Ian Ziering’s Blog: Celebrating My First Father’s Day

07/11/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

Thanks for welcoming our newest celebrity blogger — Ian Ziering! The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum recently welcomed his first child, daughter Mia Loren, with wife Erin.

Ziering, 47, will be appearing on Fran Drescher’s new TV Land show, Happily Divorced, this Wednesday. He can also be found online @Ian_Ziering on Twitter.

In his latest blog, Ziering discusses his first Father’s Day, and what happens when he forget to say goodbye to 11-week-old Mia before leaving on a business trip.

Courtesy Ian Ziering

So it’s been a few weeks now and man, has my life changed. It’s now a lot less fun, but a lot more joyous.

Erin tells me to quit griping, that in the last 20 years I’ve had enough fun to last a lifetime. Ah … no comment. I do, however, think it’s a fair trade because a family is something I’ve always wanted.

It all happened so fast though! Erin and I met in September ’09, got married in May ’10, got pregnant in July ’10 and had Mia this April!!! Mother’s Day and Father’s Day came up real quick too. Where we both have always thought of our parents on those days, we were now celebrating each other.

For Mother’s Day I took Erin and Mia to lunch at a wonderful café, where we sat on the patio and enjoyed the day. It was Mia’s first time out of the house so we had to keep it simple. I got Erin a really nice pair of earrings to celebrate her first Mother’s Day. It’s so fun to go overboard when a person doesn’t expect anything. Erin’s the best — I’m the luckiest.

Courtesy Ian Ziering

On Father’s Day, Erin took me and Mia out for lunch and to see a car show taking place on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I love cars. Cars, cars, cars! This particular car show featured old Italian sports cars — all late model Alfa Romeos and rare Ferraris. The crème de la crème was out for all to feast their eyes on.

As I walked amongst the twisted steel and sex appeal, I was fixated on Mia in my arms. This event was certainly a system overload for her, but there were moments where she’d look me square in the eye and hold my gaze. Every blink, every giggle, every squeak seemed familiar.

It’s amazing to witness a baby experience something for the first time. An old Alfa tooted its horn and Mia reflexed out like Spider-Man. When she realized she was safe, she relaxed and giggled. It was the same giggle I giggle when I get the RPM’s high enough to crackle the exhaust of my 1960 Corvette! I giggle like an idiot! Clearly she was a car girl. But what else was she?

Courtesy Ian Ziering

After her bath that night I swaddled her and held her close once again. With just the night light on, and the ocean sounds filling the nursery, she got dozey in my rock-a-bye arms. I couldn’t help but wonder what her strengths would be. What kind of talents will reveal themselves as she gets older?

Just then, as if responding to my thought, she hiccupped, burped and pooped all at once. I started to laugh really, really hard. Now that was some talent I didn’t see coming!

I think babies bring luck with them. I am so busy! I will be guest-starring on Fran Drescher’s new hit comedy, Happily Divorced, airing this Wednesday, July 13th. On July 16th, I start work on an Untitled American Girl film in Canada, and in August I’ll be working on Adam Sandler’s next cough-your-spleen-out funny movie, I Hate You Dad.

Though that sounds like a lot of work, nothing lights a fire under a man’s keister like having a few extra mouths to feed. So to that end, I’ve become a celebrity endorser for the Nu Skin. It’s the best stuff out there for maintaining youthful looks and I’ve been using it for years!

Courtesy Ian Ziering

Unfortunately, it involves a lot of travel. As I was heading to New York for a four-day presentation tour, I realized I didn’t kiss Mia goodbye. I kissed Erin, hugged the dogs and was out the door — I didn’t say goodbye to Mia!

For a brief moment I had completely forgotten that I had a child! I called Erin to tell her how bad I felt but she said since Mia was sleeping, it was probably for the best. My girl is the sweetest to try and make me feel better.

When I got home I kissed Mia’s whole face, I held her in my arms and said, “Daddy is here and he sure did miss you!” Then I tried to teach her how to say ‘Daddy.’ Da Da, Daddy, Daddy Da Da!

Over the next few days I noticed Erin trying to teach Mia to say ‘Daddy’ as well — I asked her why she wasn’t trying to teach her to say Mommy instead. Erin replied that when Mia gets fussy in the middle of the night, she’d rather she was screaming “Daddy!” Beauty and brains — my wife truly is the whole package — I just wish she’d use her powers for good instead of evil! Now I’m all about “Mamma, Ma Ma, say Mamma!”

Courtesy Ian Ziering

— Ian Ziering

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raleigh on

omgosh! This article was hilarious. I love your sense of humor and you seem to make an amazing dad!

Cee on

love your blog, ian!

Amanda on

Lol! Sorry bout your luck Ian…but my pediatrician told me not to get my feelings hurt that my daughter said da da first….She said that most of the time…and I repeat Most …so there is a chance little Mia will say ma ma first…just don’t hold your breath!! that the baby says da da first because phonetically its just easier for em’! Now granted I don’t think Layla Grace had any idea what it meant it was just a sound that she babbled…but I think at ten months…she now puts sounds and words together! Enjoy her!! babies are simply little Miracles!!!

