Miranda Kerr Names Flynn After Late Boyfriend

07/13/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
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She’s graced countless magazine covers, catalogues and catwalks in her career, but when it comes to babyMiranda Kerr says he didn’t inherit her good looks — Flynn gets it from his daddy.

“He looks exactly like Orlando did when he was a baby,” the model, 28, tells Australia’s The Daily Telegraph of Flynn’s resemblance to husband Orlando Bloom.

“His character is developing every day. He’s content and, even though he’s teething, you can see he’s calm.”

But there’s another special man who Flynn — full name: Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom — takes after: Kerr’s high school sweetheart, Christopher Middlebrook, who died in a car accident when he was a teenager.

“Chris and I had been dating for two years,” she says. “After he died, I wrote him a letter that said I hoped to name my first child after him in some way. I told Orlando, and he was the one who said he’d be happy to do that. Orlando’s a good guy.”

But 6-month-old Flynn is still a mama’s boy. Kerr, who was already booking photo shoots in April, says she takes her little man to work — which is a bit of a balancing act.

“So I feed him and then I shoot while he sleeps,” she explains. “It’s a lot, but I’m thankful I can bring him along because not everyone can do that.”

One thing she doesn’t have to worry about scheduling: nap time.

“I’ve found a new sense of strength and stamina, so somehow it all comes together,” Kerr says of her lack of shut-eye. “I was always into my sleep, but it’s so different now that I’m a mother. I don’t sleep much. But when he gives me that smile, my heart just melts.”

-– Alison Schwartz

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Maggie on

Extremely sweet. I wonder if Christopher’s parents were told.

Copeland, another one of the middle names, also has meaning – it’s Orlando’s mom’s maiden name.

Molly on

This is just so sweet. Orlando seems like a wonderful guy – I wonder how many people would be so understanding in that situation. And it’s very touching that Miranda followed through on naming her son after her first love.

Mira on

Oh, I like her even more now. How sweet to honor your first love like that.

Kelsie on

Very sweet and thoughtful. Miranda and Orlando are my favorite celebrity couple, and celebrity parents.

Amie on

Ummm, “late” boyfriend? That makes it sound like he’s dead. They should have said “ex-boyfriend”. I thought he may have died.

Maggie on

Amie, he IS dead.

Monie on

Wow Amie… did you read the article at all? He did die, unfortunately.

Brooke on

Very nice gesture….I love that Orlando was open to the idea. What a nice way to honor him.

m on

i like her. they seem like nice people.

Amie on

Oh, I get it, thanks. I didn’t read it right the first time. I thought maybe Orlando died! Silly me.

Anonymous on

Amie, if you read the article, it says her high school sweetheart died in a car accident. Thus ‘late boyfriend’, not ‘ex’

Olyvia on

Amie- It is her late boyfriend. It states earlier in the article that he died in a car accident.

Miss Ann on

dumb idea… and too many names ‘throwed together’.

Cynthia on

Sadly he did die.. You must’ve overlooked that “minor” detail. Good for both Miranda for keeping her word & good for Orlando for giving his blessing.

Mabel on

Some people can read but not comprehend I guess…who died in a car accident actually means he is dead

Monie on

Miss Ann sounds bitter. Maybe she has no one to mourn her when she kicks the bucket? Well, if your comment is a pointer to what your personality is like, I imagine LOTS of people would like to know when you do die, just so they can name their dogs (my apologies to all the people with loving dogs out there) after you…

Anna on

How lovely! I think that’s really sweet, good on Orlando for allowing her to do it.

Debbie K on

When the heart is good and kind, it fears nothing….

What a heartwarming story….
Bravo M & O

Andrea on

I would never approve of my husband naming my child after an ex – deceased or not. I never liked this girl…now I can’t stand the sight of her on any celebrity news site.

Amie on

It just shows that Orlando’s not insecure. Sounds like good people to me!

MKH on

Very sweet of Miranda and very understanding of Orlando. Monie, that was uncalled for…seriously, that is over-the-top hostility and a personal attack, too. *sigh*

Mira on

Andrea, your husband (if you have one) has a tough road ahead of him.

Just another opinion on

Miss Ann,

“Throwed together” … really??? How about “thrown” together … I guess that just shows us that not all haters are necessarily educated

linnie on

that’s really sweet! 🙂

Julie on

I think it is WEIRD on so many levels. Surely she could have figured out another way to honor the memory of her late ex-boyfriend. Oh and Monie if you have a problem with my comment try not to reply in such a disgusting cruel way. Talk about bitter!

KsGirl on

A friend of mine in high school had a boyfriend that was diabetic. He passed away shortly after graduation, and she went on to marry several years later. She gave her son his middle name, as a way of honoring him, and her husband was perfectly fine with that. Men like that are a diamond in the rough, and it sounds like Orlando happens to be one of those diamonds!

JJ on

Andrea, I guess that goes to show how insecure you are with yourself and husband. (if you have one).

I think it’s a wonderful tribute and am proud that Orlando encouraged it. It show’s how much he loves and respects his wife and her life before him.

