Miranda Kerr: ‘I Thought I Was Going to Die’ Delivering Flynn

07/11/2011 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy InStyle Australia

Childbirth was a bit of a nightmare for Miranda Kerr, but at least she has a dream husband with whom to raise sonΒ Flynn.

“I actually thought I was going to die at one point and left my body,” the model, 28, tells InStyle Australia of the delivery back in January. “I was looking down on myself – the pain was so intense.”

“I kept thinking, ‘How do women do this?’ But if other women have done this, I can do it too. I was determined.”

Six months later, Kerr and her husband, Orlando Bloom, are happily raising Flynn. And Kerr reveals that Bloom is a very hands-on father.

“It’s whoever has their hands free,” she says of the parenting duties. ‘When I’m not working we don’t have a nanny. Some nights we have a lady who comes in to help out, but [Flynn] is getting better at sleeping now, so not as often. And if I need to get on a plane for one day of work, I pump my milk and put it into the freezer for Orlando.”

A Victoria’s Secret model since 2007, Kerr is back in shape following the pregnancy. But she says she was never preoccupied with how it would affect her famous figure.

“[Flynn is] a big baby, 4.5 kilograms [almost 10 pounds] at birth,” she says. “And I thought to myself, ‘I have so much more that I want to do aside from modeling. I can live with my body not being in shape if I have a healthy son. It’s worth it.'”

— Tim Nudd

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Stella Bella on

I didn’t feel like I was going to die when I was in transition with my daughter, but I do remember thinking “this is what death must feel like”. And in a way, I suppose it is a sort of death- the death of the old you and birth of a mother.

mmh on

I definitely remember feeling out of my body while delivering my baby… Surreal but amazing!!!

joan on

That’s why there are drugs to help with the pain, child.

No one expects you to do it the way women did it in the beginning. There doesn’t have to be pain. I don’t see how it can be an enjoyable experience with pain.

Anonymous on

I am glad to hear someone else feel like they were going to die. With my first I actually asked my husband if I could go home, believing that if I left the hospital the pain would go away and when he said no I thought well I guess I could just die then, I was definitely delusional from the pain. It could have not been as bad as I thought I went on to have two more!

Anna on

It’s well known that Miranda had a very long and hard labour so of course she felt like she was going to die!

MKH on

I can so relate to her statement about feeling like she was going to die and it being an out-of-body experience. Mine was a rough labor and I was literally delirious from the pain. I remember at one point being in so much pain, I couldn’t tell who my husband was…I just saw all these people in scrubs looking at me and I felt “other worldly.”

I’m glad people are speaking up and getting things like this out in the open so other mothers don’t feel so alone or strange. I had two more children, so I didn’t die (LOL!) but I really felt that way with the first one.

Debbie K on

I understand her completely, I had 3 babies 2 with epidural which was heaven and my second child came out flying at home labor and delivery was only for 30 mins (thank god) but no epidural and I screamed like a mad woman and kept saying Oh my God I am going to die hahahaha, My labour and delivery was so short, so I can imagine poor Miranda whose labour was super long!!! She did it, Kudos you’re a champ no doubt about it…

Leigh on

Joan –

Wow. The condescension just drips off of that comment. The “child,” in particular.

It’s a personal choice. Some women choose drugs, some don’t. I personally didn’t, but I wasn’t aware that meant I couldn’t talk about my labor and delivery. Now I know.

My best friend had an epidural, and I held her hand the entire time. Why? Because it was her choice, not mine.

J on

I agree Leigh.

kimmie on

I had a long labour with lots of pain which I enjoyed. I was hurting and loved it because my precious baby girl was coming !

Mia on

With the existence of modern medicine-I don’t understand why anybody would put themselves through such excrutiating pain + possibly risk themsleves/the baby (via shock)–when they can make it a lot more painless experience–Yes-women have been delivering children for 1000 of years (i.e naturally)…but that doesn’t mean you have to-why would you?–Everybody has a different pain level/threshold….but it just seems irresponsible to put yourself through that + just go beyond your pride to make a little easier/safer experience.

