Spotted: Jennifer Garner’s Sweet Sidekick, Seraphina

07/15/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
GSI Media

We see that smile!

After glamming up for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Jennifer Garner catches a case of the giggles with 2½-year-old daughter Seraphina Rose Elizabeth on Wednesday in Santa Monica, Calif.

We recently spotted the twosome out with the rest of the family —  Ben Affleck and Violet Anne, 5½, joined them in Brentwood last weekend.

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Sarah on


Fab on

Soooooooo CUTE!!!!!

SAR on

Does Seraphina look more like her mom or dad? I can’t tell.

Katherine on

I think she is a good mix of both 🙂 Jen and Ben make beautiful babies!

Kate on

I can’t believe how often JG is photographed with her children. OK I’m just going to say it. It’s silly and redundant! JG and her children are TOO photographed. It’s too constant with the photos. I’m not sure why the media doesn’t occassionally focus on other people. It’s not like the kids should be photographed in the first place, but since they are going to target kids,why not pick someone new? JG gets more press from her children being in the limelight than any of her post-Alias film roles and that is very telling about the media and our society.

And yes the child is cute, but I see kids at the mall that have similiar looks and coloring. Again Serephina is something incredible because her parents are celebrities.

Terri on

Seraphina is adorable.

Bancie1031 on

I personally love seeing photos of this family …. These are 2 of the happiest girls …… love their smiles …. Jenn looks great

meri on

“OK I’m just going to say it.”

Wow, Kate, how bold of you to let us in on this original thought of yours, which no one has ever heard before! Can’t any of the haters at least come up with something original? Your comments are so dull and boring.

Kate on

Hi Meri

I’m curious as to why you felt the need to address me and be so snotty and rude? You know nothing about me personally. Also, I’m not understanding your snarky response at all! When did I say I hated JG or BA or their children?

I didn’t, yet you are characterizing me as a hater?? I simply said that its silly how frequently these two children are photographed. You also felt my comment was dull and boring yet you responded to it?

Please, grow up and recognize everyone is entitled to give an opinion even one you may disagree with.

meri on

Because some variation of your comment gets made every time there is a post about this family. It’s so tiresome. We get it already. And the “OK I’m just going to say it” part of your comment came off sounding like you were going to grace us with something original, something we’d never heard before and we might even be shocked by what we were about to her. Which, no.

And yes, you are entitled to your opinion. No one ever said otherwise. But when you post that opinion in a public forum, you open yourself up to criticism. Just because something is your opinion doesn’t mean other people don’t get to respond to it, even if you don’t like those responses.