Andrea you are a hater on

Wow, what did the woman ever do to you. You would never approve your husband naming “your” child after a late girlfriend? Boy you are spiteful and hateful..Obviously Orlando is a much better person then you are. I guess your child is named hateful or maybe ruderomous.. or something stupid and demeaning like that. You dont have compassion at all in your being.. Miranda doesn’t care if you cant stand the sight of her, apparently others do so up yours Andrea with a nice hard demeaning PUNCH!

DaisyMoon on

Unfortunately, now that this is public, the paps will probably track down the deceased boy’s family to get their reaction, and of course photos of the former lovebirds will appear somewhere…

karen on

A very sweet tribute. And Orlando is really thoughtful to go along with it.

Crystal on

I think this story is so sweet & I love that Miranda followed through on her “promise”. What a great guy Orlando is for agreeing.

I don’t think this is weird on any level nor would I be mad if my husband wanted to do this same thing. A LATE significant other is much different than an EX significant other.

Adrienne on

My daughter’s middle name is Christina after my hubby’s best friend and crush growing up, and I’m fine with it…and she’s not even deceased. I’m secure enough where it doesn’t bother me. Good for her and good for Orly for being a strong, secure man.

Stef on

Does anyone know where Blanchard comes from?

Mrs H... on

She makes australians proud and Andrea why u a hater for? Jealous of the life she has and how gorgeous she is? The Bloom family are actually the only family in Hollywood worth reading about and u r dissing them for no reason at all-sad and pathetic that u want to bitch about a woman who is always smiling and has never done a thing wrong by any1

Go find urself a hobby

TS on

My great-grandmother named her son from her second marriage after her first husband, who died at sea. That would have been what, ninety years ago? So it’s not exactly a new idea, and no cause for insecurity on anyone’s part. I think it’s a lovely idea to honour those who are no longer here. Old flame, friend or family member – the point is it’s about honouring their memory. Good for both of them for doing so.

jessicad on

What a sweet thing to do!

Jax on

miss ann – obviously you haven’t met people with long names. it may be a mouthful, but in other countries, each name has a meaning and the middle names usually come from both sides of the family (depending how influential they are) and/or being named after religious saints. i would know, my husband has a very long name; thank goodness it has less than 3 syllables each.

Maria on

I wouldn’t want to name my daughter after a late ex of my husband and I know my husband would be the same way if the situation were turned around.

The child is from my husband of right now, not an ex who unfortunately passed away.

I would honor him in other ways, like dedicating a tree after him at the place we used to hang out together or at our high school.

I’ll be naming my son after my husband’s late brother, but that’s in the family and he would have been my child’s uncle.

I’m not saying that it was wrong for Orlando to have agreed to it, but it doesn’t work for me.

shalay on

To anyone who thinks this is weird, would you think the same thing if your spouse wanted to honor a late friend or family member? Or is it only weird because it’s someone he/she used to date? If so, that’s incredibly petty.

Miranda dated this boy while they were teenagers in high school. They were young, most likely innocent, and I’m sure he held a special place in her heart. The only reason to not agree to naming a child after this person would be out of jealousy, as is the case with @Andrea, who would never “allow” that. Why be jealous of a person who was probably wonderful in life, simply due to the fact that they dated your spouse before you two even met?

Anonymous on

Every single person that comments about another comment is doing the exact same thing as the last person with a nasty comment!

Ozzie on

I think it is very disrespectful for Orlando.

If the boy who died has a brother or a sister, it is their job to name their son after their deceased brother. NOT Miranda’s.

She probably lost her virginity to the guy and now she’s named her son after the guy she lost her virginity too?

That’s creepy and classless. Miranda should be ashamed.

Sophia on

I think it’s really sweet of Miranda to honour her first sweetheart in this way. Flynn Christopher is a very strong, striking name, and certainly holds meaning, especially seeing as Copeland is Orlando’s mum’s maiden name. Perhaps Blanchard is Miranda’s mum’s maiden name?

rue stone on

Blanchard is one of Orlando’s middle names. (The other being Jonathan)

tamra on

Good pick me up story. Although his name is Flynn….not really Christopher….. still a great story. Aime should go back and re-read the story.

soph on

Monie: wow, you’re a psycho.

Ozzie: and you know the details of Miranda’s personal life how, exactly?

You all get scarier by the day…

Kaitlyn on

This a very sweet story! I am glad that she was able to honor the memory of her first love, who died so tragically. Love Orlando even more for being cool with it! He seems like a really good guy. I hope that Flynn’s family knows about the sweet gesture for him!

Tiffany on

If neither Miranda nor Orlando has a problem with it, why do any of you? It’s their child, let me remind you, not yours.

Piper on

Ozzie- Also, its not your job to tell Miranda what she can’t or can’t do. Obviously Orlando doesn’t have a problem with it since he agreed.

There is nothing creepy or classless about it.

Also, do you have a problem with people that name their kids after dead loved ones? Denise Richards gave her daughter her mother’s name as a middle name, she died a while back. Is she classless and is that creepy?

Melanie on

I think it is so sad to hear the reactions of some of these posters. Maybe you don’t understand why naming your child after an important person in your life is special because you haven’t lost anyone like that. And that’s ok. But to call it weird or say you would never do it? Withhold judgment until you’ve walked in those people’s shoes.

