Kate Hudson, Matthew Bellamy Name Son Bingham Hawn

07/14/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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Drumroll, please.

Kate Hudson and fiancé Matthew Bellamy have chosen a name for their newborn son — and it’s Bingham Hawn Bellamy, nicknamed Bing.

“So happy! Just had a baby boy, Bingham ‘Bing’ Hawn Bellamy. Born 7lb 12oz, on 9th July,” Muse frontman Bellamy, 33, Tweeted Thursday.

“Mum and baby are strong and healthy. Mum was a warrior, Bing popped out after 4.5 hours of intense pushing!”

He adds, “For those wondering, Bingham is my mum’s maiden name and Bing Russell was Kurt’s dad. Family connections all round!”

Bing joins big brother Ryder Russell, 7½, from Hudson’s marriage to rocker Chris Robinson.

— Sarah Michaud

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Laura on

I actually love that name! And I don’t think I’ve heard of any celebs or anyone in general using it. Of course it’ll always bring to mind Bing Crosby, but he did have a fantastic voice. Great choice!

Brooklyn on

Oh my…I’m really not a fan of the name – at all. Umm, not really sure what to say other than that.

klutzy_girl on

I was really rooting for Kurt. Oh well.

Bingham is Matt’s mom maiden name and Hawn is for Goldie.

All I think of is Chandler, though…

biddie on

“Bing”, really? no offense, but thats terrible.

Alyssa on

I think it’s a good name! It’s unique and I love how this one has Goldie’s last name and his middle, since Ryder has Kurt’s 🙂

Laura on

I have no words. WEll whoever said it makes them think of Chandler is right lol. I just really dislike it. Oh well. Not my kid so I suppose it doesn’t matter!

Cee on

It’s sweet that they honored their parents that way.

Jordan Matthews on

“ugh”…is all I can say!! I think she should’ve switched it around Hawn Bingham I think its a little bit more catchy!!

Emma's Mommy on

Bing ? Not my choice.. They could of done way better, or atleast given him Bingham as his middle name.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

Not crazy about the name Bingham, it reminds me of Chandler Bing. But, congrats.

Shawna on

Well, Bingham is my maiden name, so I like it. I would have never thought to give my children the name Bingham as a first name though.

aurora mia on

I like it, too. I think it’s sweet they are using family names. Better then Bear Blu and Bronx.

Alice on

Bing Bellamy-poor kid.

Sharon on

OK, not so bad… maybe Hudson Hawn Bellamy would have been a little easier on the ears, but to each his own!

victoriaq on

BING- omg that is the worst celeb name in awhile- bingham- well maybe he want go to school and then wont have to worry about all the kids bugging him about his bad name….

YolieMac on

It’s a new generation of UGLY names. All I can say is…poor kids!

Minami86 on

I love the honoring family names angle! People can be so rude but when names hold a special meaning, you really should just hush up & smile. When you have your own kids, you wouldnt want “backlash” from strangers telling you how your kids will end up later on.

mee on

It doesn’t really flow…. but whatev, it’s their kid they can name how they please : )

Olive on

Having had two babies (and two c-sections), doctors won’t let you push for 4 1/2 hours. If it takes that long, there is a problem requiring a section. You can go 1 1/2 hours max before they pull the plug and get the baby out or it’s dangerous for the babies. Soooo tired of celebs trying to make their lives seem so much more courageous & dramatic than the rest of the world.

rhonda on

FYI-baby Bing is named for Kurt Russell’s father, actor/owner of Portland Mavericks Bing Russell.


Totally reminds me of Chandler!

Shannon on

Why is it that only MEN use the term “popped out”? Babies don’t “pop out,” as every woman knows. How can something pop out after 4-1/2 hard hours of labor? LOL!

teresh on

Well I think it´s sweet to honor Kurt and Goldie like that, and anyway there are worse names around
And I too think of Chandler but that´s good right? I mean it is Chandler!

Rebecca on

I love it. It sounds very British and Bing is an adorable nickname. I don’t think of Chandler but Bing Crosby, actually (even though his was a nickname). 🙂

I was certain it would be a name that started with a B to go with Bellamy like her first son with the letter R – Ryder Robinson. I had a feeling the middle name would not follow suit (i.e. 3 B’s like Ryder’s 3 R’s) and love Hawn. I thought the middle name Sean would have been sweet, only spelled SHAWN to honor Goldie but they chose Hawn on its own instead. I really like it.

And Kate is now not only a mom but a “mum” I LOVE it when British children call their mothers “Mummy.”

Whitney on

I love her son’s names…. Bing Crosby was an amazing entertainer and no one put him down for his name…. And honoring her mother with his middle name is awesome….

Leah on

Bing? As in the search engine or Chandler?

I know it has familial meaning, but really….that’s just awful. Hawn Bingham would have been better.

Mac on

I like it. Bingham “Bing” reminds me of the great singer, Bing Crosby. He had a fantastic voice. I love the way they honored their parents with that name. And Bing Bellamy has a nice alliteration to it!!! 🙂

Barbie on


Capri on

Meh…not my choice, not my kid. Congrats nonetheless, I like names with meaning!

Lana on

Love his description of Kate as a ‘warrior’. Definitely sums up the experience of an epic vaginal birth! I agree with Laura – Bing Crosby immediately sprang to mind. Bing Bellamy has a lovely ring to it and suits a sweet little guy, but would not be too strange in a Supreme Court transcript “Justice Bingham Bellamy” which is always my litmus test 🙂

Marilyn on

I was hoping for Liam or William. Bing/Bingham Bellamy doesn’t sound as good because of the two B’s.

canada girl on

Cute name not sure if I like the nick name Bing though, some names should be said in full all the time! I also like how she carried on the tradition and gave Bingham her moms last name as a middle name, Ryder Russell’s middle name is after he Pa: Kurt

CJ on

I always wonder why other people think they have a right to comment on what someone else names their child?!?!?!

Really people do you think you are THAT important in the world that someone CARES whether you like this name or not???????????!!!!!!!!!

I guess some people just have to bi$ch and moan about something in life! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Either that or you are REALLY full of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily on

I’m not fan. Some surnames sound great as first but Bingham “Bing” isn’t one of them. Ryder Robinson sounds pretty cool Bing Bellamy doesn’t flow at all. Oh well, welcome to the world baby Bing!

Karen on

Like Bingham. Not so much, Bing. For the person getting misty over Bing Crosby, he was a vicious child abuser. Look it up. It’s sweet that she chose Hawn as the middle name, though.

Annie on

No one ever thinks of Bing Russell. He was a good actor.

Crystal on

Sounds like a porn name… Bing Bellamy….just my opinion.

Lana on

CJ – you’re commenting on our commentary. So that makes you….?

