Katie Holmes Willing to ‘Take the Hit’ for Suri’s Sake

07/14/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Courtesy InStyle

When it comes to raising 5-year-old daughter Suri, Katie Holmes is all about live and let learn.

“Recently, Suri and I were taking a walk and a fight got started because it was cold outside and she didn’t want to wear her coat,” Holmes, 32, tells InStyle‘s August issue.

“My philosophy is, ‘Well, fine, because after a block of walking you’re going to ask me for your coat.’ So the pictures of her [without a coat in cold weather] are sort of embarrassing, but I said, ‘Suri, I’ll take the hit. Just put it on when you get cold.'”

However, despite her confidence in her parenting techniques, the actress is well aware of the constant criticism she faces in the spotlight.

“I have to be a good parent in my own heart first. I’m not going to choose making people happy over doing the right thing for my child,” she explains.

“Whenever I think, ‘Oh good, it’s calmed down,’ another false story comes out. I try not to go on the Internet that much because who needs to hear comments? But I do know what’s being said: I am briefed.”

Quick to point out she doesn’t dress her daughter, Holmes reveals the true fashionista of the family is Suri herself. “Obviously, I buy her clothes, but she is the one who puts her outfits together,” she shares. “In fact, she helps me. If she likes something of mine, I know it’s good.”

And just as Holmes won’t cave to the pressures of public opinion surrounding Suri’s wardrobe, she doesn’t plan on succumbing to any stress of having another baby with husband Tom Cruise either.

“We already have a very big family: a full household with cousins who are over a lot, and she has her friends,” she says. “My biggest thing is making sure she’s fully taken care of and doing well.”

— Anya Leon

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jes on

good for you Katie!

Anya on

I’m torn on this. I think there are times kids just need to wear certain outdoor items with no questions.. BUT I understand where she is coming from as we also do this with our son.

The difference is that I go through his wardrobe each season and only leave out items that are warm/cool enough for the weather. He can choose to his heart’s content and feel independent but I know he is dressed appropriately.

Chell on

She kind of looks a little like Princess Kate in this pic.

amw on

i really do love this philosophy, as much as i dont like her. i really dont care for suris wardrobe, but the principals by which she parents, i support.

i also appreciate her ability to assert her confidence in not having another kid. its like misery loves company when people expect you to have another kid. she had one, she loves her one. she has stepchildren and nieces/nephews. there are children and family around. no need to create another human being just because people are pressuring you. just because you have 14 children doesnt mean everyone wants that or thinks thats a good idea.

mommytoane on

Suri is absolutely adorable! I love her cute little dresses. I like Katie’s stance on having more. She’s very right. Suri ISN’T an only child, shes got a brother and a sister, and every family has to do what works best for them.

Romy on

she is crazy now, her interviews are weird. too much time around Tom and her hired handlers telling her what to say. all the kids that are over are scientologists. the homeschooled kids. she said she buys Suri maternity clothes for when she gets older and has a baby.

Anonymous on

I can see where she’s coming from – my 4.5 yo daughter never wants to cover up her nice outfits with jumpers or jackets! We often have to spend a moment or two convincing her that it’s a cold day and that she needs to dress appropriately! She also loves her Cinderella shoes (with a little heel) though I don’t let her wear them outside simply because she can hardly walk in them, as well as makeup and nailpolish etc. She wants to be like me, and I can only see that as cute! 😉

Maybe there aren’t that many other celeb five year old girls around, because the dressups and stuff is pretty normal. But – she doesn’t get to stay up late like Suri seems to!

I can’t imagine trying to parent with hordes of people taking photos of me. My daughter is fantastic but there are definitely moments where she might, say, dawdle looking at a toy store and ignore us telling her to come on for a moment. It’s only a moment, but an easy moment to catch on film and twist into a headline saying we have no control over her … I certainly couldn’t take that kind of speculation!

