Bethenny Frankel Considering a Second Child

07/12/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
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It’s official: Bethenny Frankel has a mover and a shaker on her hands when it comes to 14-month-old daughter Bryn Casey.

“This week she started walking. She’s flying now,” the reality star, 40, told PEOPLE while promoting her latest product,ย Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse & Restore on Monday.

“It went from 12 steps, no pun intended, to now fully walking through the house.”

And as Bryn reaches another major milestone, Frankel and husband Jason Hoppy may soon have news of their own to celebrate.

“We’re talking about [having another baby], but not really actively trying,” she reveals.

“There’s anxiety because of my age to be honest, but I don’t want to make choices based on fear. You never want to make a fear-based decision like, ‘Oh my God, I’m 40, we have to have a kid now.'”

Instead, Frankel adds, she plans on rolling with the punches and letting life follow its own course. “Someone said to me,’You will never regret having another one, but you may regret not having another one,’ so that’s weighing heavily on me.”

However, whether the couple decide to eventually expand their family or not, Frankel admits she already has a full plate — but has mastered the balancing act.

“I have a lot going on. I’m able to give Bryn a home-cooked meal every night and every day,” she says. “I get to be with her all the time, she travels with me. I’m able to be a great mother and still do everything I need to do with work.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Thailan Pham

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andi on

Whats wrong with having one child? Seems like so much pressure is put upon us mom’s with only children. All I would say to Bethenney is to enjoy Brynn as much as possible and if another child doesn’t come into the mix, it’s ok!

NM on

Andi-I don’t see anywhere in this article where she said, there is something wrong with having one child. A lot of people only have one. I have 5, and couldn’t imagine only having one. Sounds to me, like she would really like to giver her daughter a sibling. There’s nothing wrong with that either.

JozieP on

Hi Andi,
I absolutely agree with you. I have an only Son and was not able to have another as we had a lot of trouble having our child. Having one child is amazing. He gets a lot of our time and energy and loves that. He is also very autonomous and mature. People always ask if he is lonely, but he has all of the modern electronics around, has tons of books and other hobbies and has a circle of good friends, not to mention 14 cousins that we ensure that he spends time with.

I see so many siblings arguing all of the time and fighting and how stressful that can be….so I am happy with my one child. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Being part of a 3-child family myself and my husband being from a 5-child family, I always felt that there wasn’t enough of our parents to go around. If another child comes along…great for you, however, if not, then enjoy the beautiful child that you have right in front of you and give her everything that you can. Good luck!

There is too much pressure to have more than one kid.

Stacy on

Love Love Love Bethany, I had 2 back to back and would do it again in a heart beat. They are each others best friends!!!

melissa on

Bethenny take your time! I see no reason for her to rush into this. Not everyone needs children back to back, nor does medicine force women to have children by a certain age. I just hope if she does have another baby, it is not documented on TV. Her show is boring, in my opinion!

Flipper on

Bethanny theres nothing wrong with one child esp at OUR age, i have one little girl and wouldnt want another we have so much fun together and she gets all my attention, she is sweet and well adjusted there is no reason to have another just to have a sibling for her or because you have to have more than one because society feels you should!

Flipper on

i agree andi and the one who was the first to screech out was one with 5 kids , just because you want a ton of kids doesnt mean everyone NEEDS TO HAVE THEM!!!!

Flipper on

Bethany one child is great, you can give it all of your time and attention how in the world can you satisfy childrens needs having to spread your time and patience with having so many, one child familys are just as happy as ones who feel the need to have so many….

Monie on

I think those of you commenting on the fact that one child should be enough, have issues. Methinks you doth protest too much.

WHERE does it state she (or anyone else, for that matter) doesn’t think one child should be enough? Could she maybe just want to have another child?

Seriously people, if you can’t have any more kids, just say so, instead of begrudging those who can.

JessicaB on

i have 3 and would loved to have had more. was an only child and NEVER wanted a sib, lol. it all works out.

joanne on

Having children is a blessing. Hopefully she will have another one! I think that some parents that only have one (by choice not for other reasons) need to think about down the road. What if something happens to both parents and they are alone. I had put off having children for a while and then when I was able I kept having misscarriages at five months. Then I found out I had cancer. After all was done and I was cleared I adopted two children from birth. They are now 5 and 18 months. I am going to be 44 next month! So waiting isn’t always the best thing. Hopefully she’ll give Jason what he has been saying he wants.

