Spotted: Gwyneth Paltrow and Kids Shop In Sardinia

07/12/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Hangin’ with Uncle Steven!

Gwyneth Paltrow and her kids — Apple, 7, and Moses, 5 — spend the day shopping in Porto Cervo with her godfather, director Steven Spielberg.

The actress, 38, has been baring her bikini body lately while vacationing near the island of Sardinia with her tots.

Where’s Chris Martin? Touring with Coldplay, who are promoting their new EP, Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall.

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jordan on

Apple looks just like her mother.

Moses looks like he’ll be a big kid 🙂 (I say that in a nice way)

annachestnut on

ugly dress on Gwen

kendrajoi on

Apple is Gwyn’s mini-me!

Mia on

Both kids look exactly alike + both look like their father–same eyes/nose/mouth..etc-I don’t see any of Gwyneth–except maybe the blonde hair.

Terri on

Looks like a fun family trip. Cute kids!

mickey on

Adorable family pic. My favorite actress. Apple looks a lot like the grandma Blythe.

Cammy on

Love Apple’s shoes – they really look like the leather sandals you’d find in Italy. Wow, Moses has changed so much – a really big boy now. And I disagree that Gweneth’s dress is “ugly” – I think it’s quite beautiful. Since Gweneth and her husband Chris have similar looks the kids actually look quite a lot like her and him.

Kat on

I don’t know how you wear a dress like that without a bra. I’d be worried I’d snag it and flash everyone!

Taddie on

Apple is so odd looking. I now understand why Gwyneth only calls Moses gorgeous and says nothing about Apple in that nature.

Cee on

odd looking? really?

that little girl is gorgeous.

i don’t get how people can say such rude things about a child!

soph on

I think Apple has Gwyneth’s mouth. Pretty dresses on both.

Taddie on

How is calling a child not cute rude? I didn’t know saying how gorgeous or beautiful a child is even if they aren’t makes you nice or mean person. There isn’t anything wrong with being honest and saying a child, particularly Apple, is odd looking or not cute if they are.

Cee on

just a thought…maybe if someone called you odd looking, you would find it rude.

Elisa on

Appel is odd? Only if it’s because she is TOO cute. She’s a dool. Loved her sandals too.

I think both kids look alike both parents.

dsfg on

Taddie, you’re right that you don’t have to say a child is gorgeous if he/she isn’t–but you also don’t have to comment at all. There’s absolutely no reason to say Apple, or any child, isn’t gorgeous/cute. No one is forcing you to comment. You left a nasty comment of your own free will and I wonder how that makes you feel about yourself.

Cecelia on

I can’t believe how big these two are!

As for Taddie, of course you don’t have to think every child is cute, adorable, beautiful, etc. That said, don’t comment. Your first statement would of course raise eyebrows because you’re attempting to say that Gwyneth thinks her daughter is “ugly” in comparison to her son.

Rita on

dsfg-Sorry, I have to be one to honestly point out Apple is not a cute child point blank and that is apparently making a couple of you upset but get over it. I can comment all I want just as you have the freedom to do so as well. If you don’t like what I think, then don’t read or respond it. I don’t have to lie and say she is beautiful like some of you are doing and I won’t be required to do so in order to leave a comment.

Cecelia-Look it up, Gwyneth has made multiple statements regarding how attractive her son is but nothing of the sort has been stated about her daughter. Gwyneth has even gone as far as stating that looking at how gorgeous her son is often makes reconsider having more.

If you don’t want to hear about how unattractive a child is then don’t comment on how beautiful they are, it goes both ways!

Jennifer on

To all those with the nasty and uncalled for remarks about these perfectly wonderful children – I DARE YOU to put up a photo of your children (heck even yourself) and then let us have a go… just because you are entitled to an opinion doesn’t mean you have to share every thought that enters your head. Didn’t your mother ever teach you “if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all”? It’s called manners, class, and tact – give it a try.

Amanda K on

Cute pic

Rita on

I DARE YOU to post a picture of yourself or your kids and we will see how creditable your assessment is. Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to lie and be honest, if not take note and follow. You are just upset that someone doesn’t think these kids are perfect or wonderful as you stated. Get over yourself! You are biased and completely oblivious since you like this family for whatever reason!

Remmy on

Oh shut up, all of you. Cripes.

hannah on

I agree she’s not the most attractive child. BUT a lot of people are testaments to the whole “growing into their looks” I think as she grows older she’ll become prettier and prettier.

Luciana on

Get a life, people!!!

Fab on

Y’all are some creepy Jackazz’s on this post… LMAO… Going back and forth over how a child looks…. Some idiots really have nothing better to do than talk about other people’s children…. SMDH!!!!!!

dsfg on

Rita, no one is lying when they say they think Apple is beautiful, they just happen to have a different opinion than you do. And of course it is your right to offer your opinions, no matter how nasty and rude they are. I just don’t see the point in being mean, but hey, if that makes you feel better about yourself . . .

Indira on

her daughter is very english looking and to me looks like chris.

Taddie on

dsfg-I don’t see the point in pointing out that having a different opinion in terms of Apple’s non-existing outward beauty makes me or anyone who shares the same opinion mean. I hope you feel great about yourself and consider yourself a lovely person since you see Apple “beautiful,” ridiculous!

Brooke on

I cannot believe that Apple is 7 already….It seems like yesterday when she had her.

Elizabeth on

I personally think Apple looks like Gwen, though she has her fathers eyes. She is at that lanky stage before a kid shoots up or gets chunkier. Moses is adorable, but not anything more beautiful than Apple in my eyes. They look very similar, though he looks more like his dad.

Wait until Apple is 15 and is tall and modelesque…she’s not an ugly child by any means.

umma on

I’d love to be either Gwen or Kate Middleton. Slender, sleek, rich, with hot hubbies. *sigh*

Aaron P on

ummm no offence but the name apple is like a fruit so idk why someone would name their after fruit!! ummm in other words apple is an ugly name

dsfg on

Taddie, having that opinion doesn’t make you mean, but STATING such a rude opinion IS mean. There are plenty of people I find ugly, but I would NEVER say so. No, I don’t feel like a wonderful person for thinking Apple is beautiful; I think I’m a good person because I do not make nasty comments about other people.

KRS on

People who hide behind the anonymity of the internet to say things they’d never have the balls to say to a person’s face are unbelievable. Taddie – would you tell Gwyneth (or any parent) to their face that their child is odd looking? Of course you wouldn’t – because that is a really hurtful thing to say to someone. Saying it here just because you don’t have to face any consequences just makes you a bit of a coward.

Lolly on

I think Apple is very pretty. She’s got a lovely, delicate oval face. Very different from her mother’s face, which is more square shaped.