I lost my best friend (and the person I thought I would marry and have children with) when I was 20 years old. I have every intention of gifting my first son with the middle name of an amazing, amazing man who left this world far too early.

Emily on

I can see both sides of the debate here. I ultimately thought it was really sweet of Miranda to honour her late boyfriend like that, and really kind of Orlando to accept it so warmly. On the other hand, I can see the argument that it’s a slightly “odd” thing to do, in the sense that he was an ex and not a relative, and therefore not necessarily a “conventional” way to honour him. But hey, who says you have to be conventional?

We don’t know the circumstances around Miranda and Christopher’s relationship. Who knows, they might have been close or best friends prior to, and during, their relationship. Nobody knows how profoundly Miranda felt about him or how much a focal point of her life he was. Perhaps they would have been married after high school had he not passed away. Perhaps they talked about children of their own. (Not a complete improbability – believe it or not, some high school sweethearts do get to that point – e.g. myself and my husband!) Not to mention the fact that, as a teenager in grief, she wrote a letter to him promising to name her child after him in some way. As a teenager she might not have necessarily thought through all the intricacies and implications of doing that (how her future husband would feel about it, etc) but as she’d promised, wanted to honour that promise no matter what.

I myself don’t think I would have an issue with it if it were the other way round. If my husband lost a sweetheart, I think I would feel compassionate and understanding about their desire to honour that person and acknowledge their part in his personal history.

And another thought, from a personal perspective: I want to name my child after my former crush/former childhood best friend. Not *specifically* to “name the child after him” but because I like the name. Sometimes that can play a role too; you develop a fondness for a specific name because of the fond memories associated with knowing a person with that name.

I think I can understand why some wouldn’t be comfortable with the idea for themselves, but I personally admire both Miranda and Orlando for their kindness and the sweet thought behind what they have done. Good on them.

Lisa on

I agree with anonymous. What kind of person are you to rip apart somebody elses comment? And truly, I think this is a beautiful gesture and Orlando is a beautiful person to accept it. Her ex-boyfriend is dead, so it would be wrong to be jealous of someone who is no longer alive.

Capri on

Ozzie are you serious?! Some people on this site never let me down with their ignorant comments…smh.

I think it’s really sweet.

Dion on

Wow, what a beautiful gesture. It show that both her and Orlando are very decent people.

Ralph on

How stupid are you Amie? Did you not READ the article before commenting. Yes he’s dead. That is what late means you simpleton.

RKF on

There are some foul people on here today. I think using the name Christopher was not only beautiful on Miranda’s part, but Orlando seems like a class act. I can’t believe anyone would find anything about this anything but a sweet memorial.

Andrea – I had a sudden mental picture of you: If you’re married (G-D help him), I see you cracking the whip any time your spouse farts the wrong way. You can’t stand a stranger because one of her child’s middle names is named after an ex who passed away? I understand being uncomfortable with it, but chastising a person for it? Wow.

jman on

So How does the name Flynn fit in?

lanam on

good for miranda and orlando especially for being such a understanding husband who isn’t insecure w/his marriage– i think its lovely miranda didn’t break her promise to her ex- boyfriend..

erica on

So sweet. Love never dies, it just takes new forms!

Hi on

Stef and Sophia – Blanchard is one of Orlando’s middle names, probably passed on from another member of his family. I think Flynn honors his mom in some way as well. So in return for allowing Miranda to use this name, Orlando got full control of the other three. How do you like him now… ;]

Just a Thought on

Oh my gosh that is so sweet. Sounds like 2 grownup in an adult, mature relationship. They’ve got it made!

jen on

thats so sweet! they seem like a lovely couple and i wish the whole family well.

alicejane on

I’m shocked at how uncomfortable some people are with this idea. It’s one thing to simply feel like it’s not something you would do, but saying it’s classless, tactless, creepy, etc. is mind-boggling to me.

I think it’s a lovely gesture and I think Orlando is a great guy for being so good about the idea. It doesn’t mean Miranda is hung up on the guy or wishes she could still be with him, it probably just means that he meant a lot to her and was a good guy!

Toya L. on

I think that was very sweet of them.

Nicole on

Its unfortunate that the nasty comments overshadowed the beautiful gesture.

Jazz on

@Ozzie-I agree with you 100%! You took the wrods right out of my mouth. Orlando is a dick for accepting. And Miranda is a dick for suggesting it! Imagine everytime she calls the boy “flynn” she is secretly thinkig of that guy who took her virginity. The child should have been named after his father Orlando instead.

Julie on

Oh now I understand! If you are not going to agree with the majority of the posts then do not comment. With one or two exceptions (thank you Emily )it is clear that there is quite a lot of animosity being spread around. A comment is an observation,opinion or reaction. It does not mean the person who has a different point of view is a hater. In fact the responses to some of these comments is very hateful!

Josie on

I suspect Orlando agreed because it was his son’s middle name, not his first name…which is fine.