-As Chris Rock says-“You can drive a car with your feet if you want–but that doesn’t make it a good idea”–Glad everybody was safe.

anon1 on

Mia and all others who wonder why natural birth here is a link comparing natural birth to medicated birt…http://www.suite101.com/content/natural-birth-vs–medicated-birth-a6881
natural birth is not for everyone but i don’t understand why everyone must judge others decisions on the birth of their own children. there are benefits to a natural birth and different benefits to a medicated birth.

Indira on

The pain of child birth as far as I know doesn’t permanently damage mother or child. The drugs to numb the pain can actually make labor more difficult(because the mom can’t feel) and have sometimes hurt the baby. I think personally I’d want to experience natural labor as everyone who speaks of it doesn’t seem to have any regrets. I’ve never known anyone who went a drug-free birth to epidural the second time around.

Jillian on

I totally get what she is saying! I had naturally childbirth with my daughter and while it was painful, I don’t regret a second of it!

Indiria, I agree with you!!

Mia, why is it irresponsible to put yourself through that much pain? It’s not unsafe. If it was, the doctor wouldn’t allow it. Easier, why does it need to be easier? I was happy to feel everything., rather than being numb and feeling nothing as some do.

Kate on

Mia, joan and others who don’t understand: you don’t have to, no one’s perfect.

CH on

i have to agree with Miranda. I had the same experience and TRUST me, it’s NOT because i wanted to! I have 4 kids, with the 1st I felt all contractions like a mild cramp. no biggie! The 2nd i flet a little more pain, nurse suggested an epi, i took it just because! But when the 3rd and ONLY girl came, it was a WHOLE OTHER STORY! My water broke and exactly 2hrs later she was out!

Problem was getting to 10 centimeters in 2 hours literally put me in shock from all the pain i was going through. There were so many family, friends, docs & nurses in my room that it was a party, but because of my pain everything went white and slient. The shock made me feel like i wasn’t in the same room with everyone else. It was a really bad experience and wouldnt wish it on any other human!

I understand the want have a med-free birth, & i believe my other labors might have worked medi-free, but i REALLY understand meds ALL the way!

Lauren on

I’m glad to hear her say something real for once– the photo shoot at six weeks post partum and all the gushing about how totally awesome everything is was getting a little old. Though honestly, if you think you’re doing to die, isn’t that the time you ask for drugs? Seriously. This is a first world country and there is no need to put yourself through that just to prove a point.

Mia on

There should be a balance-I understand not wanting to be numb–but it seems more stressful to put yourself through beyond normal pain when there is modern medicine to make it less stressful than compromising yourself with being in so much pain/death-like–just seems like “too much” + good to put your pride aside instead of going through long + painful labors that are not necessary today.

Nella on

I am glad Miranda is so honest about her experience with childbirth…I had a a few friends of mine who haven’t had the best child birthing experiences and were in a lot of pain during their labor, two of them actually had epidural, but still went through agony and pain.

It’s refreshing to hear someone be so honest about it, we all have options how we want the birth to go and I think that every woman has a right to her own option, whether that’s drug free, epidural or csection and that should be respected. It’s an individual choice and different things work for different women.

I just hear so many celebs talk about childbirth as if it’s the easiest thing in the world, when in so many cases that is not the case, granted there are some women that do not experience a lot of pain, but in most of the world some pain is involved and that’s okay. I’m glad everything went well for her and that now she has a healthy, beautiful baby boy.

kim on

refreshing to see such a candid commentary- i’m sure we all remember gisele’s recounting of her natural childbirth that didn’t hurt.

Heather on

I had an epidural with my first and a natural birth with my second. In my case, my first labor was more painful even with the epidural, but I had pitocin so that was probably part of it. Even though my natural birth wasn’t very painful, I was definitely in my own world. It really did feel like an out of body experience once I hit 7 cm. I felt like it took hours but when I asked my CNM later she said it had only been about 20 minutes from transition to pushing.

I really feel for Miranda Kerr. Personally, I would have asked for pain relief at that point, but it’s her choice. She may have had very strong reasons for wanting a pain med free birth. Or maybe she was just in so much pain that she couldn’t ask for it.

jessicad on

Sounds like a wonderful experience! I had an epidural with my daughter but if I ever have another child I will to go drug free, so many things went wrong with my epidural and I was miserable during labor and for hours after. Plus she had to go to the NICU right after delivery for a few hours, my body was so stressed and it made her heart rate go crazy, it was awful.

