Victoria Beckham: ‘I Have Fallen in Love’ with Harper

07/14/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Andrew Evans/PR Photos

Victoria Beckham is head-over-heels for her new little girl.

“Baby Harper is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen,” the former Spice Girl, 37, who welcomed her first daughter with husband David Beckham on Sunday, Tweeted four days later. “I have fallen in love all over again!”

And she’s not the only one fawning over little Harper Seven Beckham. Her sons – Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8½, and Cruz, 6½ – are also spending quality time with the family’s new addition.

“We all feel so blessed,” added the mom of four. “The boys love their baby sister so much.”

— Alison Schwartz

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Molly on

So she finally admits she doesn’t give a damn about her sons? Thank goodness. Everyone knew she didn’t care about them

carly on

@molly how do you get that out of that paragraph?

Micheley on

Victoria Beckham is one of the many hands out celeb moms. She is always with her kids and you can tell she loves them. Also seeing as her son Brooklyn is a pre teen and he still wants to hold hands with his parents and be seen with them, I would think there is some sort of connection there.

Stephanie on

@Molly– Yeah I don’t see anywhere that states she doesn’t care or love her sons.. she said she has fallen in love all over again.. which every mother does when she has a new child.

Molly on

Sorry but I doubt she cares about her sons. She always looks annoyed when she’s around them. Only David loves them. Nothing you can say will prove to me that she loves them. Deal with it Victoria fans

Romy on

I think she loves them, I think she just has MAJOR issues. a lot of what she reports is not true of her family life. she is not as hands on as she says, but I do think she loves them. maybe now that she has her daughter she can relax more

Maybe on

@Molly…..David and Sons would find your comments so offensive that you would be cursed out……I shall do it for them…….#$@*….your comments were unnecessary and pointless…and Victoria has enough self esteem to ignore your comments and others about her public appearance that is judged by photos presented in media! Blessings of much joy Posh and hubby and sons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Welcome baby Harper Seven!

Indira on

I don’t see how people can say she isn’t hands-on. We don’t know them but, her kids seem to be always with her.

weu on

obviously nannies are a big part of the lives of her sons, like most other celeb kids, but she loves her kids. Right now, she is just ecstatic to finally have a girl, but she loves them all the same.

Molly on

Maybe, lmao. Thanks for proving I was correct about Posh. She’ll ignore the boys now that she has a daughter. She probably wishes David would take them and leave

Anna on

@ Molly – wow, i’ve read a lot of cold hearted callous comments on these blogs, but that takes the cake. You are obviously a miserable, bitter person, but that’s on you no one else.

I think the Beckham’s always come across as a very kind loving close-knit family and baby Harper is the missing piece that will really make this family complete. Congrats to all of them.

Tee on

Wow, Molly! I’m not a “Victoria fan.” I don’t care for that kind of music and I don’t watch soccer, so I don’t know much about the Beckham family. However, you see pictures of her with her sons all the time and she seems to be very hands on. I don’t know where you’re getting your opinion but dang, couldn’t you find a way to be a bit more polite in stating your thoughts?

To save my life, I do NOT understand why people feel like they have the right to be so rude about complete strangers!

jax on

shes not saying she doesnt give a crap about her sons!!! Your sick!… she has a daughter, new baby of course she is falling in love all over again

Mira on

Wow, she’s had major plastic surgery on her face. It’s very unattractive. The interview is too cliched to be able to draw any conclusions about her family life.

Erika on

I don’t think she doesn’t love her boys, I think she is just ecstatic about having a girl. Who wouldn’t be happy to have a sweet, adorable little girl, after having three boys; it is nice to experience at least one of each. She seems like a good mother, and they are seen out with their parents often, unlike other celebrity kids.

jessicad on

Wishes he would take the boys and leave? That’s a creepy thing to say.

I thought it was sweet she included her boys!

Toya L. on

I can’t wait to see pics of their pretty little princess. @Molly – how are you today?

Ali on

Wow Molly…creeeeeeeepy. You need some help. You don’t even KNOW these people and you are making assumptions about their personal lives like that? What is wrong with you? How dare you judge a woman and question her love for her children. That is just SICK. Victoria is always photographed with her boys and has never had anything but wonderful things to say about her time with them. I think you are a really nasty person for saying what you said. Maybe if you spent a day with the Beckham’s (as if that could ever happen) you would see that she is an amazing mother who loves ALL of her children equally. What is wrong with her making a comment about feeling the newfound love of welcoming a new baby into her life? Jeez, get a grip.

Manda on

Eh, don’t feed the troll (Molly). I’m sure they have help but they seem like a hands-on couple that have always adored and spent quality time with their boys. I’m sure they will do exactly the same with their daughter.