Marcia on

This is to reply Stef’s question about where the name “Blanchard” (Flynn’s second middle name) comes from. I did a search and came up on Orlando’s IMDB page. Blanchard IS Orlando’s second middle name. So now you know. I did search Miranda’s IMBD page first, but no mention there.

Eileen on

Having long names is common I have 2 middle names as does my daughter, my hubby only has 1 middle name so we gave our son the same. It doesn’t mean Flynn has to use all his middle names he may choose to use only 1 like a lot of people.

I think it was so nice that they named him after somebody who was special to Miranda we never know they may name a daughter if they have more children after somebody who is special to Orlando.

Good luck to their beautiful family for the future.

laurelcanyonfashionista on

Orlando is a classy and secure guy. I think it’s lovely- and really sweet…and just very thoughtful of them both. As someone who has had two children pass away, I can tell you how much that would mean to me as a mother if someone did that for my child.

Grace on

For the record, Christopher was an only child and Miranda, who grew up in a small country town, is still extremely close to his parents.
The pair dated from 13 – 15. Puppy love peeps. The gesture is beautiful, stop trying to sully it.

Ozzie on

Grace said that Christopher is an only child.

If that is true, I can understand the decision a bit better. Especially if she is still in contact with his family to this day. Then she is almost like their adopted daughter.

But still family is supposed to take care of family. Miranda should put Orlando’s family, and his family history, above any relationship she has ever had. That is the rule of getting married.

When I get married, my husband will come first and foremost at all times and even if I really wanted to do something…if it doesn’t put him first and foremost…I won’t do it.

(and trust me a couple of my crushes have Really Good Names…but I won’t do it because it’s disrespectful to my current relationship)

Ozzie on

Also, I think the fact that this is even newsworthy shows that it is a bad idea.

Because instead of all the attention being focused on Orlando and His Baby….people are now thinking about a kid from 15 years ago. And I know that child has a sad story. But really…This is Orlando’s moment, his Son, His Pride….and Orlando shouldn’t be overshadowed by any other man. No matter what the sad story.

mommytoane on

LOL little fella, big name!! I love the meaning tho, so sweet and thoughtful.

Ozzie on

One more thing…

Everyone keeps saying “Orlando must be super secure” Well he has to be! If he wasn’t, he’d be freaking out! I’m not secure and I don’t even know these people and I’m freaking out.

Let’s say in 5 years Orlando and Miranda hit normal everday marriage problems.

Is this name really going to help?

Crystal on

People on this site are CRUEL!!! How can you guys say these mean, heartless, disgusting things??? I’ll tell you how because you don’t have to be accountable for your words. You can hide behind your computers and be perfectly happy turing this wonderful story into something ugly! What Miranda and Orlando did was selfless and thoughtful. When they tell Flynn how he got his name he will be proud of not only his name but his parents! They are truly wonderful people and I’m sure Christopher and his family are touched by their tribute.

Anna on

I went to school with her and I remember when her boyfriend died. She had to leave school for weeks IIRC because she was so messed up about it. I think he died on a farm or something. It was very sad.

Mia on

It is a sweet gesture-and it is possible they were more like best friends than a significant relationship–as tragic as it is…it does seem odd to me-an ex-whether it was an ex-before the accident/-or after is an ex-sometimes the past is the past + people need to move-on…it’s different if it’s a family member because they would formally be around the child.

I wouldn’t do it/-or agree if my husband wanted to name a child after an ex-it would just seem like he wasn’t over it…

alicejane on

Jazz, did you even read the article? Flynn was not Miranda’s late boyfriend’s name – it was Christopher. You would probably have a lot more merit if you showed that you actually read the article!

Ladeesage on

I read the article three times before posting this comment, just to be on the safe side. Everyone keeps referring to the deceased Christopher as Miranda’s “ex.” From what she says in the article, it sounds as though she and Christopher were dating when he died. That has a HUGE impact on a teenage girl.

Second, Flynn has his father’s name as well – BLOOM! I too named my child after a someone who greatly influenced me and is deceased. And no, he was not related to me. He was my childhood sweetheart and NO ONE sees it as a big deal.

Bravo to Miranda and Orlando for having a strong and secure marriage and shame on anyone who thinks they have the right to judge this baby’s name!

Jazz on

I agree the media is focusing on the wrong issue. This is supposed to be Orlando’s moment and HIS baby. But the media is giving the focus on the guy that popped her cherry 15 yrs ago. who cares. Miranda should have had better judgement.

Sophia on

Um Ozzie shut up…

Jazz on

@AliceJane, shut the hell up NO one is talking to you!!!

Jazz on

@AliciaJane, you obviously didnt read the article!! Her ex boyfriend’s name was “Flynn Christopher”. Flynn and Christopher are not seperate people. His name was Flynn Christopher. And the kid was named Flynn.

Tee on

Jazz, where do you see that? Copy and pasted from the article…

“But there’s another special man who Flynn — full name: Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom — takes after: Kerr’s high school sweetheart, Christopher Middlebrook, who died in a car accident when he was a teenager.”

The late boyfriend’s name is Christopher. Not Flynn.

Jordan on

Jazz – Her boyfriend’s name was Christopher – not Flynn. Before you write silly comments you could at least read the article.

