Sarah Jessica Parker: My Age Works In My Favor

07/13/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
VOGUE/Mario Testino

For Sarah Jessica Parker, age is on her side when it comes to raising her three kids with husband Matthew Broderick.

“I guess I think there are things about it that I hope have made me a better mother,” the actress, 46, tells Vogue‘s August issue. “I’ve had a lot of opportunities to do the things that I wanted to do, like sleep. I have slept till 11:00 for a lot of years.”

But all those extra hours of sleep — and stored up energy! — have been put to good use with son James Wilkie, 8½, and now fraternal twin daughters Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta, 2.

“Honestly, the only thing I’m concerned about is the energy: I hope I can maintain the energy,” she admits. “I think about all the years I’ve spent parenting James Wilkie and everything I put into it, and there are two of them.”

With James and school friends – VOGUE/Mario Testino

Determined to be involved in their children’s lives, both Parker and Broderick schedule their work commitments around the kids, insisting family remains their top priority. “It’s a pretty simple setup,” the I Don’t Know How She Does It star says of her two nanny system, one for the twins and one for her son.

“We don’t have any live-in help. We’re pretty hands-on parents. That’s something that’s important to both of us, and we don’t shirk it, because what’s the point in having a family if you’re not going to really participate in it, you know?”

As a result, Parker often begins work following James’ school drop off and ends her day shortly before the twins wake from their afternoon nap. “I feel like if I’m only missing up until 3:30, when they wake up, that’s not so awful,” she explains.

With Tabitha (l) and Loretta (r) – VOGUE/Mario Testino

And the family’s routine seems to be working as both girls are thriving and showing off their unique personalities more than ever.

“Tabitha’s very, very outgoing, but physically she’s very shy. She shakes in elevators; its very sweet, like Bambi,” Parker notes. “And then Loretta is pale like my husband, with piercing blue eyes. But she’s physically bold.”

However, while the girls don’t quite resemble each other, Parker is quick to point out both of her daughters take after their father.

“I think it’s funny how much [Tabitha] looks like my husband,” she says. “Except then I look at Loretta and she has my husband’s mouth and sort of sad eyes, you know the kind that go down? The Broderick eyes.”

— Anya Leon

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Barbra on

I love SJP!! Her children are so precious & adorable. Keep up the great work.

Sara on

Those pictures are adorable. I love SJP.

Sara on

Age works in HER favour, but does it work in her kids’ favour?! They will have pensioners sitting front row at their high school graduation!

Pamela on

Nothing wrong with older parents. Both my parents had me @ 40 and I love it. I never felt embarrassed or wished they were younger.

Catca on


What’s your point? Who cares if Matthew and Sara are barely pensioners when the twins graduate from high school? I can assure you as someone who’s had older parents, the kids don’t care. In fact, other cultures, such as the Chinese, value older parents because of the life experience and wisdom they use when raising their children. What they care about is the quality of the parenting.

I suspect the problem is with the story is the writer and not SJP, because it says that age works in her favor but then rather than talking about what about age works it says she can sleep in until 11:00 with the help of her nannies. It’s obviously out of context because SJP talks about the schedule of dropping her son off at school and then going to work until the twins get up from their naps. That puts her morning wake up time way earlier than 11:00.

Maggie on

It’s not saying she sleeps until 11, it says that she did for a lot of years, meaning she doesn’t mind the lack of sleep now.

sjpfan on

Catca: I think you’ve misread or misunderstood what SJP said, “I’ve had a lot of opportunities to do the things that I wanted to do, like sleep. I have slept till 11:00 for a lot of years.” – she’s saying, I believe, that waiting to have children until she was older allowed her to do things she wanted to do…like, sleeping late.

lucy on

mmhh…no mention of how they look like her (wich they dont) i would pretty much say she is admitting they arnt her eggs, but then we already all assumed that…

Norah on

My Grandfather was 51 when my Mom was born and despite his age there was absoutely no difference in how she was brought up -he had energy and loved being a Dad for the first time at over 50! He was the best father anyone could have asked for, age doesn’t matter. Many people think a woman is put out to pasture after 40 for having a baby, get real, lots of women are doing it today – age is just a number and doesn’t define you! If you can deal with raising children after 40 – then go for it!

LIFEclecticMagazine on

Sarah is a prime example of how a woman can be both – a mom and a mogul. A great role model for the new generation of women.

Jennifer on

SJP ROCKS That’s all I have say! I am a 46 year old young woman and have watched her for many years.

Donna on

There is the possibility that the girls are hers biologically, but I’m doubtful, too. It doesn’t really matter – they are adorable and certainly do resemble their dad.

Jen DC on

Testino did some wonderful pix here. And those little girls are darling, as is James W.

@ Lucy: It makes no mention either way, unless it’s elsewhere in the article and not printed. On top of that, there are many “Daddy clones” who are absolutely from Mom’s eggs – see Billie Beatrice Dane and Jennifer Lopez’s twins who look JUST LIKE Marc Antony. And regardless, they are her babies whether natural or “bought and paid for.”