Mia on

I think she just doesn’t want to say “no” + that is going to come-back x3 when Suri is a teenager…

Hea on

Romy – Sources on your info, please?

MKH on

Who is the parent here? Sometimes children don’t know what’s best for their health and safety! It’s not like choosing a barrette or bow where you can give the child a choice and it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I’ve seen too many pix with them out and about alone on a very cold day and Katie wasn’t carrying Suri’s coat. I call “Blue Smoke” on this one.

jessicad on

Good for her! I don’t think people realize how hurtful online comments can be and I feel bad that celebs have to hear about some of them, that’s why I don’t type anything I wouldn’t say in person. Obviously she has confidence in herself as a mother and doesn’t put too much into the comments because we still see Suri without a coat or wearing heels. I love what she said about being a good parent in her heart first, very true!

Romy on

Hea, I guess just read around. you could read cdan’s site. michael k is funny. her whole in style interview was just odd. as for who the kids hang around with, they are home schooled by scientologists. Katie has always had scientoligist helpers or call them what you will since the beginning. It’s just how they work. Tom just really believes in it. I say Katie’s in it till the contract’s up! Just like Nicole. Of course they aren’t having another child. Hey I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

cris on


“In a new InStyle magazine interview, Holmes reveals, “I will buy something with her in mind, thinking it’s gonna look so great on her when she’s 25 or whatever.

“I have a lot of things that I’ve already set aside, as well as some of my old maternity clothes so that she (can) wear them when she’s having a daughter or son.”

showbizmom on

I’ve had my fair share of dealings with the Scientology folks. It’s not my cup of tea to say the least. I have to say I agree with Romy, some really odd stuff happens I’ve seen what this ‘religion’ does to people not to mention families. Sadly I’ve lost a couple of friends and co-workers to it.

I digress, I kind of agree with Katie that she has to do what is right for her child not mine. So maybe she’ll pay for parenting styles when Suri is older, that’s her deal not mine. At the end of the day I have friends and family that do things I wouldn’t do when raising my kids, I let it go. I’ll only step up and give my opinion if asked or if I see something bad is going to happen to the kid.

Indira on

I understand what she means and, sometimes as a parent I get you have to let you kid learn for themselves what’s best. However, in those instances where paparazzi follow them around and she’s photographed sans coat, by what she says shouldn’t there at least be some with her coat on in the same set?? I mean following logic.

Tee on

Well, I admire Katie for standing up for what she believes to be right for her and her daughter. I don’t agree with her on the coat thing but nevertheless, it’s wonderful that she’s not bending to pressure from the outside world.

Carbo on

That’s ridiculous! Who’s the parent here? What does that teach your kid? So Suri knows she doesn’t have to do what she’s told because in the end Mom will make it right???

How about Mom not take her out of the house without it, case closed! And if she doesn’t want to wear appropriate clothing then she doesn’t get to go. And if it is the case that there is no other choice, which I doubt, where is the nanny? Then she would not get to go on the next excursion or several after that! Geez, grow a back bone!

Jillian on

Indiria, You realize that every photo taken isn’t published and every moment of their movements isn’t taken……right? Can you imagine if every single photo was published or every single second a picture was taken? Follow the logic. It is quite ridiculous.

Maria on

okay- my opinion- Katie seems like a very good and devoted Mom to Suri- like that she is always with ehr child. but the photographers are so scary to the little girl- you can see her hiding in fear in so many pictures it just breaks my heart. Can Katie move somewhere where Suri won’t have to deal with that? Also- when is her fake marriage to crazy and also seemingly Gay Tom Cruise going to be revealed for the farce it is? I feel really sorry for Suri having to be dealing with the papparazzi all the time.

RKF on

Oh what a laughable joke. Suri is a spoiled brat because of the constant overindulgence and Scientology-related dictating of every parenting move she has. Every single word that comes out of Katie’s mouth is ingrained by her handlers. This woman believes an intergalactic alien, Xenu, blew up volcanoes of aliens “75 trillion” years ago, et al.