Lady on

I love her, she’s so hilarious…I hope they have another baby!

Anonymous on

Who Gives a CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please let her 15min. be over with

guest on

monie – you are nasty!

Kate on

I think Bethany should go for it before she gets any older.. it is alot more difficult getting pregnant 40+… she does have the money for IVF and she can even adopt if she wanted to. She has options. I am 38 and I have been trying to conceive since last year- it is harder when you’re older, not to mention older eggs are more prone for miscarriage when the embryo starts developing. I dont recommend anyone wait either- I kind of had to being I’m single and been struggling financially. If you can help it, don’t wait.

me on

Don’t kill me! For asking these questions. I have seen how hostile people can get on here. Lol, but isn’t she kind of old to be having another baby at this age? I am asking from a health standpoint aren’t women at this age high risk?

Lily on

who cares?

Chell on

Here is my take on this. Currently I have one son myself. If I have another so be it, if not, that is okay too because the one I have is great!

Yes sometimes it is nice to have siblings and sometimes…well some siblings don’t get along. It is just how it works out. It should be a personal choice with no one putting in their own opinions/pressure.

Yes I see from the article it isn’t stating that she is complaining that people are like only one!? But when you are a parent of one people do ask and I simply state we are having a blast right now. That’s it! I think people just seem to bring it up as mild chitchat….but don’t realize it gets old after awhile. But you just give them a short response and move on!

As long as you are happy with 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 etc kids… that’s all that matters! ๐Ÿ™‚

ERin on

more power to em! Im on my 4th, due in 25 days and it just gets better and better the more you have!

TM on

My husband and I knew before we had children that we were “one-child” people. There are so many things we want to do (traveling, work goals, etc). Not to mention the fact that with the cost of college these days, we could never afford to send more than one to a good school.

Ultimately, as with everything else, families have to make their own decisions based on what works for them.

alise on

Eggs over 40 aren’t exactly ideal, or without risk for Down’s and other syndromes. But to each his own.

Adrienne on

It’s crazy to me that some of these celeb’s babies are starting to walk and stuff at 12,13,16,18 months. My son and daughter both walked at 9 months, without being taught.

Kate on

if you watch the show you would know that her husband wants another one…she is (or on the show was)so happy to have one that a second was not on her radar…I think he was very close to his brother until he died and wants Bryn to experience that.

andi on

I have to disagree a bit with those of you who think that having more than one child is good because “they will always have each other” or “not be lonely”. My daughter is 10 and an only child by choice. She’s far from lonely, has many activities, cousins her age and family who adore her. I’ve actually had people tell me that it’s selfish not to have more children (whatever that means). Also, it’s not a guarantee that siblings will always be close or in each others lives. I don’t look down on big families at all..that’s great if that’s what you want.

victory on

Shoot! I had hoped the headline would be Bethanny and Jason are expecting baby #2. Come on Bethanny, be a good sport, have another.

Sharon on

As the mother of 2 kids, I think there are pro’s and con’s for both parents and kids, whether you have one child, or more. Clearly for the “only child” benefits include more attention and resources from the parents, but cons include not having that sibling companionship, which can feel lonely in both childhood, and into adulthood. For the parents, I think having one child is far easier logistically when they are young, but, when kids grow up, having several adult children can enrich your life even more. But hey, there are pros/cons to having zero kids as well, so people should do what’s right for them and not judge anyone for these choices.

andi on

Well said Sharon ๐Ÿ™‚

mommytoane on

She may not have been saying *oh I don’t want an only child* But she was. Read between the lines. *I’ll regret NOT having another one*….how? How can you regret the life choices you make? How can you regret having one, beautiful prefect child?

Us mom’s and dad’s to onlies always hear how horrible we are. How horrible our child’s life will be. How lonely they will be…we hear nothing but the negatives. There are SOOO MANY positives to one! Theres no right or wrong number to how big a family has to be. Its just what’s right to you. When you look around your family table do you get the feeling that your family is complete? Don’t regret NOT having more. EMBRACE what you have. Stop looking at the world so negatively. Look at it with happiness, and love. You have one child. One wonderful, sweet, perfect child. Don’t fill your head with negative regrets, Don’t let the negative Nancy’s of the world bring you down. Make a decision based on whats in your heart. Not whats in the mind of others.

To all the parents of onlies out there. ๐Ÿ™‚ HELLO! Nice to see so many others of you out there.