Capri on

Wow CJ…a bit much with the ?’s & !’s

Nobody said we think they care about our opinions…that’s all they are & this is a forum to express those opinions…good, bad or indifferent…so chill out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jillian on

I love that the name has meaning. To me, that makes a name likeable and special, so I like it!!

Olive, you sure can push for 4 1/2 hours. Doctors wouldn’t allow them, me, or other people to do something to harm the mother or child.

“Pop out” is an expression and I think a joke. Not sure if he meant it as a joke. But my hubs said it as a joke because the labor took forever and when she finally came out she came out really fast. She is and was our stubburn little princess.

When people say, this is what they should have named the child or this sounds better….. I don’t get it. If the child was yours it would have your last name. And you may pick a name that has meaning to you. Also, I think you have to see the child before naming them. Everyone has different tastes. I understand people saying, I like it or don’t like it.

Mommy3 on

@olive – disagree with your comments. I pushed for over 4hrs with my now 3 year old daughter. Doctors realized after a couple of hours that she was in a posterior position, which they said at times requires a c-section, but I managed to get her out. It was very painful, but she was healthy as can be. Every situation is different.

Rahmah on

What a UGLY NAME!!

Diana on

All that name reminds me of is Chandler Bing….Can it BE more crazy?

Anya on

Regarding Olive’s comment: Really? I guess you must be an OB/GYN right? How do you know that you shouldn’t push longer than 1.5 hours or it means something is wrong? That is just not true. Sounds like someone told you that to convince you that you needed two c-sections.

frid on

There is nothing wrong with Chandler Bing or Bing Crosby:-D Try to imagine everytime someone say his name- they smile or laugh:-D And I do think most people are smiling and laughing with him not at him….
( but when that is said- it’s a strange name….) 😀

Jessica on

Olive, you can push for longer than 1.5 hours. I pushed for 4 hours with my son. No doctor can force you to deliver your baby any which way. There are some doctors who are willing to work with the mom as long as she and baby are doing healthy and standing up fine to the pushing without signs of distress or trauma. Babies don’t have timers on them like a turkey.

That said, 4 hours was a very, very long time and I don’t know that I would have had the stamina to go another 30 min. Way to go Kate!

marylou on

what a friggin sin…that name is awful!

bells on

Bing is my friend’s dog’s name!

mommytoane on

@Olive. Depends on your DR. Depends on your hospital. Depends on you. A lot of hospitals will allow women to labor naturally and do not push c-sections unless absolutely neccessary. If the baby is not in any destress, theres’ no reason to force a c-section.

Cute name. Not completely fond of last names for first names, but that’s just me. 🙂 Still…Bing is adorable. Kinda reminds me of a cherry.

Rose-2 on

@Olive: You are misinformed – sometimes it indicates a problem and sometimes it doesn’t, every situation is different. Having had two babies does not make you an expert on all births and all doctors.

Spruce on

@ Olive, that is not really true, they will let first time mom’s push for up to three hours as long as all is well with the baby. Also if she had a midwife she could have pushed much longer

AbsD on

Love the name! At least its a name & not a fruit, or an animal or something you eat. The first Bing that came to mind was Bing Crosby… legend!

m on

I kinda like it. At least she didn’t name him pilot or after a vegetable or fruit.

kct on

who cares whether you like the name or not. it’s their baby.

Lisa on

Olive – Actually, you’re wrong. As long as mom and baby are tolerating it, a mother can push for as long as she needs to if she is making progress. Obviously nothing was wrong and the baby was born healthy. It’s attitudes like yours that have caused our c-section rates to be so dangerously high.

That name is awful. At least he has good company in celeb baby names lol

Kendal on

I love the name. It is very unique and a little quirky too. Back when I was a little girl in the 70’s, hardly anyone had my name and now it is in the top 100 – go figure….

I expected nothing less from Kate.

Daffykins on

Bingham?? Good Lord, what are they thinking?

Lily on

This is the worst name so far-the poor kid

Marianne on

I agree with Olive. It is the same here in Norway at least, doctors do not let you push for more than 1,5 hours. If you have made little progress by then, you will get some kind of assistance (vacuum for instance), and if that doesn’t work you will have a c-section.

I experienced it myself – after 1 hour and 15 minutes doctors decided to try pulling the baby out with vacuum. Fortunately that worked out well, and I didn’t need a c-section. The baby’s shoulder was stuck, and more pushing simply wouldn’t have helped a thing.

Hea on

I can’t help but think of Austen’s Mr Bingham. 🙂

Casey on

I don’t mind the name Bingham (its actually pretty cute), but I don’t like it considering his last name is Bellamy. Its a tongue-twister of a name!

Me on

Oh lord, how stupid. Yeah, that kid can go play with Pilot Inspektor on the playground.

Allie on

Olive~ I pushed my son for 3 1/2 hours and he is a very healthy 4 year old now. So, it is very possible to push for a long time without anything being wrong!

The name is different, but they could have done much worse! Congrats to them!

JacklynD on

Charming and a nice way to honor Goldie along with Ryder Russell (Kurt). Bing is adorable.

marieanne on

hmm I guess he can grow up and attend Bingham Young University.

Annie on

Another stupid celebrity name. If they want something different, why don’t they try something normal? If they like it so much, why don’t they just call themselves that? I wonder how Kate would like it if someone called her “Bing” even for a couple of days?

pmlw on

Love it, so when does any name not remind someone about something??? Bing is a cute, classic name not often used. Very cute. Very nice for an adult man too. STFU

Andrea on

@ Olive, I’m guessing that this is a case of a dad saying the mum pushed for 4.5 hours and likely that was the length of the last stage of her active labour, which would have been very intense for her (and I guess for him in a way too;-). I pushed for 1.5 hours and I remember the doctor saying that was a long time (I just remember being exhausted) but the first stage of what my doctor called active labour was nearly 6 hours before I started pushing.

I’m not crazy about the name Bing but that’s their choice. I didn’t really expect them to choose a “normal” (for lack of a better word) name. celebs just don’t seem to do that. I really liked the name Ryder.

jes on

I really like how they have family names for the kids. It'[s a more traditional name then most of the star babies names.

Joanna on

It took her 2-3 days to come up with a name for her son and THIS is what she chooses for him? Should have spent less time convincing herself she was having a girl

Barb on

Sorry, Olive – I pushed for three hours. Maybe it depends on the doctor.

Annie on

I guess they didn’t care about their baby as long as they have nice names themselves. Kate and Matthew are lovely names.

Shannon on

Obviously not my kid so my opinion doesn’t really matter, but REALLY!? I hate the name. Its awful.

Chell on

Don’t love the name but it’s not my kid…

I do think its funny the alliteration with both her kids:

Ryder Robinson
Bing Bellamy

brandi on

Bing… As in Bing Russell, Kurt’s father. I think it’s a lovely name w/ great family ties! Congrats to the family

Lori on

I don’t love it, but then again I don’t have to. It isn’t too bad… not all maiden names make great names. I have already ensured my mother that I am never naming a kid Sproull. LOL.