I’d rather take parenting advice from an ostrich.

Toya L. on

I definitely don’t agree with her on the coat issue but kids body temperatures are different and Suri is her child. I like the picture on this cover and she definitely needs to have thick skin with her occupation choice. Suri has lots of cousins that are always over and her friends. = )

JMO on

I would tell my child. Look it’s cold. You either wear warmer clothes or you put on a jacket. And if you don’t you can stay home (i.e. with daddy, sitter, sibling etc) and I’ll go out. End of discussion.

There are some battles it’s okay to let slide (like your kid wearing unmatched clothes) but other battles are worth putting your foot down. jmo

JMO on

Let me just add this too. I’m in my late 20’s. In my generation (ugh makes me sound old lol) if I even talked back to my mom or even glanced at her the wrong way you better believe I’d be punished for it. I was never hit bc my mom didn’t have to. We knew that NO meant NO and that what mom or dad said goes and we NEVER questioned it. I think parents today are afraid to instill fear in their kids. I’m not talking about the fear that they won’t come near you bc your hurting them just the fear of knowing if they don’t listen their will be a consequence. I work in the childcare field and have for over 12 years. I can’t tell you how much I’m starting to hate kids. Hear me out……

So many kids these days are so disrespectful even as young as 3 years old. Telling their parents what they want or don’t want. Some even have hit their parents and I even saw one spit at his grandparent!! None of them seem to do much about it. Either they’re too embarrassed to actually confront the child for the behavior or they don’t know how to. They don’t mind talking back to their teachers. Sure no kid is perfect. But if I had a nickle for everytime I heard a parent count to 3 in a store and never reach it I’d be one rich girl!!!

You can’t always be your kids friends. I am very close with my mom and we are best friends. But I always knew that she was a mom first and a friend second. It’s a road that should never be crossed and should always be established.

arz on

you know Katie I love her to death… She has changed since dawson creek she seemed free you know! Suri is her daughter whatever she thinks is best for her than it is! my children are raised the way I feel is right!

arz on

my mom spanked us and I am glad she did but JMO is right kids are so disrespectful I want to yoke some of those kids up and be like do not talk to your mother like that! some of these women need a backbone! you didnt have kids for them to disrespect you! stand up no child should be running your household, you are strong women don’t have to take that abuse! and your husbands work you work you maybe a single mom whatever you deserve to be treated like a human being not a maid!

Angel on

Oh, please. This is just lazy parenting. She doesn’t want to argue with Suri so lets her make her own choices. Just wait until Suri is a teenager and she is allowed to make her own choices without guidance from Katie regarding drinking, drugs, sex, and who knows what else.

I feel for the little girl. She needs a mom, not a friend. And moms’ jobs are to guide and teach, not let the kid make her own decisions when she is not capable of making a wise one. I would guess that Suri also chooses not to take a bath, brush her teeth, or eat her vegetables.

Toya L. on

LMAO@JMO – Especially parents and the counting thing, sad but true. I agree with your whole comment. I am also very close with my mom and consider her one my best friends but she IS and will ALWAYS be my mother first. She taught me like I’m teaching my children, (no means no). To each their own.

Shannon on

Lame. The child doesn’t have a chance.

Molly on

I miss the Katie pre-Tom

Kristen on

I am glad that she finally spoke up! Jeez if she ever dares come to this site she’d see just how perfect all of the mother’s here are; always judging another woman’s child on their hair, their clothes, their name. You can help but feel intimidated when surrounded by the end all of parenting found here.

As for “why take her out when it’s cold and she won’t wear a coat” join the real world and pick your battles. This site is a joke filled with the most bitter of women.

Sarah on

I find great irony in the fact that all these people carry on about how much damage Katie does to her daughter but in the long run, the child’s gonna be more damaged when she’d old enough to read what people she’s never met say about her and her family online.