Sarah S. on

Aww, the last picture is such a cute Father-Daughter pic!! 🙂

Susan Albert on

Ian is still so adorable. I loved him when he was on Beverly Hills 90210. Steve was my favorite character on that show. Mia is just beautiful.

katie on

she is such a doll! very very cute baby 🙂

hrc on

that’s one really ugly baby

jessicamom#3 on

Seriously hrc’s comment is going to be allowed?!? hrc you are an idiot!!!!

mommytoane on

Hrc is one really ugly person. If he/she can’t see the true beauty in someone, then he/she is ugly.

Lovin this blog! So honest, but yet so sweet. 🙂 Mia is adorable!! Love those chubby lil cheeks of hers. Too cute.

Sarah on

hrc: You’re a jerk!

patricia f on

i love reading ur articles…your family is beautiful…of course u are gonna have haters make comments….happy life to the three of you

brenda on

Your blog is the best. Beautiful little girl and wife, you guys make a great family.

ClaireSamsmom on

What a cute baby! And might I just add…Ian does not look 47!

Shannon on

OMG so cute! Beautiful family!

nancy on

hi ian. I like your energy. you have a beautiful family. I am glad you are happy :DD

Liz on

Mia is just beautiful, what a sweetheart! I love your blog Ian!!

Robin on

I love how he adores his wife and loves being a father…my new favorite lil’ family!

Sarah on

Cute family! I love her cardigan/bolero in the first picture!

Anonymous on

HRC has a mental illness. She sits around on this blog and bashes this family. It is sick. She obviously has a weird obsession with them if she sits around making multiple comments on a baby blog site. She made many more on his last blog. It is pretty sick and if I was Ian and Erin I would be worried about whoever this person/ stalker is.

linnie on

awweeeee!!!! so cuteee!!! 🙂

Joyce on

guys don’t even acknowledge the trolls on this site who are bored! They’re a cute family..precious baby 🙂

Jen DC on

Awesome, adorable blog! You’re really good at this, and probably at being Dad too.

Bianca on

What a breath of fresh air! It’s so nice to read a father’s perspective about the ups and downs (and everything in between) about raising a child. Thank you, Ian, for letting us share this glorious ride with you and for sharing your beautiful daughter – and all of her “talents”. 🙂

sailor on

Sorry to say it but that is really an unattractive baby!

sailor on

Wow that is an unattractive baby!

Mandy on

Hey sailor,

We saw your first post just fine. No need to repost with the same message but leaving out a few words.

Ridiculous. If you don’t have anything constructive to say, please refrain from pushing the ‘post’ button. No one here is interested in your garbage.

Such a cute family! I loved reading this article, it was very refreshing and a great take on life and love and being a father.

I still can’t believe he’s almost 50! How is that possible!?!?

lilly on

yeah yeah i have to agree the child is poor looking, hopefully she’ll grow into her looks

pam on

wow I really that that was a boy. I didn’t even notice the dress in the last pic. I was reading the other comments and read “nice father daughter pic” . SAY WHAT? a girl? lol .

ecl on

The baby looks exactly like her mom so even if you don’t think she’s a cute baby, you can at least see she’ll be a nice looking adult.

Mia on

Great name 🙂 + I think she looks just like her dad!

Kelly on

love that last pic…so beautiful!

Ali on

Awwwwwwww, he is such a doting daddy! I met him once and he was super, super nice! So happy he finally has a family!! His little girl is the spitting image of him! Too cute!

I also can’t believe he is almost 50! Holy cow! He looks amazing!

*HRC & Sailor…I hope you both realize how ridiculous you sound. I’m not even going to sink to your levels. Just grow up.

Robin on

I’ve been a regular reader on this site from the very beginning before it was sold to People magazine and they had it posted that anything negative or derogatory would not be posted…I wish they would bring that rule back. Say what you want about celebrities they put themselves in the spotlight but leave their kids alone!

Robin on

Sailor…Sail away okay?

Tee on

I can NOT believe that there are people on here saying that this precious baby is ugly. Be ashamed!

Ian, your family is beautiful and I have very much enjoyed reading posts from a Daddy’s point of view! I’m glad CBB/People brought you on as a guest blogger.

Allison on

Love Ian’s blogging. Always been a fan since 90210. Great to hear of the new series coming out with Ian. I think that the baby has very strong features and has more of an adult face, not a baby face. Kids change though, so who knows how the baby will look as she grows. Love and happiness is what matters most.

RKF on

“HRC”, “Sailor”, and “Lilly” are likely the same troll. Ignore it, and it will go away, as it feeds on any attention (though I just fed into it myself.) Onto better topics – what a sweet blog. I generally skim past all the blogs on here, as they don’t interest me, but his style of writing is so engaging, and they seem like such a genuine family. I personally find their daughter absolutely adorable.

Lauren on

I don’t think Ian is in danger of being offended, as I doubt he reads the comments. Also, is it just me, or was this blog very self-promotional for all the projects he has going? Surprised that made it past the editors.

Personally I think it’s nice that everyone is allowed to state their opinions openly on this site.

