Emily Deschanel’s Vegan Pregnancy Diet

07/11/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
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Following a vegan or vegetarian diet can be difficult on its own, but how about when you’re eating for two?

Dietician Ashley Koff (below, left), who appeared on The CW’s Shedding for the Wedding, helps her clients, including expectant actress Emily Deschanel, learn what kind of food and beverages best help the body get its necessary nutrients.

“What we want to do is give the body just enough energy so that it performs well,” she told PEOPLE.

For example, many vegetarians love the combination of pita and hummus.

But while pita is easily recognized as a carbohydrate, hummus is actually both a protein and a carbohydrate, “so you’re getting too many carbohydrates at one time,” she said. “So we switch it up and replace the pita with vegetables instead.”

With Deschanel, a longtime vegan, Koff worked to create an eating timetable for the actress to follow while shooting her FOX show, Bones.

“Energy is a really significant issue for her,” she said. “What has probably been a challenge for her is making sure that she has nutrient-dense food that she’s able to have every three hours.”

So, Koff introduced healthy snacking items, such as hemp, into Deschanel’s diet for the star to munch on in a pinch.

“She loves nut butters,” she said. “And sometimes we’ll do fun smoothies, especially if she’s at work. We’ll take coconut water, nut butter, and berries and make a smoothie so she’s got something to sustain her energy in a liquid form.”

But regardless of the diet, Koff’s most important rule is to eat as naturally as possible.

“Whether you’re eating a plant- or animal-based diet, you want to eat food in the form closest to nature,” she said.

“You want to avoid the highly-processed foods, and that’s especially true whether you’re pregnant or a not.”

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Laura on

Though not a vegetarian/vegan myself, I love hearing these pieces of information regarding these diets, especially when the info is specifically for my favorite actress.

Emily looks beautiful, as always. Wishing her a healthy and happy rest of her pregnancy!

Jen DC on

I’m glad to see a story on a common sense approach to veganism while pregnant. Just goes to show that veganism is (a) healthy and (b) possible to healthfully sustain while pregnant and lactating!

Just remember to get your B12, additional calcium and iron!

blahblahblah on

A vegan diet is not natural. We are mammals. Human beings are all born omnivores. She is a great actress but not too smart. She is not thinking of her child if she is staying on a vegan diet. Basically, if she believes in veganism she shouldn’t be breastfeeding (although most vegans have an excuse for that) – since it is a byproduct of an animal. Eating dairy and animal product/byproduct is innate within all of us – vegans try to believe they are on a different plane of existence – and they are not. I feel sorry for all children whose parents demand they follow veganism. Course when they get older they will probably choose otherwise when they are at their friends’ houses.

isis on

blahblahblah, while your opinions are welcome, they are again, just your opinions.

i have been vegan for a few months now and while you may not think it’s natural, letting meat rot in your smotach and continuing to drink the milk form another animal after you were weaned from your mother’s milk as a child is also not natural. not is filling yourself with something that in turn has been filled with many hormones etc. it is okay for you to not agree with vegans or their choices, but to say you feel sorry for our children is just ridiculous. i feel sorry for you, because you choose to project your opinions as fact to other people who may be trying to broaden their horizons or try something different. just because someone eats diffeently than me doesn’t mean i feel sorry for thier children…it’s a personal choice and i’m sure when their kids get bigger they can make that choice for themselves…

Lau on

I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with blahblahblah. If you want to be vegan, suit yourself, but forcing others with something as unnatural as eating meat shouldn’t be so praised. Most people justify themselves by saying things like protein in meat can be substituted by something else, but it’s just NOT the same. And it’s particularly not the same for a newborn or a toddler or a baby still in the woumb.

Jenna on

I love when people with little education regarding someone elses chosen diet feels the need to comment ignorantly. If you think that eating the genetically altered, hormone laden, antibiotic infested chicken and beef from the supermarket is much healthier and “natural” and the way humans are “supposed” to eat, than go for it, but to make statements regarding people who choose to eat cleaner than you do and say they are harming themselves and their children just shows how purposely uninformed you really are.

Daisy on

blahblahblah and Lau, you two obviously have not nutrition background what so ever. To equate breastfeeding with a carnivorous diet? Laughable.

Button on

Breastfeeding is an entirely different issue than consuming animal products. Baby humans were designed to thrive on milk from mama humans, drinking milk from cows is what baby cows were designed to do. And no where in the article did I see anything about Emily insisting her child be a vegan as well. Most vegan parents I know don’t insist their partners or their children follow the strict diet they have chosen, but you can bet their kids have a healthier diet based on fresh, whole foods and they probably won’t be pulling into the KFC drive-thru anytime soon. Also, Emily is seeing a dietician to ensure that she is getting all the nutrients she needs for her developing baby and how many of us pregnant mamas can say the same? While I agree that pregnant vegans need to stay on top of making sure they are getting ample protein and taking supplements, there’s no need to vegan-bash or imply she is putting her baby at risk.