Jillian on

I have read many articles from celebs were they don’t mention that the child looks like them or biologically is theirs, so does it mean it isn’t? Cmon Lucy. That just makes no sense.

Molly on

Wonderful pictures of a wonderful family

soph on

Oh, Catca, please actually read the article…

And you can “assure” us? So you’re speaking for all kids with older parents? I suspect that not all of them feel the same way.

Anyway, I like the photos, they’re sweet. James is very cute.

Kat on

Lucy, most mothers will talk about how much their child looks like the father. And many fathers then gush how much their child looks like the mother. Few call their children a ‘mini-me’.

Actually biologically most children do resemble their father in their young age to reinforce the paternity.

Michelle on

Lucy, SJP said in an interview soon after the girls were born that one of the girls looked like her/had her coloring and the other looked like Matthew. That statement led me to believe that the girls were conceived with SJP’s eggs and MB’s sperm.

Heidi on

Sara, your comment really bothers me. My parents had me when they were 42, and they were 60 when I graduated high school. It never bothered me at all that my parents were a lot older than everyone elses. I really don’t see why it’s a big deal to you anyway.

Kate on

SJP actually said it was her eggs in a previous interview.

Sarah K. on

Sara, seriously? They’re in their 40s, not 80s, so they’ll be around for a long time. Besides, having a parent in their 60s at graduation is not that unusual.

Cara on

@ Kate

She has actually NEVER admitted to them being HER eggs. She has only mentioned that a surrogate was used. SJP has never said, “MY EGGS” or “DONOR EGGS”. It has never been mentioned whether the girls are biologically her children or not.

mommytoane on

Sara, Families come in all shapes, sizes and ages. There’s no right or wrong age to parent. Not to mention, with all the people out there having kids into their 30’s, do you really think they will be the only middle aged parents out there? One would think that a child would look at their parents with pride, no matter what their age, because of the love that it took to raise them. Not how old they were when they had them.

SJP and Matthew have the cutest kids!! I love the classic, but modern look of these pics too.

Marie on

So they are not actually her eggs then are they as she has made no reference to them having any of her features which James her son has.

Jessica on

Marie – Not understanding your logic. Your statement is the perfect example of an assumption.

Cara on

It’s all an assumption at this point since SJP has never made a statement about who the eggs belong to. We know her husband was the sperm donor since she has mentioned (and it only makes sense since the girls both physically resemble him) that the girls look like their father in various interviews but she has never touched base on the matter of the egg donor and whether or not they were her eggs used in the process.

It’s all a very silly situation for the most part since, regardless of her being the BIO mom or not, she adores and loves those little girls and they are HER children. But, it is just in our curious nature as people to want to know if they are her kids or not…especially since neither one of the girls bears a strong resemblance to SJP. It’s a toss up since SJP has such incredibly strong, prominent features. You would think we would see more of her in the babies like we did with James Wilkie when he was tiny. I think only time will tell. When the girls are a little bit older we will probably know one way or another.

holly on

I look pretty much EXACTLY like my father and nothing like my mother, but that doesn’t mean she is not my mom. Just because her daughters don’t resemble her exactly doesn’t mean they aren’t biologically hers. In fact, if you look at them closely, they do resemble a young SJP. Tabitha even looks as if she might have gotten her moms prominent nose.

Doubtful on

My parents were in their early 40s when they had me and by the time I was in my early 20s I began losing my family members … now, my family is very very small and I consider it to have been a major source of sadness in my life. I don’t agree with old women having children … it is selfish and the children just go through many more losses than is natural. I don’t like reading stories like this.

Jeanne on

It’s nobody’s business whose eggs were used, and it doesn’t matter anyway. They’re her children and she’s the mom. That’s it.

Though just as an added example, my oldest nephew is basically a clone of his father (my brother) and they sure as heck didn’t use donor eggs.

Sherry on

I think one of the reasons SJP is so successful is b/c she knows who she is and doesn’t get swept up in the “Hollywood” thing. I recall her talking about being so poor growing up that her family was on welfare for a period of time. I think stuff like that gives you a true sense of who you are when you make it big b/c you remember what’s it like to NOT have. All the best to her and her beautiful family!

TJ on

Who cares whose eggs they were? It is none of our business, which is probably why it has never been disclosed. The article is about being an older mom, how they are hands-on parents, the twins’ personalities, and how much they look like their father. Isn’t that enough information about someone who none of us actually knows.

Great photoshoot! I think fraternal twins are the best!

Sarah S. on

Boy, what they say about daughters looking like their fathers, and sons look like their mothers is certainly true here! I really like SJP and Matthew–they really seem like fine people and parents!