Michelle on

At age 40, statistically speaking, there IS absolutely a need to make a decision. We live in a world that believes that almost any woman can have a child in her 40’s. The sad fact is, it’s simply not true, regardless of whether or not you believe one child is enough or not.

Ashley on

Okay, I saw a comment that said only having one is great and we ensure that the kid spends time with his/her 14 cousins… Jason lost his brother and Bethenny is an only child. Bryn doesn’t have any cousins like that so why not give Bryn a playmate if they WANT to?

JS on

There is NOTHING wrong with having one child. I’ve met and know many people that don’t have siblings and they aren’t miserable, lonely people. They are just fine. My mom and grandmother didn’t have any siblings. After having my daughter at 41, we decided to not try for another. We couldn’t be happier (including my daughter). Think before you tell someone being an only child is a negative thing.

Holiday on

It sounds like she WANTS 2 kids though! I love having my 2 kids, but there is a 4.5 year age difference between them and I am a young mom who could space them out since I had plenty of time left (im only 27). The bond between my 5 year old son and 14 month old daughter is the sweetest thing in the world. Every morning when one wakes up before the other they ask where the other is. Even the baby shrugs he shoulders and says “where bubba?” It is wonderful having kids and I cant imagine having just 1.

Capri on

How is that CRAZY Adrienne…every child is different…my goddaughter walked at 7months…others I know not till 13. Some of you women are NASTY…..hope you sleep well at night the way you speak, wow!

Bethenny is too funny & I hope her & Jason have another baby!

Jacqui on

You don’t have a second child to give your first child a sibling or a playmate! It’s seriously disturbing to read how many people think that way.

Holiday on

My dad and grandpa were were only children and both were hard to get along with, selfish and stubborn. After seeing how they turned out I knew I wanted more then 1 kid!

Gina on

She is a typical Jewish woman. Funny, blunt and loves money…

L on

ADRIENNE- you also have to take into consideration Bryn was premature and teeny tiny!! My cousin (coincidentally named Brynn) didn’t walk until she was 15 months. She just wasn’t interested.

Lisa on

This seems to have turned into a one-child or not debate, so let me weigh in. I’m an only child. Am I happy, well-adjusted, etc? Yes. Would I love to have a sibling & feel that I have missed out? YES! I’m actually feeling it more keenly as an adult when I see my friends with their siblings. Even things like choosing a guardian for our children becomes more complicated…we have had to choose outside our family. My father passed away when I was a teenager & my mother is getting up on in years. There will be decision to make that will be solely mine…no one to share the burdens with…or the joy with. When my mom is gone, I will be alone from my family.

My parents were a lot older when they had me, & my father had a much older family from a previous marriage, so they felt that I was enough. I know there are circumstances like this, or where there is infertility, etc that only 1 child is possible. I completely understand this & wouldn’t ever criticize.

But I do feel that purposely choosing just to have 1 child IS selfish. Yes, it was much easier when we only had 1 child, but to watch my 2 daughters interact & have a relationship that I was never able to have is truly amazing & brings tears to my eyes to watch them together. I’m glad to be able to provide them what I missed out on.

If you’re purposely choosing to have 1 child, because of education costs or you want to travel, please think again about your child…about the ramifications now…about the ramifications when they’re older….about the ramifications when you are gone. You can put 2 children through university…maybe they’ll need a job as well, or student loans…so be it. They don’t need everything handed to them on a silver platter & will be better people if it isn’t! Maybe you’ll have to put off travelling for a couple of more years…or just pack them up & go…we do!

jessicad on

I really enjoy the show and relate to Bethenney a lot. I have some of the same issues with my Mother that she has with hers, it’s nice to see a woman who pushed through all that and became successful in her career and a relationship. I’m so thankful to have a daughter because I’m creating what I never had and she has healed me in so many ways I wasn’t expecting, it’s just amazing!

I would love to see them have another child, but if they decide not to of course that’s great too:)

Colene Ruggiero on

Anna you are so WRONG, Bethenny can do what is best for her family.
She has most certainly discussed the matter with her MD. With modern medicine things are different now. Let she & her husband decide what
they wish to do.

Wezzie on

I can tell you what is wrong with having just one, that is all I had and now that I am getting older my Son will be alone and have to deal with al the elderly parents problems all by his self.

Shannon on

Who cares if they’re “actively trying”? T.M.I. alert!!

andi on

Lisa- I chose to have one child and I am not a selfish person. I love my daughter and give her just as much love, attention and guidance as i’m sure you give your kids.

