delivery

07/15/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Jim Spellman/WireImage

Stepping out the night before her Thursday due date, Ivanka Trump wowed in white — but the dress wasn’t maternity, she tells PEOPLE.

“I’ve had for it ages,” the Celebrity Apprentice judge, 29, confides while attending a screening of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan with husband Jared Kushner in N.Y.C.

With her daughter on the way imminently, Trump admits that she’s “trying not to think about” the labor.

“My breathing exercises are going to come in the form of screams and panic,” she jokes. “I have enough anxiety about the type of mother I’m going to be and the nuances of being a parent.”

“I haven’t focused too much on the actual delivery part, which is seriously terrifying,” adds Trump.

— Reporting by Jeffrey Slonim

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ab on

I love her honesty about the delivery and about being a first time mom! She reminds me of myself 🙂 It is always nice to see that even though someone may be rich and famous, she is still human 🙂 She looks gorgeous as well!

Kristen on

I felt the same way with my first child and unfortunately the Bradley classes I graduated from flew out of my head the second labor started…

showbizmom on

I remember that feeling with my first. Thank God for my oddly enough my mother in law who was the only one who made sense to me when talking about giving birth. She calmed me more then my own parents and husband. It’s important to have those around you that are calming. I wish her a safe birth.

lolly on

I was so terrified I told my husband “I won’t go to the hospital and you can’t make me.” Almost 15 years later we all survived. Wishing Ivanka a safe and quick delivery with her beautiful baby girl!

Anonymous on

If I could give her advice, I would tell her to just stay calm as best she can because everything gets ‘heightened’ when you are worked up. I was nervous too before the birth of my first child, but had wonderful and calm nurses who made it so relaxed for me. My husband, mom and sister were with me for my daughters birth and it was not as scary of an experience as I thought it would be.

The scariest thing is when you realize your life is always going to be different and this little one is ‘in charge’! But, so worth it and any pain or discomfort goes out the window when you have that precious little healthy baby in your arms. I wish her the very best and know she will be a great mom….

Michelle on

Awww…I think every first-time mom is nervous about the delivery, and it’s so hard to be reassuring when every woman has a different experience. I hope that she surrounds herself with supportive, positive friends and family. I hate when other women tell their pregnant friends horror stories about L&D.

fuzibuni on

Aw, Love her honesty!

A friend of mine gave birth to her first baby recently, and I remember her telling me early on in the pregnancy that she wasn’t worried about labor because she has a high pain tolerance.

Fast forward 9 months and she totally changed her tune. Her belly was pretty big and she was so freaked out imagining how on earth that baby was going to fit out.

She did it though…and when I talked to her the next day, she told me that the true terror had kicked in when some heavy duty contractions started happening and it was WAY beyond what she had imagined. She said she thought she was going to die… but now if you ask her about it she says it wasn’t that bad! She’s even thinking about number two.

Those post labor endorphins must really make you forget the pain 🙂

fuzibuni on

And by the way… two other friends of mine tried the hypnobirthing technique. One said it really worked for her and helped keep her calm. Another said that everything went out the window once real labor kicked in and she forgot about it. Probably depends on the person and how hard labor is… but might be good for people who have a lot of apprehension about birth.

jessicad on

I remember that feeling, it was so surreal when they told me it was time to push. I had seen it on TV hundreds of times and heard about it from friends, but I couldn’t believe it was actually happening to me. I knew it was almost over when the Dr came in and put his sterile gear on and got in “position” haha, I remembered hearing that the Dr doesn’t usually come in until the last few minutes and I started freaking out a little.

I didn’t have long to focus on that though, the pain of labor and the desire to push shoved any anxiety aside, you just get through it somehow then you feel on top of the world because all the worrying about labor is over and you have a baby to focus on:)

Wishing her a smooth delivery and can’t wait to hear what they name her!

flmom on

at least she is honest. I think every first time mother is scared to death of labor. I was actually terrified about ‘what if I don’t know it’s labor” we all see on tv when women go. ‘oops, I’m in labor or ooh, my water broke’ NOT IN REAL LIFE PEOPLE! you WILL know when you are in labor and no class can prepare you for breathing.