Li-Li on

Jazz, I need you to go back and read the whole article! It clearly states that her deceased boyfriend’s name was Christopher Middlebrook. Flynn is Orlando’s middle name. I think that since it’s Miranda and Orlando’s son, they can name whatever they want; if they like it, I love it and I’m not gonna judge it!

Angela on

@ Jazz, no apparently YOU fail at reading. The late boyfriend’s name was not Flynn. It was Christopher Middlebrook as it’s stated in the article.

Scroll up and try re-reading, slower this time.

Bravo to them and the touching reason behind how the little guy got his name. At least they had a heartfelt reason behind the name choices.

Jazz on

So she names her son’s middle name after her ex boyfriend??? Stupid!!!

Jazz on

So many people judging people here. So we ALL need to love her choices, and anyone who dares to disagree with this article gets slathered??

Ashley on

I absolutely adore Miranda. And Orlando! Even more so after reading this. They are a beautiful family and I wish them nothing but the best. Oh, and for the curious, Blanchard is actually one of Orlando’s names. 🙂 Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom.

k on

personally, i only comment on message boards when something touches me in a positive manner. so yes, while this is a democratic message board where no opinion is wrong and people can say whatever, i think what a lot of people are commenting on is how strange having a lot of animosity towards someone you don’t know is.

just my two cents.

Lily on

Where are the moderators on this site? Honest question. I found this site nearly 7 years ago when it was just a small blog by a soon-to-be new mother (Danielle) and one of her core rules was respect both for the celebrities/their children and for other readers and their opinions. When did the line between opinion and disrespectful/offensive shift to allow calling people “tacky”, “classless”, and “stupid” let alone phrases like “he/she is a dick”, “shut the hell up”, and “popped her cherry”? Again, I’m not being snarky at all. I’m actually curious for a moderator to answer, if only to know what the general rule of thumb is when accepting or denying a comment.

Lau on

Miranda is so cute, it kills me. Also, I love she did this, and Orlando is a great man for understanding how much this must mean to her. All the best to these two (three). They seem amazing.

lali on

Jazz, when you say ‘so many people judging here’, you do realize that you yourself were judging first, right? You see others when they’re being judgmental but not yourself when you are??

Mac on

There is nothing wrong with honoring her promise to name her firstborn after her late teenage boyfriend who died so long ago. Obviously, he meant alot to her so it’s ok to include his name as one of their son’s middle names. Mr. Bloom and Ms. Kerr are obviously very secure, open, and respectful in their marriage.

shalay on

Oh Jazz, you are the last person that should complain about people judging people. You actually called Miranda and Orlando “dicks” for giving their child a name you dislike. It seems that you are the judgmental one.

Kaye on

So many people judging people here. So we ALL need to love her choices, and anyone who dares to disagree with this article gets slathered??

– Jazz on July 14th, 2011

No. But you could at least use correct factual information when you slamn someone over their choice!

Grace on

This is an excerpt from an article in the Daily Telegraph from 2008.

Miranda was being photographed in her home town of Gunnedah and had picked the Middlebrooke home as the location of the shoot. I think this says it all about the nature of the relationship:

Miranda has been like a daughter to the Middlebrookes and bonded to the family since their son, Chris began dating his high school sweetheart.

His death, in a car accident, in 1999, has tied them in grief and in love forever. For Miranda to choose their home to “come home” to is a touching tribute.

As the Victoria’s Secret Angel moves from one pose to the next, Mrs Middlebrooke (as Miranda still always refers to her) says, “Chris would be smiling right now. He’d be so proud of her, like we all are.”

Clearly mesmerised by Miranda’s transformation for the camera, she notes: “But there’s still the country in her.”

And for all the multi-million dollar contracts, the pin-up girl adulation and her undeniable star quality, there’s no doubt she is earthed in this place. With a dry wit to match that drought.

“Hey Mr Middlebrooke, have you ever seen a crop duster look this good?” she shouts, posing up in knee-high grass and hot pants.

“Where’d you get that outfit?” Mr Middlebrooke asks. “DJs, of course,” she winks

Queenie on

Miranda & Orlando are a ture class act. 🙂

Melissa on

Anyone who has a problem with who THEIR child is named after….let me remind you…it’s THEIR child!!!! Not yours! If they’re happy with it, what business is it of yours???

Christi on

Now that is a long name. My grandmothers maiden name is Blanchard. Awesome. I just can’t get over his first name. I LOVE IT!

Mel on

Are you kidding me?? What self respecting MAN would let this happen?? Also, she has a lot of nerve even mentioning that to Flynn’s father, let alone go through with it. Ugh. How tacky.

eyeswideshut on

FArking hell, Ozzie and those who agree with Ozzie have serious mental defects for being so rude about a beautiful gesture. For the record Flynn is BOTH their child, not HIS child.

Mira on

Hey, Mel Gibson’s commenting about self-respect and manhood. Isn’t that precious? Funniest comment on the thread.

Sarah K. on

Ozzie, Jazz, and Mel – why does this offend you so much? I understand not agreeing with their choice, but calling them classless, tacky and shameless is a major overreaction. And Jazz, you don’t think calling them “dicks” is being judgmental?