I’m not a vegan, but I do try and limit the amount of red meat in my diet because I know the “typical American diet” is fairly unhealthy and high in a lot of things like fat, sodium and cholesterol that takes a toll on our health. I want to spend as much time with my kids as possible and not be sidelined with diabetes or heart disease.

jenn on

Unfortunately, it’s highly processed sugars and wheat that causes heart disease and diabetes, not fat.

Kristen on

Ha ha I love when meat eaters who are clueless to a plant based diet find it wrong to force a way of eating on a child. Hrm like the kid who eats chicken nuggets from the waste of meat not even used by a butcher? Or the kid who eats neon colored yogurt? Or the kid who drinks juice cocktail? Wait…isn’t that the parent buying the food for the child?
Yes call me guilty, I am forcing my child to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that are not GMO’s, not in an unnatural state, and not full of empty calories. Please put down you supersized fries and call CPS soon.

Jen DC on

@ Blah: Your handle is particularly apt since all you’re spouting is a bunch of assertions without facts to back ’em up.

It’s called “choosing what to eat.” Obviously she is healthy – or she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant or maintain the pregnancy. How is putting only plant material not “thinking of her child” or “unnatural”? People feeding themselves and their children diets overabundant in animal products – which now include antibiotics, pain meds and growth hormones – are somehow thinking *more* of their childrens’ health?

Vegans avoid the milk of other mammals, not their own mothers’ milk. Furthermore, the issue vegans have with getting nutrition from animals is that the animals themselves are sentient beings who are not choosing to share their “meat” or milk with humans and the process of getting these food items is far from humane. The fact that ED is human and will likely be breastfeeding is just a simple representation of the choice she has as a sentient being to share nutrition with her child.

Your blanket statement that “all vegans believe they are on a different plane of existence” is false, simply because there is no one monolithic vegan expression. Sure, some vegans are virulently “holier-than-thou” about their food choices. But most of them are clearly living in the 21st century world and taking advantage of everything that has to offer – other than animal products and not trying to shove that choice in anyone’s face. Your disdain and apparent anger at this leads to the inference that you’ve had run-ins with the “holier-than-thou” types of vegans – which is too bad.

@Lau: Whom is she forcing, exactly? And no, animal proteins are not the same as plant proteins. That’s pretty obvious. And it is clear that you CAN healthfully substitute plant proteins for animal proteins and remain healthy. Otherwise, there’d be tons of sick vegetarians and vegans lining the hallways of hospitals or lying dead on the side of the road. People like Scott Jurek, Carl Lewis, Martina Navratilova (I could go on) are vegan/veg and are star athletes.

You two are painfully misinformed and biased. If her doctors are happy and her dietician is happy, the only thing left to see is the health of her delivered baby. I’ll see you in a few months when the kid’s born, perfectly sized and healthy, vegan from the womb.

Amy on

Actually I have an extensive nutritional background, have done years of research, and still believe that a vegan diet is sub-optimal and, in some cases, harmful. Particularly to a growing fetus or child. While there is B12 found in a very select few nonanimal sources, its much more challenging for the body to assimilate that form in any meaningful way. The same can be said for iron, calcium, vitamin A (beta carotene is the precursor of this nutrient and while its abundant in some plants, its hard for the body to fully assimilate it and convert it) and vitamin D.

Whether or not you agree with using animals for milk, meat, eggs, or honey, people have done so for millenia and our bodies are now very adept at getting what they need from these sources. Plant sources, while they may provide all the RDA for a nutrient on paper, are much more challenging for the body, particularly in their raw form. In many cases too, the body processes nutrients more effectively when they’re combined with a fat source. While you can absolutely do that (and reasonably easily if you’re careful) on a vegan diet, it comes much more easily on an omnivorous diet.

And no, alas, I’m not one of those dyed yogurt, chicken nuggets sort of people. I eat grassfed meats, raw milk, pastured eggs, organic vegetables and fruits, raw nuts, dark chocolate, coconut milk and oil, and take whole food supplements like nettle infusion rather than synthetic vitamins. I breastfed my daughter for three years and she eats the same diet as I do. Her favorite food is artichokes. πŸ™‚

Sarah K. on

This again? Blah, your blanket statement about veganism is painfully misinformed. The fact is, that all of us need to put more thought into our food and where it comes from.

Amy, that may be your opinion, but not all nutritionists agree with you. There are thousands of vegans in the U.S. who are perfectly healthy. Sure, some vegans are not getting the nutrition they need – but guess what – neither are many omnivores.

Jen DC on

@ Amy: Bravo. I appreciate your response, since it’s based on education and facts. And I’m glad that you agree that, although more difficult, it is possible to be a healthy, pregnant/lactating vegan… As long as one is careful and attentive.