Rach on

To AbsD and m, you’ve never heard of a bing cherry???

Deb on

What a UGLY NAME!!

– Rahmah on July 14th, 2011

And Rahmah is so much better…lol!!

I like the name, Congrats to Kate, Matthew and Ryder on their new family addition =) …and can’t forget Goldie & Kurt!

E-rock on

I pushed for 4 hours. It was exhausting, but definitely possible.

alli on

anyone notice that each of her kids’ names resemble their father? ryder is more rock and roll, bingham more british in essence?

jurby on

Bingham? I think I’m gonna vomit now…

Alyssa on

@marieanne: It’s not Bingham Young University, it’s Brigham Young University.

donna on

I think these actors need to think down the road when naming their children. This name stinks!!!!

Michelle on

That’s so cool she named her baby after her parents. the oldest kid middle name is ‘russell’ as in kurt russell and this kid middle name is ‘hawn’ as in goldie hawn. so sweet! im happy for her!

SC on

OMG that is beyond terrible what is wrong with these celebs naming their kids stuff that are sounds or noises? Bing is the new bad celeb name along with these; Suri, Apple, Pilot. Jeez whats next Squirt or Fuzzy?!?! LOL

Maggie on

So Bing and his cousin Bodhi (Oliver’s youngest son) both have Hawn as middle names. Very sweet!

brooke on

Bing – sounds chinese to me, doesn’t really fit their lifestyle, if they just called him Bingham it would be so much better, and not sound like chinese influence

Lisa on

I love the name! It’s different without being overly weird (Apple?).

Anonymous on

Hea – It was Mr Bingley in Pride and Prejudice, not Mr Bingham! 🙂

aktreefrog on

I pushed (actively pushed) with my son for four hours. It is not uncommon if the baby is posterior and is not indicative of the need for a c section unless either party is in distress.

Good for Kate for having a healthy vaginal delivery and not just scheduling convenience c-sections like Victoria Beckham.

lac's mom on

Not to jump on the bandwagon but I pushed for almost 3 hours with my first baby and my doctor never even suggested or threw out a time limit for a c-section. It was tough. The second baby, I pushed for 4 minutes.

I don’t mind Bingham – Bing is kind of cute and I llike names with family meanings.

Maggie on

Just wanted to point out that Bingham is also Matt’s mum’s maiden name. Sounds like a family name all around, either way. Nice choice.

Donna on

So she actually did named him after a fruit like Paltrow did!
Bing cherries. Hahaha

Romy on

no, I don’t like it. it’s his mom’s maiden name? will she still love it when they split? how do you look at your son and call him Bing? BING? you have to do it all high pitched like ‘DING’ I think. I thought it would be a triple B name, and something kind of weird or trendy like Ryder.

Sherri on

Bingham?I understand “Hawn” as the middle name because of her mom…but Bingham.If only celebrities would think of the fact that their kids have to bear that name for their entire lives maybe they would rethink some of these horrible names.So many of the celebrity baby names this year have been just awful.It’s a shame.And “Bing” brings to mind Chandler Bing 🙂

hayley on

im sure theyre very upset about disappointing over the name they chose for their own child

VG on

What happened to names like Joe, Mike, Bob, Billy, Jimmy, etc? I like the family names aspect, but I dunno… like others said, it’s their kid, they have final say

Amy on

I love the name! But what cracks me up is the people who are so quick to judge these celebs for every minute detail of their lives. From what they name their children to what they wear. How about for once we congratulate them rather than speculate or criticize. I think if everyone of us were a celebrity the nit picking would become a bit too much to bear! Congratulations Kate and Matt! May baby “Bing” bring joy and happiness beyond measure! God bless!

M on

Olive- That is NOT true!! My mother was in labor for 24 hours with my older sister, and my sister came out just fine! Doctors nowadays don’t have the patience to sit with each patient more than one hour. Its not profitable at all. The OBGYN would rather see 10 patients that day and make 10 times the money, instead of focusing only on one patient.

That’s why many women nowadays are opting to have home births with midwives instead because they do not want to be rushed by the doctor and talked into having an unnecessary C-section.

Sherri on

I don’t like the name.It’s their choice I know,I just wish they would give a little thought to their kid bearing that name for the rest of his life.I understand there is meaning behind each name but it would maybe work better for middle names if you are doing your mom’s maiden name.A lot of celebrity names this year have made me question whether they think of their children living with that name as they grow up.”Bing” for a nickname,all I think of is Chandler BING (emphasize the BING!)..even Chandler would feel sorry for the child 🙂

Anonymous on

Can’t say I love the name, especially because it reminds me of Bing Crosby and he wasn’t the best person. I do like his middle name, though. Bingham isn’t bad…I can think of a lot worse names.

Piper on

Donna- There are people that are actually name Bing, just because a product shares that name it doesn’t mean its not a real name.

Sharon on

I like how some people have commented, saying he/she was “hoping” they would name the baby something other than what he was named. Did you really put this into thought for the last few days “oh please please name the baby ____”. Hilarious.

Sunny on

Bingham hmmm, maybe they should call him Ham instead of Bing…lol just kidding!! I love the name Ryder but Bingham not so much!

MKH on

I actually think it’s quite cute and love it when names honor special people. I’ve heard worse names, for sure, and I was expecting an unusual name from them and that’s what happened. In a world full of truly weird names, Bingham Hawn Bellamy is quite cute.

Molly on

Well, Bingham is not my taste for a name, but is it the worst name ever? No. However the names together sound horrible. Bing Bellamy? I laugh if I say it out loud Bing-Bell-amy.

foodlover on

Bing? interesting choice. i bet the family is going to stay in and watch extreme chef tonight!

Shannon on

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people think they have the right to insult other people’s name choices. Would you say it to their face? How would you feel if someone said that to you about your child’s name?

Hea on

Anonymous – I meant Bingley. haha I guess I thought a bit too much? 🙂 Still reminds me of that character though. Sophisticated and classic. I’m not too fond of calling him “Bing” though. That’s the sound a microwave oven makes when your popcorn is ready.

Anonymous on

@Marieanne-it’s actually Brigham Young University, not Bingham 🙂

That said, I think it’s a great name!

Sara on

@ Crystal… LOL!!

Heather on

I love it…

jasmin on

Kate may have chosen the name Bing to honor Kurt Russell’s father Bing Russell!!!

AK on

You people realize Kurt Russell is NOT Kate Hudson’s father, right?

Meagan on

I like it cause of the whole honoring the parents thing and I like Bing as a nickname but I dont like Bingham as a first name. They shouldve called him Hawn thats cute! Hawn Bellamy

holly on

That is a long time to push! Omg! I pushed for 10 minutes! Poor girl.

klutzy_girl on

At AK – While not related by blood, Kate and Oliver both consider Kurt to be their father. They call him “Pa” or “Dad”. Kurt has raised them with Goldie since the freaking sperm donor Bill Hudson had nothing to do with them.