My sister gave birth a few months ago with no drugs and it was amazing to watch. I went with the nurses to take my nephew to the nursery and by the time I got back she was up and showering looking like a million bucks!

Robin on

Try having a c-section with an epidural that DIDN’T WORK. Then we’ll talk pain.

skunknuggets on

I had a tough natural childbirth with my third child, but it was still totally worth it. I’d had an epidural with my first two (including a c-section with my first child) and it was awful. The sinking feeling of being paralyzed was horrible. My fourth child was also natural and was totally awesome. I truly wish every woman could have a birth like that b/c it was so wonderful.

Jennifer on

YAY Robin! You win the real woman award.

I mean, that’s what you’re all competing for, right?

Mira on

Good for Miranda! I like her and respect her for the choices she’s making as a mother.

All those wondering oh so sanctimoniously about why anyone would forgo drugs, should probably read up a bit about the drugs side effects and risks.

blessedwithboys on

Love this article!

Shannon on

Well duh!

Melissa on

I planned on a natural birth with my now 20 month old daughter, but we had some complications and the doctor advised I get the epidural. Approx 2 hours before I was ready to push, some 12 hours later, it wore off, and I felt everything. The monitor wasn’t working so my doctor told me that I had to let her know when I was ready to push. 10 minutes, 3 pushes and she was here. Shortly after, I was walking around with no problem and was able to take a shower. My daughter was brought to me after a short amount of time and hasn’t left my side yet.

I was always against the epidural and thought women who got it were looking for the easy way out, but after having it, i see that it’s really not such a bad thing. To each his own…right?

Anonymous on

it’s annoying how some women believe the epidural works on others b/c it did for them…FYI: it does not work on every single woman…each person is different. Just come prepared with a good support system to keep you calm during the labor process. I will say, in the end, the pain was all worth it πŸ™‚

victoriaq on

mia- OMG that sounds awful! a c section with no pain meds? yikes-

i personally would not out any drugs into my body voluntarily but that is just me- for me birth is supposed to be natural and it is such an amazing experience- while it was not pain free- i felt that was a part of it and i am proud of doing it without any drugs (and that i am deathly afraid of needles!!!)

power to each side- it is very personal choice- good for miranda for birthing nauturally and not going the elective seciton route..

RachelJane on

Of course, by the time she felt like she was going to die she could have been too far gone for an epidural.

Sheri on

Robin: As a healthcare professional (yes, I work in L&D), I can tell you no doctor will EVER do a C-section on an un-anesthetized woman. If the epidural doesn’t work, they go with either a spinal or a general. Nice try, though, honey!

Robin on

Sheri, were you in the OR with me? I had an epidural that they tried to convert for surgical purposes. It didn’t take. This is a documented complication of epidurals. They would not give me anything further for the pain until my son was out, because I’d been in labor for 25 hours and he was completely wedged in there. Once he was out I was given further pain medications.

The anesthesiologist was cited by the state board after being reported by every nurse that was in that OR with me, and I think the OB reported him too.

L&D is pain. Plain and simply. I wasn’t trying to show anyone up, I was just saying in my own way “Meh, we’ve all been there. That’s nothing new.”

sue on

Jennifer – haha, good point! I hate how these types of stories always turn into a pi**ing contest over whose experience was the worst.

fuzibuni on

For everyone wondering why she didn’t get an epidural… Didn’t Miranda have a home birth?

Janie on

Mia, you are seriously uneducated about childbirth. Putting themselves at risk by going natural?? It’s actually the other way around. Any medications taken during birth put the mother/baby at risk. Do some research on this before you birth, please.

And it’s not irresponsible to have a natural birth, it’s quite the opposite–it’s the safest way (barring any abnormal complications) to birth. Our bodies know how to birth and if we listen to our bodies and are allowed to birth naturally, that is what is best for our babies.

Tiff on

People need to do what works for them, period. Motherhood isn’t a race or a game, so I don’t get the egos on some women who act like they ‘won’ something or they’re ‘better’ than others because they gave birth in whatever way. Like they’re some sort of champion. Are some people really so desperate to feel superior about something that THIS is what they choose? Since when is the way you gave birth something to be obnoxious about? Embarrassing and tragic. All this henhouse squabbling about which method is more ‘real’, ‘amazing’ or just ‘better’, is pathetic.