Orlando is man enough to realize that his wife had a life before him. She is obviously close to Christopher’s family and they mean a lot to each other. Why would he be threatened? The boy is dead so it’s not like Orlando has any real reason to be insecure. Obviously, Miranda married Orlando and has a child with him. Good for him for helping his wife honor her promise to Christopher’s family.

Julien on

I thought it was weird when I saw the headline and I still feel that way after reading it. My intuition tells me there was an argument involved after she told Orlando about it. “Well, you like men and I’ve been your beard for years…so I’m naming this kid after my dead ex. Get over it!”

Hea on

To name your child in honor of a dead loved one is a wonderful gesture. If my partner could not accept or agree because of pettiness or jealousy then I’d be willing to bet we wouldn’t last a lifetime together. Only a very small person would oppose if the name is not completely horrid.

Danica on

Well, i can relate personally. My boyfriend of two years died in a car accident too. Im only 18, and My mom came home yesterday and told me about this story, so i knew i had to find it and read it.

I think what she did by naming her child after her ex is very sweet. I’ve thought about naming my first child in memory of my ex, but I didn’t know if it would be weird or acceptable. but now i think that if my hearts set on it, who cares what others think.

By reading these comments, obviously MANY people have their own opinion, but in the end, its her decision. I just need to find a man like Orlando who would be kind and understanding enough to not get jealous over it.

Just saying, i know how she feels, and people shouldn’t be so harsh/

Shannon on

Our past determines where and who we are today. Good for them to honor that. My children are named after living and deceased members of family. So why couldn’t you name them after someone from your past that meant something to you? To each their own, and obviously Flynn is THEIR child, not any of ours 🙂

Lisa on

It’s a bit odd in the sense that it almost seems like- to me- she’s honoring him through a child who has no genetic relationship to him. Almost like, this would be her son with her high school boyfriend if he hadn’t died and he would be Flynn Jr instead of Flynn Bloom.

It seems like if it were her brother who had died, it would make sense to name the baby after him (since it’s a genetic relationship, and a way of the baby living on through the family.)

Nice of Orlando to not be jealous (though it’s not like the guy is competition, seeing as how he’s deceased.) But still odd- since it seems like as a man, he’d want the baby named after him and not after a man whose lineage is not passed on through the child. To each his own, and I’m glad they’re happy! They’re a darling family, and they seem to really love each other. 🙂

Angela on

You know, I’m a bit curious what Jazz has named/would name any offspring of hers, since it’s “class-less” of Miranda to give a child a middle name that happened to be the same as someone Miranda knew and was very close to.

By your “rules” of naming a child, I guess that means you can’t pick a name of anyone that you’ve ever come into acquaintance with or heard about through media because apparently that would mean you’re naming after that person, and by your definition, that would be a “dick” move.

Jen DC on

OK, that is just disgustingly sweet. Not only is she adorable as all get out, but she’s got a soft heart. Damn you, Miranda Kerr! And you too, Orlando Bloom!

Ummm… Miranda and Christopher Middlebrook were CHILDREN. Childhood sweethearts and all that. Why/how would that make anyone jealous especially in light of the fact that the namesake in question is deceased and the “relationship” was more than 10 years ago? I would think it was sweet and romantic that my husband remembered his deceased teenaged girlfriend with such strength and love PARTICULARLY since it would seem he had more than enough love in his heart to have married me! The only way it would be weird or creepy is if the girl/woman were still alive and I felt their current relationship was inappropriate or my husband seemed to be harboring a desire to restart their romantic relationship. Otherwise, it’s kind of wonderful. Not many men expose that kind of tenderness…

I don’t see where it says that Christopher was her ex-boyfriend at all. And I remember how I felt about my first high school boyfriend. Those feelings were pretty strong! Given her continued closeness with the boyfriend’s family, this is super sweet on her part.

Finally, it’s Flynn’s middle name. One of 4 apparently. So while it has meaning and is important, it’s obvious that it wasn’t so important to Miranda that she’d let it overshadow what she feels for her husband – evidenced by the fact that boy’s name (Flynn) is his father’s middle name. For all you feeling slighted on Orlando’s behalf, please note that he got first dibs in line, THEN Christopher. (Which is, ironically, the name of my grade school crush. So adorable, that kid.)

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but express them respectfully. All this talk of “popping cherries” and virginity and classlessness… Uncalled-for.

Catrina on

Awww that is so neat! Just goes to show you what good people these two really are.

Niki on

Well, as long as it’s not awkward for Orlando, I guess it’s fine.

joanna on

my cousin was an apache pilot who died at 26 in the army. his girlfriend also named her baby after him. her new husband was so understanding. she still goes to all the veteran day/ base memorials that honor him. some people you just don’t forget i guess.

Josie on

So sweet. Orly and Miranda seem like such genuine, humble people.

Stella Bella on


Ralph on

Everyone has the right to name his or her child after whomever or whatever they want. Apple, Seven, Jesse James, Mary, John. . .it really doesn’t matter I guess. You can only hope the kids will like it and if not, in America at least, you can change your name.

