Kate Hudson Still Deciding on Name for Newborn

07/11/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Jason Merritt/Getty

Decisions, decisions.

Kate Hudson and fiancé Matthew Bellamy are still musing over what to name their new baby boy, born Saturday night, a source tells PEOPLE.

Luckily, they have a bit more time to decide – although the actress, 32, and rocker, 33, plan to settle in London while Bellamy’s band Muse works on their next album, they’ll remain in Los Angeles while Hudson recovers from the birth.

The Something Borrowed star – who delivered her 7 lbs., 12 oz. son naturally despite having undergone a Cesarean section with Ryder Russell, 7½ – is “doing great,” says the source, adding that the couple is “beyond thrilled” with their new addition.

— Sarah Michaud

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klutzy_girl on

I’m personally rooting for “Kurt”, after her father. I know Ryder’s middle name is in honor of him, but still. I think it’d be cute.

And yay for a VBAC!

Can’t wait to hear his name either way.

Megan on

HAHA klutzy…I was hoping for the same thing–I just adore the relationship between Kate and her dad and so I was hoping for Kurt somewhere in there too…hahaha we shall see of course…I am so happy for Kate, Matt, and Ryder…I wish them nothing but the best with hew baby =))

ELO on

I never would have thought of Kurt but I like that. Kurt and Ryder make a nice sib set.

Mia on

I’m partial to the name Kurt as a HUGE Nirvana fan!

Jillian on

My cousin had a hard time naming her baby and they knew they were having a girl. They finally decided on a name a few hours before leaving the hospital. I really like Ryder Russell and that he is named after Kurt. I like when children’s name have some meaning.

MKH on

Kurt would be cute. At least we know it won’t be William or Bill as she is estranged from her real father, Bill Hudson.

Sus on

Wow congrats Kate on the successful VBAC! 🙂

I wonder if they have not named the baby or just haven’t shared the baby’s name yet?

How long did it take everyone here to name their baby?

Mira on

Congrats on the VBAC! Good for her for trying it in the first place.

Looking forward to hearing the name…

Michelle on

I am thinking they should name the baby Hudson.

Lauren on

She is probably still deciding on a name because she thought she was having a girl. Hopefully, she was pleasantly surprised that it was a boy, and not shocked. She was too vocal in interviews that she felt that she was carrying a girl. And I am sure that it did not help that Kurt R. would indicate that he was hoping for a girl. Oh well, at least the baby is healthy and it would be cute to include Ryder to contribute to the name of the baby.

Mia on

I don’t think she would use Hudson as a first name-maybe Middle name?

Misha on

Hudson is the name of her nephew so I doubt she’d use that

Jillian on

Lauren, not necessarily. I know people who know what they are having and don’t pick out a name til they see the baby. She said it maybe three times, when asked that she thought it was a girl. The stories were ran over and over and over. There is nothing wrong with Kurt sang he wants a granddaughter……..niching wrong at all! I found it comical that people on here were positive she knew the gender was a girl and was lying that she didn’t find out.

Mischa, whose childs name is Hudson?

Emmy on

I know someone named Wilder and I think that’d be a cute fit with Ryder.

Wilder Isaac Bellamy?

Nella on

I think Kate thought she was having a girl and probably didn’t even think of boy names. I think they will go for something unique, but not too crazy. I can see her naming the baby River, Jagger, something along those names.

Jean on

My hospital born first was named at 22 hours old, right before we left. My home born second was named at 9.5 days. My hospital born twins were named at 21 days old. 🙂 Yes, we had left the hospital long before then – 20 days before in fact. You can go home without names!

raleigh on

Emmy, her nephew’s name is Wilder but it does flow well with Ryder.

Hea on

I’m rooting for something traditional. James or Michael.

skunknuggets on

Congrats to her on her VBAC!