Mama on

Why do you all give Molly so much attention???!!

Paula on

Molly! Shut up!

Marky on

Molly and Mira (probably the same person) are amazingly rude and hateful. Victoria and David Beckham are so hands-on and seem to love their boys and each other. Now they have a daughter to love also, and it just seems as if people could be congratulating them and being happy for them. Harper is a lucky little girl to be born into a family that is so thrilled to welcome her! I don’t think Victoria will dress her inappropriately and I expect to see a very happy family, thoroughly enjoying each other, as usual.

NickyAngel on

little Harper is going to be so spoiled…having had 3 boys…can’t wait to see her first pic 🙂

Hermione on

Wow really, Molly? I have been following the Beckhams since forever and if you have ever heard Victoria talk about her boys, you will know how much she loves them. And if you have ever seen any pictures or videos of them, than you will know how close her boys are to her. Brooklyn, at 12, still holds his mummy’s hand and publicly hugs her and kisses her.

She’s happy to have a little girl, like ANYONE would be after having three boys but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her boys. Obv. you are not a mother. Only a mother knows, they love all of their children, regardless of their gender. If anything, I am pretty sure, little Harper would be a Daddy’s girl….

mary on

if anyone watched their reality show, short lived as it was, when they relocated to LA, you will see how funny she really is. and she jokes about how she never is seen smiling and even goes to meet with Perez Hilton about all his jokes about her and they laugh about it after she gives him the smackdown 🙂 .

I think it is has become a game, find all the not-smiling Posh pictures, it is her ‘thing’ to the paps. It was a couple years ago obviously, but she was all over those boys and clearly she adores them.

J on

Marky that’s like saying, all the people scolding Molly are teh same person…lol!

Mama, it’s because people love to be negative here which includes feeding the trolls sadly. It came out sounding sarcastic to you a little,I didn’t mean you by that comment. 🙂

Jen on

Just ignore Molly. She’s bitter on pretty much every post where I see her name – yes, I realize that more than one person can have the name Molly, but these posts are all similar negative attacks almost always directed toward other commenters who don’t agree with her opinion. She barely comments on the blog topics, so this is a first! She clearly has issues, so engaging with her is only going to make it worse.

On to the topic of Harper Seven! Congratulations to the Beckhams! I’m happy that they got their little girl. Personally, I have 3 brothers and always wanted a sister, so I can imagine being pretty happy to finally have a girl. And it certainly doesn’t mean anyone is loved more or less than anyway else. She’s just a very welcome and anticipated addition to a loving family!

I love the name Harper and can’t wait to see a picture of her.

Rina on

Wow Molly, you sure know how to troll…I’m so impressed…../sarcasm.

Krissy on

So happy for this family. All the best!

Capri on

Molly, sit down & go away….you’re ignorant & only trying to get attention.

I think Victoria is a great mom & there’s nothing wrong with her wanting a little girl to add to her family. I’m sure she would have been just as happy with another boy.

maruša on

I hope they show her soon, with parents like this she must be a stunning baby. 🙂
ps. molly trolly

Mathilde on

She clearly stated “she has fallen in love all over again” and the only realistic conclusion I draw from that statement is that each and everytime she has welcomed a child she has fallen in love…as most mothers do. I am one of 5 children and when the youngest was born I clearly remember my mother saying things like this, it does not mean she loved any of her other children any less just that she loved the new baby as much as she already loved us.

I can not wait to see a photo of baby Harper, I am sure she is beautiful.

Capri on

I wish her reality show was still on, she’s so cute & funny. People take pictures way too seriously.

Happy for them & their family…can’t wait to see baby Harper!

jaybsmom on

I think these posts are soo funny. I just read them for the entertainment value. When everyone is oohing and aahing over celebrity babies I keep scrolling down because I know the negative comments are coming and then ppl are gonna go after those who make those comments, then pretty soon the main article is forgotten. I’m not referring to this specifically…I get a good laugh for sure.

Erika on

I agree with Mary. If you watch the show about her coming to America, you will see that she is really a funny, happy person. She seems to really love her boys and jokes about her public image.

teri on

who cares, geeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ashley on


You seem to have this jealousy issue with Victoria don’t you? Are you upset because she is rich and famous? How about because her husband is drop dead sexy…her children are well mannered and beautiful…or is it the fact that Victoria and David now have a baby girl to love and cherish just as they do with their boys??? After reading all of your “spam” posts on this page I can clearly see without a doubt that you are JEALOUS of this family and everything they have going for them!!!

Sarah S. on

From what I remember on their reality show, her and David were very loving parents towards the boys. Victoria may appear aloof and cold in public, but she is dedicated and loving parent. I was really impressed with them both. I am sure she has fallen love again with her baby–doesn’t every mother? Can’t wait to see a new family portrait!!