We (women) do our own thing. My husband kept trying to tell me to breath nice and calm and I kept telling him to ‘shut up, I AM breathing’ ha ha. if you don’t know what to expect, it can be quite terrifiying. I’m sure she will make it and be a wonderful mom.

Amber on

I was the same way! I as fine until the nurse told me I could start pushing, then I got so scared, all I wanted was my mom by my side (who was on her way to the hospital). It’s a terrifying experience when it’s your first, so I completely get where she’s coming from. But remember, women have been doing this for thousands of years, she’ll be fine! Good luck to them!!!

Ames on

I was terrified with my first too! It hurt a lot, but I sure love my baby boy!



She is simply glowing. Pregnancy agrees with her.

If you are reading this, Ivanka, I will give you the words my own Mother gave me. “Do not be afraid, look around and see ALL of the MANY women who have delivered babies. You will do OK.” : )

As I told my own daughter one year ago when she blessed me with my first Grandchild, wonderful little Maya..who arrived on Mother’s Day, don’t try and be brave. If they offer you an epidural…TAKE IT !!! She took it and she was very glad. She was not in labor long and having Maya wasn’t as hard as she thought.

Good luck, Ivanka and Jared. Your parents will LOVE LOVE LOVE this baby girl…and you will feel a love like you’ve NEVER felt before. I promise. : )

God Bless you..
Lisa Taylor

Kelly on

I remember having my son seven years ago and being seriously terrified out of my mind! I was induced, and I remember wanting to run far away were no one could find me and make me have my baby. I don’t know what I was more afraid of…the physical birth or the fact that my life would never be the same again!

Fast forward to five months ago when I was getting ready to deliver my daughter. She was planned, I was ready and a lot more mature and ready for it. I felt so blessed that I got to have the experience of being ready and actually excited to see that baby! I was still a little anxious, (and threw up) and the hospital but the birth experience was incredible and something I will never forget.

I hope Ivanka has a great experience and that’s it’s more than she thinks it will be! 🙂

Judy on

How stupid just have a programed c seccion and you won’t suffer as much and your privates will stay pretty. Silly millionare girl.

Kassy on

Ahhh don’t worry. Just get an epidural and lay back, relax, and let the nurses and doctors do their jobs. Why suffer unnecessarily?

Jazz on

The pain is excrutiating, specially for us gals who do natural vaginal birth with no meds.

K on

Lolly – that comment cracked me up!

Good luck Ivanka!

StaceyP on

It’s always more fun and easy getting them in than it is getting them out!!! She will be fine!

Amanda on

I think everyone is afraid the first time. Just because no two labors are the same, so you have no idea how yours will go. It’s a really weird feeling knowing something is happening that you have no control of stopping. LOL Everyone is terrified. I was scared out of my mind with my first. I wish her the best of luck!

bloomsberriette on

This is a reee-ally old joke, but they used to say, “I want a Jewish delivery — where you wake up just in time to go to the hairdresser!” (I realize this is probably not politically correct these days, but I still think it’s funny!)

Anonymous on

And my advice would be not to take Judy’s advice because that is just plain crazy! If you have to have a c-section because the doctor feels like it is what is most safe for Mommy and baby, that is one thing. I had my two kids vaginally with an epidural and I did just fine. I think for most of us out there, the idea of having privates that are not pretty is the absolute last thing that is on our minds when having a baby. Very ignorant comment, Judy. Silly, ignorant Judy!

soph on

Methinks Anonymous does not understand the concept of humor…

Jazz on

Only have c-section if that is what the doctor recommends, healthwise for the mother and baby. But to choose to have an elective c-section just for the heck of it to avoid labors pains is not the way to go.

Laura on

You won’t suffer as much having a c-section? Sorry to disappoint you, but it is major surgery. It will hurt just to get out of bed for a couple of weeks.

Try to imagine dealing with that and taking care of a newborn that requires constant care.

Cindi on

Labor isn’t fun but the reward was awesome, I hope that all goes well for her.

Susan on

The advice about taking medication if you need it is great advice. Every labor is different and only you know what you need. I wish you all the best Ivanka. Enjoy and make sure you let your husband be involved.