Missy on

I’m a vegetarian, but not a vegan. Having said, I whole heartedly disagree with blaaah’s logic. He/she argues that vegans should be against breastfeeding because breastmilk is an animal product? Well of course it’s perfectly natural for animals including humans to drink the breastmilk from their mother. No vegan would argue with that. However I think it’s perfectly valid to argue that it is unnatural for humans consume the breastmilk from cows or other animals, especially when the cows have been impregnated against their will and injected with hormones. Again, I’m not against eating dairy, but I can certaintly understand and respect the opinions of vegans

Kelly on

“It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets (including vegan diets) are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.”


Amy on

But Sarah, arguing that veganism is healthy because there are omnivores who aren’t getting optimal nutrition is a complete fallacy. Obviously. πŸ™‚ And it is my opinion, that’s true, but its backed by plenty of research and studies into nutrient assimilation, history, etc.

Unfortunately, many of the dietary regulations in this country, including the research used by, for instance, the American Heart Association and others are backed and based on studies by processed food companies (Kellogg, Kraft, etc) and other food lobby groups with their own interests, etc. And when studies are done presenting the harmful nature of, say, red meat or milk, those studies are based on factory farmed, feedlot products that have very little resemblance nutritionally to their grassfed, raw, or pastured counterparts- the fat profile is completely out of whack, there are fewer vitamins and minerals, and we won’t even discuss pathogens- yuck.

Jen, I do think that for some women sometimes, you can be passably healthy on a vegan diet. I also think, however, that its exceptionally challenging and that, in most cases, the same mother and child could receive some nutritional benefit from including some animal products in their diets, even on a limited basis. Just not factory farmed meat, pus-filled factory dairy products, or battery eggs. πŸ™‚

Sara on

I cannot stand vegetarians, let alone vegans! For every rule they have, they have an exception. Being healthy doesn’t mean depriving your body of the vitamins and minerals you can get from animal products. And sorry, but all the hummus and pita in the world can’t make up for a tender juicy steak or roasted chicken! Get real people.

Molly on

Why the hate towards vegans? It’s a choice and there are plenty of healthy vegans. Now I understand why Portia Rossi said recently that it’s harder being a vegan than a lesbian. People do judge them so harshly. Eating meat is not that important.

Rangers on

First of all, stop all of the bullsh*t & drama. Everyone lives their life like they want & who are you to judge others. Just because someone does something different from you doesn’t make them a bad person. Grow up & stop being a douche!! Get you facts right & have some manners!! It’s embarrassing & down right disgusting. Didn’t anyone ever tell you then if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Apparently not!!

Jeanne on

Why can’t people just live and let live? Honestly.

I’m an omnivore, but I admire people who have the willpower and other resources to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. I’ve just chosen not to. I’ve been fortunate enough that I haven’t met any of the supposedly annoying vegans or vegetarians some of the commenters go on about. All the ones I’ve met are very nice people who have never tried to shove an agenda down my throat or make me feel guilty for eating meat and animal products.

I will say though, people like Emily Deschanel are extrodinarily lucky to be rich enough to be able to afford to pay a dietician to design all their meals for them so they don’t have to worry about it. I bet a lot more people would go vegan or vegetarian if they could afford the services of someone like Ashley Koff.

Shannon on


Missy on

Thank you Molly. I don’t understand why posts about veganism tend to bring out so much anger.Nowhere in the article does it state that people shouldn’t eat meat. The nutritionist was simply giving some advice to those who CHOOSE to be vegans. If you want to eat animal products, go ahead, why do people have such animosity towards those who choose a vegan diet?

Anne on

I shudder to think of you meat eaters and the rotting animal carcass sitting in your colons for weeks, months, even years. And I shudder for the (MOST likely) factory farmed animal that suffered so that you may get your 5 seconds of meat lust satisfied and keep your ignorant self smug. Keep polluting the earth and your bodies! I will continue to help the planet, animal-kind, my body, and silently laugh behind your backs…

jenn on

Lol…meat does not do that…

Jeanne on

Anne? Comments like that are why some people hate vegans and vegetarians. Just an FYI. Using nasty words and vitriol like that does not help you get your point across, it just paints you as an angry person.

M on

Blah, Lau, you are both incredibly stupid and ignorant. Yes, STUPID! I’ve literally met 5 year olds with more intellect, and more judgment than the two of you. Its seems as though none of you learned to control your impulses and to think before you speak. Research on a subject you are uneducated in would greatly help, too.

Amy, you may be a nutritionist, but your opinions are not facts. There are many nutritionists who would disagree agree with you. I just finished my second year of medical school, so I think I know about human physiology significantly more than you do.

By the way, I really am in medical school. I don’t care if others on here have claimed to be doctors just to suit their arguments, I have mentioned I am in medical school on several occasions when health or science was not in discussion or relevant.