How would you feel if someone thought it was “selfish” to have more than one kid and felt you couldn’t possibly give 2 or more children as much attention as 1 child?

justwondering on

You women who are commenting on this blog and have 4 or 5 children….what on earth are you doing wasting your time reading these mindless articles and then actually using up more time by commenting. Shouldn’t you be spending time with your kids???

Sandy on

I am an only child and I hated it, and most of my friends are only children…..I think it fine if you have just one….but I have 5 (not on purpose) but always knew I would never just have 1….just didn’t seem fair to me…to the child.

Anonymous on

I agree completely with Lisa, I too am an only child. When I think of my childhood I think of one word “lonely” and yes it actually only gets harder as you get older. Recently my mom was ill and I had no one to lean on, to help carry the burden with, it was so hard and I know it will only get harder as my parents age. I now have two amazing children who fight and play but most of all love each other and will always be there for one another. Best of luck Bethany, I hope you are able to have another child and if not choose adoption.

Heidi on

Now that my two girls are 10 and 12 the bond is even stronger. They play together and share events together. Having a sister myself, I will always have a best friend who I can turn to. Besides some of the crazy things they do together, there is no other bond. Bethenny go for it. Bryn will love having a little sibling.

Christal on

I love having two kiddos. I always thought I wanted a three – four kiddos, but I am completely happy to be done after having two. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having one child. I do think the more children you have the less time you have to devote to each child. Something to think about.

Phyl on

Was anyone else out there offended by Gina’s July 12 comment?
Gina, give us some of your wisdom on Irish, Italians, Blacks, Catholics, and White Protestants.

Jen on

My husband is an only child. He has always said it was such a disservice to him, not having any siblings. I won’t go into all of it, but he wanted a big family. We just finished adding to our family and have 4 children and couldn’t be any happier. Each child is a miracle and they teach each other how to be better human beings. They learn to share, relate to others, solve problems, learn teamwork etc. You will never regret having another baby. Your daughter and family will benefit in so many ways.

Mommy of Princesses on

When we got married, the question was when we were going to start a family. After we had our daughter, people wanted to know when we were going to give her a sibling. After we had our second daughter, people are asking when are we going to have a boy. These questions only seem to stop if you have a boy and a girl, like that is the ideal situation. Every family is different, its whatever works for you! Good luck and well wishes Bethany! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anna on

If she wants another one, she should try soon. I am 37 and last summer I lost a baby at 16 weeks to Trisomy 16. In March I had a miscarraige. It’s not always as easy as it looks, espeically at the “advanced maternal age.”

SY on

I’m thinking/hoping this is a set up for a soon to be announcement about a 2nd preganancy. Bet she’s already preggo…

Laura on

I definitely want more than one child. I fought with my sister so much when we were younger but we get along great now. I love having someone to bond with and someone who understands some of my situations like no one else (my parents recently divorced and even though we are adults now, it was still hard. We had each other to lean on) I want my future children to have each other. If they aren’t close well I can’t control that. But at least I’m giving them that option.

Jillian on

She has been talking about considering a second child for a long time. This is nothing new, even if she just said it now, she has said it before. I am a big fan of hers and she will be happy whatever she does. She is a great momma!

Jacqui on

Yes, Phyl. I was offended. I was going to comment, but couldn’t really come up with a nice way of saying what I wanted to say. . . But you did! Thanks!

Jen on

Wow, so many things to comment on.

1. The quote taken from this article: โ€™You will never regret having another one, but you may regret not having another one,โ€™

I am purposely having one child. Why? Because I KNOW that if I had another I would regret it. I in no way think of having another child and feel joy associated with that. I know myself and my sanity and patience level. I also know my salary and my husbands salary. We do not want nor can afford another child. We want a certain lifestyle for ourselves and we are not willing to compromise that. If by making this responsible decision for ourselves which includes the child that is already here makes us selfish then so be it.

2. Having a child for the sole purpose of them not being alone or carrying the burden of caring for their elderly parents is really unfortunate. I’m not raising my child to be a loner. She will no doubt have friends. Best ones at that. I myself have had a best friend for 24 years and her and I are closer than my sister and I will ever be. Which brings up another point. Just because you give your child a sibling that does not guarantee them to be best friends or even like each other and talk at all.

On an ending note, I love how mothers will calls us moms who choose to have 1 child selfish but you don’t hear us shouting back you’re selfish for having so many kids. Especially to the parents that have more than 1 and are struggling financially.