Ashley on

I was petrified of labor when I was pregnant with my daughter five years ago. But, when I got in there and everything was going on, honestly I didn’t even feel much, aside from the contractions. (And no, I didn’t have an epidural. I didn’t have time! Most of my labor was done at home. Didn’t get to the hospital until right at time to push!)

Every woman is different, and I know that Ivanka will do great! She seems like a strong woman, just like almost every woman that gives birth! Good luck to her!

ari on

She looks better than ever!!

lolarites on

Don’t worry Ivanka, once they get the epidural in, you will be fine.

debbiechatfield on

yea, they have to pop out in some way or another – can’t be scared because it’s a coming – good luck!



anonymous on

I love how she is honest. It shows that she is just as human as we all are. I remember how I was calm going into the labor/delivery room but as soon as my contractions started to get stronger, forget it. The only one who kept me calm for most of it was my husband. Even after I almost broke his hand from squeezing it so hard. Just stay calm and breathe. You’ll do fine.

Jazz on

People assume all celebs are supposed to get c-sections. Not all do. Orlando Bloom’s wife Miranda Kerr had her baby naturally (pushing hard!) with no meds. More power to those girls!!

Kristy on

Suck it up princess!! Just get your epidural before you actually go into labour, like all the other celebs do and it will be smooth sailing!

SS on

Just get to the hospital in time to GET the pain medication. I went too fast with my delivery to have pain meds and didn’t do any Lamaze or Bradley prep. Mistake.

ann on

Ivanka…you will be fine. Just keep thinking about the beautiful and precious daughter you will soon have to love. Your wonderful, supportive family will be there to help you during and after. You really will forget any pain quickly. Remember concentrate on an object or picture, relax as much as you can, and breathe.

Melissa on

Good luck Ivanka!

Jay on

Good lord, women have been giving birth since nine months after Adam and Eve did it, and they had NO doctors or pain medication or help back then! This is 2011, you have the best dotors and pain medication avaiable, get over it Ivanka. For some reason, every woman that goes through labor thinks she is the first woman to ever experience it, hahaha!

Caitlin on

Whoa, Judy. A little harsh, don’t you think? I don’t have kids yet, but one day I hope to. It seems to me that her fear of labour is quite normal. It’s really nice to read so many experiences. I’m sure Ivanka appreciates your stories and well wishes.

mom of 2 on

Every woman that has had a child can relate. Hope all goes well for her.

Sarah K. on

Jay, women have been giving birth forever and most of them were scared the first they went through it. It’s natural, so why so harsh?

Erin on

She looks RIDICULOUSLY good for the day before her due date!!! I wish I looked like that, period… Pregnant or not!

Good luck, Ivanka!

Jay on

Wow, you mean she isn’t going to have it cut out with a C-section like wealthy or celeb women do, so as to not go through any work, pain, labor, to have the kid? Vctoria Beckham had all of hers cut out, no labor pain or giving birth for her! I applaud Ivanka and surprised if she is actually going to have the kid the real way like most normal women. Unless for an emergency purposes, a C-section is a total cop-out, that is NOT giving birth, it’s the mom NOT being a mom already, doesn’t want to be bothered by having the child herself.

Art on

of course she’s terrified, we all know how big Donald Trump’s head is!

FineNile on

You’ll be fine. I am praying that you have a smooth delivery.

Big Fan on

You’ll do great, you look stunning and the blessing you will have afterwards makes it so very worth it!

Gigi on

She will be a good mom. Not a huge fan of Donald, but he and Ivanna really raised some good, well adjusted kids. They have all managed to stay out of trouble and away from all the pitfalls that other wealthy kids have been unable to avoid.

Natalie on

I think you can actually help yourself with positive thoughts. With my first baby I didn’t know what to expect, so I concentrated on pain, but with my second I told myself in the beginning of pregnancy that the birth is a joyous moment and the labor will be a happy time for me. And it happened exactly the way I imagined! Of course, you forget about the pain, but EVERYTHING – from the beginning of first contraction to the delivery of the baby – took only 3 hours. So, imagine that this moment as a joy and it will happen that way.