Also, you claim that you are not the colored yogurt, hormone fed meat kind of mother. That’s great! However, you are definitely in the minority! The majority of Americans DO indulge in unhealthy, chemical ridden, artificial foods. So when people make ignorant comments about the vegan diet, it is valid to turn it around on them. I have witnessed firsthand many individuals opposed to the vegan diet who are overweight and unhealthy. Of course not all of them fit under that description, but most of them do. Its highly amusing to see people debase the vegan diet without thinking twice. Which group has a higher rate of health problems and obesity? Vegans or omnivores? Definitely omnivores! So I really wouldn’t worry about vegans if I were you or anybody else. All these concerns you and others have are unfounded.

There is also something else I’d like to clear up before anyone mentions it–fat vegans. Fat vegans DO exist, but they are rare. I am a vegan, I have plenty of vegan friends, I see many vegans when I shop at vegan stores or eat at vegan restaurants, and I go to many vegan events. I RARELY see fat vegans. The fat vegans that I have encountered in the past were new vegans who just switched over from an unhealthy, omnivorous diet or vegans who were not new to veganism, but were “junk food” vegans who primarily consume fake meat products, potatoes, other refined carbs and sugars, and eat very little or NO fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These kind of vegans are in the minority.

blahblahblah on

To all of you who think that just because one eats meat that we also consume junk – like chicken nuggets – you have your heads in the sand. The best thing for ANY human being is a well-balanced diet which includes beans, fruits, nuts, vegetables, roasted, boiled, grilled meats is what my children eat – that is after they were weaned from breast milk only at 9 months. Besides, for you who think vegetables, fruits and nuts and beans aren’t tainted by today’s world you’re pretty naive. And to all of you that think it’s somehow abnormal to eat meat – read your science books – we’re omnivores not herbivores.

AM on

For those criticizing Emily and other vegans, can we please note that most of these people are a lot healthier than the average “meat eater” (I am not vegetarian or vegan). Emily has been a vegan for nearly 20 years. At this point,it is very likely that the meat would do her body more damage than good. I don’t think she would even crave it at this point.

The vegan lifestyle isn’t something that can be taken lightly. I think a lot of research needs to be done before making the decision, and clearly Emily has had the proper education do to it successfully. She is not wafer thin, nor does she have that “gray” complexion that everyone associates with vegans. Clearly she’s doing something right. I veganism is a very admirable lifestyle.

As far as us being made carnivores – well, that is true but I think our society has evovled to the point where meat is no longer a necessary option. The convieniences we have of everyday life no longer neccesitates that nutrition that meat once provided for the more primitive societies we started out in.

I’ve already mentioned this, but I am so excited to see this baby and hear the name! I wish the Deschanel-Hornsby family all the best!

Sarah K. on

“But Sarah, arguing that veganism is healthy because there are omnivores who aren’t getting optimal nutrition is a complete fallacy”

Amy, if you reread my post that’s not what I was saying at all. I conceded that there are unhealthy vegans just as there are unhealthy omnivores. Your blanket statement that not eating animal products is less healthy than eating animal products is false. The point is that those who put more thought into what they eat tend to be healthier, regardless of whether they eat meat. Also, you’ve admitted several times that it is possible for vegans to be healthier, but that it’s more “challenging.” Just because you would find it challenging to eat differently doesn’t mean other people do.

Sara, why can’t you stand vegetarian/vegans? Because, they choose a different lifestyle than you? How tolerant.

AM on

By carnivores, I mean omnivores.

out needs for meat or animal products is no longer necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have so many other options. Some have more access than others, unfortunately, but they are options nonetheless.

blahblahblah on

Portia Rossi is correct – I have a problem with uppity ignorant condescending vegans, and not whatsoever with gays or lesbians – unless, of course, they are uppity ignorant condescending vegans. You vegan people (oh, that’s right you’re too good to be called people) slay me (meaning to overwhelm, as with laughter.)LOL.

blahblahblah on

Sarah K – the problem is you call veganism a lifestyle – it’s not – it’s a type of diet. If you are calling it a lifestyle then you and the others are overwhelmingly proving my point that you are all uppity ignorant condescending vegans.

Amy on

Sarah, it’s not that I personally would find it more challenging. I actually find my own omnivorous diet VERY challenging at times, definitely moreso than when I was a vegan or vegetarian, but I feel vastly better than when I was.

It’s more that a vegan diet is challenging on a body and realistically, the amount of, say, carrots that a vegan would have to consume to receive the same net available amount of vitamin A (not beta carotene mind you, vitamin A) as an omnivore consuming beef liver is a bit unrealistic. The same goes for the calcium content in spinach vs raw milk, not to mention the cofactors involved in absorption like fat content, antinutrients, etc. What I’m saying is that regardless of behavior or care taken with a diet, it’s BIOLOGICALLY challenging to receive the same quality (not quantity, but bioavailable quality) of some usable micronutrients.