Kate on

Robin, do you really think anyone would believe you had c-section without being put under if your epidural didn’t work? wow, this site always keeps me entertained.

showbizmom on

I’m no doctor, but I too have heard about women like Robin. It is possible. Not saying it’s normal practices, but it’s been proven to happen.

My first I had a epi and I swear to this day it didn’t work and I let everyone in the room know I was going to sue them. With my second, I had no time, I went into labor and boom she was out before we knew it. Birth is no joke, yes we are made to ‘handle’ it but it still sucks and hurts beyond belief.

Kay on

What I never understand about the natural vs epidural birth argument is what it always has to become an argument.

I had an epidural as did many of my friends but I also have friends that went natural and you know what, we all had healthy babies and we are all healthy moms and no one is any more or less of a mom because of their birth plan. Wouldn’t parenthood be so much better if parents could just support one another and celebrate having healthy moms and babies instead of competing for who chose the best options along the way??

Congrats to Miranda for making it through her birth plan and congrats to every other woman out there that made it through her own birth plan… whatever plan that may have been.

cn tower on

Thank you!! Your comment is by far the best on this board. I couldn’t care less about whether or not anyone else chooses to have an epidural or not.

I did and I would do it again. I have a healthy baby girl and had no problem pushing! I also have a friend who had a completely drug-free birth and her little boy came out perfect and healthy too.

To each her own and women shouldn’t feel inferior or superior for whatever decision they made or will make during child birth (I think you should feel proud in any circumstance because you have carried and brought earthside a brand new baby)! How about some more support ladies, becoming a mother is wonderful, but challenging and women could do with a lot less judgement… Especially from other mothers!

ecl on

People who say it’s all the same are wrong. Epidurals slow down labors and lead to increased interventions which increase the chances of a c-section. C-sections on average are less healthy for mother and baby. I say all this even though I had an epidural. I was not about to go through all that pain. I don’t understand why people who get epidurals get all defensive about it. You weighed the options and risks and made a choice, but don’t act as though that choice doesn’t have drawbacks because it does! And natural childbirth has a drawback as well – pain!

jessica on

For those who don’t believe Robins story of the anesthesia/epidural not working, I have two family members who went through the same thing. Given its a small percentage of people, but don’t rule it out. She’s not claiming to be superwoman but a lot of women here are sharing their birth stories why can’t she?

Miss Ann on

@ Joan … Amen.

Jillian M on

So glad more people are deciding to have natural births! I delivered a 9lb. 4 oz. baby without an epidural and while the pain was overwhelming, I loved being able to be cognizant during the birth, I was free to get up and walk around within an hour of delivery, and it just felt so amazing to know that I wanted a natural birth and accomplished the feat.

More than anything though, it’s about the health of the mother and child. Many women have intended on natural births and have had to have C-sections. Conversely, mother’s intent on epidurals have arrived too late to receive one. I just think women need to research on their own, make their own decisions, and then also be open to knowing that any birth plan can change at any moment.

Ruthella on

I don’t know about the States, but here in the UK not everyone has the option of an epidural anyway. I’ve had three babies (two 9lbers and an 8lber) naturally, simply because I had no other choice!

Sara on

I too had a C-section with an epi that didn’t work with my firstborn. Thank God halfway through with me screaming after being told it was “just pressure and tugging” I felt them put me under after I proved to them I could feel EVERYTHING with the HOT, COLD, PINCH, TICKLE, test. I too was in labor for more than 24hrs after my water broke and it was an emergency C-section.

Turns out that a car accident I had from years before severed the connection that would have sent the message to shut off the pain receptors. Hospital apologized profusely and when I went in to have my 2nd child a few years later, they treated me like royalty and knew much better how to handle the pain. Robin is telling the truth. These things DO happen!

Toya L. on

I never had meds either and I filled out the paperwork to receive epidurals when I pre-registered at the hospitals. I dialated to quick and couldn’t get one but If I could have, I would have faster than I can blink my eyes.

joan on

@ leigh,

I am old enough where i can call many people child. And after reading the article, it did not sound like a pleasant experience for her. And why did she put herself through it? There was no reason to. Personal reasons or not, (and medically, there is evidence to show that epidurals do not harm the baby and can actually be better because there is less stress on the mother) why have so much pain to the point where you think you are going to die? Childbirth is supposed to be a great experience, and hers definitely was not.

the phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ does not apply to childbirth ladies, beleive me.

joan on

to think that natural = pain is totally silly, children.

you don’t have to experience pain to experience childbirth.