I feel sorry for the parents that feel pressured to have more than one just because society says that’s the norm and anything other than that is selfish. It’s really sad.

Seanaci on

I have an only child. And love him to pieces. I hear from friends all the time “just let nature take it’s course…don’t make the decision for him to be your only…” And I have one friend who tells me all the time “You’re too young to be making the decision to have just one kiddo. Please just really think about it.” My thought on it is this…the decision to have just one child is up to the couple. If Bethany and Hason decide to have another kiddo…be it a surprise or planned…that’s their choice. As is the choice to have just Bryn. Personally, DH and I know our son will be our only. DH is 40…and has medical issues which could make it hard for us to get pregnant again (although, it did not appear to hinder us getting pregnant with our son). Plus, I watch a neighbors little boy 4 days a week for 10 hours a day. And I enjoy sending him home at the end of the day. ๐Ÿ˜›

andi on

I so agree with everything you said Jen! I would never want to be a burden to my kids as I age and would never have another child just so my daughter wouldn’t be the only one to “take care” of me when my husband and I are older. That’s not why you have kids.

Maggie on

Funny – in reading the article, I didn’t take away any of the stuff that keeps popping up in the comments: “pressure” to have another one? Criticizing parents with only children? What?? The only thing I got out of it was that 40 is unarguably pushing your luck in terms of just “thinking” about another baby.

J on

I think it varies from person to person. My mother was an only and then she had 2 kids. My mother was NOT a selfish person, I have a good friend from college who is also an only child and she is NOT selfish. It really varies, I ment someone and she only has 1 son, I ask her why she did not have any more and she said, she has a high power job, and knew that she could only handle one child, HOWEVER, she made sure that her son was in daycare from a young age (to be around other kids) and other stuff. She even told me had when her son was young, people did not realize he was an only child because he was so friend and so NON-selfish!

Jen on

Maggie, I was not commenting on the article itself (Well except for the quote that is) but on the comments I was reading.

Maggie on

Sorry Jen, not sure why you felt targeted. I too was commenting in a general manner on the comments I was reading (and certainly not on yours specifically – why would you think so?). I just found it interesting to see these particular issues come up repeatedly in response to a fairly harmlessly worded article.

On a more personal note, I would tend to agree with Bethenney’s friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

Maura on


Yes, I was also offended by Gina’s comments.

Ladies, did any of you need a internet blog comment thread to decide whether or not you wanted another child? do you really think Bethenny cares what any of you think?

Wake up all of you! Bethenny is only doing these articles to stay relevant. If she doesn’t know how to conceive a baby by natural or through in vitro methods, then how did she conceive Bryn.

Bethenny is one of the most selfish, self-centered woman on television. Her fans amaze me.

Maybe next time she’ll be confused on whether she should get a red stroller or a black stroller. All of you will rush in, debate Bethenny’s big decision, and make inappropriate remarks to each other.

Can’t wait for Bethenny’s tweets on Bryn’s potty training!

Katie on

WHO CARES if you only have one child! It is not going to hurt the child down the road. Think about how many people have lasting feuds with their siblings, these are “friends” that are NOT chosen. Siblings can create more conflict than they are worth! At the end of the day, the child won’t know what it is missing either way. I have read numerous studies recently saying that only children have the same number or more of friends in school as children with siblings do, so they are not lonely.

Heather on

oook…. I’m gonna say something positive here instead of slamming her for being a 40 year old mother with only one baby… Bryn is my favourite celebrity baby. She was born just a few days before my own daughter so it’s been fun watching her on TV this past year. That and she’s just gorgeous. I hope they have a second child. Bethenny seems to have learned from her own experiences how to mother a child and she seems like she’s doing a great job. I didn’t care for her on Real Housewives but I’ve been loving her this past year!

ADM on

When you get right down to it….who really cares?