I’m not a fan of Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise, but the child isn’t being abused, she’s healthy and she always seems happy, as do Tom’s other kids.

Why don’t all you perfect parents who feel the need to criticize and worry about Suri spend your time worrying about all the poor children in this country who are being abused, who are homeless, who do have negligent parents, who are in state care, who do not own a coat, who don’t have food, who aren’t able in school, etc.

Sarah on

Kristen, you say it all here: “This site is a joke filled with the most bitter of women.”

I am a journalist and come here to looking for parenting and baby news, but was shocked when I started reading comments! I do mostly political work, so I visit a lot of political sites, and even those comments aren’t as nasty as the women on this site.

Kristen on

@Sarah if you can stomach staying here you’ll see that there is no nastier an animal than a woman talking about another woman and her child/children. Yet you’ll also notice that none of these angels offer up the names of their children or offer us a link to see them, how they dress, their hair. Offer up a blog so that we can discuss her parenting skills, her food choices for her child, any of that. Seems odd don’t you think? You would think that any mother as perfect as these would offer up their gems and the proof in the pictures of their sweet, perfectly named children.

Leslee on

I agree with you, Kristen and Sarah. People get too hung up on how others “should” raise their children and it’s so frequently my way or the highway. Not to mention mean spirited.

People just seem to search for something to rage on about.

HappyGoLucky on

There is something wrong with some of the people who comment here. Tabloid articles are not reliable sources of information. Suri seems happy and healthy. I would never call a child that I’ve never met a spoiled brat. Grow up. Someone else questioned her husband’s sexuality. Really? You choose a baby blog to do this? People call Tom and Katie odd or crazy. Some of you need to look in a mirror.

Romy on

in scientology the child decides what they want. look at Leah Remini’s daughter. Did you ever read the articles about her?

RKF on

Kristen – what I find hilarious is that you sound like the most bitter, whiny person here. Calm down. Is someone forcing you at gunpoint to read the comments? If not, then please stop reading, and especially stop commenting.

LauraPalmer on

@JMO – I’m right there with you. I quit teaching school for exactly that reason. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little discipline. No absolutely means no.

Sarah on

@Kristen and @Leslee – Glad it’s not just me noticing. It’s one thing to disagree on a topic – there are millions of ways to parent, but to be so nasty and mean about it…I just don’t get it. Even hiding behind my computer, I could never be so insulting 😦

Kat on

while I agree on the coat philosphy to an extent, it doesn’t help when she’s refusing to wear her coat while wearing a sleevless summer dress…

she should be dressed in weather appropriate clothes, so that, when you do have to pick the battles and wait till she asks for the coat, you aren’t dealing with as much cold weather affecting her.

randy on

Good point, Kristen, but I would wager that a lot of these sanctimonious people don’t even have kids themselves! This is based on reading comments on various other articles where (in some cases) the commenter is talking about their childhood or what their mom/dad does. Geez, it makes me feel old.

I don’t know what’s worse, but it’s pretty irritating to read some of the vitriol and scorn on childrearing matters from people who don’t have children.

scorn and condesension ab

Tee on

JMO, I completely agree with you! I am astonished at the way the (seemingly) majority of children act in this day and age! Just yesterday, I was at the doctor’s office and there was a woman there with her daughter. Kid looked to be around six years old. Now, I don’t use the word ‘brat’ very often but that child was most certainly a brat! She screeched the entire two hours because her Mom wouldn’t buy her a drink from the vending machine. She slapped her Grandmother when Grandma told her to pipe down because there were sick people. The kid actually flung herself on the floor and threw a screaming fit when the mother threatened to “take her in the bathroom.” When it was all said and done, I wanted to take both the brat and the brat’s mother “in the bathroom!” And the part that really cracked me up? The mother swatted at her child and then bragged to the entire waiting room about how she spanks her kids and most kids today need a good whipping and don’t get one. (Make no mistake, we spank in this family. I just found it hilarious that she seemed to think it was working for her!)