Annie W. on

At least she looks healthy, unlike Alicia Silverstone.

Sloanesmomma on

I agree that it does seem odd to drink cows milk. It’s not like cows drink human breast milk.

mommytoane on

Circle of life people. Not to mention….you really shouldn’t throw stones at glass houses when you live in one yourself.

Am I the only one that thinks a few recipes…or a link to a few recipes would have been fun?? LOL I’m not a vegan myself, but I’m open to trying new foods, and open to introducing my daughter to foods I never tried as a kid. To me, its impt to give HER a wide variety of pallet.

Oh and for all the knockin on meat eaters. Even Jesus ate meat. Get over yourselves. YOU chose a life of no meat….that does not give you the right to disgust or belittle those who chose a different path in life than you.

RKF on

I’m not a vegan (nor would I ever be), but I can’t see how a vegan diet would be harmful to an unborn child (or adult)? From the small amount I know, it appears veganism seems quite healthy, and there are plenty of substitutions for proteins. What more does an unborn child really need? Also, based on some of your comments, please don’t assume because you’re a vegan you are “cleaner” than me – that’s just insulting. Neither side should impose their beliefs on others. We all make our own choices in what’s best for us, and I’m sure Emily has put thought into how her diet affects the baby.

Reasonable Thinker on

I will make this simple.

Cows are mammals. Humans are mammals.

Cows bodies are healthy enough for some to deem them the perfect food.

Cows drink milk during the first part of their lives, and then are completely vegan thereafter.

How in the world is it possible for cows to be healthy? (Note the sarcasm.)

Jenna on

To RKF… no one said anything about vegans being cleaner. i said they eat cleaner. too vastly different concepts. i assume we all shower, wear deodorant and wash our hair and therefore are equally clean.
eating clean; eating food closest to its natural state is a concept that most vegetarians and vegans are familiar with, in my experience. taking the time to make steel cut oatmeal instead of that stuff that comes in a packet that is loaded with sugar that is ready in a minute. eating brown rice instead of white. getting as much of the nutrients from the food as possible with as minimal processing as possible.

pammy on

My niece is vegan and I asked her ( just out of curiosity) if she minded sitting on the leather seats in my car. We were riding down the road at that point. I think her car also has leather seats. She replied that there are some things beyond her control – and she just tried not to think about the seats. I do believe someone asked Paul McCartney about the leather shoes he wears and the seats in his limos etc. So my question – does vegan just limit their food intake and not worry about the other uses for animal products in our everyday lifestyle?

Jen DC on

@ Blah: When it extends beyond simply what you eat, it *is* a lifestyle. For most vegans, it’s not simply about eating. It’s about the clothes they wear, causes and businesses they choose to support, etc. I’m going to take some license and read between your lines here, because what I think what’s annoyed you is a bunch of “vegan hippies” you’ve come across at some time or another preaching at you, which is annoying in any context.

The real question is why does someone else’s life choice make you SO MAD? Like I said, sorry you ran into the holier-than-thou type of vegan, but most of them aren’t like that. Regardless, until you come across a vegan dead of nutritional deficiencies, you need to accept that there is more than one “right way” to eat healthfully.

And the fact is, it is more unlikely that you’ll get a food-borne disease eating vegetables and fruit products. Period. It’s less likely that you’ll die of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or other preventable disease by restricting your diet to non-animal products. If you believe that eating meat products is healthier than not, and you’re satisfied with whatever research you’ve done, that’s great! NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP YOU.

Who’s arguing that it is abnormal to eat meat? Thus far, not anyone here.

Marie on

blahblahblah, is just that, blahblahblah!!! I always had an aversion to many meats, etc. I am a 26 year vegetarian & for about 13 years or more of it, vegan.

You may want to get educated on the subject, before speaking out.

fuzibuni on

uh oh. This is like part II from the post a couple days ago.

I’ve been vegan in the past and know lots of people who still are. When I was in that “scene” (yes, it is a scene out here in Los Angeles), I found vegans to be very nice and friendly people who care a lot about the injustices and cruelties they see in the world. They are compassionate people.

However, in my experience every single vegan I met held the believe that their diet was ethically and nutritionally superior to that of meat eaters. I even thought it was for some time. There are vegans who will tell you to your face that eating meat is wrong while others would be more polite and demure about it.

Years ago, I was friends with a vegan girl who came over to my house, walked over to my fridge, opened it up and when she saw eggs and yogurt exclaimed “You’ve fallen off the wagon!” Then she turned around, walked over to my closet, and looked at my shoes. When she saw my leather boots, she politely told me that she had to leave and I never saw her again.

