Jewel, Ty Murray Welcome Son Kase Townes

07/12/2011 at 06:00 AM ET
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

The time has come for Jewel to sing lullabies.

The singer and her husband, professional bull rider Ty Murray, welcomed a son, Kase Townes Murray, on Monday, July 11 in Texas, their rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Kase arrived at 7 p.m. CST and weighed in at 7 lbs., 6 oz.

“Ty and I are so pleased to welcome our new baby boy into the world,” Jewel tells PEOPLE. “We are overcome with happiness — it really is as great as everyone told us it would be — better even!”

Jewel found out she was pregnant on the first day of her job co-hosting Bravo’s reality show Platinum Hit. “I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!” she told PEOPLE. “It was so hard to keep it a secret.”

The Grammy-nominated singer, 36, who had struggled to conceive, was hit by a fire truck in March at five months pregnant. She was released from the hospital after tests concluded she and her unborn child were unharmed.

The couple, who live on a 2,200-acre farm in Stephenville, Texas, have spent the spring converting a guest room in their home into a nursery. Jewel has also been working on a new children’s album, The Merry Goes ‘Round, out in August.

Jewel and Murray — co-founder of the Professional Bull Riders, nine-time world champion and a color commentator for Built Ford Tough Series broadcasts — wed in a beach ceremony in the Bahamas in 2008.

— Ulrica Wihlborg

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kim on

I love these two- they seem so down to earth. Congrats to them!

Ava marcel on

Anyway….congrats to the couple!! And welcome Lil’ one! 😀

Kristen on

Congratulations! I love the name, very strong.

ZaraB on

Congratulations to them both!! Loving this celebrity baby boom! Hoping Selma Blair is next!!

Molly on

I’m never a fan of names that have frivolous Ks (or Ys) in place of Cs or Is, but hey, not my kid, lol. Congrats to Ty and Jewel! They seem like genuine, good folks. Wishing them and baby Kase a lifetime of joy!

klutzy_girl on

Yay! Congratulations to them! I love his name.

I’m hoping Selma Blair is next.

Hea on

Congrats to them! I wish them all the joy. And I wish he’d lose that ugly hat. 😉

Pamela on

Like the name!!! Very cowboy/rodeo!!! Congrats to the new family 🙂

Romy on

love the couple, dislike the name

K on

There’s definitely been a big baby boom! I can’t wait to see all of these little ones! Congratulations to Jewel. I have always had so much admiration for her and Ty.

Capri on

Congrats, their so cute together. No a huge fan of the name, but I dont hate it either.

Anonymous on

Congrats! Love the name!

KRS on

Hmmm…is that like CASE (of beer), or CASEY? I don’t mind the name, but I do think it’s thoughtless of parents to give a child a name they’ll have to spell or explain for their whole lives. The poor babe will be exhausted by it by the time he’s in middle school! But….congrats to the family – he’ll bring you much joy!

Sarah on

@KRS. So we are all supposed to name our kids Bob? I teach school and I would have pronounced it correctly. I teach at an urban school and have had far harder. The trick? Think ahead and ask others who know the student or have had them in class before. It is a courtesy. I have an extremely hard name to pronounce that I HATED in school, but when it came time to marry in May- I couldn’t part with it for the husband’s last name.

Mira on

Ditto, Molly.

Congrats to the lovely couple.

Macy on

Great name! I love K names on boys. On girls they’re tacky.

Alyssa on

It’s a great name! Unique, but not crazy. KRS: I was able to know that it was pronounced as “Case” right away.

Jillian on

I look at these two “names”as words, not names. I think they are silly. It resds like Case Towns. I like Harper Seven a lot more now!

Alyssa on

Jillian, that’s because names ARE words. Any word can be a name.

Erika on

Aww congratulations to them!! I’m sure they will be great parents!

Adrienne on

Even the celebs I expect to chose a “normal” name for their children, don’t. Officially leaving my opinion and expectations at the door.

Sarah on

I actually know several other little boys named Kase/Case. It’s not a name I’d choose, but I think it’s cute.

Lots of commons names are also words – Bob, Jack, etc. I don’t get why people find that odd.

@KRS My name is “Sarah” and I’ve spent my lifetime having to explain to people that it DOES have an “H.” I never once thought my parents were cruel and it’s one of the most common names ever. That’s ridiculous.