Ugh, didn’t mean to be so long winded! Just wanted to say that I so agree with you. In my earlier comment, I said that I liked the fact that Katie is standing up for what she thinks is right for her child despite the pressure to do otherwise. I don’t agree with her. In my opinion, she’s the parent and the child needs to listen to the parent. “Put on your jacket or you won’t be allowed to leave the house and go shopping with Mom.” (or whatever) Based on the many interviews Katie and Tom have done since Suri’s birth, it really does seem like she is a well indulged child that doesn’t hear the word “no.” That might work for them now but it sure will be difficult when Suri gets older. Obviously, I don’t know this family personally. I’m just basing my opinion on the articles and interviews I’ve read.

CF98 on

I don’t have kids and probably never will either but I like Katie and think Suri is a doll. I’m glad she said something. As long as Suri is taken care of and loved what does it matter? Are there things parents do that I don’t agree with? Yes but it should only be an issue if the child is being abused or neglected.

Crystal on

I read this interview and it made me quite sad. I say that because she said that she is “very aware” of the things that people say about her and Suri. It made me realize how much we criticise celebrities. I’ve decided that when I see something that I deem unusual (Suri in freezing cold weather w/o a coat but Katie has on all essential cold weather gear) I’m not going to comment. It’s none of my business and words hurt so I will keep them to myself. You never know who may be reading your words.

Rebecca Jayne on

Lol! You guys take this forum WAY too seriously!

Indira on


My name is I-N-D-I-R-A, you’ve put Indiria on multiple posts now.

ecl on

Everyone always thinks everyone else’s kids are brats. That’s why I choose not to listen.

Allison on

I think the article is fine, and Katie seems like a good mother. But why say ‘our family is huge…we have cousins’, but no mention of her step-children? Do they have a nice relationship with Katie?

Anonymous on

what a t o o l

dsfg on

Tee, with your philosophy, how will your children ever be able to make decisions on their own? Doing something “because Mom/Dad said so” does not teach a child how to make healthy decisions, it only teaches the child to take orders. Katie is allowing Suri to develop common sense and to learn how to take care of herself and make sensible decisions.

Audrey on

I heard a story today about a mother that comes into where I work, her daughter is four years old and gets everything she wants, she just has to scream and cry. I was told this four year was banned from going to the cinema, AND from playing the violent video games her parents let her play – games like Assassin’s Creed, because she walked up to her little baby sister who is no older than 1 1/2 and literally PUNCHED her in the face – I am NOT kidding. If I was that mother, I would have been scared to have that little girl around any of my other children.

Now, I am not claiming that Suri, acts like that, I am just saying to those that think the comments are bashing Katie – is kids need boundaries for a reason, or they will become damaged like the little girl I was talking about. It can turn out to be the worst for kids, and in the end you’re just hurting them. I agree, kids do not have any respect these days at all.

HappyGoLucky on

Allison, I think she considers Conner and Isabella part of her immediate family. They’re a part of the “we”.

Serena on

Suri has way too much control. If it’s cold outside and Katie tells her to put her coat on she should do it, simple as that – she is the PARENT. There are certain things that a 5 year old doesn’t have a say in and this is one of them. Just my .02 of course.

anonymous on

I’m quite sure that a lot of what Katie said ended up on the cutting room floor during the editing process. Sometimes these interviews take hours to complete and are conducted in more than one sitting so it’s quite possible that some things were distorted or taken out of context.

Ellen Smith on

@ Sarah – I don’t think Suri looks happy at all. Most of the times she has a lost child look about her. We never ever see pics of her playing with other kids. And at her age she is still being carried around like a baby (in many pics).

There is a vacant, disengaged look in her eyes that makes me suspect she is a very lonely child, despite all of the attention she receives.

Ashley on

I see where Katie is coming from, let your child learn on it’s own (as I do with my 3 kids) HOWEVER, I would personally let my kids out in the cold without proper atire. That said…to each their own!!