Amanda on

A ‘hands on’ parent with 2 nannies??? Not so much, sorry. I have no problem with women who choose and want to work after kids, but call it like it is, don’t say you’re a hands on parent when you aren’t the one taking care of your kids the majority of their waking hours

Sara on

Ladies- do the math, 44 year old mum, 88 year old grandma – is that fair on any generation? Just think we’re messing too much with how nature intended. I get my viewpoint is very unpopular nowadays, but I’m entitled to it anyway.

Jill on

SJP is great. I can relate to her infertility story and how heartbreaking it was for me and I am sure for her. I am so happy for her now.

There are A LOT of parents of young children in their late 30s and early 40s. Just look around. It is now the norm. You really do not see many people in their 20s having babies now. If you do it seems to be the exception. A lot of people are not getting married until their 30s these days and then having children later. It is commonplace.

Some people need to update their thoughts about age. 40 really is the new 30 — at least the new 35 that’s for sure!

Jillian on

Yes, it is fair, as long as they love and take care of their children. That is ALL that is important. Age doesn’t matter. I am so thankful that my parents enstilled that in me. There are no guarentees in life. You can die when your child is 1 month, 10, 50, or after they die. So, it makes no difference.

Yes, she has two nannies. What hours do the nannies work? And what are the hours that either parent is NOT with the children along with the nannies? You seem to know a lot, so why don’t you share with us.

Parents who work and have a babysitter/nanny CAN be hands on parents!

Jill on

I know A LOT of people in their late 30s and early 40s who conceive their babies naturally, including me. What do you mean by “messing with what nature intended?” It is completely natural and common to have a baby around 40.

Women had their last baby at 42 in WWII era. That was before any fertility treatments were even around! Glad to see the trend is back especially since I had infertility issues and lost time having to figure it out.

Just because SJP was not able to carry her children because of miscarriages does not mean they are not her eggs and biological children. They easily could be!

Pamela on

@Doubtful, I’m sorry your family is small, but just because parents are older doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to “die out” sooner. My best friends mother died at 52 from cancer, I also have many grammar-school classmates (I can think of 5 from the top of my head) whose parents died when they were in their 30’s and 40’s.

Personally, I’m 24 and my parents in their mid-60’s, and to top it off, I still have a grandparent (92 and still living without assistance!) My 3 other grandparents not only died before I was born, but WELL before…when both of my parents were in their early 20’s.

At the end of the day, SJP and Matthew Broderick have brought two beautiful girls into their family, and I’m sure they are well-loved. Why can’t people just be happy about that?

Rose-2 on

@Sara: I think it’s much more unfair for people to have children before they are emotionally read, have found the right relationship (and not just settled for whoever happens to be right in front of them) and are financially secure. Some people reach that point in their 20s and some don’t get there until later. I see far too many people selfishly rushing to have children before their lives are truly stable enough for a child – I think that would be much harder on a child than having an older, more settled parent.

jes on

Great article and pics. I didn’t look like my mom till I was 4 or 5, so these little girls can still develope SJPs looks. I’ve not really seen any other pics of the girls, but w/this pic you really cant tell if they look like her neither is looking right at the camera. I have my female version of my dads profile still today.

christa on

Love to see the twins in pictures, they are both so beautiful.

Lila on

@Sara- How exactly does your math work? If SJP is 44 now, and her girls are 2, and assuming they graduate from high school at 18, SJP will be 60. It’s unrealistic (and unfair) to assume that because their mother didn’t have them until she was in her 40s that both girls will also wait until they’re in their 40s. Realistically, SJP could be a grandparent by 60, since her son is six years older than his sisters. And I hope, for her children’s sake, that she and Matthew are both around to be grandparents at 88, and that they can watch their grandchildren grow up.

Jill on

Being a grandmother at 60 I think is pretty young. Maybe when you are 70! Looks at Martha Stewart, Nancy Peloci and Rachel Welch all in their early 70s and all still working and looking fabulous.

Some people like Sara really need to update their thoughts about age. Things have shifted with longer and healthier lives. Just look at Betty White at 88 working on a sitcom and on Saturday Night Live. I would love to have her as my grandmother!

jk on

Sara, I saw 15-, 17-year-old’s with 2-3 kids everyday of this week. Is that what the nature had intended? What about more than half the kids in this country without two loving parents who are working together to nurture the family? There is NOTHING unnatural for anyone having children in their 40’s and, heck, why not adopt some kids as long as you’re able to raise them with love, provide for their needs, and teach them to be decent human beings?! Why is that not so much better than a whole lotta kids having kids? (Let’s face it. Even in their 20’s the immaturity of many mothers are despicable.)

Of course you’re entitled to your views. And other people are entitled to point out how flawed your views are.

jen on

Love SJP!!! Beautiful family.

Arewa on

What does it matter if they were or were not her eggs? They are her CHILDREN. Why does everyone want so badly to qualify what a parent is by whether or not they provided genetic information? It’s just DNA…the ability to say that your child looks like you (or your partner) seems like a rather trivial ‘perk’ of being a parent. One would hope there is so much more to having/raising children!

admin on