Sloanesmomma on

molly ewww

carly on

molly is the amse person who was saying all the things about jewels baby boy’s name. you have a lot of free time. or for some reason are jealous of the fact that they have kids. either way it’s no excuse to act the way you are.

Cecelia on

Molly, while it may be true that no one can change your opinion, no one cares about it either. Unless you know the family, you’re judgement is based on nothing so your argument is irrelevant. Perhaps it’s time to focus on a top that actually pertains to you.

P on

Molly is probably disappointed with something in her life and is jealous that Victoria got a girl 🙂

chris on

as long as she keeps seeing her name XXXXX will keep saying stupid stuff because the responses feed that sick need for attention…ugh…ANYway, lol, i think its adorable she has fallen in love again! and i think her children know the “public” face she presents is just that, a “public” image. its pretty obvious those sweet boys know the real woman behind that paparazzi face 🙂 and so will this new little one…

chris on

dont feed the troll, lmao love that!!! congrats to the whole family, I cant wait to see the pics!!

Helena on

Dang it. I’ve always loved the name Harper, but now there is no way it’s not going to be in the top 10 for the next decade. That’s frustrating.

laurelcanyonfashionista on

i knew the second i read this article that someone would find something bad about it- even though it is the most innocuous and innocent article ever. victoria beckham can do NOTHING right in the eyes of some people…i think she could donate all her organs to charity and still someone would say she was just trying to get attention or something like that. LOL!

Shannon on

Well I should hope so!

Ainsley on

Molly is probably jealous that Victoria got a girl and she didn’t.

Molly on

So telling the truth is creepy now. You are a bunch of pathetic Victoria fans. Sorry still think she hates hers sons. Just deal with it. I’m proud I hate her.

Molly on

Ainsley, I never want to have a girl.

Molly on

Btw, Chris lmao. Sorry still hate her and I hate you now too

M on

I don’t agree with Molly, but why are people accusing her of being jealous Victoria has a girl? WTF?! Children are not objects! A real parent would hope for a healthy child, and not care about gender. Boys and Girls and equally amazing. Comments like “she’s jealous she has a girl” perpetuate the myth that one gender is better than another, and it encourages women to be selfish and obsessively seek out only one gender.

Tee on

Molly, you’re proud that you hate someone? Oh my word! I really hope you don’t have children of your own. What a horrible example to set for a child. People are right, you’re nothing but a troll. And you should be ashamed of yourself for being so nasty about a person you don’t even know.

Andrea on

Victoria has said nothing wrong with falling in love again. She has a new baby which is perfectly legit for her to say. It does not mean in any way that she doesn’t love her sons. David & her are very family orientated & love all 4 of their children equally. They’re all obviously very happy that a little girl has joined the family. I cannot wait to see photos of Harper! God bless the Beckhams!

Fab on

Molly=IDIOT……. Great job Beckham family!!!

Ali on

Molly, how could you be proud to HATE someone you have never met??? I don’t get it. Makes no sense to me. That just seems totally, unbelievably cruel and heartless.

You should really think a little about what you are saying. You should never hate someone that you haven’t spent time with or known. In fact, I think hatred is a horrible thing in general. You have your right to your opinion but I am just shocked at how cold you come across. Do you not realise that you sound very, very mean and spiteful? I could understand if you said you disliked her for how she comes across in the public eye or in interviews or whatever but to demean and judge her parenting skills and to question her love for her sons is really somewhat sick.

I should also mention that I am no “POSH-FAN” or whatever you would call it. I am a David fan…that’s for sure. But, I also have never seen any negative attitude from her towards her boys that would make me think she HATES them. That is soooooooooooo harsh and twisted.

dsfg on

Due to the immaturity of her comments, it’s very likely that Molly is just a child . . . remember, it’s not just adults that comment on this site.

nettrice on

Molly & Romy = trolls. Don’t feed them.

soph on

Ali–no need for all that. Molly sounds like she’s 10. A very, very disturbed 10…

Anna on

Molly..Lol..Peace of *beep*..Lol..Sick..
She can’t stand seeing them happy.
Just shut your mouth pathetic ! Go and have a therapy session !

Tina on

i love the Beckhams!!! I have never seen them walking in front of nannies while the nannies held onto the kids. She doesnt smile much, but her children sure do. as one said, their pre teen boy still holds hands with mum and dad!!! That shows he is loved. She plays goalie for them in the backyard!!! i heard a radio interview where she did a killer Donald Duck voice. She is awesome!! And look…she got pregnant 4 times, how few celebrity moms do that!!! Some may hate, but thats what makes the world go round. It also makes non haters look Soooo much better!!! Team Beckham!!! Winners!!