Patrice on

Simply gorgeous! She certainly doesn’t look she’s close to her due date. Cute couple, too.

grammaJ on

Bless the labor nurses ! Hubby and I lost it soon in with the first one. They kept us totally focused and calm. I could not thank them enough. The second time labor we knew what to expect and did pretty darn good.

Best of luck to Ivanka. She sure is a pretty Mommy to Be. I bet her daughter will be just as beautiful.

Sherron Teal on

I used to work in surgery and I have seen many, many, C-sections. I cannot for the life of me understand why some of these women today think that is the easy way to go. They are absolutely clueless! During a C-section they cut your stomach open move your organs around and then take the baby out. Then you have to suffer with the stitches and pain for a month! It is very painful. Not to mention as in any surgery dangerous!

RKF on

Oh, Jay, please shut your trap. Please.

Daisy on

Jay, if you knew you were going to have to pass a puppy through your penis, do you think you might be a little concerned about the pain? The fact that billions of women have had babies doesn’t make the process any less painful. I hope you’re single.

Anonymous on

Honestly, i think that is sad. Giving birth was the single most empowering thing I’ve ever done. That goes for all three of them, my boys were hospital births but my daughter was born at a birth center. There is so much misinformation and fear mongering about the birth process. 90% of the time birth works just fine. All wome would be better off if we remembered that. Birth is easy – hard work, but its a pretty simple process. Raising teenagers on the other hand.

sunny on

She just needs to try to stay as calm as possible. My daughter, during her 32 hour labor, only made a sound one time near the end. The woman next door whined and screamed throughout her entire labor-so annoying. The funny part was her baby screamed the entire time he was in the nursery with my grandson who never made a sound. My daughter was awesome during her delivery and her son is totally awesome.

Good luck to Ivanka. May her labor be short and easy. Best wishes to this family.

Anonymous on

I was scared also, but if I had known that I would only have two babies, I would have savored the experience of pregnancy and delivery much more. I wanted more children but that didn’t happen, and I really wish I would have appreciated the experience more. Enjoy it for all it is worth, it is truly joyful.

goldengirl on

Hi Ivanka,
You are so lovely in the picture with your husband. Dear, it is perfectly normal to be anxious concerning labor and delivery. Every mom-to-be was nervous and anxious the first time. Please do not listen to other people’s horror stories. Some folk get a kick out of blowing stories out of proportion – mixing facts and drama. Remember, every woman has a different set of medical issues that will affect her birth experience. While we can’t tell what it will be like for you; we can all agree it is worth the effort to bring a new life into the world. You are blessed to be able to carry your daughter to full-term.

If you have a choice, I would highly recommend giving birth the old-fashioned way. C-sections are dangerious, and they must handle every one of your abdominal organs (at lest twice). Recovery from a C-section is very painful because all your abdominal muscles are cut to bring a baby out. Natural birth is the way to go. A woman’s body is created and built to give birth. We wish you and your baby well. Once your daughter is born, your body will start to heal herself. And you will be able to focus your attention on nursing and caring for your baby.

Trust your L&D nurses. Take someone with you who will help you to remain as calm as possible during contractions. AGAIN I SAY, TRUST THE L&D NURSES!!!


IT WILL MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERNECE AFTER DELIVERY. You’ll be giving you body a two or three day break (after birth) without needing to pass solid waste. Talk with your doctor. Let her know about your concerns. They are normal concerns. We’ve all been there, and are now here praying for and encouraging you. Take care! Wishing you a safe delivery and a healthy baby……….Pax!

Susanna on

Just have a c-section and you wont be in any pain and you won’t suffer?? Are you kidding me??

I have 2 daughters. My first daughter was breach and I had to have an emergency c-section with her. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days and came home, could hardly walk without feeling a whole lot of pain, then my stitches broke open and I had an infection that had to be treated with antibiotics. The second daughter was delivered vaginally and I got up the next day and came home. I am a woman who can say she gave birth two different ways and believe me, if I had to do it all over again, I would opt for giving birth naturally. It was painful, but when it was over and I saw my baby, the pain suddenly went away.

Good Luck and enjoy your beautiful daughter when she arrives!