Aside from that, there are the health consequences of veganism. I’ve met several people who had been vegan in their younger years, but as they hit 50 started eating meat again due to chronic health issues which seemed to be abated by an omnivorous diet. Personally, I got sick more often while vegan than ever in my life.

I believe everyone has the right to eat whatever they want… vegan or otherwise. But please don’t think your diet is healthier or more ethical than that of meat eaters. If it’s wrong to eat meat, then why do lions eat zebras? It’s because it’s part of our basic animal nature to do so, and to claim that we must evolve beyond eating meat is just not rational.

RKF on

Jenna – obviously I meant “eating cleaner” – why would I mean hygiene? And again, referring to your original statement, blanket statements such as “…just because vegans choose to eat cleaner than you…” is ridiculous. I lead a very healthy lifestyle including eating minimally processed foods, eating fresh greens/grains daily, etc… Eating meat here and there doesn’t make me any less/more healthy than a vegan. If you’re healthy, you’re healthy – regardless of the means of getting there.

Molly on

blah, seriously?! Not everyone loves eating meat. It’s not a big deal and *gasp* some people actually also go days without eating meat and remain healthy!!! Even more shocking is that alot of vegan meals are great and their desserts sometimes. You must also dislike flexitarians too

Lola on

Human’s survived on meat, vegetables, wild caught fish, and fruits for THOUSDANDS of years. They were completely healthy as a species, with much less disease than we see today. I don’t have a problem with veganism or vegetarianism, I was both for many years…but please do your homework before spouting off about “rotting meat” in your colon. (Things don’t rot in your colon, do you know what your digestive system is even made of?) When you say things like this it makes vegetarians as a whole look really stupid. Grassfed meats and raw milk/butter are one of the most nutritious and perfect foods a human being can eat.

Lola on

Look at most of your “studies” about how harmful meat is…they are most likely done by special interest groups supported by the multi-billion dollar GRAIN industry. Un-brainwash yourselves. πŸ˜‰

blahblahblah on

Jen C – you missed my entry how vegans slay me – I’m not mad- I’m glad – more tasty meat morsels for the rest of us. And for the person who compares us to cows (who are herbivores) – why don’t you go chew on your cud?! LOL. BTW, not too much in life makes me mad or angry – I’m pretty chill dining on steaks and chops. And big sweet prawns from Louisiana.

Ratty on

I honestly don’t care what anyone chooses to eat (I am a massive Bones fan so ED can do whatever she wants in my opinion – she’s a legend). However, please understand something fundamental. All food is genetically modified – the majority of it naturally. It’s called farming.

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

I have a lot of respect for people who can live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. I personally don’t think I could give up meet or dairy – I’m just too into food. But I really applaud those who can stand up for what they believe in – especially for the sake of animal rights! I do feel really guilty eating meat, especially when I so those horrible movies about cruel farming practices.

My bet is Emily’s baby will be just as healthy as a persowho lives a healthful omnivorous diet’s baby! It is really all relative!

Shelby on

Make educated decisions for yourself. Every one of these posts whether based on diet, breast-feeding, cloth diapers etc come down to one common theme. Do what is best for you, your body and your child. Clearly Emily is an educated adult and does not have to validate her decisions to anyone (not to mention she has a wonderful Nutritionist looking after her during pregnancy).

I think it is naive for any one of us to think that our food quality isn’t of great concern today. Whether you eat meat or not, there is something to be said for the amount of growth hormones we are pumping into our cows and chickens. No one should stand for that. Just a few posts down on the main page is an article about girls getting their periods for the first time. The average age? It is now 8 years old and even that article cited the amount of artificial hormones we induce into our food product as one reason. I was 16 years old and now I will have a daughter who begins at half as old as I was, not even 15 years later? There is something alarming to be said about that.

A poster mentioned “Cows bodies are healthy enough for some to deem them the perfect food.” Sure, maybe in their natural state but I would not believe that for an instant in today’s society. I apologize for those who have had less than lovely experiences with vegetarians/vegans but I would hope most say that they are not out for a personal agenda. As a vegetarian myself, I would never want to impose my beliefs on someone else but when prompted I often share with others. Do I think it’s better to spend an additional $.69 on organic milk? Absolutely! For the same price, would I rather have vegetarian eggs than those fed ground feed of chickens? Of course. Those are just small changes in my life that I feel positively benefit not only myself but our environment. If you chose to eat meat than more power to you but I would hope you would care enough about your own body to select free range meats or educate yourself on the farm they come from. Regardless of whether we were “created” to eat meat or not, we WERE created to be compassionate, loving individuals. I hope this board would become a place we could practice that. Blessings to all and especially to Emily and her newest bundle!

