How Harper Seven Beckham Got Her Name

07/11/2011 at 12:00 PM ET
Richard Young/Getty

David and Victoria Beckham are spending quiet family time together welcoming their new arrival Harper Seven and relishing their privacy, a rep for the couple tells PEOPLE.

But the question lingers: How did the parents of three boys – Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8½, and Cruz, 6½ – ever arrive at the name Harper for their baby girl, let alone Seven?

It may not be as complicated as you think.

Harper is an old English name that Victoria has always loved, PEOPLE has learned, and seven is considered a very lucky spiritual number.

In addition, Harper Seven was born Sunday morning in L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center weighing 7 lbs. (and 10 oz.) in the seventh hour in the seventh month — on the seventh day of the week.

As sports fans can’t help but also note, seven was David’s jersey number for Manchester United and the English national team.

— Stephen M. Silverman with reporting by Simon Perry

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K on

Hate to break it to you but Sunday is the FIRST day of the week, Saturday is the 7th.

Buki on

In America 1st day of the week is Sunday. Everywhere else it’s Monday.

Tee on

Okay, I’m confused. Wasn’t little Harper born on Sunday? Sunday is the first day of the week, not the seventh day of the week? Am I missing something obvious or is this article misleading in that fact?

Maggie on

The international standard says that Sunday is considered the seventh day of the week. In Europe, calendars begin on Mondays. I assume the Beckhams would follow that tradition? It’s really only in Christian and Islamic countries that Sunday is considered the first day. Just do some Googling, it’s actually quite an interesting topic.

TV on

Hmmm. I have always thought of Sunday as being the seventh day of the week. Maybe it’s because when you think about it in the Bible it says that God rested on the seventh day and the Sabbath day, seventh day or Sunday according to most religions, is supposed to be a day of observance. But then again maybe I’ve been getting it wrong my whole life.

A on

I like the name Harper.

Lucy on

Makes it It’s easy to plan those things with a SCHEDULED c-section doesn’t it?

Maria on

I don’t like the name Harper= but I don’t like names generally that end in “ER” such as sawyer, harper, thatcher, carter, parker, etcetera. I do like their other kids names.

Regarding a scheduled c section- so what!! She had 3 other c section so she was not eligable for a vbac- who cares?!! She gave birth. She has a beautiful family, I bet her daughter is beautiful!

Congrats to them.

zappo on

AAh, explanations! I have been wracking my brain trying to think of what the number meant. Lucy, someone else’s possibly planned c-section would impact your life in what way? Your point is………?

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

I think that is cute!

Erika on

The only thing they really would have been able to plan would be the day she was born. They couldn’t plan the weight or the exact time of birth, and since she was born at 7:55, she very easily could have been born at 8am. They probably didn’t realize and thought it was cool, or were just planning on using it as a middle name coincidentally. I like Harper, and I think the meaning behind Seven is cool.

Anyway, I thought doctors usually scheduled c-sections during the week? This may be a dumb question. I don’t have kids, so I could be totally off, but most of the people I know who have had planned c-sections had their babies on weekdays, because that is just when their doctor scheduled them for. If it is an emergency, of course they do it but I think it just has to do with the way they schedule.

K on

Harper has gotten popular in Hollywood, with Tiffani Thiessen and Neil Patrick Harris both choosing it for their little girls. There may have even been a few others as well.

Crystal on

I love it! I’m very happy for them!

Carli on

When I lived in Italy, the first day of the week was Monday making Sunday the seventh. Maybe it’s the same in all European countries and coming from the U.K. the Beckhams see it as that?

My aunt adopted her dog on 7/7/07 and wanted to incorporate that into the dog’s name; she didn’t like the English ‘Seven’ (I personally think it is an odd word for a name) and decided to go with the German ‘Sieben’ (seven) instead. I probably would have looked to see how ‘seven’ translated into other languages to see if I liked that better if I wanted to use it as my child’s middle name….but I love Harper!!!