Cassie on

Congrats all around!! I too would love an homage to Kurt somewhere in there 🙂

Emmy – her brother Oliver’s eldest son is named Wilder! You must have picked up on a family vibe somewhere there – good job! 🙂

Janine on

Oliver’s boys are Wilder Brooks & Bodhi Hawn, so Hudson’s still available. I just hope they don’t go with all B’s like with Ryder’s name.


Have a feeling the little tikes name will start with a “R”…Riley..River…Richard…

Kristina on

how bout the name William Matthew Hudson Bellamy
after grandfather
his daddy matt
your name and then matt’s last name

Jillian on

I am baffled at how someone thinks her nephew is Hudson……wouldn’t his name be Hudson Hudson? Unless it’s one of her half siblings they are referring to that are never talked about and this person knows them personally?!

She doesn’t have a relationship with Bill so I would be surprised if she used William.

seila on

hope they go for james as a middle name, like matt’s !

Adrienne on

Im still going with River. Something boho and that flows well with Ryder. *I’m also a huge nirvana fan. wanted to name my son kurt but it sounded TERRIBLE with our last name.

AmandaC on

I really like the name River

tammy on

Congratulations on the new baby!

thank you for choosing to tell the world about your VBAC too!

SC on

Yay for her VBAC! Seriously though, you’re pregnant for 9 months and don’t know the gender…you had 9 months to pick out a name!

Fran on

Why not Hudson[middle name] Bellamy?

Anon on

Kurt isn’t her father. Bill Hudson is so I doubt they would name the baby William since she has no relationship with her father.

tara on

i wanted her to name him wyatt… ryder and wyatt sounds cute together. but i just realized she has a half brother named wyatt maybe bowan… ryder and bowan is cute

taralei on

@emmy… her brother oliver has a son named wilder

klutzy_girl on

At anon – Kurt is her (and Oliver’s) father, even though they’re not blood related. Kate’s been referring to him as her dad for years. Kurt and Goldie raised Kate and Oliver together. Bill seemingly had nothing to do with either of them.

In fact, I just refer to that man as the sperm donor because that’s all he is.

Anyway, seriously can’t wait to find out the name! Hope they choose one soon.

LL on

What about Hawn for a 1st name to honor Grandma?

thinksthisisfunny on

Why not name is Banana. That would be a memorable name for another celebrity weirdo.

soph on

Kate’s brother’s kids are Wilder Brooks and Bodhi Hawn.

Lis on

Okay. I love, love, love Kate. And her momma, lol.

…BUT WHY on earth do you not have a name for your child???? I can not for the life of me understand when this happens???? You have months to prepare, you know when the baby is coming, so why is there no name picked out??? Poor little guy!!

Maybe it’s so hard for me to wrap my head around since I’m obsessed with baby names. My husband and I had names picked out for baby no. 1 and 2 before I was ever even pregnant with either of them… We didn’t even discuss names while I was/am pregnant because they were already picked out!! And we do delivery surprises too…so we have boy and girl names both times around…

Can somebody help me understand? I just don’t get how a baby doesn’t have a name when he/she is born…

martina on

Awesome that Kate was able to do VBAC. I tried with my second, but ended up having an emergency c-section after a long labor; the 9.9lb baby wouldn’t come out of my 120 lb frame.

martina on

Lis – It’s pretty common for people not to name their babies until they are born. Some people are superstitious. Some have several names picked out and can’t decide which one to choose. Some pick a name but change their mind once they see the baby. Nothing out of the ordinary there…

Mrs.B on

Liz, we have girl names picked out since my husband and I got married but we have hard time liking the same names for boys. When we adopted our son we knew he is a boy also new the name his BM wants to give him after the birth and we still had a hard time to choose a second and tird names.So ya for some people is not that easy:)

Congrats to Kate and Matt! I just can’t wait to hear the name they pick. Big Muse fan over here:)

karolinar on

Congrats Kate and hubby! Let’s hope she doesn’t chose one of those strange celebrity names like “Pinko Zeno Lee”. But kidding aside, what is really great is that she delivered naturally, which is much safer for mom and baby.