Fab on

Congrats!!!!! Love the name!

Brooke on

Perfect western name for them. So happy for Jewel and Ty.

Jillian on

Did you even comprehend what I said? I said to me they feel like just words and not names. Just like Apple. Or if someone named their child Pencil Eraser or Lawn Mower. I think the words they chose are much better…….but i am not a fan of the K. To ME, it doesn’t seem like a persons name, but rather an object or thing. I don’t think peoples names should be things.

Maybe on

Those of us who are creative, and are in actual awe that we are able to bring life in the form of our own children give so much thought to a name that holds meaning for us and we do impart that love and pride to that child with the name knowing that we will teach the child about how the name was given in love….so the child grows to accept the love of the name and future bullies and critics who have no life but to be negative about others is dismissed without a care! Teach respect and end bullying and negative teasing in our lifetime!

Hea on

Sarah – Sarah does not have an H in Sweden. 😉

Tess on

Is it pronounced Case or Casey?

Allegra on

Kase is a cute name.

Brooke on

7th month, 7 pounds, arrived at 7? Just like Harper Beckham.

Why didn’t they name him Kase Seven? 😉

linnie on

nice name! so happy for jewel and ty! 🙂

soph on

Prefer to Case to Kase but whatever. Wonder if Townes is possibly for Townes Van Zandt.

KRS on

Wow, Sarah, thanks for the comment. Glad to hear you knew how to pronouce it right away, but I’m still in the dark. Case or Casey? Obviously his mom and dad love the name, but I sure wouldn’t give my child a name with built-in baggage…and Sarah isn’t even in the same ballpark, so please don’t be silly. Unique, original and uncommon names…love it! A made-up spelling, though? Why?

Sarah on

@KRS – “made-up” – how do you know it’s not a family name? Who’s making assumptions now?

I’m not sure hot to pronounce it, but if it’s like “CASE” the word, I know lots of little boys with the name. It’s not so unusual where I’m from.

And my point with my name was that having to go around constantly explaining how to spell your name (and I do, almost every time someone writes it down) is not something I silently curse my parents for. I seriously doubt this child will either.

Cortney on

If its Kase like Case then he has a name like Bandit Lee Way he can go around and ‘Case Towns’ to rob! LOL! Its cute though very cowboy! = )

danyell on

congrats to the new parents! and LOVE the name Kase!

Anon on

Kase Townes? REALLY? I mean come on. The name sounds like a future burglar in the works. Kase Townes, out “casing the town” to burgle someone. Nice to know how much thought they put into such an original name. WTG Jewel! But she’s being unique at the same time, whatever.

M! on

Not my taste but not so bad either. I hope it’s pronounced like “case” and not “Casey” because that will become confusing to people. Kase Murray sounds very country/cowboy. Makes sense for someone named Ty who’s father was called Butch.

And to the creative person…although I agree with you for the most part. You CAN be creative and have creative children without being ridiculous. This is something I see a lot on here. Weird names, kids with dyed hair…all in the name of creativity. Some of the more creative individuals that I can think of have normal names and normal hairstyles.

Bree on

Not my favorite name but far from my least favorite!! I love the way Kase Murray sounds and I like that they were creative but still went with an actual name and not something like Pilot or Diva.
It is awesome to see parents get creative with names, he won’t be one of six kids in the same class with the same name. It is a nice simple name, easy to spell and, in my opinion, easy to pronounce, as a teacher and a Brownie Leader these are things I really appreciate!!

Congrats to the new family of three, I can’t wait to see pictures of little Kase!!

Kristin on

I know it is just my option and Ty and Jewel could probably care less, but I LOVE his name. I think it is one of the cuter celeb baby names I have seen in a while. But really, who cares. As long as they love and take care of little Kase, that all anyone should care about.

Amanda K on

So happy for them!

KRS on

I hear you about having to spell your name, Sarah! I’ve been Kerri-with-a-K for a loooong time, and believe it or not I have a sister named Sara. I don’t expect or need you to agree with me though, that it’s going to be a little different for Kase and others with names like his. At least Sarah and Kerri are recognized as names, just need to clarify the spelling from time to time. Maybe it’s just where I live or something, I’ve never heard of a single person named Kase or Case (quite a few boys and girls named Casey, though) I always feel a little bit bad for the kids of these parents who are trying so hard to be original- it’s the kids who have to pay the price for it.