Personally, I would not want to name my child with my significant other after anyone else I have loved in a relationship. I am quite sane and quite secure. Regardless, I just find it in poor taste. There are plenty of ways to honor people who have passed. I happen to like naming the children names that are not in the family at all so they can have some originality. Nothing crazy, mind you – but different from the pack.

Cecelia on

How in the world is it odd of Miranda? In addition, why must Orlando be a saint for agreeing to the middle name?

Christopher was obviously an integral part of her life. She was probably devastated by his loss and wanted to honor him in naming her son. That doesn’t mean she still holds a torch for him, wishes he were the father of Flynn, or whatever exaggerated scenario desperate individuals who visit this website would like to contrive.

dsfg on

She dated this guy when she was like fifteen. It’s not like she named the baby after some guy she was married to for fifteen years . . .

dsfg on

Josie, does Orlando go by Orly? I didn’t know that. I’ve never heard him called anything but Orlando.

dsfg on

“It’s a bit odd in the sense that it almost seems like- to me- she’s honoring him through a child who has no genetic relationship to him. . . . It seems like if it were her brother who had died, it would make sense to name the baby after him (since it’s a genetic relationship, and a way of the baby living on through the family.)”

Wow, Lisa, kind of ridiculous . . . so people who adopt their children should not name their child after themselves? You’re making a big deal out of blood, which doesn’t = love.

soph on

One word…insecurity. The people crying the loudest over this are the ones afraid it would or could have happened to them, that is, a partner wanting to honor a past relationship in such a way. They would have been too petty and jealous to be able to handle it. Simple as that.

Miss Ann on

@ just another opinion… I used the exact word that I wanted to use. Thank you very much!!

Shannon on

A bit weird yet sweet at the same time. 🙂

Courtney on

Personally, I think it’s a wonderful gesture and very sweet. Makes me love this couple more than I already do.

While I don’t necessarily agree with the people who dislike the idea, I can understand that it’s not for everyone. What I don’t understand is the people who lash out against the sentiment. No matter how you cut it, Miranda gave their son a middle name to honor someone who was incredibly important to her. Who cares that it was after a late boyfriend (not “ex”) and not a genetic relative?

Whether you would do that in your own life or not, there is no reason to call anyone “tacky” or “classless” or a “dick.” (That last one…REAL mature.) We have no right to speculate on the nature of Miranda and Christopher’s relationship, either. People need to just calm down and express their opinions in a respectful manner, across the board.

Molly on

Soph, why are you still on this blog? Go away and stay away

Molly on

btw, soph don’t respond back to my comments anymore. No matter what you say, I will always find you to be a disturbing, homophobic, racist person. I’m shocked you spend so much time here since this place doesn’t hate gay people and other minorities.

Tee on

Jazz, you’re not getting torn apart because you disagree with Miranda and Orlando’s decision. You’re getting torn apart because you’ve been rude, crude and utterly nasty. The words and expressions you’ve chosen to use about people you don’t even know only go to show your immaturity. So I’m sorry but you don’t have the right to sit there and complain about people ripping you apart because it wouldn’t be happening if you were stating your opinion politely.

Lily, I really wish the “moderators” would answer your questions. I’ve been reading here for that length of time as well and like you, I really miss the old CBB. It’s downright ridiculous that such nasty comments are allowed to be posted.

soph on

Hey, Molly – I’m not going anywhere. Enough already. Stop bringing me into every comment you make, psycho.

Crystal on

Copeland is Orlando’s mom’s maiden name. It sounds like she gave a little bit of everyone in Flynn’s name! I ♥ it!

jessicad on

Yes Becca, because threatening to throw up is much more mature than saying how sweet something is, good one.

Allison on

Although many people find it odd that they would name their child after Miranda’s late boyfriend, I can actually top that. I was named after my father’s first girlfriend. He just liked the name and since I was the second child/daughter for my parents, my mom decided to just let him choose since she already got her way with my sister’s name.

Just because they were together at one time does not mean that they were not good friends and may have remained friends even if they did not remain together as a couple. Plenty of people name their children after close friends and people that they admire.

MiB on

What’s wrong with naming your child after someone who meant a lot to you, blood relative or not? I haven’t really see this kind of negative reactions towards other celebrities who have done that, wether it’s been after family members, managers, an artist who has influenced them or a best friend, so I doubt the reactions had been as negative if she had named him after a childhood best friend. Is it because of the possibility that she has named her son after someone she MIGHT have had sex with? Because surely it can’t be the fact that they are not blood related.

