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07/12/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Sarah K. on

I understand that there’s so much to cram into a school day, but it is disappointing that cursive writing is being cut. It is an important skill and I can’t imagine an entire generation of people who can’t write or read cursive. Hopefully, parents in Indiana will take the time to teach their kids themselves, especially if they want their kids to have a signature.

Indira on

What a shame, cursive isn’t only a skill but an art. I had a boyfriend who had the most beautiful cursive handwriting.

dsfg on

Cursive writing isn’t important. There are way more important things to learn in school.

fuzibuni on

Ah how sad! I love reading letters written in cursive. To me it is so dignified and beautiful. It also teaches kids fine motor skills. I still remember learning to write cursive and how much focus it took to control the pencil and keep the line straight.

But I guess no one really writes anymore. It’s all texting things like “LOL” and short hand emails. Soon it will be only the elderly who can write in that lovely cursive script. For young people, looking at cursive will be how it is for us to look at that gorgeous old quill tipped penmanship from the 1800s.

ctopanga on

I’m from Indiana. Personally, I think this is long overdue. Kids will still learn how to write, but the ridiculous lessons on how to exactly shape a cursive letter are overkill. Typing skills are more important in my opinion – and people will still be able to read cursive writing. The majority of cursive I’ve read is completely illegible anyway because most people who write cursive aren’t writing for a teacher or a grade, and thus don’t take as much effort to write legibly. I seriously doubt this will affect people’s ability to read cursive.

Jen DC on

I don’t think not learning to WRITE cursive precludes one from being able to READ cursive.

I am not quite sure how I feel about this development. What, really, is the point as long as printing is still required learning?

12kewkadook on

Her in Italy everything *must* be in cursive. Kids learn it in, like, 2nd grade! Guess we are behind the times!

Lauren on

How are people going to sign things if they can’t write in cursive? Printing your name on a document will just look stupid in years to come.

shannyn on

I live in Nz and im sure I wasnt taught cursive writing and im sure they dont teach it in schools, but I may be wrong. I dont think its important. 🙂

Indira on

Yeah thats another issue you too. It’s all well and good if this is a global development but, I’d hate for my kid to be shorted any part of an education if it’s still part of the curriculum elsewhere. It may seem frivolous now but, you never know what will happen in the future.

marina on

I would never send my children to a school that don’t teach to write in cursive.

Sarah K. on

Indira, I agree. As it stands right now, only children from Indiana won’t be able to write in cursive while every other child graduating from elementary school in the U.S. will. I wouldn’t want my kid to be one of the few kids in the country who can’t do something as basic as writing in cursive

Jillian on

Marina, what would you do if you lived and had a great job in Indiana?

robert mathies on

This is only another stage in the dumbing down of America and the world. Nobody writes a letter. People type rather than learn to write. People text instead of talking to others. People do not read works by authors and journalism is dead. Soundbites replace real news coverage. The schools produce idiots. People buy fake degrees online rather than study. it only gets worse !