Kristen on

While many believe that vegans are morally superior- how eating beans and rice makes me superior I’ll never know. But you can tell, just from this thread that meat eaters are just angry people. Why feel threatened if another person doesn’t eat the way you do? Why lash out and tell us that our way of life is wrong? I don’t care how you live your life, I don’t care about what you eat or what you wear. But stop telling me that the way I live is wrong, unnatural, and unhealthy. It isn’t vegans that are among the obese population.

Anne on

“Even Jesus ate meat. Get over yourselves.”

how is THIS statement relevant to anyone but yourself, who obviously is some sort of Christian fundamentalist who thinks any of us give a shit whether you think you’re fictitious son of a sky g-d ate meat??? LOL

Jen DC on

@ Blah: No, I read it and all your posts before and after it. Before your first post, there hadn’t BEEN any “uppity ignorant condescending vegans” on this particular thread, just me and one other person happy to read about a healthy, researched and supported vegan pregnancy. You were the third person here… So if no “uppity ignorant condescending vegans” posted before you, why all the rage? You were immediately negative and (apparently) pissed off. “All vegans” this and that and the other thing. You’re obviously unhappy with some run in with an overzealous (or group of overzealous) vegans, or you wouldn’t be this twisted about it. Your posts are the opposite of laid back. Maybe you’re not “angry,” (although I’d like to hear your definition of it if this isn’t it), but you’re feeling some overwhelmingly negative emotion about vegans…

fuzibuni on

Veganism is the new eating disorder.

It’s negligent to promote veganism during pregnancy. While it most likely won’t kill you or your fetus, it puts you at higher risk for certain birth defects, b12 deficiency and anemia.

If you are vegan it’s essential while pregnant to supplement with vitamins and be very careful about what you are eating. It is much better to get b12 from a natural food source than from processed vitamins, however b12 is only available in animal products so vegans are often lacking in this.

Also, not many people have access to a nutritionist while pregnant like Ms. Deschanel and it is so easy to eat an unbalanced diet while vegan. People seem to think it’s healthier for you, but the negative health impacts from long term veganism often show up later in life when it’s too late to do anything about it.

If you really care about animals, dedicate your time to making their lives better and keeping hormones and pesticides out of our food sources. That will make a bigger change than just avoiding butter and eggs.

blahblahblah on

Jen DC – do you read palms also? Not angry, not mad, not full of rage, I like to post my superior opinions at all times, any time, every time, anywhere, everywhere. I love my life and are not envious of vegans. LOL. Like I said – they might not have been here when I first posted but did I attract all you uppity ignorant condescending vegans – it was like a horse to water – or for you vegans – flies to compost. LOL.

Shelby on

“b12 is only available in animal products so vegans are often lacking in this.” This is an eneducated and misinformed post fuzibuni.

β€œThe implication that animals need to die in order for us to get our Vitamin B12 is false. Most fortified drinks and non-animal foods offer plenty of Vitamin B12. Today I drank a Naked Blue Machine and that one bottle alone has 200% of my Vitamin B12. That’s on top of what daily supplements might have.” ~ Greg Johnson

You are also welcome to visit any of the below references to educate yourself on B12 as it relates to vegetarian and veganism. Thank you.

Armstrong BK. Absorption of vitamin B12 from the human colon. Am J clin nutr 1968; 21:298-9.

Herbert V. Vitamin B12: Plant sources, requirements, and assay. Am j clin nutr 1988;48:852-858.

van den Berg H, Dagnelie PC, van Staveren WA. Vitamin B12 and seaweed. Lancet 1988;1:242-3.

Mozafar A. Enrichment of some B-vitamin in plants with application of organic fertilizers. Plant and Soil 1994;167:305-11.

Mozafar A. Is there vitamin B12 in plants or not? A plant nutritionist’s view. Vegetarian Nutrition: An International Journal 1997;1/2:50-52.

Lauren on

If “energy is a really significant issue for her,” then her chosen lifestyle of veganism is actual not in sync with her body’s needs. Also, she IS an example of a vegan who is slightly overweight– this indicates that she is overeating the nut butters/ hemp/ fruit because her body is craving protein.

I’m all for healthy life choices when they’re actually healthy, but vegans are, to me, an example of an ideological choice that is actually not great for your body. The smugness that often follows this choice is just an unwelcome side effect–vegans feel like they are depriving themselves for the good of the planet and think this gives them the right and privilege to talk down to the rest of us, but really they’re just giving themselves health problems and a false sense of security.

Good luck with that!

Jen DC on

@ Blah: LOL – not a vegan. Just supportive of the choice. Don’t need to be a palm reader prognosticator to recognize anger/bitterness when I read it or hear it. Nor have I been ignorant, condescending or uppity – just stating my opinion and doing my research. You’re welcome to scale down your tone any time or apologize… But I won’t be holding my breath. Also? What drew people to the thread was not your overwhelming negativity and determined spread of misinformation, but ED’s choice to continue being vegan. But I’m sure in your mind, the world really does revolve around you and your food choices.