Incidently, a cousin of mine is named after a priest who supported my aunt and uncle through several miscarriages, a nephew is named after a pianist that his musician mother admires, an uncle born after WWII was named after his mothers first husband who died during WWII (and who never had any children of his own), oh, and a friend named her daughter after her ex boyfriend’s deceased mother (because she had been very close to her), were these mothers all wrong and disrespectful to their husbands? You bet that the husbands all had a say in naming their children, and agreed to their names.

jes on

I think its great that he’s been honored in this way. If he had been just an ex, I would think it was a little strange, but with him being departed I think it’s a very kind gesture and I hope in a little way it helps his parents be a little closer to their late son if she has any connection to them still.

meghan on

Beautifully said, Courtney.

soph on

If the baby had been a girl she would have been called Evelyn after Orlando’s late grandmother: http://www.hellomagazine.com/celebrities-news-in-pics/14-07-2011/57050/

ChloeRAWR! on

Wow….they are both bigger people that me…I could never do that…

Cate B on

Regardless of what she named her bub, this forum for quite a few sounds like some bitch column. For god sake girls, we talking about a story of a woman who named her child’s second name after her deceased boyfriend and some of you are having slinging matches over pronunciation and whether another “got it”. Good on you Miranda and Orlando and to the other pathetic sods, find another site to express your intelligence.

Tiffany on

In Judaism, it’s traditional to name a child after a loved one who has passed, and Judaism is one of the world’s oldest religions. So clearly this idea has been around for quite a while.

Jay on

Horrible! Good lord, what is the matter with this woman?! Like the child wants to know his name came from her dead boyfriend, is she nuts?! How horrible to do that to a child, oh yeah, you’re named after one of my dead boyfriends, he is told. Shame on Orland, what, he’s controlled by this nut woman? If I were that kid and found this out when old enough, I’d ask my mom why she’d do such a sick thing to me, and saddle me with that, I’d change it soon as I found out. Another nutcase parent, poor child. And HOW is this woman a model? She’s ugly, nothing to look at at all, guess with tons of makeup and hair people, lighting and photoshop they try to make her look half decent!

Danna on

I heard when Flynn was first born, that he was named after Matthew’s grandmother, Evelyn, who passed a couple months before Flynn was born…

mona lyons on

ave known Miranda since a little girl and know first hand the heart break she went through when she lost Chris but she has travelled on her journey through her life and has a beautiful baby Flynn that i hope to meet one day when i visit her aunt jane or nana kerr, I admire Orlando for accepting Chris as part of his babes name and wish the best for them .I cant wait to meet them all as a family herein oz. love you Miranda,

Terri on

That’s a very sweet gesture. I’ve heard of men naming their daughters after an old girlfriend as well. Whatever moves you! That’s a whole lot of names, though.

Kim on

Wow, is the best word that comes to mind in regards to many of these comments. For every experience I’ve come across, I am the person who am today. And for every person I’ve met, both negative and positive, I am filled with morals, compassion and love for life. I would not change any aspect of my past because of the above reasoning.

Miranda and Orlando appear to be two, mature and appreciative individuals who have taken two separate lives, appreciate and respect each other and honor one another. I think it is a beautiful and touching tribute to a childhood friend, first love and still close family who lost a child too young. I’ve read many words claiming “disrespect,” “horrible,”tacky,” and so forth. The parents don’t agree with you and neither do I.

I was taught not to judge, nor do I feel the need to do so. I want my children to have the amazing experiences I’ve been fortunate to have and to learn, grow and become better people from those harsh realities that will undoubtedly be par for the course. I pray they will encounter incredible individuals who will remain a part of their growth and so much a part of their hearts and souls. I’ve not always agreed with my husband’s decisions, not to mention friends, family and strangers, but I have respect and maintain the greatest admiration for those who touched their lives so deeply and blessed me by association. To his or her own.

Daphne on

My daughter is named Symone after my husband’s ex-girlfriend and my high school friend’s sister! Just so happens that he and I both liked that name. We never picked out a boys name, so it was great she turned out to be a girl…otherwise, imagine a boy names Symone!!

Azra on

I like her even more now, she is so beautiful both inside and out 🙂

Terry on

@Jazz – Please read the article. “takes after: Kerr’s high school sweetheart, Christopher Middlebrook, who died in a car accident when he was a teenager.” Do you see anywhere in there that it says the boy’s name was Flynn? No, his name was Christopher Middlebrook!

Terry on

@Jen DC –

“OK, that is just disgustingly sweet. Not only is she adorable as all get out, but she’s got a soft heart. Damn you, Miranda Kerr! And you too, Orlando Bloom!

LOL….I love this post!

Kat on

WOW, seems like some people are not allowed to have a different opinion without getting attacked.. I personally thinks it’s sweet but I understand if someone would not be ok with that as well…There is a lot of mean people on here.. haha WOW again.

Vi on

Keep your petty arguments to yourselves, please. Honestly, no one cares.

I find this woman to be not only amazingly gorgeous, but also a very great role model. Her beauty clearly glows inside and out. A lot of you could learn from what she has to say, if you just look up her interviews before judging her.

Vi on

Oh and might have been answered already but for those wondering where “Flynn” comes from: I remember hearing in an interview, that they were originally expecting a girl to be named Evelyn after Miranda’s grandmother. Flynn is like the boy version of Evelyn, and they liked the sound of it and kept it.

Mol on

People who see this as a bad thing are just cruel! Get over yourselves.

munyee on

if all people 2day could be as secure in their relationships…we wouldn’t be having these dumb comments today. as others have said it’s their baby & if they happy with their choice. everyone else should just shut up.

LoveMyCrazyLife on

I think it might be a little weird, naming your child after a dead ex. But, congrats to them anyway.

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