Kristina Kruzan on

This is what doulas are for, people. No need to go into birth trying to remember everything you learned in classes- get a good doula to help you. We’re the sherpas of birth. 😉

Kati on

I was one of the really lucky ones ….. with both of my pregnancies, I had the wonderful opportunity to labor until the pushing stage (with no meds) and both times my baby went into fetal distress, requiring an emergency c-section 🙂 All joking aside, my kids are now 24 & 13 and they are great kids. You’ll get through it, Ivanka.

Marky on

Judy and Jay, both of you need to stand in the corner and work on growing up! Most celebs are bragging almost to the point of irritation about their amazing “natural” childbirth experiences and going on about it 6 months later, as if they were the first to do it! They then proceed to criticize any and all who end up having a c-section, as if the c/s mom didn’t want to mess up her body by delivering a baby. Most women who have a c/s have it for a reason, which may not be your business, and certainly isn’t enough your business that you should be critical about it.

Those of you having a field day flipping out and saying she should just do what all other celebs do are being rude to the point of nausea, and should just let this very competent young woman make her own choices together with her doctor/midwife, or whoever she has chosen to help deliver her child. She seems pretty “together” and capable of choosing wisely.

Congratulation, Ivanka, on soon joining with the many women who have delivered their child and hope you have a quick and easy delivery!

JLC on

I have four kids. It is true that the first delivery was the hardest, but that is not true for everyone. The best thing you can do is do what works for you and “roll with it”…other than the beautiful baby, try not to have any expectations. Once you lay eyes on the baby, none of the rest of it will matter. The route or difficulty of exit is completely subordinate to the joy of having the child. Once he/she is in your arms, you are changed for life. Everything else is “peanuts”… 🙂

Big prayers for a safe delivery…if loveliness and the look of health are directly proportional to it, you will have absolutely NO problem, Ivanka!!

Hayley on

@Daisy – LMAO! Well said!

kathy on

I hope your imminent delivery goes well. BUT, just in case, simply
RULE OUT ONE DAY OF YOUR LIFE and after that all will be blissfully wonderful. I’m hoping that you will use a focal point to direct your eyes and thoughts toward and your breathing will be even and cleansing with each breath! YOU CANNOT LOSE CONTROL. YOU CANNOT CRY. YOU ARE A STRONG WOMAN AND YOU WILL DO THIS FOR YOUR BABY GIRL. YOU WILL GIVE BIRTH IN A DIGNIFIED MANNER!

VirginiaB on

Ivanka, I have 3 children. My oldest is 18 and my youngest is 11. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s going to hurt. When I told my mother that I had decided to go all natural, no drugs, she looked at me, and said ARE YOU CRAZY? Take all of the drugs they offer you! An epidural is a wonder drug, and if it is offered, do accept it. Best of luck! You will do fine. 🙂

Silly Silly on

I remember before my first child my mom said, “If they offer you drugs, just take them”. My mother was in active delivery with me for 28 hours and delivered without meds. Fast forward to my baby number 3, and still taking mom’s advise!! Take the meds and enjoy the rest!

shalom on

the labour and delivery is the easy part. the responsibility of raising the child is the hard part!

Ally on

Kristy .. your comment is ridiculous. Because she is an anxious first time mom about to experience labour for the first time and is worried about pain that makes her a princess? Just because she is a celebrity means that she should be beyond having the nerve to be nervous and scared? How dare her!

And an epidural, that is just crazy talk. I actually don’t know ONE single non-celebrity that has ever had an epidural. I actually heard they created the epidural just for celebrities to make their labour easier. Honestly, the comments some people make just blow me away.

Ivanka is gorgeous and glowing and I wish her a speedy, healthy delivery of her new baby girl!

Ally on

Just because women have been giving birth for centuries doesn’t mean it makes it any easier? I don’t even understand how someone makes such a silly comment. You’re essentially saying any woman who complains that labour hurts is a wuss.

Well let me tell you, I’ve seen grown men get sacked in their “area” and the way they carry on and complain about the pain is like dealing with a 2 yr old. So PLEASE don’t try to tell me that labour is easy. If that injury is so bad, imagine pushing a 7lb baby out of there and doing it with a smile. I don’t think so. Grow up!

Anonymous on

methinks soph does not understand the concept of ignorance.

Lynn on

I don’t usually comment on these posts, but I laughed out loud reading this one.