Patty on

It’s o.k. either way. I have one biological child, and two stepchildren who I consider my own. I must admit that I regret almost monthly not having had another biological child. Unfortunately, an illness required that I had a full hysterectomy when I was only 37 years old, and that blew a big hole in my plans. Whoever gave Bethenny that advice was right on. You don’t ever regret having another, but you do often regret NOT having another. The only other point I will make is this. As my friends and I have gotten older, I have seen the “only child” have to face the aging and then loss of their parents alone. On more than one occasion I have had friends tell me mournfully that they wish they had a sibling to go through it with. Someone to share those trying times with. As both of my parents passed away, I am happy to say I had three other sisters to go through it with. So it’s not just when you are young that you are thankful to have a sibling. Again, I do regret not having had more children, but alas, it was not meant to be. That said, I am grateful to have had one, and still consider myself to have been FULLY blessed ๐Ÿ™‚

Indira on

Ugh, I used to really like Bethenny Frankel but after watching her hysterics on “Bethenny Ever After”, I think they are all a lot better off with her having one child. She doesn’t seem like she has the patience or sanity for two.

Codemo on

Wow…there are a lot of heated emotions here. To those who say having only 1 child is selfish or not fair to the child, I ask you, what is fair? People across the globe deal with many devastating issues every minute–war, famine, disease, you name it. Many things are not fair. Is this really one of them? Regarding not using the cost of education as a determining factor in the number of children one has (i.e., kids can just take out student loans, etc), isn’t it, in fact, responsible to consider how many children one can afford? I think these Celebrity Baby Blogs are fun to read and comment on, but these particular comments surrounding only children confuse me.

Anonymus on

I can’t help it, that woman is sooo ugly – poor kid if he or she ends up looking like her. Get a life people, who cares!

thinksthisisfunny on

Some of these comments are hilarious. If Bettheny wants to have another child at 40, let her…what do you all care? You will not be teaching it, babysitting it, feeding it or probably ever even see the kid except for pictures on some website. And to the smarta** who said why are the bloggers with 5 kids not spending time with them instead of on here…well first off, some women’s children are grown, some women’s children are in bed and furthermore, that is none of your business either. Everyone is always commenting on their perfect lives of bliss with one child and their wonderful lives full of joy with 3, 4 and 5 kids. No one person is right or wrong. It’s a personal choice, not up for debate with a bunch of strangers.

thinksthisisfunny on

Bethenny just got paid one hundred million for her skinny girl margarita brand. I don’t think she needs any advice from any of us. And she probably doesn’t read this blog either, so, it’s like we’re all writing to see ourselves type or something. But to those of you who do read this blog, I think if Bethenny wants another baby at 40, she will have enough money to find the best expert obstetrician and she really doesn’t have to worry about all the care for the child. I just saw her being interviewed on “The View” today and she has nannies that help her. Rich people don’t have the same problems as we “nobodies”.

BBB on

To all of you parents touting your non-lonely only child…you weren’t an only child, you don’t know. I was surrounded by cousins and very close with them, they were LIKE my brothers and sisters. And I had a lot of friends and was involved in many activities, etc. But at the end of the day, yes I was a little lonely. Did it kill me? No. But don’t assume that because your child has their time fully blocked out that they’re not a little lonely being an only child. That doesn’t mean you need to have babies for them to have siblings, just don’t think you know the depths of their minds just because they appear happy.

RKF on

Mommytoane – You completely took her words out of context. She said it’s weighing heavily on her that someone ELSE said, โ€œSomeone said to me,”You will never regret having another one, but you may regret not having another one.” She never implied there is anything wrong with having an only child – it just appears she wants more than one, thus why someone else’s words affected her.

Oh, and Gina please crawl back under your ignorant rock. Way to keep bogus stereotypes alive.

soph on

Um, Jacqui…why is having a second child to give your first a sibling “disturbing”?

Shannon -have you watched her show? It’s one long season of TMI! ๐Ÿ™‚

jax on

who cares

marga on

holy crap. 14 months and she just started walking??? WOWW that is late

Becky on

@Adrienne-Bryn was a preemie so that may have something to do with her not walking until 14 months (or not). My first daughter didn’t walk until she was 14 months but my second daughter just started walking at 9 months. Each and every child is different. It really doesn’t matter. Bryn is still an amazing, beautiful little girl!

Moi on

Adrienne, you do realise that anywhere up to EIGHTEEN MONTHS is considered perfectly NORMAL for a child to start walking, don’t you? Obviously not. If your kids walked at nine months, that actually makes them abnormally early to do so. Good for them, but most kids don’t. It doesn’t matter, because they all get there in the end. Mothers like you who try and one-up on everyone else are the real issue!

Oh, and for the record, my son is eleven months and walking well after also taking his first steps at nine months, so it’s not as though I’m the mother of a child who didn’t walk until they were one and a half getting defensive about it. Look it up. My point is true and valid.