Anna on

Wow. Bingham as a middle name would’ve been cute. As a *first* name? A little odd.

Allana on

I do not really mind the name Bingham, unique, but not too out there. I thought that Kate’s brother (Oliver Hudson(from Rules of Engagement)) gave his kid the middle name of Hawn as well, oh well.

Misti on

Bing is Kurt’s father’s name (Bing Russell). He was on Bonanza.

morgan on

Why not Hudson? That would have been cool.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

OMG was first reaction! Oh well, if they like it…Reminds me of Chandler Bing on Friends….Congrats to new parents and big brother Ryder – whose name I prefer by a mile…!

Monie on

I like how all of you guys come on here and talk about how you like or don’t like the baby’s name like your opinions count. Seriously

Kristin on

I think Bing is cute! Who is “Chandler” that this name is reminding so many people of?

LOL on

Is it me or does his name sound a lot like ‘bring him on”

marione on

Actually, Bing was not the real name of Kurt Russell, it was Neil Oliver, but whatever.

I always think like how kids would tease someone named with a weird name. Bing-Bang? Ping-Pong? Google?

Catherine on

@Olive…you better get a grip on what is spontaneous, natural labor and also natural birth is not held to anyone’s timeline… Quit adding drama to where it does not belong. Labor and birth is not full of drama but of powerful mommas and positive labor support…

donna on

what a stupid ass name, these poor kids and the stupid names they have to grow up with. wtf is a bing.

Romy on

Monie, we enjoy each other’s company and opinions. We don’t care that our opinions don’t matter to the mother and father!

Kat on

What a dreadful name. Makes “Harper Seven” sound positively normal.

NM on

Ridiculous name! Celebrities just have to stand out naming their kids. I hope that when he’s old enough to know better, he’ll tell his parents what he thinks of that stupid name.

Julie on

I like Bingham (Bing). Much better than some of the names which have come up lately. Aleph comes to mind for Natalie Portmen; Kal-El for Nicolas Cage; Banjo for Rachel Griffiths; Pilot Inspektor for Jason Lee, etc.

I have known people who were given their first name the same as their last name, as in Shirley Shirley, and I have also known someone named Heidi Dowdy.

Leave them alone, at least they added Hawn as the middle name.

donna on

what a stupid ass name, how do you think of a name like that and say Oh ya I like that , poor kid.

Kaci on

First off, I like it…very different and cute. Secondly, she did name her first son after Kurt…Ryder Russell…this one is after mom’s or mum’s.


“Bingham Hawn” sounds like a slang “bring ’em on” said fast. Poor kid.

Patrice on

It’s not an awful name, and it obviously has sentimental value as family names. If it were me, I would have switched the first and middle name: Hawn Bingham. Hawn Bellamy rolls off the tongue more nicely than Bing Bellamy.

Kati on

It’s called Brigham Young University, not Bingham Young.

Brooke on

…I was really hoping for Kurt somewhere in the name. I dislike Bing.

Chris Black on

I am an RN and looked after Kurt Russell’s grandmother back in 2000 in Farmington, Me. Kurt’s Dad was nicknamed “Bing” so I am quite sure that is where the name came from. It was wonderful to attend to Mrs. Russell and talk about her famous family at the same time!!

Melissa on

ummm intense pushing – i thought her rep said she had a c section?

why is he saying otherwise?

kendrajoi on

Flat out, it’s a stupid name. Why do people do this to their kids?

Andrea on

Another odd name! Where do they get these names from? Whatever happened to Matthew, Michael or David? I still like little Miss Beckham’s name. Harper is a traditional british female name. But Bingham? UGH!

Beth on

What a great name. I love it when parents honor their real family surnames. It’s traditional and sensible. It keeps the family names alive. A meaningful name is far more valuable than one a fickle parent (or nosy naysayer on a message board for that matter) believes sounds cool.

Mira on

The name is okay, IMHO. Not great, but relatively normal, easy on the ears, and with some nice associations.

And good for Kate for going for a VBAC. I respect her for it.

As for all the silly statements about some imaginary “deadline”, by which you need to push out your baby. Oh my. I know someone who pushed for 36-frigging-hours and the baby came out perfectly healthy and without the slightest evidence of distress. Mom was, obviously, exhausted, but did not need a single stitch. So give me a frigging break with 1.5 hours.

Brooke on

I just read somewhere that Kurt Russell’s father was named Bing….that could be a nice gesture.

Miss Ann on

say the name fast 5 times… it trips up the tongue. bad name. no flow from one name to the next name….

Me on

You know it’s not your child, so don’t worry about what they name theirs. If you dont like the name. Don’t comment on it!

Ed on

Great name, Bingham. Now he’ll have a pretty picture but will be useless as a heart attack. People will go to his big brother Googlus if they want to find anything. 🙂

showbizmom on

Yes, Kurt is not her biological father, but he’s her father. Her real dad has nothing to do with her or her brother.

Second, some of you gals need to get a life! Hiding behind your freedom of speech and your computer is what’s stupid, not the name. Will you voice your opinion at a baby shower of a co-worker who has decided to name her kid a name you don’t approve of? No, you wouldn’t because it’s rude and uncalled for. I swear technology has made people dumb and rude. The same rules apply as if you were in the real world, you no reality that’s not a TV show on E!. You don’t say something if you have nothing nice to say or learn other way’s of getting your opinion out if you must. My parting words, are BE NICE! it’s a lot easier life when you are nicer to people, even to the ones you don’t know or like.

Alyssa on

Kristin: They’re referring to Chandler Bing, Matthew Perry’s character on “Friends”.

suzy diamond on

As I say now and in the past THAT’S why these celeb kids have “issues” because they’re saddled with these STUPID names. No WONDER all these Hollyweird people do drugs. They ARE all dopey.

HBP on

I think it’s a rather ridiculous name honestly. So now she has a son, Ryder, with a cool, bad ass name, and a son, Bingham, who will be beaten up in school.

Math_Deeva on

All I can think of is a microwave going off…BING!!

It’s a nice sentiment, though.

soph on

marieanne: it’s Brigham Young, but way to go.
Monie: “I like how all of you guys come on here and talk about how you like or don’t like the baby’s name like your opinions count.” Hmm…see…our opinions DO count in the context of this blog. Otherwise comments wouldn’t be turned on, see?

So if a celeb had given her son the name ‘Beckham’ would it have gotten the same reaction? No, because ‘Beck’ is a more pleasing first syllable than ‘Bing,’ right? Good lord…Bingham is just a regular old surname and plenty of babies have been given family names/surnames as first names. Bing Bellamy is actually rather fun.