I also had a slight panic attack about 2 days before I delivered my son. All of a sudden, it just hit me that I was going to have to get this baby out of my body…one way or another…and suddenly I was terrified. My labor turned out to be a marathon (38 hours after an induction, I ended up with non-progressing labor and had to have a C/S) but it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected after all.

It’s wonderful to see a celebrity be so candid and honest about her feelings. Most just tend to gloss over that part!

megger on

i can remember feeling the same way, TWELVE years ago! the anesthesiologist asked me after my first daughter was born if he would see me again next year and i said “oh hell no!” LOL! i have since had two others, so my advice to Ivanka would be to TRY and relax (yes, i know that is easier said than done) and remember there are people who have had multiple children, myself included, so obviously it can be bad in the moment but worth it in the end! BEST WISHES!!!

Mel on

I did not think too much about my labor either and I handled it pretty well…until I was 7cm and ruptured. It was then I truly realized what my daughter was coming out of. I think I even tried to get them to let me go home thinking that would solve the problem lol!

Mother of 3 on

For ONCE a celebrity is honest and real about giving birth. So many celebrities when interviewed will say – no, I’m completely prepared because I took yoga, etc. Then after the birth, the same lying celebrity will say how “easy” it is to give birth, didn’t hurt at all, etc. I really admire Ivanka Trump. She is so smart and honest.

Lvit2Bieber on

A big phat phhoey to the woman above who stated a ‘C-section isn’t giving birth’…really? My son was 10lbs 11oz, 23 inches long with a 14 inch head, after being induced for 36 hours they took him out, had it been 10 years ago both he and I would have died. Just because I didn’t send him down the canal doens’t mean I didn’t give birth to him. Good luck Ivanka and may the Lord be with you at this time.

Lucy on

She is just so classy and mature. The Trumps have raised their children with values and an amazing work ethic despite their wealth. Kudos! I wish them much happiness with their expanding family.

Katie on

I, too was completely terrified of labor! Everyone thought I was going to be screaming in the delivery room and I was very calm, in some pain obviously but handled it well. And it was not AS bad as I thought it was going to be. I didn’t cry, scream, or yell but just whimpering for the most part wanting it to be done with. She will do great and it’s such a beautiful thing to carry for 9 months (even though 7-8 months you are over the pregnancy) but it’ll be great and wonderful and such a beautiful experience!

Good luck to her and I wish her the best!

Jess on

i had two c-sections and they aren’t as bad as every one is making them out to be….pain is just temporary….and trust me you don’t really care about the pain when you have a baby to look after. the first one i had to have a c-section since my water broke and wasn’t able to go pee so my lungs filled with fluid…the second i just thought it was easier just to have a c-section again instead of going through labour because i didn’t want to go through what i went through with my son.

there’s nothing wrong with that. you still give birth and still have a baby…it doesn’t matter which way the baby comes out as long as it’s healthy.i’m having my third child and i’ll probably go through a c-section again because i get to spend the extra time in the hospital with my beautiful baby…good luck Ivanka, I’m sure you’ll be fine going through labour. Just think of holding your beautiful baby girl.

E on

Awhhhh, I guess she doesn’t have a doula. Every Mom deserves a doula (especially a first time Mom) and every baby deserves the best start. I wish her the best and hope she has an easy birth.

Rose on

I was afraid too. It is nornal. But really having bad toothaches is far worse, in termns of intensity of pain, in my opinion, than labor…and i have been there four times ! If you “accept” the pain that’s taking over your body and lets is run its course, you’ll be ok ! You “work” together. In africa (and elsewhere in other cultures) women don’t scream, and yell while in labor… And by the way, beeing in a good physical shape helps too as your body already knows how to respond to effort…body and mind have to work together. Good luck !

Trish on

Wait till you have your 2nd! That was terrifying because you already know what is going to happen. God bless Ivanka, Jared and there baby girl!


@LOLLY…ha ha. I did the same thing, needing to go home, but after I was already at the hospital. I went into the bathroom and refused to come out. I told my husband he had to take me home because “this hurts”…

I was 25 years old…the same age my daughter was when she and her husband had my first Grandchild last year…but it didn’t matter. When you are scared, you are scared.