Shel on

She says the quote about “regret not having a child”, pertaining to any future decisions about it, and says that it is a hard decision, so okay??????????? That is clear. But then she goes on to make it sound as if her concern about regret is that she is 40 and feels pressured to have one as in biological time clock ticking. My first thought, and I thought hers was too, when talking about the hard decision as to have one more or not, is the health of the baby from having one at that age or older. but, no, her first thought is just about her selfish self, “should I have one or not before time runs out? Will I regret it if I don’t?” Alot of “I’s” there, me me me. That’s all I hear out of her mouth in this article. Shame on her, just another hollywood selfish person. Yeah and she makes a joke out of her baby’s walking, “12 steps, no pun intended,” she even has to make light about something that servers other people well, who take it seriously, the 12 steps programs such as AA, etc. but no, to her it is just something to joke about, guised under a joke. SHAME ON YOU. Oh and she is only 40? Gee whiz I thought she was at least my age, and I am alot older than that, ha ha

Ernie on

I hate her and her show… She looks much older than 40… Getting skinnier doesn’t always mean get healthier, younger or prettier. Let her have a second child, maybe she will gain much needed pounds.

Romy on

it seems like the only babies Adrienne has ever heard of are her own and the celebs’. Who doesn’t know that it’s normal to walk sometime around 1yo? What a weird jab.

Nellie on

To Chell – I LOVE your comment and couldn’t agree with you more. Very well written.

I adore Bethenny and wish her continued success and happiness in her life.

Jo-An on

I think you should go for it….Never mind about your age…You’re healthy and fit so that won’t be a problem. Plus you’re a good mother so I say “Just do It”

ClaireSamsmom on

Honestly, I kind of agree with Indira. I have watched a bit of Bethenny’s new show and wow…she is very dramatic about things that are not such a big deal. I think it does take alot more patience to have more than one child. When I just had my daughter, life was pretty easy….when ‘ol boy came along….whoa. I had double trouble, and I was spread very thin. And my kids are 3 years apart. Of course, I am sure she will have lots of help, too. My mom was an only child, and she had my sister and I and always has said that she wished she could have had a sibling to share things with and it was particularly hard on her when my grandparents passed away. But, I also don’t see anything wrong with being an only child, either….one of my best friends is an only child and she has an only child too because it took 7 years to concieve her son and finally did through IVF. I have two and we are done…it was what my husband and I wanted…so, to each her own. But, Bethenny…you really should make sure you are calm enough to handle two. Being hysterical will not make it good for you or the kids!

Mira on

This woman makes me cringe.

p on

1 child or 2 children, bethenny is a riot! it’s the wacko duggar family we should all worry about.

and… no child walks at 7 months. ridiculous.

Lisa on

Jaycee Dugard has every right to be wacky yet shes a million times more sane than Bethany… go figure.

Chell on

Thanks Nellie! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow! I came back here to see how heated this blog became…

I have so many thoughts, but I want to be respectful to all the readers.

If the child is and only child…they won’t know the difference because that is the only thing they know of…

If the child is not an only child…they won’t know the difference because that is the only thing they know of…

They only know what they are raised in! Everyone can daydream of what could of been.

It is up to the parent’s to be there for the kid(s) and give them a proper upbringing.

….I think this magazine might need to do a story on the myth’s of how many children one has!

Jules on

Bethenny, don’t take your time. You are going to be 41, you have a hundred and fifty million. What is the problem? Hurry up and have the second kid already. Stop talking about it.

fox on

What does she mean when she says not actively trying? Does that mean they don’t have sex? I don’t understand her sometimes. I have been her fan for forever but some of the things she says confuses me.

p on

“Jaycee Dugard has every right to be wacky yet shes a million times more sane than Bethanyโ€ฆ go figure.

– Lisa on July 13th, 2011

HA! who said jaycee dugard?! I said DUGGAR!!!! think 19+ kids and counting. don’t people read anymore? huh.

p on

“What does she mean when she says not actively trying? Does that mean they donโ€™t have sex? I donโ€™t understand her sometimes. I have been her fan for forever but some of the things she says confuses me.

– fox on July 13th, 2011”

actively trying is all about being in tune with your cycle and watching specifically for ovulation. it’s about taking your temp every morning at the exact same time. it’s about fertility monitors. it’s all about timing — actively coordinating egg release and sex for (hopefully) fertilization. there ya go…

Jillian on

I think she is a great mom on and off camera. Brynn is lucky to have her as a mom. I love her show and think she is an inspiration, and funny!!