Anonymous on

honoring their parents with their sons names is a dear idea i believe.

not that our opinions of someone else’s child’s name is of any importance

toni on

It’s interesting that you all are so offended by what Kate names her son. I predict before this is over there will be over 250 comments on the name. Her son will be ok everyone, he’s set for life. Don’t worry, be happy.

marieanne on

@ Alyssa, I was trying to make a play on words…guess it didnt translate well.

Maria on

Bingham? seriously? yuck!! Other celeb names I shake my head at- Apple- I mean, really? Kal el, pretty messed up. All of Michael Jackson’s sons- arne’t they all named prince Michael jr or something and isn’t one named blanket? other bad names- bronx, that is dumb!! I like the Beckham’s kids names- not the name harper so much but at least it isn’t awful like Bing- oh and Bear Blu, Aleph- poor kids!! I prefer classic names with cool nick names

shid on

Golly. I’d sure hate having to push ANYTHING out of my body if it took 4.5 hours. I give up on a turd after about 10 minutes. So there you go.

Macy on

Ugly name. But at least its not boring like Michael, Jacob, John, Robert, Joseph, George, Daniel, William…

RKF on

Wow- absolutely hideous name.

Jillian on

Some people would have been happier with Hawn because it is a nod to Goldie, but they seem to have blinders on to the fact that Bingham is after Matthew’s mother. It is her maiden name. And Bing, is a nod to Kurt’s father. So the name as a whole is a big nod to Kurt’s father, Matthew’s mother, and Kate’s mother. When I first saw the name I didn’t think much of it until I saw the meaning. I could never dislike a name that has this much tribute to the family, besides the fact that it is not my kid.

mama bear on


Freakin’ Bing?? What a couple of a-holes. Worst name ever. The kid is going to be a complete wimp.

Bing?? BING??

Macy on

Andrea, the name Harper is traditionally a MALE name, not female. So much for talking about “normal” names…

Debi on

….I had the pleasure of knowing Kate’s grandfather, Bing Russell. He was a genuine cowboy, salt of the earth gentleman. It’s wonderful that his name is being honored, as well as Matthew’s mothers’….Congratulations, health and happiness to both their families !

Me on

I quite like the name. Better than the boring names floating around out there right now. As for kids making fun of it, seriously? Kids will find a way to be mean no matter what your name is. And, I didn’t think of either Bing Crosby or Chandler Bing, I just thought it was a cool sounding name. So there.

Jaime on

Wow. You guys are catty with your crappy comments. The name has meaning to them, and he is their child. He may end up going by something entirely different when he gets older for reasons of his own. You can name your own children the perfectly boring names like “Joe” and “John”. To insult them and their child and say that is your right to say your opinion…That is plain rude and offensive. To say you don’t care for a name or it isn’t your style is one thing, but to say the name is STUPID, and he will be beaten up in school, and UGLY, etc… Honestly people.

As for the 4.5 hours of pushing, 1. a lot of doctors are scalpel-happy, and don’t want to be bothered taking the time to see if the mother can push for longer than an hour or so- many mothers (not all) have have c-sections practically forced on them because of scare tactics a lot of OBs will use and if the mother isn’t knowledgeable, she doesn’t know to stand up for herself, hence the high c-section rate in the U.S. and 2. every situation is different, if the baby and mother are tolerating labor well and there are no issues, there is-in most cases-no reason to allow mom to keep pushing if there is a least a little progress being made. And yes, progress can be made over a long period of time. 4-5 hours is a long time, but not uncommon at all.

Tiff on

Wow, they waited all that time to name their son and that’s what they came up with? That is a dumb name…Bing is a cherry, great nickname for a boy…What is with everyone trying to be original and come up with the most god-awful names…Kate, Matthew, Ryder and BINGHAM…totally flows…

nicole on

picture janice on friends saying “chandler bing”. dear God another kid with an awful name.

TJ on

Bingham Bellamy? Eww. Why do celebs insist on giving their kids stupid names? Poor kid. It’s one thing to have a unique name, it’s another thing to have an embarrassing name.

Kat on

Bingham is a British name. Good for them for honoring their parents. So, when are they getting married? I know not to hold my breath for that one. Something about them together screams MISMATCH!

JMO on

Bing isn’t that also a web browser/search engine??

Horrible name! Bingham Bellamy is a tongue twister poor baby!

Amanda on

Love it! Great name

RKF on

No, Jaime, what’s “catty” is your inability to not chastise others for having an opinion that differs from yours. It’s not your place to unilaterally decide what opinions are allowed to be stated on a public website. I think the name is horrible, and you writing a cliched paragraph about your ideas of opinions on the internet won’t change my mind. I’m not insulting anyone, as I don’t even know them. When you name a child “Bingham” and release the name to the public, people *shockingly* may not like it.

Kim on

Bing Bellamy? Okay, if I can’t say anything nice..I’ll say nothing at all………’nuff said?

JMO on

Maria Michaels kids are Prince Michael, Paris Katherine Michael, and Prince Michael II (nickname Blanket). Not unusual all of George Formans kids are named George. Some people have big egos!

I think it’s great using family names but I think only if they flow. I knew a women who gave all her kids family (maiden names) thank goodness she had all boys because they all fit nicely the one’s she had for girls it would of been horrible!!!

Allegra on

I have to admit that when I first read the name I thought it was horrible, but after seeing why they chose it, it instantly grew on me. I love it!

Suzy0709 on

To the person that said you cannot push for 4 1/2 hours I have to say that you are sadly mistaken. As long as the baby is not in distress you can push for as long as it takes. I pushed for 4 long hours with my son before he went into distress and they finally did the c-section I was begging for 1 hour in.

davisfamilyblogs on

I love the name. It’s not that unusual.
Congrats to their family!
Many blessings…

Adrienne on

I’d have gone with River lol. Bingham… It’s growing on me but I honestly like Bear and Pilot better.

Jenny on

I personally like the name Bing…but then again I am a HUGE Bing Crosby fan so maybe thats why 🙂

grammaJ on

Oh my…that is by far THE cutest name ever. It was a long wait to hear the name but worth it. Welcome Bing !

Donna C on

I actually think it’s not only a sweet gesture, but a sweet name. He’ll decide as he grows what he prefers to be called. My 5 yo is named Josephine, and I actually had a NICU nurse ask me why I was burdening my child with such a name! 1. I LOVE the name 2. BOTH my grandmothers were Josephine’s. Right now she prefers to be called Josie, and I’m sure as she grows throughout life there will be times when she prefers Josephine.

I imagine most of the people complaining or making ugly comments have kids with the bland, boring names OR have those creative “common” names spelled all crazy!

KB on

Hope they teach that kid how to fight soon as he can stand – he’ll really need to defend himself with a name like that one!

Jaime on

Really RFK? I am being catty… HAHAHAHA! I am not unilaterally deciding what is the right opinion to have. It just seems as people think it is okay to say that baby has a “stupid-ass” name or the name is “hideous.” Or that his parents have “issues” for giving him the name they did. All I did was point out there is a difference between stating comments like these and stating more fitting comments since this is supposed to be a public forum where what they say about a new mother and new baby says a lot about the person making the comment. And that is just MY opinion.

