BumpWatch: Selma Blair – Waiting Game

07/15/2011 at 06:00 PM ET

Letting nature take its course!

Mom-to-be Selma Blair — who’s more than a week past her estimated due date — ¬†shared a smile with boyfriend Jason Bleick as they ran errands in West Hollywood, Calif. on Wednesday.

“I became enchanted with my friend’s Sausalito moses basket from Serena & Lily,” the actress, 39, Tweeted.

“Now, I need baby to put in it! So excited.”

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alise on

Love to have a pair of those sandals! Wonder who makes them?

Molly on

Can’t wait to see if she has a boy or a girl. Can anyone tell where her sandals are from? They look comfortable. Thanks

jessicad on

I LOVE that dress, and she looks amazing!

Callen on

Oh come on give birth already. Her pregnancy is even longer than Naomi Watts.

luella on

Kudos to you for waiting for your baby to be ready! Too many inductions = too many c-sections in this country. we could all take a lesson from this: the Due Date is just a guess and the average pregnancy for first time white moms is actually more than 41 weeks.

Michelle on

Enjoy these last few days together, your lives will never be the same again!

ForeverMoore on

Being that far overdue kinda freaks me out. I have a friend who was 2 weeks overdue and unfortunately she had very serious complications and her baby almost died. I sincerely hope that Selma has a smooth delivery and a healthy baby! No matter what, that is always the most important thing.

K on

EDD = just that.. estimated!

Tee on

The more I read about how Selma has handled her pregnancy, the more I like her! There is no need whatsoever to rush along a baby if the Mom and baby are doing well! Good for her for being patient and letting the baby come in his/her own time!

ForeverMoore, I’m sorry about your friend. That must have been really scary. But really, there is nothing wrong with being two weeks overdue in my pregnancies. My sister carried her youngest six weeks overdue and they were both fine. And before any says that her due date was miscalculated, let me assure you that it wasn’t. It was checked many times over!

Lucy_R on

As long as they are doing non-stress tests and checking fluid level, going overdue is perfectly fine. Inducing too early is more likely to end up in complications-not going overdue when mom and baby are both doing well.

ForeverMoore on

I didn’t say there was anything wrong with it but every woman is different as is every baby. What works for one person may not work for another. I just think that ultimately the health of both mother and baby is what should prevail, no matter what.

There are a lot of women who are very staunchly “I want my birth experience to be this way” and some don’t listen to the doctors advice. Not saying that is Selma or anyone else here. It was like that with my friend (to a certain degree) and I although I would never ever say this to her, I think she took some very unnecessary risks because she had a certain way of doing it in her mind. It can turn out to be extremely risky…there are serious complications that can occur with baby, even if the NST and monitoring looks fine.

Noelle on

She has looked absolutely fabulous her entire pregnancy. I love her style.

Mia on

I thought she was having a girl?-and Yes–too much over due is dangerous…(i.e Goldie Hawn + her son Oliver-he was 1 month over due!) + can be a huge risk if the baby is able to use the bathroom in the womb + be poisonous to both themselves/mom.

Jillian on

Mia, a dr isn’t going to put a mother and baby at risk. She is being checked by her dr as all patients are so there I’d just nothing to worry about being “too much over due.” the dr’s induce when the time is right. Also, provided the health is ok, you are allowed to go TWO weeks past the due date before being considered overdue.

What’s up with all the + signs, sorta confusing…….anyway. When did goldie say that? Never knew!

Who knows……..maybe she is having a baby right now?

Helen on

Pls, info us about her shoes and dress! lovely!