Jessica Alba: I’ll Never Get My Pre-Baby Body Back

07/12/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Allure

Jessica Alba, who is now expecting her second child, says she never quite lost all the baby weight from her first.

“I can’t ever get down to the weight I was before I had Honor,” the actress, 30, tells the August issue of Allure.

“My body’s just different. The jeans just sort of zip up differently, and things hang differently. It’s a miracle what happens, but you definitely are different afterward. Unless you’re Gisele.”

But having a baby had another unexpected effect on Alba: It helped her get more in touch with her own sexuality.

“I was quite shy with it,” she says. “It wasn’t something I embraced until I had my daughter. I saw how incredible and amazing it is to be a woman and to be able to create a life.”

“There’s a reason why certain areas of the body are desirable — because it all leads to reproduction,” she adds. “There’s a science behind it all. It’s not just to sell whatever you’re selling on a billboard or a magazine or a movie.”

The one part of being pregnant that Alba — who next stars in Spy Kids: All the Time in the World — could do without? The scrutiny from the press about her changing body.

“My publicist said the other day, ‘You can’t just be going to the grocery store — you have to be ‘flaunting your baby bump,'” she says. “You’re pregnant. Your stomach is not going to be flat. You’re not ‘flaunting’ it; you’re just walking to the store or across a parking lot.”

— Tim Nudd

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Meghan on

She seems pretty down to earth, and I’m not going to lie, I was entertained by the jab at Gisele. Anyways, I think what her publicist said is true. People think that celebrities are always showing off their bumps to get publicity and while that may be the case sometimes, it’s often just that they’re going about their normal business, except that they’re pregnant.

Jacqui on

After seeing various post-baby bikini pictures of her, it makes me think of the movie Shallow Hal when I read something like this. Regardless of the Hollywood “pressure to be thin” it makes her sound like someone with a seriously distorted body image, and that’s sad.

Indira on

I was gonna say. I saw pictures of her playing football in a bikini on the beach a few months after giving birth.

I haven’t seen her naked but nothing looks to be hanging or have visibly changed much at all. She looks better than anybody i know.

Jillian on

Another magazine cover…..doing good Jessica!

I know what she means about not getting back to pre body. As she said:
-her bodys just different
-things hang differently
-jeans zip up differently
-can’t get down to the weight

I had all of these happen after my daughter. Those last 5-10lbs may not be noticeable but make a huge difference and effect everything!!

When you have a baby, your boobs will slightly hang. I believe that’s what she’s referring to. It happens to many moms.

Nicole on

She’s right; it’s never quite the same. Not bad, just not the same…

Amanda on

Jacqui, just because she looks thin to someone else doesn’t mean her body was the same as before she got pregnant.

I have been lucky that I do lose all my pregnancy weight, or at least I did with my first three (pregnant with #4 still). That doesn’t mean my hips aren’t wider and my boobs sure aren’t what they used to be. I can see veins in places I never saw them before. And even though I got a flat stomach back my belly button is distorted.

So just because I look ‘the same’ with clothes on to some people doesn’t mean I see it the same way. It’s not a change I like but I’ll gladly take it for my kids. Everyone is shallow to some degree, some people just don’t admit to it.

Fran on

I thought she looked way better than Gisele!

Stella Bella on

My hips didn’t get bigger and I got all the baby weight off (plus some), but it seems like my waist got thicker… I bet even Gisele looks a bit different to herself, but it’s not a change anyone else is going to notice so she doesn’t point it out. She’s being paid for illusion and fantasy, after all.

mmh on

I personally like what she said about her sexuality — I couldn’t agree more about how becoming a mother made me feel in that regard…

Terri on

She looks beautiful all the time to me. Pregnant or not, before or after baby.

Jenner on

I think Gisele is hideous. She is really tall, skinny, has little eyes, and plain looks. Jessica Alba is way better.

Stella Bella on

ita, mmh.

Amanda K on

She’s beautiful either way in my book. I enjoy her fashion choices as well and seeing what outfits Honor wears.