I believe Ivanka will do well. I can’t wait to see what she names her little daughter. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a little baby carrier right beside her chair and table on Celebrity Apprentice. I think Ivanka will see just how much she LOVES being a Mother and how being away from her new baby is going to be harder than most think it will be.

God Bless her and praying for a speedy delivery and healthy Mama and baby.

Lisa Taylor

PS…Remember don’t try to be brave. My daughter and her husband wanted to go natural, but I told her an epidural will be her new best friend. After little Maya was born, she said how the epidural really helped. Pain is not good and if the epidural will help you…DO IT !!

Sherri on

Hello Ivanka,
My first dtr was born 23 yrs ago this month I have yet to forget going into labor lol felt like major cramps but i hear i was lucky it only last 5 hrs and 55 minutes being my firstborn my second dtr was born 21 yrs ago in September i cant complain she arrived in 1 hr and 30 minutes lol shocked all im done now Love them kiss them no one is perfect there truely is NO book out there on how to raise them it will be all up to you Just remember your children are our future rejoice and thank the good lord your a mommy and same to daddy:) God Bless you all 🙂

Sue on

OMG, people, do you really think any of us want to read about your delivery experiences???? NOT!

Ivanka is pretty unlikely to be reading all of your advice anyway – these stories are published for the readers, not for the celeb!

KRS on

I don’t have any experience with epidurals, but I highly recommend using the self-administered nitrous oxide. Helped me immensely to stay relaxed, and because I got to regulate it myself I felt way more in control. I’m in Canada though, not sure if it’s done like that in the states?

Ellie on

EVERY pregnancy is different and there is NO BABY manual that prepares you for labor pains and how to react. Every woman reacts and manages labor differently as each of our pain tollerance level is different (yet still better than most men! LOL).

Its refreshing to hear about women being “afraid” of the whole delivery aspect of childbirth. WHO wouldn’t be? It’s something of the unknown….so fearing it is absolutely normal. Even the BEST OSCAR winning actress, model, musician, etc. CAN’T FAKE going to labor. That’s something truly designed by GOD himself and can’t be duplicated. THANK GOD, otherwise someone would try to commercialize it for a quick buck!!!

meems on

Not to negate Ivanka Trumpa’s anxiety and concerns about her first pregnancy. This is normal for many first time Mothers it sometimes happens after several births, a normal reaction. Parenting is mostly by instict and your experience within your immediate family. She seems very mature and together as a young married and will have a very supportive immediate family there for her. The basic advice is that she and her husband are the parents and bottom line decision makers for what they feel is in the best interest of their child. Suggestions and support from family is okay, interference, NOT!! You will do great and will be wonderful parents to your newborn after the birth takes place. Newborns do not come with a road map or book of instructions…it’s a natural response. Best Wishes!

Annie on

Like every expectant mother, I received a lot of advice about the birthing process. The one that helped me the most and kept hearing in my head the whole time I was delivering was: “People far stupider than you have given birth. So if they can do it, you certainly can!”

MomOfTwins on

I know I was scared to death myself, and I had twins.

Mari on

I was in labour for 14 hours in a room with 2 other women because of overcrowding. I did not scream or holler and just moaned and groaned because I was too embarrassed to make noise. I ended up with a c-section anyways.

Happy Mom on

I had 18 hours of the hardest, hardest labor for my precious daughter 17 years ago. During that 18 hours I only dilated to 5. I was in so much pain, and my daughter’s vitals began to go downhill. My doctor whisked me into emergency C-section, and my precious newborn daughter made her appearance with a full head of black hair crying at the top of her healthy lungs. I’ve enjoyed every minute, yes, every minute, of raising this beautiful little woman.

I’ve never heard of anything so crazy than saying a woman is less of a mother because she had to have a c-section in the birth of her baby. All that matters is a healthy baby and a well mother. My husband always said that he was grateful it was 1994 and not 1904. It was extremely likely that my daughter and I would’ve died in 1904. I was so grateful for that C-section after 18 hours of the most pain I’ve ever experienced to this day. She has brought so much joy to my husband and me. No one in their right mind would ever question how a sweet baby is delivered safely into our world.