TJ on

I have two rhetorical questions. If Sunday is part of the weekEND, how is it the first day of the week? Secondly, why is it okay to give your opinion about the baby’s name, but not the delivery (vaginal or c-section)? Just wondering. 😉

MKH on

Lucky and spiritual? Well, that’s an oxymoron. If they were that spiritual, they wouldn’t believe in luck.

martina on

@TJ – The baby’s name is the parents’ choice. The method of delivery is a medical issue. Unless someone is a doctor delivering the baby in question, how can they know enough to form an opinion?

showbizmom on

I love the name, it means something to them and that’s what’s important. And who really uses middle names? Is it not our right to give our children ridiculous middle names so they can cringe in embarrassment at their graduations? I know my folks did with me. 🙂

@MKH that depends on your definition of spirituality and what your religion is. I’m spiritual and NOT religious and believe in luck and blessings but the two to me aren’t the same thing. A blessing is my daughters. Luck is me finding that extra dollar for the Bay Bridge when I was a dollar short while I was in SF this weekend. But that’s just me.

I was under the impression that scheduled c-sections are normal. I can name like five different moms from my kids school who have had them. None are rich and famous just normal moms.

kimmie on

K, Hate to break it to you but Sunday is the LAST day of the week, everywhere in Europe (which is where Beckhams are from) On top of it, it’s part of the weekEND, so it cannot be the first day of the week, can it… I always thought that the Americans are quite weird about using it as the first day.

K on

Kimmie, here in the US (where Harper was born) the calendar starts on a SUNDAY so yes it actually can be the first day of the week because it is the first day of the week.

Jane on

Harper is an old English SURNAME(male name) Not female. I know plenty of people who go by their middle name. When you give a kid a bad first name it’s nice if they have another name to fall back on. This poor kid has no choice. I find it so weird that Victoria and David were so happy to have a girl yet they didn’t give her a female name. What is it with this name lately anyway? It’s the go to name these days in Hollywood. I think it was played out already back in the early 90s. I bet it will jump in popularity next year. Ugh. I wish people would think for themselves and stop following celebrities.

Jillian on

I think any name that has true meaning is even more beautiful. I like this one!

In regards to the scheduled csection, I don’t get why it’s a big deal. It’s very common. I know so many ppl who have done them, even with their first babies!

melissa on

PEOPLE!!! WHO CARES if you don’t like the name? It’s not your kid. Don’t like it? Don’t name your kid that! Simple as that. Geez! Everyone is sooo rude about it – it’s a name. Who cares?

Hea on

I have never heard of Sunday as the first day of the week. Ever.

denise on

I agree, it’s only the US where sunday is the first day of the week (but why do you call it weekEND??) here in europe sunday is the seventh and last day of the week.

I dislike seven as a name though while I really like the name harper.

Fee on

I like the name Harper! And in my country (in Europe) Monday is the first day of the week, so I guess it depends on tradition 🙂

@Lucy, why do people always have to bash on some women doing things differently? There have been TONS of women delivering their baby through a natural birth without pain killers that aren’t necessarily good mothers, and visa versa. I am not a mother myself, but I just don’t understand the prejudice towards it. Every woman has the right to deliver her baby the way she wants, it does not automatically make her a bad person and certainly not a bad mother.

Elisa on

it’s not only in United States that Sunday is the first day of the week… in Portuguese we call Monday “segunda” which means second! countries with Chritian roots use Sunday as the first the of the week (as it is in the bible)…

abou the name at least there are other Harper girls with that name! if it was a very weird name that no one else had, but this name exists… plus for those who are still talking about it: if it was your child would you like to have the name you had chosen to your kid to be quiestioned like that?

jessicamom#3 on

I live in the US and here in North Carolina I don’t know anyone who considers Sunday the first day of the week. Sunday is the 7th day…the day of rest after 6 days of work. Just because the calander is S-S doens’t mean Sunday starts the week. Sunday is part of the weekEND.

KPR on

How Harper got her name makes sense to me! And before anyone starts griping about her name …. thank goodness she wasn’t named after some edible object. Plus … no matter how hard you all think she is gonna have it because of her name … remember she’s going to be a BECKHAM …. you could name YOUR kid the most typical name in the book … and Harper would still probably have it easier in life in the long run… so ease up!