M on

Hideous, trashy name for low class, trailer park people.

emily on

KRS- lol…..seriously get over it. I know many people with unusual names. my sisters name is Honey. No one has ever jumped of a cliff because of it, so let it go. There are 100 million things in the world that children “pay the price” for…..thier name should be the least of everyones worries. We live in a world where you can name your kid anything that comes to mind. you can do it, so can they. keep calm and carry on.

MKH on

I love the name. It is so “cowboy” in a good way. It flows nicely both with all three names and with just the first and last names. I’m always so curious to know if there is a meaning or tribute in an unconventional name (or conventional last name) like Townes. Would love to hear the story.

Taylor on

I’ve heard the name Case/Kase/Casen several times before and I love it. I wonder what the inspiration behind Townes is though. Congrats Jewel and Ty!

Aye on

Pretty redneck.

MN on

We named our son Case! He’s 6 months old now. Congratulations to the new parents!

KRS on

Thanks Emily, I’ll be sure to stay calm…wasn’t aware that I was getting over-excited(?). I’ll agree with you on one thing, we live in a world where we can name our kids whatever we want, and state our opinions about it , too. Funny how your name is Emily (unless it’s not really your name) – I wonder if you’d feel any differently if your parents had spelled it Emmilley or Emuleigh just to be “original”. BTW, you’re exaggerating – I don’t think anybody is jumping off cliffs because of their name, either. All I said is that these kids may get tired of explaining/spelling their names constantly. Gosh, take your own advice and get over it.

kimmy on

The middle name is probably for Townes Van Zandt he was a Texas country/folk singer and songwriter. Makes a lot of sense!

Romy on

sounds like a tv show

M! on

I’ve had tell spell my name for people at times. It’s Mary! MARY!! “Well sometimes people spell it with an “I” so I had to make sure” I blame “youneekers”. People that take common names and spell them differently to try and make them unique.

I never hated my name though, with the exception of two teachers…I was the only Mary in my school. Seems like all the other girls were named Amanda and Ashley.

Sophie on

Don’t like the name, it felt like she was pregnant forever.

Casey on

Awesome name, i LOVE K/Case – K/Casey on boys…although i am a girl haha but it is pronounced Kase. Heard it on E! News LOL Love all the latest baby names ( Don’t think there is on i don’t like actually) Can’t wait to hear what Kate Hudson, Selma Blair, Emily Deschanel && Jess Alba name thers 😀

Michelle on

I’m so happy for them. They seemed so eager to start a family.

My only comment about the name is that I think two single-syllable names together sound very choppy. But that’s just me! I’m sure these names sound like sweet music to Ty and Jewel.

Romy on

even if it’s a family name, it’s still a ‘made up’ name. Like Trista Sutter’s Blakesley. And how does someone know how to pronounce it right away? Did you call Jewel? I assume it sounds just like the word ‘case’ but who knows.

emily on

KRS- I’m not the one who has made at least 5 comments about a stinkin name. Get a life,perhaps…

M! on

I love when people come back to check comments and then tell the other person to “get a life”

Margie on

Well Ty kept his word;) When he lost DWTS said he was going home & make some babies. Congrats to them both wonderful when parents that really really want children and have experienced difficulty conceiving finally get their GIFT. All the best!!!

Margie on

BTW as for the name. Nice bullridin’ cowboy name.

Sara on

For all those who said “I know how to pronounce it:” How do you even know you’re pronouncing it right? Who said it’s “Casey” not “Case?”

I’m just asking because I haven’t heard it pronoucned on TV or anything, so I still think it could be either. I like Casey for a boy, but not Kase … it’s just too confusing. That’s just my opinion, though.

Dee on

I wish people would stop attributing “weird” names to celebrities or as a new fangled thing. Perhaps people should do some research first and look at logs of early American names. I am a teacher and I encounter “weird”, “different” and “unique” names so much that is fails to be any of those adjectives anymore.

KRS on

Ha, thanks for the great advice once again, Emily! Please refer yourself to M’s comment, directly below your last one, and be sure to have a nice day!

soph on

Too funny…hey, KRS? Since you’re so unaware, I’ll clue you in…”have a nice day” is pretty much the same as “get a life.” Sorry dear.