Renee on

I had an epidural but before that I had the “I’m going to die” and out of body experience. It’s scary but when I look back on it that pain was so empowering. For anyone who can labour drug free. Well done and you should be proud of your body and willpower for enabling you to do that πŸ™‚ Why must women try and turn everything into a competition?

Amanda K on

I think it’s a personal choice whether or not to give birth with or without drugs. I think we should try and support each other as women rather than compete in this sense.

Mia on

I know enough about it-not uneducated–my point has nothing to do with “side-effects of meds” or natural childbirth (i.e no meds)-my point being is if someone is putting themselves through that much pain + feel like they are going to die/or might die–or go into shock from being in so much pain-why would you do that?–It does seem risky/irresponsible to put yourself in a compromising position when the experience can be a little less painful + easier going with all that modern medicine has to offer….Yes-women have been giving birth naturally/no meds for years + years-but that was because there wasn’t modern medicine back then–and now there is to make it easier/a little less stressful for all parties involved–or women that go through 20, 30, 40+ hours of labor…when it’s just putting a risk to the baby-it’s just risky + the intense pain levels would create more stress.

–If I have ever kids someday + give birth (no c-section) I would bare it as best as I could-but if it’s getting to be too much-of course I’m going to do something to make it less stressful, a better outcome for me + help soothe it with an epidural.

Dee on

I had the epidural and was topped up two times and well….FAIL!!!! SO I delivered a healthy bouncing baby boy who weighed 8lbs 3oz and lemme tell you…..I felt the tear because his head was big and it really does feel like you have died….but, once he was out…the pain subsided and I bawled.

During the whole pushing part, I didn’t make a beep just listened to the doctor and the nurses and Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuushed!!!!!

He just turned 1 yr old on July 1st and gives me a run for my money and I would do it all again just to have another because of the joy he has brought to my life!

Lisa on

Ah well, to each his own. With my first, I had an epidural and couldn’t feel a thing. I was so numb, trying to push was ridiculous. With my second, I asked that I just have enough epidural to keep the edge off. When my daughter was ready, I literally felt like she was coming thru the rear (yikes) but 2 pushes and she was out. Much better experience. And all of our goals are the same. A healthy baby in the end.

ST on

Mia- women go into “shock” when they deliver babies naturally? There is no mention of that in this article and it is not even an issue. So it’s better to assume the worst possible pain and all these other things are going to go wrong, even though they are not likely, and rather choose to get an epidural, which has many many more risks? That reasoning makes no sense. An epidural has many risks, I don’t understand why you would have a problem with a woman choosing natural childbirth when it is safer and less risky, has a shorter recovery time, and many other benefits.

ST on

Mia- I just can’t believe the ignorance in your posts. You are looking at as if natural childbirth = tons of risks, and epidural = safer, easier birth with no extra risks. Do you have any idea of the risks of an epidural? Severe headache, paralysis, death, slowing down of labor, to name just a few! How can you say that a natural birth is “risky/irresponsible” and then say an epidural isn’t??

A longer labor is not necessarily creating more risk to the baby. I don’t know where you got that idea. It is perfectly normal for labors to sometimes last a long time. You are also assuming that all women are just putting themselves through torture in order to have a natural birth, which is not necessarily true.

Kat on

I almost felt like I was going to die when I gave birth to my daughter. Yes I had an epidural (not planned) and guess what? THE EPIDURAL FAILED! So drugs are NOT the answer to everything.

Mia on

Plenty of articles have stated that epidurals do not have any side-effects on the baby + can actually make it easier going on the mother because it decreases pain + is less stressful experience-and I’m not referencing the article–but there are many cases that women give birth naturally + are in so much pain they actually go into extreme shock + it completely devalues the whole bonding experience afterwards–and no my post is not ignorant-it’s logical…putting yourself in that much extreme pain when you don’t have to…and can actually make things a little easier/less stressful-makes a lot more sense to me….it’s not the 1700’s.