Kathy on

Only first time parents give their children that kind of power. Inexperience is a hard task master. Why let something that affects her health be her decision to make?

Donna on

Suri not only has to deal with her weird “father” and Scientology, but sounds like her mom is hell bent on raising an incorrigable child.

soph on

Those of you using “perfect parents” or “perfect mothers” as an insult don’t realize how completely childish you sound.

And wow, Kristen, seriously? “The most bitter of women,” yup, that includes you, all right. Maybe you forgot the fact that you’re on a celebrity baby blog where the children of CELEBRITIES are discussed. You know, people who live out their lives in the public eye? No one needs to “offer up” info on their own children to satisfy you.

Ms M on

Letting your kid get her/his way is a sure sign that when they grow up they will be talking back to you and telling you what they will and will not do, that’s not sitting right with me, Your the parent not the other way around. There are kids that grown up to hate and kill their parents because the teaching weren’t there when they were growing up. There have been often times when out with my daughter ( grown now) and I see a little kid talking back at their parents or swearing at them I just want to just say something to that kid but my daughter says “ma that’s not yours” “It takes a village to raise a kid” Parents need to have their rights back.

Romy on

Allison, if you ever read eonline (Ted C), from what he says the kids do like Katie and consider her more of a mother than Nicole. They like Katie better, but according to Ted C no one likes Nicole.

Cecilia on

I don’t feel sorry for Katie Holmes at all. If papparazzi are following her, that’s by her choice. I work in the media, and I know how these things work with the celebs. They play the victim, but in reality, they perpetuate constant stalking. For example, why is that there’s hardly any photos of Julia Roberts’ children? That’s because she’s a very private person and protective of her children.

LauraPalmer on

Ah yes, because Ted Casablancas is a bastion of journalistic integrity.

Sarah K. on

Romy, unless Ted C is close personal friends of the Cruise/Kidman family, nothing he says holds much weight. His job is to write sensational stories by causing drama so people like you continue to read

Jillian on

Indiria, Indira, Indirria, whatever…….. If I have done it once, twice, three times, I will do it again. Just letting you know ahead of time. You are more than welcome to spell my name wrong, people do, I don’t care. There are far more important things in life than to correct people when they make spelling mistakes.

ab on

She just always says the strangest things about raising her daughter. Imagine how different her interviews would be if she were married to someone else. She seems so fake.

Janey on

@Sarah…you are a journalist and you’re “shocked” by the comments on this board?? Seriously?? For whom do you work, as a journalist? Because either you aren’t one, or you don’t get out and read much on the Internet (or otherwise) because this is tame compared to other sites.

NeeNee on

I always give my kids choices, BUT I make sure they are appropriate choices in the first place. In clothing you just have to make sure everything is weather appropriate before you have to fight the proverbial battle with what the kids are going to wear.

I figure if a celebrity is making millions off of the public’s wallets and airing their lives in our faces like this then we as their employer DO have the right to our opinions. There are several celebrities that shelter and protect their kids a hell of a lot better than Katie and Tom.

Of course we are gathering our opinions on what we see or read in the media but if the celebrities wanted a different story they DO have the power to change it. So don’t feel sorry or protective of people who wouldn’t give any of us the time of day because at the end of the day it’s their kids being sold to the highest bidder and in the next few years we will be paying for their therapists anyways.

samantha on

I’ve always been a fan of Katie but she is ridiculous. You aren’t suppose to let the child make the decision. I can see it now when Suri grow’s up and wants to do drugs and Katie will say how its bad but okay go do it you’ll eventually see its bad. @@ WOW some people shouldn’t be parents.

cn tower on

She kind of looks a little like Princess Kate in this pic.

– Chell

First of all let me correct you. There is no Princess Kate. There is Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and so perhaps that is to whom you are referring. I don’t think she looks like Kate at all, she couldn’t look that vapid if she took a course in it.