Walking at 14 months is normal, especially for a premie.

Fox, not trying would mean using birth control. How is that confusing?!? People have sex daily and aren’t trying to get pregnant. Think about yourself and a time when you were having sex but didn’t want a baby…….

She didn’t have a hard time getting pregnant the first time, so I hope if she tries again it’s just as easy!

joann on

i love bethanny and her show. she should do what good for her . my son is an only and hes great . i was an only until i was 18 same parents. that was great also. bethanny just make sure we see you on tv soon . i miss you show. im so glad you dropped jil the bully.

Jill on

I had infertility for years before and after having our first child. I convinced myself that our child would be just fine as an only child. But the pressures of society to have a second child and questioning why our child did not have a sibling always made me feel bad after trying so hard to have a second child that we really wanted.

Because we really wanted another child it was hard since people always brought up a sore subject asking if we were going to have another child or if our daugther had a sibling. I felt like I had to justify it somehow or explain my infertility by saying it looked like it was not in the cards.

I happened to find supplements for PCOS that I had no idea about and going on 40 I thought I would try them. I figured nothing would work after several failed IVFs and IUIs earlier. The next month I was pregnant!

So my girls are 7 years apart and are so close as sisters. They do not have sibling rivalry and it is a more nurturing relationship. They will each have the benefits of being an only child at times but still have each other as siblings now and later in life. This does give me peace as a parent.

Flipper on

i have one sibling, we were never close and he has moved away , siblings may not be there to help with parents health issues so dont have another child thinking they will “both” bear your burden when you are old………..great to see all the onlies parents on here , our children are well adjusted and not Lonely and disturbed as most people seem to think god forbid if you dont have siblings!

Catca on

My thought on this is why is she making an announcement that she is trying for baby 2? If she is successful, then announce it at that point and we’ll all congratulate her. I know she’s a reality tv star, but that doesn’t make every minute detail of her life our business and fodder for judgment. There is such a thing as discretion.

Lisa on

HA! who said jaycee dugard?! I said DUGGAR!!!! think 19+ kids and counting. donโ€™t people read anymore? huh.

– p on July 13th, 2011

Yours wasn’t even posted yet when I made my comment, mine had nothing to do with yours, HA! spaz

Jillian on

She is not making an announcement. She is answering questions that are asked of her. That is what happens at these events ๐Ÿ™‚

Miss SH on

Quite frankly, I agree with a comment above…I can’t really see Bethenny being able to handle 2 kids very well. And no offense to those say what’s wrong with just one (of course it is fine/great) but the only ppl who would say that are those that have never had 2 or more..or possibly were an only do not know what your missing. Having two children is amazing for the children first of all and amazing for the parents(s) too…really having a sibling was the best gift my parents could have ever given me.

Sylvia on

Bethenny and Jason, I hope you will be blessed with another child. I have a huge regret and that was not being able to have another child. I have regretted it for years because my son really wanted siblings. So I am all for having more children if you can physically and can financially afford them. More importantly it is your personal family decision. I just hope you do, because what that person told you “you will not regret having another one as a matter of fact you will be so happy. The regret will not having another especially if you could have.” So get busy Bethenny and make that second baby! Your husband is a amazing hands on dad so what’s the hesitation all about? I would have as manny as I could with a great man like Jason Hoppy and all that money…get busy!! You are blessed to have the ability to hire help so I really don’t see the problem.

Ali on

Hi Andi and Joze,

I am pretty sure that having one child is great for some people and there is nothing wrong with that. My mother decided to have 2 children coming from a family of 9 brothers and sisters and she was truly considering just having one. The thing that changed her mind was she thought if anything happened to her or my father she didn’t want her child to feel like they were alone. I don’t know what I would do without my brother so don’t knock siblings or having another child the decision extends past the present.

tony on

I don’t see this child coming,But it give a lot of people something to say or do for the next on and on and on, same old s**t.

Marlene on

Enjoy your daughter and husband. If you are lucky enough to have another baby, GREAT. If not, you have a lovely daughter. Enjoy life as it does go by fast.

can't we all just get along on

Isn’t having children about having a family, be it one or fifty one? Love however many you decide to have,or end up having or not having. Everyone has a place and different choices are what makes the world go around and different dynamics aren’t rigth or wrong. I have 5 children myself, and knew I always wanted a big family, others don’t….and that’s wonderful too.