Jody on

I don’t see the “jab” at Gisele. All she said is the same thing that Katy Perry, Elizabeth Rohm, Amanda Peete, and the rest state- they feel they can’t reach the standard that “they” feel Gisele has obviously set whether it’s what they look like in the morning or their body.

That’s not a diss, but an acknowledgment.

Toya L. on

I can’t tell her body changed, she looked great before and after her pregnancy. My body still looks great after having kids but these breasts are a different story. Lol

claudiazz on

Would like to see her name this baby, Noble. I think that names goes well with Honor. I have a French aunt named Noble and I have always loved the name.

Ari on

Down to earth? HA! I have worked with her on several different projects (don’t care who believes me or not just realize People is quite widely read and publicized) and down to earth does not describe Jessica Alba. She is one of the nastiest celebrity divas you could ever meet. There are plenty of people in the industry who have vowed to never work with her again for that very reason. Cue the “you must be jealous” comments *eye roll*

K on

Whew, thanks Ari! I really don’t want to sound nasty – she is a beautiful woman and clearly devoted to her adorable daughter – but I was pretty much appalled when I read some of her quotes in Elle last year. She thinks pretty highly of herself to believe she isn’t getting jobs because she is too pretty for them.

John on

No, Jacqui, she does not sound like someone with a “seriously distorted body image.” She sounds like a very normal person who is acutely aware of (and accepting of) the changes her body has undergone. In fact, it’s kind of remarkable how rational she’s being considering that her livelihood has to a great extent been dependent on her amazing looks.

Lily on

Jessica a very pretty and down to eart true mom. Gisele and many other models who got pregnant and never gained weight are on a special diet pill which is sold only in the US. It feeds the baby and not the mom. The other option they prefer to do is to have the labor when they are 8 months pregnant. Ethically it is not recommended by the doctors. However when it comes to Gisele and many other models, procedure is fine with them. Don’t forget their body is the one that created and made them who they are.

Erica on

I wonder if she wants her new baby to be “brown?” lol

Jillian on

I have a friend who also worked with her and had nothing but wonderful things to say! Now Katherine Heigl……another story. Jessica has worked with some of the same people over again. One of the nastiest divas, I am not believing one bit. If that was the case, we would be reading about it all over, like we do with some REAL DIVAS! Things like that don’t stay quiet.

Oh and K, she is getting jobs, I wonder why she would say she wasn’t. Five movies in 2010! Hmmm….

Kristi on

It was Jessica Biel who said she was too pretty to get roles…

Danielle on

I’m sorry. I like Jessica, but the whining is getting old. I distinctly remember that during her first pregnancy, she complained about how she didn’t like what pregnancy was doing to her body. I don’t remember her exact words, but it was something to the effect of her not being comfortable with the way she looked while she was pregnant. So I was honestly shocked when it was announced that she was pregnant again as I had been left with the impression that pregnancy was not something she embraced. My next thought was to wonder how soon it would be before she launched into complaining about how she looks…and here it is!

As Jewel stated beautifully, pregnancy is a privilege that unfortunately some women never get to enjoy. I almost never got to experience it. Yes, I’m still struggling with dropping the weight, but I’m still extremely grateful. Not to say Jessica doesn’t love her kids, but stop complaining already!

Ari on

I have also worked with K Heigl and had a divalicious experience as well. I also believe that people can have different experiences based upon whether or not a celeb is having a good day or a bad day. I have worked with celebs who I have heard nothing but horrible things about and when I finally met/worked them they were wonderful and completely opposite of everything that I had heard.

Jessica Alba however is one celeb that I have worked with countless times. I worked with her on, on Dark Angel, Good Luck Chuck and The Love Guru and the experiences were pretty consistent. I’m glad your friend had a great experience but I have had the opposite. She is a gorgeous woman with a gorgeous daughter but her attitude leaves much to be desired.

jenn on

I have two children, I’m glad I will never have my pre-baby body back..I was far to thin. Women are suppose to have curves : )

Romy on

I used to always hear she was a miserable person, but it seems she is trying to change her reputation now

K on

Jillian, I cannot name one of the movies she’s done in the past year.