Melody on

Any drug you put in your body has the potential for side effects. As ST said, there can be many serious complications with epidurals, which is why women need to do their research! I gave in and had one after 25 hours of labor, and 8’cm dilation. I don’t regret it, but my son was almost 11’lbs, and I still ended up feeling a lot of pain. Next time, I’m not gonna have any expectations. Whether you choose to deliver naturally, with drugs or via c-section, you and your child being healthy is all that matters. Just do your research and don’t go in with a birth plan, but rather an open mind.

By the way, Joan- I don’t care how old you are, calling an adult woman a “child” is tacky and makes you sound like a douche.

Oyn on

way the go mom! I am so proud of you raising the baby on your own. Back home in my country Indonesia, rich peops just let their nannies or baby sitters take care their children while they are busy in shopping and shape up their body. What a shame.

rulani on

I am beginning to like miranda more and more! I had the same outer body feeling when i had my daughter. I am african and i swear i was turning grey from the pain …it was soo sore so i asked for an epi which took the anthglst 4 attempts to get it right …so nerve wrecking as they kept at me to sit absolutely still..after that lucidity ensued ..until it wore off and my baby was lodged and cldnt come down any further , my heart rate was too high and so was my babys and they gave me 2 options emerg c-sctn or forceps .i went with the latter, needless to say the pain was amazing , my daughter came out with the help of forceps, i was cut then resitched but i swear after she came out like literally the moment she was removed…i felt NO PAIN.Like another poster though she had to be taken to NICU due to her heart rate for monitoring.

With my son who is almost 3 i wanted a natural birth but cldnt as he wasnt coming down either after 48hrs of labouring it was awful so they did an emergency c-sctn…either way i have two wonderful babies and quite frankly to each her own as the end result justifies the means!

ruby on

oh please. i gave birth “naturally” (i.e., vaginal birth, no pain meds, no pitocin, etc) and it doesn’t hurt that much. it hurts, yes. how could it not? my 9 lber was crowning and the doctor had not yet arrived and the nurse was screaming at me to “wait a few minutes please!!!”

what a drama queen. or maybe i just have an awesome partner, who held my hand, let me squeeze the sh*t out of it and rubbed my head and told me how fantastic i was doing, and orlando is a piece of crap?

lois on

Welcome to life!! At least you had a natural birth instead of a c-section like all of those Hollywood women!! Well done!!

Can't wait to do it again on

I had Pitocin and then delivered with no pain meds, and I can’t even mention it now because other moms treat me like I’m showing off or somehow bragging. Same with breastfeeding. Neither is true…I don’t think I’m better than anyone else, but I do think I made the choices that were best for my son based on biology and medical fact. making it “easier” was never a thought – only what as safer and healthier.

Epidurals DO lead to more intervention – maybe not in every case, but the statistics do show it. The pain was indescribable, but I don’t regret it for a moment, and I felt like I could practically fly afterward.

I just think it’s really sad that women can go through the biggest life-changing experience (like Miranda described here), but can’t even talk about it because others jump all over them. Some of the comments on here make me really sad for the state of the mothering community as a whole.

Mary Jane on

Its funny how everyone says that they want their child to be born unmedicated and unaffected. But the minute they are born they are given vitamin k and eye drops. Then as they grow older and parents shove them in daycare they get sick all year long and taking antibiotics frequently. As we grow we are exposed to millions of toxins even just doing something like walking down the street. When they are born in the hospital their are millions of micro waves floating thorught from various medical equipment. So anyways to make a long story short. They are gonna be exposed to alot more then that so why not just get some pain relief? hmmm?

Anon on

Wow there’s a bunch of bitches on this board.

Ann on

@lexi–Don’t be so sanctimonious! Every woman is different and every person experiences pain differently. Some people can get through childbirth (no meds) with a few moans and some give out primal screams with every contraction. For a lot of women it’s not even a choice–I couldn’t lie down while in labour…my body simply would not allow me to do that without excruciating pain. Most women don’t react that way. Who are you to judge based solely on your own experience?

While I personally think the choice about childbirth with or without meds is completely personal (unless medically dictated), I would like to point out to the devotees of natural childbirth, that until the 19th century MANY MANY women died in childbirth–there is no reason to believe that so-called ‘natural’ childbirth is better for Mom or baby because that’s how we’re ‘made’ to do it.

Molly on

@Anon, you just now noticed this?

None on

@ Anon – LOL my thoughts exactly!