Katherine on

Maybe Katie is afraid to discipline Suri because she is afraid Suri will run and complain to Tom? lol

Seether on

I’m sorry, this chick is off her rocker. All these pro-Katie comments seem so odd to me! I just picture brainwashed Scientologists ordered to type commments to convince others that Katie Holmes is “glamorous,” is a “fashion icon” or that allowing her 5 year old to suck on a binky is completely the norm, or that every single word uttered out of her mouth (“amazing” “magical” “Tom…blah blah blah”) is an element of wisdom. She’s a talentless joke who sold herself out. On the plus side, at least she is self aware of her limitations and realized she could buy her way into “success”(if you want to call it that) by marrying her freakshow husband.

Jay on

Pathetic. No wonder Katie’s dress style is usually horrible and most of the time she looks like hell, she’s letting her kid dress her, what is wrong with this woman?! Suri is a kid, SHE knows nothing, SHE needs to be taught, NOT allowed to run the show. This child is going to end up so controlling and bossy towards everyone her entire life, always getting her way, she’ll end up being the teen from hell! I feel sorry for any guy that tries to date her, she’ll be telling him what to wear. This is the wrong way to raise a child, good Katie may not have any more, she can’t do right by this one. High heels? Good Lord.

Sherron Teal on

This is what is wrong with the younger generation today. They are allowed to do whatever they want. Then when the time comes for them to respect authority guess what? we don’t need too because we have been doing what we want since age two!

I personally think one of a parents jobs is to make sure the children are dressed appropriately, I saw Suri in the ocean the other day (in a picture of course) with a dress on,it was ridiculous! And the mother states when the daughter approves of her wardrobe she knows it is a good pick? What a four or five year old picking out the adults clothes? I say when this child becomes a teenager there will be serious problems with her because of the Idiot parents!!

ecl on

Nee Nee – we are not the employers of celebrities, we are the consumers. The only thing that speaks there is the wallet so feel free not to buy or watch any Katie goods.

kELLY on

First; Katie you should not be reading these comments, either You or your staff. People are hurting right now and would use every means possible to lass out at anyone. CYBERBULLING IS AT AN TIME HIGH. You should know better than to read these crap. People are mean and evil and very wicked and judgmental, so why the hell would you even bother to read these comments.

Second; I don’t know if Suri is Tom’s baby or not. I mean every other celebrity that had kids at same time you did has repeated and given their child a sibling. I think it will help if Suri had another sibling younger to interact with, not cousins and friends. I think you and Tom also need another little one to love and not OBSESS OVER SURI ALL THE TIME.

Third; you are lucky to have Tom as your husband. There are a lot of rotten eggs out there and you really lucked out. You need to defend your man and love him always. There’s a lot push out there by some right wing idiots and haters to destroy him, so stand by and fight. He’s been on top and successful a long time and people always want to see top players fall. Makes them feel a little justified. And if you don’t love him, then get the hell out, there are a lot of us women waiting to fill that position for sure.

kELLY on

Here we go! People are going to start bombarding this article with scientology crap and height obsession. And to these two things I say: First; OUR COUNTRY IS FOUNDED ON FREEDOM OF RELIGION – DON’T LIKE IT GET THE HELL OUT. Second; HOLLYWOOD IS FULL OF AVERAGE HEIGHT MALE. IN VERY FEW ROVING GAINTS LAST LONG AT ALL OR MAKE IT REALLY BIG: Jack Nicholson, Dustin Huffman, Al PaCino, Danny Davito, Robert Deniro, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Mark Wahlberg, Micheal Douglas, Robert Downey Jr. and ect. Ect. Ect..…..so I think Mr. Cruise is in the right company.

People give it a rest. You really have no reason to dislike him. Besides, whether you do or not, America is not the only movie consumers, the world has opened up and he is internationally known and beloved. And I work at public place and know that he has massive amount of fans besides you few idiots that keep trying to ruin his reputation and career with these stupid comments and innuendos.