This is the article I was referring to. Unfortunately, it isn’t the whole thing, so you don’t get the full effect.

I remembered reading that article about Jessica Biel. Must suck to have so much confidence. Sheesh.

Toya L. on

@Ari – I can definitely see that.

Molly on

Ari, you’re a bad liar. Only idiots believe you ex. Toya who also lies all the time as well. Both of you need to shut up and go away. Thanks

Toya L. on

Roflmfao @ Molly.

Jillian on

For someone that seems to “know” a lot about her, I don’t know how you wouldn’t know about the movies she was in, considering the articles mention some movies. Such as, Spy Kids, Valentines Day, Little Fockers, The Killer Inside Me…..those are the most popular movies. You haven’t seen any of those? Even the article you posted mentions two of the movies.

I found nothing odd, rude, weird, or out of sort in that article. Not sure what you are talking about.

P on


Not to worry girl, you are beautiful, you are still married to Cash, have beautiful children, represent real love today, and are extremely talented.

You could wear a paper sack my friends, and still be on the 25 best looking women in Hollywood today, and still be the one of the most beautiful women around. I have loved you as an actress since I saw you in the movie where you wanted to create s dance school for young adults; I have followed you ever since. Never say never Jessica, you never know what God has for you around the corner. Just continue to walk in addition to whatever else you do for excercise, treat yourself well and eat what’s best for you and your body. God will work everything else out. A true fan!

rawr on

Ok, i read both articles that were listed and did you even read the Jessica Alba article at all Ari? She doesn’t want to be the lead, she picks her roles specifically so when she’s away from her daughter it’s worth it…..the director told her to look pretty instead of you know, acting. You obviously need to re-read that article.

I would have been mad to if I was her! I have heard nothing but good things about Jessica Alba…and who cares what opinions she has of herself, she is gorgeous.

mamawolf on

At 46 I’ve got enough mayhem going on with my body and I didn’t have children….I believe everything you gals are saying about how it changes your body. Power to the mamas of the world!!!

Brandy on

I just gave birth to my 7th child in February. It has been hard work trying to get down to the 125 lb. mark. I agree with Jessica, our bodies after having babies are different. Sometimes for the worst, sometimes better. I just want to be healthy for my kids. I know what pregnancies can do and it’s much deeper than just physical. At least she is being honest.

Lillian Gorham on

IS Alba actually trying to elicit SYMPATHY from us? Exactly WHAT is hanging wrong? Wow-ungrateful much?

Lillian Gorham on

I agree with Jacqui. IF this pampered princess is whining about her body, she needs psychiatric help.

saustin on

Her statements are so true. I do not believe that she has a distorted view of her body. I believe that her statements are correct. It doesn’t matter what size you are or how bueatiful you are. When you have a child you notice the changes in your body and you notice the little things that have changed that will not go back to the way they were before.

I think we tend to judge celebs because we think they have it so easy because it’s human nature. I then end as women we know what she says it true. Whether you are fat, tall, skinny, homely, bueatiful it is all about how you view yourself. Criticism of others only highlights what we do not like about ourselves.

sunrisebeauty on

I love that she is so honest. Grow beautifully and gracefully Jessica, and you will have the heart of most women, who are trying to do the same with out the Botox and plastic surgery!!! Yikes!

Kristy on

I think people forget that she was in this industry from a young age and all this messed up body image is from SOCIETY from the MEDIA and from the industry. This messed up idea that you only look beautiful if you’re stick thin AND have huge boobs and butt, and if you think about it, it’s this gross porn star idea of beauty. I do know some women who happen to look like that, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only idea of beauty. Having a bit of a stomach and hips can be very beautiful (not supporting obesity) and being stick thin can be beautiful as well (if you’re just naturally that way). And honestly, the clothes we choose have a lot to do with it. Of course nearly nobody looks good in a shift dress unless they’re size 00. It’s just absolutely disgusting when our society tells women that there is only one idea of beauty, and you have to have this sick obsession with food (love and hate) to achieve it.