Chelsea on

I went into labor with my son on his due date. 6 hours of labor, with 15 minutes of pushing… all natural. Contractions did hurt like hell, but I just breathed. I did have 3 second degree tears that had to be stitched. But no yelling, swearing, or screaming… just let out simple quiet whimpers and moans. And right after I said I would do it all again, and that it wasn’t “that” bad. I do have a high pain tolerance.

Anyways he’s 5 months old now and I’m still breastfeeding with no supplements or anything and plan to do so until he’s a year old. I was open to drugs, but wanted to try “all natural”… and I succeeded.

I’m 19 years old, and married. Other young mothers I know just instantly want drugs and nothing to do with breastfeeding. It does kind of piss me off… they should atleast try natural before wanting an epidural right away, or try breastfeeding before giving them a bottle instead. I’m a little “old fashioned” and think natural is the way, and healthier. Just at least try before judging the “natural” way of childbirth.

Chelsea on

And also childbirth is just like an “out of body experience”… you’re crazy if you don’t feel that way!

Dani on

Birth is a life changing experience. We are supposed to support other women in that right of passage (should they chose to take the path to motherhood) be it by holding their hands while they labor or just listening to their story afterward. It saddens me to read the fighting and catty comments made here – support your fellow mothers don’t tear them down.

Jessica on

I just wanted to say- every single time a women gives birth it has the POTENTIAL to be dangerous. Mia, women going into shock from the pain is not common at all. Just like problems from the epidural on the mother or child are not common. But it does happen. Common sense would dictate that adding things we dont need to a situation (i.e. medication) has the potential to cause MORE problems. This is a fact. But those complications are far and inbetween and mostly annecdotal. Just like women that choose to labor at home nautrally introduce a risk, however it is once again a SMALL risk. Nobody is right or wrong for chooseing to have an epidural or a natural birth. There are risks associated with both. Seriously people need to not treat motherhood and birth like a contest. We all do our best with the situations we are given and there is nothing wrong with our choices/situations.

Docmom on

This conversation is sooooo unsupportive! Childbirth is for some a terrific experience with or without drugs and hell for others. Different bodies, etc. I am a doc. I have delivered babies and had babies. I totally support drugs for those who want them — and, used correctly, they are safe. Do not criticize one another for using drugs or choosing natural. The only important thing is healthy mom, healthy baby.

Miranda told her truth. May not have been yours. It’s still the truth.

Now, if you want to hear a labor hell story, let me tell you mine… Just kidding!

Marva on

When I have a baby eventually, I definitely plan to have a natural childbirth. Drugs are absolutely out of the question for me, I wouldn’t even take anything if I had a headache; in my opinion and experience my body can “heal” itself without the need for any medication.

For me, drugs include coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs and medication, so I forgo them – yes, always and all of them.

I regard childbirth as something completely natural and the pain is supposed to belong to the experience, not numbed by drugs so you don’t actually feel it.

But that’s just how I see it and of course everyone has their personal choices and feelings about the subject.

anon2132 on

Mia, you ask why anyone would go through not normal pain when medication can help. my question is would you define “normal pain”. Because i would think any process that is natural and causes pain would be considered normal pain. yea, it is greater pain than other natural processes and medication can help ease that pain i just don’t think an epidural is for every woman. For some women, the natural birth is the preferred option. I personally am not a mother yet, but I believe i would want to have a natural birth in the future if that is healthy for me and the baby.

J on

Wow Ruby, you’re a real piece of work.

joan on

melody – where I come from, the use of “child” is commonplace.

so get over it.

I had a c-section and v-bacs. My epidural ran out during my v-bac and I was in INEXCRUTIATING pain for 3 hours before the doctor came back. It didn’t make childbirth any more enjoyable or pleasant or memorable.

NOT feeling pain made my childbirth experience much more enjoyable.

I had an epidural, my kids were fed formula and they SURVIVED! gasp.

Mommy 2 Princesses on

I never really understood all the fuss over a woman’s personal decision to have meds at delivery or not. That’s between a woman and her doctor, and no one else. The goal is a healthy baby, right?

I personally had a daughter with an epideral and my second with no epideral, and to be honest, neither was better than the other. Both took 36 hours and both sucked incredibly. But that moment you see your baby, its all worth it!