Yoli on

She looks beautiful as always. I am happy for her, her husband and her family. She will be a great mother as she is an incredible lady, professional working women and daughter.

Siera on

@sunny, Well, that’s great for your daughter, but not everybody handles pain in the same way. Some handle it better than others.

Emma on

Ivanka is such a great role model for women, I think. I love how real honest and approachable she is. Love Kate Middleton but no one can hold a candle to Ivanka’s wedding pictures. She was the most beautiful bride I’ve even seen, including Grace Kelly. I wish this wonderful woman all the best. Her child is very blessed being born with such great parents. What I love about Ivanka is that nothing was handed to her. She took the high road while many of her contemporaries took the low road. It paid off for her in spades.

Sandy on

Well, I’m a weirdo, I guess. I wasn’t afraid of labor. My mom told me my whole life that it wasn’t a big deal, and that it wasn’t that painful and she was right. I did it four times, without drugs and I lived to tell the story. I think a lot of the pain from natural (not pitocin induced) labor is psychological. Most women are told it’s horrible and the worst pain they’ll ever go through and then, it is. For me, I was told it was no big deal, and it wasn’t. I plan to raise my daughters not to fear birth, because normal birth isn’t scary.

M.J. on



Siera on

@M.J. Who are you to judge whether or not Ivanka or anyone else is beautiful, God? I don’t see a perfect picture of you on this site.

soph on

Anonymous: clever. Try looking up the meaning of sarcasm and you might finally get it.

fayeana on

You probably know by now that as soon as she is born and in your arms, the pain goes away. A week or month from now, you will be thinking about baby #2. Motherhood is Wonderful!

Mia on

Glad she is Ok + survived!–her baby girl arrived-can’t wait to hear the name!

A.M. on

Ivanka and Donald Jr. are a tribute to amazing parenting, and imo they are two of Donald Sr. & Ivana’s greatest achievements. So many rich parents turn their children into spoiled, insufferable, lazy brats with no manners, values, morals, or work ethic. When children turn out as well-mannered, honest, hard-working, and grounded as Ivanka and Donald Jr, clearly more than just luck is involved. Whether you like Donald Sr. or hate him, child rearing is one thing he did right, and did very, very well.

I don’t think Ivanka has anything to worry about re her own child-rearing capabilities. She need only look to her own upbringing for an example of how to raise a well-grounded child.

cripes on

sunny, if your daughter was such an awesome mom who didn’t make any annoying sounds during her awesome labor, why did she send your grandson to the nursery? most caring, awesome moms keep the baby in the room with them except for brief medical checkups. was he too annoying too??? i’m not even that awesome and i never sent my daughter to the nursery for three days.


i hate hate hate when women judge other women (AND THEIR BABIES). so what if your daughter’s neighbor made NOISE while GIVING BIRTH? And maybe her baby had a medical condition that made him cry? Stick a cork in it, sunny.

Patricia on

I was so scared of labor the first time I thought I just wanted to stay pregnant. The second time around I told the doctor to give me drugs as soon as possible. In fact, let me have the control knob in my other hand.

MissClarity on

Ivanka is the most beautiful women in the world and now mother. Congratulations. Daddy, mommy and baby make three.

Constance on

Oh please! Birth is as old as the mammal kingdom. The body knows what to do and has for millenniums. Besides this lady has enough cash to elect a Cesarian Section all drugged up. Read an interesting article about “Babies are worth the wait.” And they are. Stop whining you silly, rich, media space-filler.

jeniferforrest on

Arabella? Seriously? If they wanted to combine the names of two dances (Arabesque and Tarantella) to name their child — I can think of no other reason for such a bizarre name — surely they could’ve done better.

goldengirl on

Dear Ivanka and Jared,

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S! on the birth of your daughter, Arabella Rose.

God bless you and your Family.


soph on

jeniferforrest: really, you’ve never heard the name Arabella before? It’s not bizarre in the least–Isabella is not the only “bella” name.

dsfg on

“Oh please! Birth is as old as the mammal kingdom.”

Constance, are you aware of the fact that women and babies have been dying during child birth since the mammal kingdom began? There’s nothing wrong with being scared of delivery.