KRS on

No not at all, Soph. Don’t know what you’re on about, but glad to see you’ve joined in. Not at all surprised to see you using the old super-condescending “sorry dear” stuff. Come on…time for a new style? Getting too far off topic now…bottom line for me is that the name these people picked for their little boy is one they obviously like, but not one I’d ever use, because I feel bad for any kid with a name that causes other people to go “how do you spell/pronounce that?” Who in the heck needs or wants to deal with that? ‘Nuff said.

Scarlett on

My best friend just named her new little boy Case the day before Jewel had her baby. What are the odds of that. It’s a wonderful name and it’s a family name. My boy name if I had one was going to be Townes for Townes Van Zandt. I think it is a great, orignal name.

soph on

KRS: You keep getting funnier. “Not at all surprised” to see your hypocrisy either. Okay, I’ll spell it out for you. Pointing out M’s comment (by the way, it’s sweet that you need someone else to fight your battles for you) to Emily is hilarious because what M said applies to you as well. “Have a nice day” is just as passive-aggressive and condescending as “get a life.” And your “bottom line” is one nobody cares about. That’s great that it’s a name you would never use…you had to make multiple posts to let us know it? You got so bent out of shape that Emily threw some jabs your way that you need to get your little last word “nuff said” in. Just funny, is all. Later.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Actually like Kase, not so much when it’s paired with Townes though. Much prefer it to say Cree! – or Kate Hudson’s newborn Bingham/Bing….lol.

carly on

Congrats can’t wait to see pictures. i may not like the name but i love the fact that it is unique. not the common- jack bob joe chris.

KRS. just go away already seriously.

KRS on

All right Soph, since I’m clearly the bigger person, I’ll let you win the “last word” contest, since I’m sure you’ll be back with another sarcastic, patronizing comment recycled from some other thread. Compared to most on here, I’m actually pretty genuine and sincere- you usually won’t find hypocrisy coming from me. I even meant it when I said earlier to have a nice day…that’s my way I guess of defusing silly stuff that’s getting sillier for no good reason. I don’t know – usually works on my kids. Seriously…”throwing jabs”, “fighting battles” “getting bent out of shape”? Good description for some people around here, but not for me.

soph on

LOL! “Since I’m clearly the bigger person”? Oh, best thing someone here has said in a long time. Love it. It’s sad to see your level of delusion regarding these back and forths, but keep thinking whatever you want to think! Have a nice day!

Sophia on

KRS…soph…enough already. No-one cares.

soph on

You obviously did, Sophia. Or do your fingers have a mind of their own?

Pam on

Great Name!!! I have a 12 year old son and his name is Kase….he loves his name and nobody has ever made fun of him for his name!! Although we thought there was only one boy named Kase….congratulations Ty and Jewel!!

Terri on

Why did I think she already had her baby a long time ago? Congratulations to them.

Brianne on

Congratulations, Jewel and Ty! I wish all of you nothing but the very best!!!

krewcat on

I like the name. Its their child, im sure they dont give a rats behind what any of you think.

I would love to know when the “all the school I hated my name” thing kicks in. I have 4 kids, the first 2 with unique spelled names and we have not had one issue at all. My kids love to tell people about their names and what they mean. Kinda sad that so many of you pity kids with unique names like their lives are over before it begins…get a grip..its a name. If all else fails it can be changed later..sheesh!

kay on

Do you need to go online because people in the real world don’t like you, soph? I wouldn’t be surprised. And no, no need to reply, since I can already guess what you’ll say – it’s never new.

soph on

How sweet that you felt the need to say something to me a full week after this story was posted, kay. It’s fun to see which of you morons will follow up a comment with “don’t bother to reply,” and then slink off.

I know you’d love to believe that people in the real world don’t like me. Sorry to say it just isn’t true 🙂 But try to deal, okay?

Tammie on

Congratulations, Such a sweet couple and enjoy your bundle of JOY…

tina on

Love the name. something easy to say. My son’s name is Johnathan with a h in it and people are all the time leaving the h out. He’s got where at 12 he says never mind when its spelled wrong. So even a simple name as Johnathan people only spell it one way and don’t ask if its different.

Kelly on

Congrats to them 🙂 I love the name and cant wait to see pictures of him.. I love these two celebs.