Sandra on

She sure is the spitting image of her father – that nose is ALL Ian.

Precious photos, congrats on your baby girl.

Nella on

Mia is adorable! Look at that pout, so cute! I loved this blog, it was funny and real. Ian looks great, I wouldn’t think he is in his forties and he seems like he is enjoying fatherhood which is nice to hear. I love how he mentions his wife, very sweet!

Shawna on

Awwww Ian….LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos !!!!

RKF on

Yes, Lauren, it is nice that people can state their opinions on here – and I’m the first to support that. But, when trolls (or brainless imbeciles) write “That’s one really ugly baby” or similar, is it really necessary? Considering Ian writes a blog FOR this site, I’m sure he does read this – and while I’m sure he has enough self-esteem to ignore it, why in the world should someone be subjected to horrible insults about their innocent baby? While I’ll admit, I don’t find some of the babies/kids seemingly as “cute”, “beautiful”, etc… as others on here, I wouldn’t go out of my way to point it out.

kendrajoi on

Cute that he is so smitten! Keep up the good work on the blog!

JN on

OMG! This child is hideous, lol. Definitely gets it from the mom cause she is a mess too! OY! He better save his influx of cash for a good plastic surgeon for both of them, lmfao,

Jessica on

Okay, so after all the harsh comments I had to check out these pics again. Sooo the first one is not the greatest but in the second Mia is adorable!! Also, I don’t understand how anyone could say that a baby -an innocent baby- is ugly??? It’s like kicking a puppy -you DON’T do it!!

Lady on

What a cutie, love the blog!!

Shannon on


I bet she’s still gonna say dada first. Sorry Ian! 🙂

lily on

i think the baby looks like his dad, same nose and looks a lot like ian, hopefully his looks will change but i highly doubt it.

Alyssa on

Lily, Mia is a GIRL.


That baby is sooo cute. They must want to snuggle with her all day. How does his wife already look perfect??? So jealous, it took me forever to get back into shape!!!

linniemo on

Ian, congratulations on your beautiful family! Babies have a way of really putting your life into perspective 🙂 I’ll be sure to watch Happily Divorced tomorrow. Great blog – keep it up!

gargoylegurl on

I, like Robin, have been a regular on this site since 2005. It is such a shame that everything Danielle (founder of CBB) worked so hard to create has sadly been undone since People took over this site. The integrity, respect and over all vibe have been completely diminished. I can barely stand to read the comments anymore…

I know Danielle still visits the site sometimes, I wonder if it’s hard for her to see how it has become the epitome of everything she worked so hard to make sure it wasn’t. Sad indeed.

Liz on

I doubt Danielle cares. If she did, she wouldn’t have sold. I read she made over $1 million from the sale. Good for her.

gargoylegurl on

Good point, Liz.

Yeah, she did make a ton of money, but I also know this site meant a lot to her. Oh well, not her problem now I guess…

Liz on

Mia is a beautiful baby. What’s wrong with people?

Erica on

really the baby is not cute at all. looks like an old man cartoon with those big ears and mature face

Becky on

I can almost guarantee you all the different horrid/disrespectful posts are coming from one person. Probably a bored 15 year old girl who likes attention. Get a life! And glasses too. That baby is adorable!!!! I LOVE bald babies! They melt my heart every time! And that last picture….precious is an understatement!

Jen on

That baby looks like a Troll doll. Sry no way around that.

Jen on

That baby looks like a troll doll, sry no way else to put it.

jes on

Great blog, I love how his writing just oozes his love for his family. Someone mentioned that the blog was self promoting, so what, he’s an actor, many of the other bloggers mentioned their schedules. I think he was just mentioning it because of the time he’s been and will be away from his family and I think that is the point he’s making.

Hanh on

Such a cute baby! And who are the awful people who can only see the ugly in everything? Their lives must be pitiful indeed. Mia is adorable. Love the first pic.

Ian Ziering on

Thank you all for your kind words. I never thought this would be so much fun. Please don’t sweat the negative comments, we don’t. Erin and I know where they emanate from. It’s very telling that one person speaks through multiple voices. That type of psycopathic behavior is part of the reason we don’t speak to that person anymore. Baby bashing is beyond sick, HRC, we hope you get the help you so obviously need.

To my friends and supporters, I thank you.

Every good wish,

FC on

I see Ian is still hamming it, even in his daddy blogs. I love what he had to say, especially what changed his mind about what name he wanted Mia to say first, given what his wife told him. He’s too much.

And I can tell from the photos that Mia already seems to be a daddy’s girl, with the way she responds to him, smiles and all. 🙂

Elizabeth on

Mom & Dad, congrats on your beautiful little girl! She has the sweetest fuzzy head and most adorable little face. Hold her all day and love her to pieces, she won’t be that tiny for long 🙂

Thank you for sharing the photos and writing an awesome blog post. It’s nice to see a dad’s POV once in awhile!

Mary on

What a great blog! Great sense of humor and from the dad’s point of view. I’m happy to see that your career is back on the up swing and that you and your family seem so happy. All the best!