Kate on

If it was a scheduled c-section for the sake of getting “7” in there as much as possible, why not schedule it for Thursday July 7 rather than Sunday July 10? Maybe assuming that all celebrities schedule their c-sections for personal reasons is inaccurate. Maybe she did just was her doctors advised.

Congrats to them.

Lisa on

Um, what’s so wrong with having a c-section? Seriously, what’s the big deal over it? Personally I’d rather have that then give birth naturally.

Bancie1031 on

I like the name Harper personally …. Does anyone know the middle names of their boys?

M! on

Bancie1031 – Their names are:

Brooklyn Joseph
Romeo James
Cruz David

soph on

“@ Lucy, you know what? STFU you judgemental idiot. It’s possible that she wasn’t able to have a natural birth and no matter what the reason, it is none of your business. Why do you hate people so much for not conforming to your idea of what a birth should be? You’re just as bad as that bitch Sarah who made a similar comment on the birth announcement. Perhaps she and you are the same person. Either way, both of you are judgemental bitches.”

Wow, e, are we PMSing today?

Funny how the usual harpies who love to call any comment “rude” and “unnecessary” are not pointing out this extremely scary and nasty post…

Anonymous on

Saturday is the seventh day of the week and Sunday is the first. Just google it! Weirdos

Carmen on

I grew up thinking on the 7th day the Lord rested.. that would be Sunday… so yeah,Sunday is the 7th day of the week.

anne on

whats wrong with scheduling a c-section?? my friend was due on aug 10, 2008 and asked her doctor if she could deliver on 8/8/08. he said fine. so now he has a cool birthday. if they baby is going to born healthy, whats wrong with making the birth day a little interesting??

Mia on

Sunday-is the 7th day…that’s why “Saturday/Sunday” is called the “week-end”

anne on

whats wrong with scheduling a c-section to make the birth day a little interesting??? if they babe is ready and healthy, then why not?!

Linda on

To all those people criticizing the choice of the baby’s name, all I have to say is “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet”. Remember, its just a name and its not your kid

J on

I agree with you Soph.

Maggie on

“Harper Beckham” works! Unfortunately, here in Canada “Harper” is our oft-reviled Prime Minister…

Shawna on

You all do realize that the person who wrote this article about how they chose the name is not actually speaking for them right? They are just guessing as is everyone else. So why are you all acting as this is some real explanation? Until the Beckham’s say how they chose the name you won’t know.


A C-Section should NEVER be an elective surgery. EVER. Any doctor who performs them just because the woman doesn’t want to feel pain or for any other ridiculous/petty reason is just plain irresponsible/unethical. No woman with a SANE mind would have such a serious type of surgery unless it really had to be done. C-Sections should only be reserved for emergencies/when it is medically necessary.

I’m sure Victoria had another C-Section because of a medical reason though as seeing all of her other kids had to be delivered by C-Section. I’m not going to criticize her for it. So I understand. As for the women who can’t stand to go through any pain, so what if vaginal birth hurts? That’s part of being a woman. A multitude of pain drugs are available. But the end result is so worth it. Any woman who uses the “I hate pain” excuse is just a wuss.

ton on

In Europe Sunday is considered as the 7th day of the week.

Bree on

According to the Bible God rested on the seventh day and that became the Sabbath so I agree that although according to the calender Sunday is the first day Sunday is the seventh day.

Not a huge fan of the name but don’t hate it either but then my opinion really doesn’t matter. She is their daughter and it is not my place or anyone else to judge the name they choose for THEIR CHILD!!

We told my MIL yesterday the name we had choose for our daughter who is due in November and she flipped because it was not the name she thought it was and it was not ultra traditional in her opinion. Who cares!! Parents choose names based on a mutitude of reasons and as long as they are happy with it and are loving responsible parents it really should not matter.

Congrats to the Beckham family on baby Harper Seven, may you all have a lifetime of happiness 🙂