CF98 on

Well Seether just because you hate her doesn’t mean other people do its called a difference of opinion. Some of us actually like her and wish her the best. Then again none of you people would say half the stuff you say about her and her family to her face that you so freely do around here.

Rave on

Some of you are so unbelievable thick-headed. My cousin was a bit like Suri when she was her age – not wanting to wear a coat. And her mom, yes, said ‘okay, you’re just going to get cold,’ and brought her coat. Do you know what happened? She asked for her coat the minute she got cold. Always. And eventually, she learned to put on her coat when her mom told her to. Sometimes, you have to not start yelling at your kid, because it’s not going to get you anywhere.

Tera on

Oh please…children of celebs NEVER grow up with any semblance of a normal life..they never have to learn how to work for an honest buck to value their money or the satisfaction of earning what they own…these children jet around to different cities and countries on a daily basis…spend more time in a real home for more than a day or two instead of a luxury hotel suite catered to your every whim..and as for Scientology? Celeb members are hardly treated the same as the drone workers in this asinine pyramid cult…Celebs are just money bags to them…

soph on

“First of all let me correct you. There is no Princess Kate. There is Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and so perhaps that is to whom you are referring. I don’t think she looks like Kate at all, she couldn’t look that vapid if she took a course in it.”
– cn tower

Are you saying Katie is vapid or K. Middleton is vapid? Because if it’s the latter, sounds like pure cattiness…

Tee on

DSFG- I’m sorry I’m just now returning to this thread to see your question! I didn’t say I wouldn’t let my child make any decisions for themselves. But I won’t let them make what I consider to be an important decision and dressing weather appropriately is important, in my book. Now, I might give my child a choice, “Do you want to wear your pink coat or your black shawl?” That kind of thing. But if my child made the decision to refuse to wear a wrap of some kind, then my child is making the decision to stay home.

Dawn on

Huh. I don’t make deals with 5 year olds….

cn tower on

Soph –
I am not the CN Tower that posted the comment you are referring to, but it’s a bit bizarre that someone else has decided to use that name. For some reason, I don’t seem to be able to change it….

Jillian on

There are plenty of celebs kids that grow up and have normal lives. Your statement is ridiculous. Didn’t your learn to not use the word never, because in this case if one child turned out normal it makes your statement untrue. And that has happened plenty of times!

For those of you saying what you would do IF you had a child. Have one first. Educate yourself to know that wearing no jacket for a few blocks is not harmful and letting her not wear one isn’t the end of the world. My parents didn’t make me and they weren’t push overs on everything else. I was well behaved. Could go to the nicest restaurants and behave. I do the same with my daughter. I want her to be able to make certain choices. I don’t like wearing coats to this day in the cold of winter (when we visit). I am always hot. So, if my daughter wants to skip hers, go for ut. How can I and then expect her to?

Agnes on

Hmmm…Suri is almost always underdressed for the weather, no tights, no coats etc. Not my kid, and I don’t really care but if you are going to defend yourself and be taken seriously – you have to do better than the whole coat story 🙂 Pacifiers and high heels don’t really mix if you are trying to raise a balanced child. Does she really expect Suri to make wise choices at 5? Give the kid some guidelines but at the end of the day it is her job to be Suri’s mother. Not a replacement for her best friend 🙂 I agree that it is hard to be a celebrity, all the pressure and scrutiny. But guess what? this is the life THEY chose. If you choose to be a role model of sorts then at least get a competant nanny to dress the child appropriately, since you Katie, obviously cannot 🙂

Lindy J on

Suri is such a SPOILED BRAT, that God help any other child that is born into that family !!!!!!

Lindy J on

Suri is, and ALWAYS has been, a VERY SPOILED child, ever since she’s been old enough to know what she wants. I hope God sees fit for her to be an ONLY child, in that marriage. Any others wouldn’t stand a chance !!!!