Nicole on

I like the first name but the second is kinda funky…Those crazy celeb baby names…

soph on

“What is with everyone trying to be original and come up with the most god-awful names…Kate, Matthew, Ryder and BINGHAM…totally flows…”

Tiff: read Matt’s quote in the article. They’re honoring family, not trying to outdo anyone else. Can any of you actually take the time to read/comprehend before making a fool out of yourself in the comments?

And “flows,” oh man, that’s all any of you are concerned about…whether a name flows with the last name, flows with the sibling’s name…seriously?

soph on

Donna C: good for you, Josephine is a lovely name. I imagine that nurse was beside herself over the fact that you didn’t name her “Lily” or “Ava.”

Jazz on

“Hawn” must have been a tribute to her mother Goldie Hawn.

eribri on

Well, it’s not what I would go for but their baby, their decision.

Congrats on the new baby boy!

Shannon on

Great gesture to honor family members…but it’s sooooo different from Ryder.

terri on

I like it! It’s unusual but I really love it when they use family names or something important to them. Welcome to the world, Baby Bingham!

C on

BADA BING!!!!!!!!

Molly on

The fact that a few people think Bingham is a new name is sad

Mika on

I love the name. And I love how it has meaning for both Kate and Matt. Ever since I learned that Kate gave birth, I’ve been dying to know the name, so, imagine my excitement when Matt tweeted his name! Congrats to both and I hope Bing follows in his daddy’s footsteps. He’ll be one amazing rocker one day.

NL on

Who would want their son to even remotely want to chance having their son being nickmaned BING??????? \i’m all for different names…..but really????

Sara on

Love that its a family name. Ryder Russell and Bing Bellamy sound like cool brothers.

Mavs2980 on

@Melissa, the birth announcement said after having a c-section with Ryder, she was able to deliver this baby naturally. So Matt is not contradicting her rep.

@AK, Kurt is Kate’s father. He may not be her biological father, but he is her father. It doesn’t take sharing DNA to be a parent . I have that same situation, except in reverse. I do not have a relationship with my biological mother, and my Mom is actually my step Mom.

I actually like the name, and think it flows well. Not crazy about Bing as a nickname, I’d use Bingham, but it’s not my child.

Mari on

Why not Billy Bong Bellamy-can’t be any worse than the stupid name she gave her son that will embarrass him in life.

sailor on

Terrible name…..sounds especially bad with the last name!

Rosa on

That was my maiden name. I also had an uncle named that and they called him Bing. Since the father is English and Bingham is an English name I guess they can get away with it.

daniela on

Of all the names in the world…they pick Bingham. Oh well…not my kid.

Rebecca on

While some people disect the details of celeb lives with great fascination, I am cracking up over how all these women just recite all these inane details about Kate’s family like she was their best friend..man, folks that is scary. But here’s a prayer, hope the boy doesn’t have her flat face and his hook nose.

sally on

I love that Kate has honored her mom and Kurt Russell with her boys’ middle names, and that the new baby’s first name has meaning as well. 🙂

Romy on

it sounds like a name you’d pick when you’re under the influence, Bing I mean. You’re giggly and look down and think ‘he DOES look like a Bing!’

Catca on

Wow! Just wow! They gave the child a family name that exists on both sides of the family to honor both sets of grandparents (and with Kurt’s dad – great grandparents), and all you can say is poor kid. Here’s another way of looking at, how about the child being proud of the family connections and where he comes from and that his name reflects that?

ab on

Not a fan of the name or nickname at all! “Golden” would have been better than Bing!

Karen on

Bing?What happen to old fashion names like “John,Paul or George?”Famous musicans,or Kurt?

seila on

honestly, i hope they call him Hawn. Hawn Bellamy sounds much cute! Still, love matt to death and congratulations to his new role in life!

Jenn on

The average second stage of labor (the pushing stage) for a first time mother is 2-3 hours. That means that some are more than that and some are less. If Kate’s c-section with her first was done without going into labor, this labor and delivery was likely to act similar to that of a first time mother.

As for the name…not my kid, not my concern.

tara on

I like the family history behind the name, but Bingham Bellamy just doesn’t flow all that well off the tongue 😦 But best wishes to the new parents, I’m sure he’s all kinds of adorable.

Sophia on

Oh boy. I’m definitely not a fan, but the family connections are nice. Reminds me of Chandler Bing.

Jazz on

Even if she would have named her kid “Trash can” some peeps here would have said “I love it!!”. Some peeps cheer on any stupidity done by celebs.

Mrs.B on

I like Bingham, love the tradition of using family names it is so sweet and shows how much they respect and love their families.

Now if Bing has as half of the talent of his father it will make the name even better.

You people don’t worry about being made fun of Bing at school. He is not going to your local suburban school with all the kids named Aiden, Jacob,Emma and Olivia, he is gonna go to school with Apple, Moses and Bronx.lol

Taylor on

Olive – You are misinformed. I gave birth at a very well-respected teaching hospital, and I was in labor for 12 hours and pushed for 3-4 of them (I can’t even remember, I just know it felt like days!) before we discussed a possible c-section (a vacuum worked in the end). First-time mothers routinely push for 2+ hours, and I hope that any expectant mother reading these comments will educate themselves enough to find a doctor who bases their decision for a c-section on the monitoring of the baby’s condition and how it’s tolerating the labor, not some arbitrary time limit.

J on

Kim how about growing up…..’nuff said?

anonymous on

Why doesn’t Ryder have his dads last name??

soph on

Sigh. anonymous, “Ryder Russell”–first name, middle name.

Kim on

Ryder DOES have his father’s last name. Russell is his middle name.

Kim on

Hey J, maybe you should take Kim’s advice.

Romy on

Ryder does. His dad is Chris Robinson

Romy on

^^Russell is his middle name

PinkFleur on

I love it! My children are named after family members and they also have unique names. To each their own but at least they aren’t created names.

Anna on

Am I the only person who feels sorry for the baby having Kate and Matt as parents? Just can’t shake that feeling……

amsjll on

I dont go to people’s website to read the stories. I go there to read the incredible things people say when they dont have to say it to anyone’s face. It reminds me just how lovely people are, deep down. lmao!

Lo on

lol Mrs.B:)Good point!



Anonymous on

would of been nice to see some input from matthews family, why just kates.

Holiday on

Thats my last name!! I dont like it for a first name though.

Holiday on

Oh and I believe her on pushing that long! I pushed for over 3 hours with my son, it was intense and awful.

Romy on

Anna, how about the Kardashians as parents? could be worse right?

Melissa on

Olive – seriously get a new doctor. As for Kate – congrats – so happy for you two!

