Constantine Maroulis Helps Launch Rock Star Mickey

07/15/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Disney

It looks like new father Constantine Maroulis is working hard to earn cool parent points.

The American Idol alum — who welcomed daughter Malena, 6½ months, last December — has teamed up with Disney and Fisher Price to help launch Rock Star Mickey.

Available in Sept., the interactive plush toy ($55) sings, plays the guitar and dances — he even does the splits! — while decked out in hip gear and shades.

Taking a break from his lead role in broadway musical Rock of Ages, Maroulis recently shot a commercial with the iconic character, which will air soon.

Give your preschooler a sneak peek of the new rockin’ Mickey at

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Em on

Good lord, why the pouty lips? He looks rediculous….

ForeverMoore on


GeeDubsMum on

I would have bet money that was a photo of Pauly Shore!

Helga on

1. Constantine looks amazing in this photo. 2: A photographer set the shoot up therefore he was posed (pouty lips) 3:I bet he is being paid well for the “cheese” Lighten Up! Awesome!

Vivian on

I think he looks good, it’s cute. 🙂

Kim on

He has always been great with kids and he is a wonderful daddy! Could not have picked a better rep! or rock star!

crg on

I would think it’s supposed to be cheesy, I mean he’s posing with a doll, lol.

judy on

If Rock Star Mickey can belt half as well as Tony nominee/ Rock star Constantine, he’ll be performing to packed houses at Disneyland! Didn’t the new dad say his own little rockstar will be taking ballet lessons, though? Love it!

J on

LOL! He reminds me of Chris Kattan’s Mango character.

VickyW on

How cool to see Constantine getting involved in this new project. Ready to help launch the next generation of rock stars! 🙂

crissy on

I’m buyin whatever he’s sellin. So cute! Can’t wait to get Rock Star Mickey for my niece.

eribri on

Why does he ALWAYS do the pouty lips thing? it’s not sexy or attractive and looks stupid as a pose for photography.

ForeverMoore on

I get its supposed to be cheesy, that is rather obvious. @helga, I’m light as a feather, lady. That just seems to be his persona and he feeds into it, I don’t get it but hey I guess he has some fans here.

fuzibuni on

seriously people?

PattiW on

They choose the nicest rockstar and best role model for young children. Constantine is a class act, people. This is such an awesome match up. And hey, it’s cool to embrace the cheese. I’ve already pre-ordered a Rockstar Mickey for my nephew. Too bad I can’t place an order for a Constantine! LOL

Curious on

I have never been a fan of Constatine, I haven’t watched Idol in many years but I did watch it back when he was on it. He has always been so cocky and arrogant that it drove me crazy. I am curious why there has been a few comments now that he is great with children. I mean that sincerely, perhaps he’s involved with Children’s charities and I was unaware or he is somehow otherwise involved with children? I don’t agree that he’s the best role model for children.

confan on

@curious, I have met him twice during the Rock of Ages tour and he was very sweet to me both times. He was also very cool with my 12-year-old son so I guess he does get along with kids. With editing sometimes what you see on tv is not how people are in real life. And he CAN belt it out so hope Mickey can be half as good as him.

Sharon13 on

Rockstar Mickey will be flying off the shelves for the Holidays with Constantine Marouls promoting! Constantine will Rockin’ and Mickey with him!

Molly on

Um, this has what to do with celebrity babies? There’s a new product, and the guy pushing the product happens to be a dad? PEOPLE, you can at least try to make a little less transparent.

CD on

Get Constantine’s new single on itnes

Noreen on

Constantine looks GREAT! His pouty lips are his trademark!! If you haven’t seen him as Drew in Rock of Ages, you missed out! He is an amazing performer and I am so excited that he is doing this!!! Congrats Con! Your biggest fan! : )