Stella Bella on

I like the name. Reminds me of Bing Crosby. If it had reminded me of Chandler, I wouldn’t have minded that, either. Always liked Chandler.

double on

Im sorry but im not a fan of this name at all 😦

Tami on

This is just another Hollywood name, that ranks right up there with the Hollywood names.

Erin on

@ Olive…I pushed for over four hours with my first baby. I mean, full-on pushing for over four full hours. My doctor never even mentioned a c-section, and all was well.

Rebecca on

Actually when Goldie and Bill Hudson divorced, she kept the children from him and did quite a nice job of alienating both kids from their birth father. But that’s okay, its much better publicity when Goldie comes off smelling like a rose. Always easier to trash the Father, especially when the mother was a A-list Celebrity, you know people’s value systems. I think Goldie resented having to pay Bill alimony..even when her income tripled his — so that led to the animosity. No one dared point out to Goldie that men have been paying alimony to women for years…if you don’t want to be equal you shouldn’t put your toe in the pond know what I’m saying?

Elena Krafcik on

Really silly name – there’s a law firm called Bingham McCutchen, so as a lawyer that’s all I can think about for the poor baby… a crotchety old lawyer with a bow tie.

Marianne on

Okay, so some doctors let you push for fours hours. But no one lets you push for 36 hours like a person here said. A birth may very well last 36 hours in total, that’s normal, but PUSHING for 36 hours? No way. That would be extremely irresponsible.

Mitena on

This is the name from a mother who forgot to name her child until he was born. Poor child 😦

alise on

Bingham is kinda cute. Of course, he’ll probably go by Bing when he’s grown. Much more refreshing than the tons of Mason’s, Aiden’s, Kingston’s, and Liam’s out there. Congrats, Kate!

josette dupree on

Kate Hudson obviously has a lot of hatred for her real father and really enjoys sticking it to him when she goes out of her way to pick these bizarre names for her kids that honor her mom’s live-in boyfriend’s side of the family and exclude the Hudson side. Get some therapy, Kate to help deal with your family issues and give your kids a break.

Ashleigh on

im not really a fan of Bing. but my daughter’s names are Liberty, Rhapsody, Phoenix and Blaise so i cant really judge the name choice but it is very sweet how both families are honored.

Susan Albert on

Not to fond of the name, but is is better then some of the names the stars give their children. Congrats to the whole family.

Erica on

Hey Olive, I pushed for 2.5 hours with my son’s birth…there is no “rule” for pushing “only 1.5 hours or there is a problem.” There was no problem at all with my son’s birth — no umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, no dropping of the heart rate, he wasn’t stuck, etc. He just didn’t come down fast enough and I probably wasn’t pushing the right way. Although i’ve never heard of someone pushing for 4.5 hours, there are people who push for longer than 1.5 hours, as you said, without requiring a C-section.

diana on

I think you nay sayers should get a life. Any name a parent chooses is perfect. Its none of your concern whether it rhymes or rolls off the tongue smoothly or whatever. Just wish them well and glad he is healthy. And if he doesn’t like it when he gets older now a days he can change it legally but i really doubt he would. Its a cool name and you don’t hear it too often. Good luck and congrats on the healthy boy. Be good parents and love em. Thats what we hope for all parents. Right? Peace all. Get along.

jenna on

its like the johnny cash song a boy named sue- he’ll grow up quick and he’ll grow up mean,his fists will get hard and his wits will get keen- because he will have to fight off bullies wanting to beat him up for his wimpy name his whole life.

Matthew F. on

I wanted it to be James, Matt’s middle name

Emily on

I actually really like this name. Bingham Hawn Bellamy sounds really cool when you say it allowed and even Bing Hawn Bellamy sounds cool. Just as cool as Ryder Russell Robinson! I love How Bingham is his mum’s maiden name and Hawn is her mum’s maiden name! So cute and it’s always nice when a name has a meaning! Ryder and Bing! – Cute!

Kelly on

Hard to believe this actually makes Monroe & Moroccan seem not that bad. HA

ang on

it makes me think of liz hurleys ex, steve bing. not as much chandler, though i wish it did lol. just another hollywood name. couldnt just call him andrew or something….

cantbelievethis on

“Bing – sounds chinese to me” (brooke), and what is wrong with a chinese-sounding name?

12kewkadook on

Oy. And ummm congrats!

dilara on

stupid name is all I can say

Ellen Smith on

Seriously, folks. Does everyone need to be named Aiden, Isabella, Michael, David or Ava? My son has 2 Aidens in his camp group, and there are several more in his camp. Michael and David are what some would call traditional, but also boring and overplayed as well. What consittutes a normal name? I’m not sure, but I can tell you that with all of the exotic (to those of you who can’t think outside the box) names today, Bing sounds totally normal and certainly gives the child some character and individuality.

Isabella on

Bingham Hawn Bellamy… I don’t like it to be honest. I’m not against it, but I don’t like it. I mean, “Bing”…?

– Hey, Bing!
No not really working for me. And it reminds me of Chandler in Friends hehehe. Well well, all blessings and wishes to them and their child!

C on


Crazy names on

How about cheeseburger mcdonald.. names are wierd in this new generation. Lets get back to basics.

Oh well I guess it is better than Bronx, Apple…Rock and Roe… yuk…

soph on

Tami–Hawn is Hollywood, yes, but Bingham?

Mitena–some parents want to meet their child first before naming them. Shocking, I know.

josette dupree–so she should honor the father who wasn’t in her life rather than the man (“live-in boyfriend”) who helped raise her and her brother. Yeah, makes sense.

Tray on

I think the name is just perfect! Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Bellamy & lil’ Ryder! 🙂

Ms M on

Thanks for giving him a NORMAL name that he will appreciate when he gets older.

GG on

sounds like a law firm

Lia on

Wow..they took all that time to come up with Bing?

Samantha on


Are you a doctor or where are you getting these numbers from? I agree 4 1/2 hrs seems a little outrageous but doctors don’t have a max magic number where they go to C-section. I pushed for 2 1/2 with my little guy and he was born naturally and just fine.

Jillian on

would of been nice to see some input from matthews family, why just kates

Ummm….Bingham is Matthew’s mom’s maiden name.

Maddie on

I don’t mind the name, it’s not my favorite but it’s sweet that they’re honoring family.

What I don’t understand is why people are always so quick to jump to the conclusion that kids are going to be made fun of for their names in school. It doesn’t really matter what your name is, if kids are gonna be mean they’re gonna be mean. There were several people in my grade with my name, which is considered to be fairly “normal”, and people still made fun.

melissa c on

All u guys insulting the babies name, what a waste of time. I get so pissed off when i hear someone saying “why didn’t they name them something normal?” God u might as well say why can’t we all be white? how superficial are you? And kids teasing in school? Just because u may have been teased in school for your name does not mean this kid will be teased. Get a grip. This child has famous parents. He won’t go to school with regular people. And if he did, u think that the kids will care? really? U are narrow minded and shallow people. I am outraged. This goes for every celebrity baby.

I hate “normal” names. I grew up with 5 girls in my class with the same damn name. My name is ugly. And what about all those regular people that are from differnt races? People from India who have long names that are hard to pronouce. Should they come to this country and change their kids names to frank so that way u people will like them more? How about we change every nationalities names to bill and ted and sam to make you people happy.

Annie W. on

I like it and his name isn’t Bing, it’s Bingham. I realize he may be called Bing but that’s not what they named him.

Lucy on

I pushed for three hours in a home birth and my baby died, but it happens. Birthing a baby is hard and it’s supposed to be hard. Nature is a rough thing. Even rougher than a having a stupid name. The kid can change it when he turns 18 if he doesn’t like it. I changed mine and my parents just thougth it was funny. Besides this kid will have a pampered life so it’s not like he’ll be bullied like a normal kid. If my friend named her kid Bing, I’d want to smack her for being selfish. Kate does it and I shrug because celebrities are supposed to be quirky. It’s in the job description.

Just Someone on

None of that stuff about not letting a mom push for that long is true. I pushed for over an 1h and a half and my friend pushed for 3 hours and nothing was wrong-neither of us needed c-Sections.

It was probably just your particular doctor is afraid of lawsuits if something was to go wrong and then people blaming it on the doctor making them push too long. Sadly, a lot of doctors/hospital policies are decided based on fear of lawsuits and not really what is in the best interests of mother & child. I have heard of other mothers pushing for up to 5 hours without complications.

I’m sorry for the mother who was lead to beleive that there is always something wrong after an hour and a half but every labour is different and that is totally false.

Pam Bevins on

Congratulations to Matt, Kate and Ryder on the newest addition to their family, Bingham. Good luck and best wishes.

To those who either disapprove or fail to understand their choice of baby name, if you don’t like it, have your own baby. Just saying.

DD on

It’s cute – I like the Bing Crosby throwback.

Teresa on

The very first person I thought about when I read ‘Bing’ was Bing Russell, ‘course I’m a die-hard Kurt Russell fan from way back. I think it’s VERY sweet that they used family names that meant so much. Might not have been the names I would have chosen, but then…it’s not MY baby. Best wishes to the whole family!!

Jane on

I didn’t care for the name until I read that it has family connections. It has meaning. It’s not some random name.

Jessie on

I like the name. Seems Kate is a fan of alliteration, between Bingham Bellamy and Ryder Robinson. 🙂

As for pushing, some doctors won’t let you push that long but that’s certainly not a blanket rule, and I can’t believe anyone would suggest that the couple must be lying about how long it took. I pushed for 5 hours with my daughter, yes, active pushing the entire time. Nothing was wrong with her, her heart rate never dropped, she was just in a posterior position and needed to (slowly) turn around. The word c-section was never mentioned, and I did not even realize it had been so long until she was born and they told me it was midnight and I had started pushing at 7! (Though I really, really hope baby #2 does not take that long!) Especially for a mother pushing for the first time (likely for Kate as she had a c-section initially), it’s perfectly normal. Believe it or not, some women push for up to 8 hours.

Anonymous on

I bet she had a baby girl named picked out already….as for this name, not a fan of it. I don’t care for the nickname “bing” at all.

Fab on

Ahhhh…. What a GREAT name!!! I love how they honor their parents through his name!! Welcome Bingham!!!

celebsarah on

Welcome to “Bring ‘Em On!” I mean, Bingham Hawn. (do people ever say their kids’ names out loud before selecting them?!) A cleaner name compared to the “Holy Shit” (Jolie-Pitt) kids, though. LOL

kathy on

Bingham Bellamy? oh my

Heather on

I love the family connections. Both my kids names are derived from family names… In fact my son has my grandfather’s first AND last name as his first and middle names. My daughter has my husband’s grandmother’s middle name as her middle name. But I just don’t care for this kids’ name. Sure names like this are the norm in Hollywood but I dunno… I don’t like it. But like others have said, he’s not my kid so why should I really care? lol

Charity on

I just want to say that I REALLY miss when Celebrity Babies was it’s own site (pre-People ownership). Posts were requested to be kind, and very rarely did I ever seen anything that was even slightly unkind. Now it’s nothing but nasty comments. I’m pretty sick of the petty and mean comments. It makes one realize the kinds of things people might be saying behind their backs.

People – if someone walked up to you and said, to your face, “Wow, I can’t believe you named your kids such a rotten name. You’re a horrible parent,” what would you do ? And would you do that yourself ? It doesn’t matter that it’s a post online. Some posters mentioned that this boy will be bullied for his name. Wake up ! What do you think you’re doing right now ? Being a bully. Grow up and knock it off.

TJ on

Matthew Bingham would have sounded much better, but then again too plain for Hollyweird 😉 !!

an on

Bing Hawn Bellamy. Such an asian name!!

ruby on

4.5 hours?!!??! Poor Kate! I pushed for 17 minutes with my first son and about 10 with my second. I cannot even IMAGINE pushing for 4.5 hours o_0

PatM on

I can’t believe I just spent the past 30 minutes reading all these mind-bogglingly stupid comments on poor Matt and Kate’s newborn. Furthermore, it took that long before I got to one sensible comment saying “get a life”! (…which reminded me that I needed to get one myself and quit reading these bullsh_t opinions and do something purposeful!!!)

PatM on

Note to People.com: You should have removed at least 200 of the 285 stupid comments bashing this sweet newborn’s name!!!

Jenne on

I love this name choice. It means something to each of them which makes it very special to the couple. Family is of obvious importance to both of them to honor them with the names Kate has given her children. Well done! At least it’s not a common name or chosen randomly based on popularity.

As for the people who say pushing for 4.5 hours in untrue or unhealthy..shame on you! I pushed for 4 hours and 20 minutes with my Son. I would not let the Doctor give me a c-section. I knew he was coming and he was not in any stress, and wanted to do it myself. I pushed intently until he was born..I’m sure Kate had a similiar circumstance. Noone can be the judge of that. Every birth for every woman is unique to her. I’m sure if the baby was in any stress the situation may have been different, it would have for me..Congrats Kate, Matthew and Ryder!

a.mother.of.a.Bingham on

My husband and I named our son Bingham in 2007. His nickname is Bing. He is absolutely confident and looks like a Bing. It is not a family name, we just love it. Based on most of your comments, I guess I do not have to worry that it will become popular. Good, I prefer my children to have names that fall NOWHERE on the most popular list!

Kari on

I can even imagine of some one just like Kate, that b like that in a lot pain if I’d be there 2 make it bet r 4 her. I would b her champion if I do everything for her that I can. Kate Hudson is my reason of being who she is & what she feels, even in her gut that I just have to be with her. This is my gut idea thing because of milking her abs.