I don’t get where you’re reading that I said you were “envious” or all these other added complaints either. Just that you’re mad for some as yet undetermined (on this page) reason. I don’t really mind that you’re so pissed, only recognizing that it obviously colors your opinion, rendering it less effective.

@ Fuzibuni: Sure, it can be dangerous – just like an omnivorous diet can be dangerous. Go check out the link on the 16# baby that was born and spend as much time b*tching at that mom’s diet as you do at this one.

There are such things as “supplements” and “vitamins” – do most pregnant women not get prescribed prenatal vitamins that would include more than a daily suggested dose of B12 and iron? (Rhetorical – we know that they do.) The spectre of unnamed birth defects can happen to any pregnant woman, and while there may be some particular to vegan pregnancies, I gotta admit that I’m less worried about those because it is very likely that the pregnant vegan is upper middle class and getting more than adequate prenatal care, unlike the omnivorous poor, particularly (as I am) African Americans whose healthy birth statistics are astonishingly lower than caucasians.

By your definition/context, it would be negligent to promote ANY diet to ANY uneducated pregnant woman because of what she might do with the information. No, everyone does not have access to nutritionists, but EVERYONE can look at nutritional information on the food they buy and consume – that’s called “personal responsibility.” Not only can they look at this info, they SHOULD.

And any deficient diet leads to later-life consequences. Nothing you’ve posted is insurmountable or not applicable to an ominvorous diet.

Kaye on

I honestly don’t care what anyone chooses to eat (I am a massive Bones fan so ED can do whatever she wants in my opinion – she’s a legend). However, please understand something fundamental. All food is genetically modified – the majority of it naturally. It’s called farming.

– Ratty on July 11th, 2011

Lol, I know! Seriously, all of the species of wheat we use are hybrid strains. What is it that people think of when they hear the words genetically modified or genetically engineered?

Jenna on

I cant believe what this comment section has turned into. Seriously people? Emily is vegan. Great. Emily is pregnant. Fantastic and the reason she is on this page. She has issues with energy because she works 16 hour days, sometimes more. If anyone here wouldnt have an issue with energy working 16 hour days, especially while pregnant; omnivore, veg or vegan, raise your lying hands please. How anyone chooses to live their lives and what they fuel their bodies with, is of no concern to anyone else. If they are healthy and happy and their child is growing well than STFU, it isnt your business.

Sarah K. on

Lauren, if you read the last post on ED she mentions having bigger thighs even as a pre-teen and before she was vegan, so it seems like that’s just her body type and not because she’s “overweight.” Also, this article is about a vegan diet while PREGNANT, so obviously ED needs more energy and tires out more now while working. Most vegans/vegetarians do not tire out so easily in normal everyday life. And sorry to fill you in on this, but most of the negativity in this post and the last has been from the non-vegans who seem to be displaying an irrational sense of insecurity. I’m a vegetarian and have never preached to anyone or expected that anyone go out of their way for me. Most of the vegans/vegetarians I know are the same way. Sorry, you’ve encountered a few that seem snobby, but it’s not the norm – just like I’m positive most omnivores aren’t as nasty and insecure as the ones on this thread.

Sophie on

Wow, what a discussion. It’s so funny how people like Blahblahblah (what’s in a name :D) immediately start attacking people for no reason at all. Unless maybe she was once dumped by a vegan boyfriend and is still frustrated about that, lol.

I’m a vegan myself and most of my friends are meat eaters. I can honestly say that I never try to impose my diet onto them. They choose to eat meat, fish and dairy, I choose not to. End of discussion. It’s only food people.

But like someone else mentioned a little earlier (don’t remember who it was), I do explain why I prefer a vegan diet when people ask me about it. But I’m certainly not trying to impose it on anyone.
And on a final note: most vegans do plenty of research on what nutrients they need and where (in which foods) they can find them. The most discussed topics here were, I believe, Vitamin B12 and dairy. Vitamin B12 can also be found in nori for instance and adult people lack the enzym to help break down lactose. So dairy is not particularly unhealthy, but it will cause your digestive system to have to do a lot more work to get it digested. I’m in my twenties now and I’ve always had severe acne. When I gave up dairy (I was already a vegetarian before that), my face really cleared up. So what I’m trying to say is that a vegan diet is absolutely what’s best for MY body, but everyone has to make that decision for themselves. And I certainly don’t judge people who choose to eat differently than me. Okay, glad I got that off my chest after reading these comments.

Btw, for those of you who are interested to know how vegans keep themselves alive, you can check out Kimberly Snyder’s blog. She’s a vegan celebrity nutritionist (clients include Owen Wilson, Jenna Dewan, Olivia Wilde, Channing Tatum, Drew Barrymore, Hilary and Haylie Duff and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas) and her blog is full of general health tips: http://www.kimberlysnyder.net/

MiB on

@blahblahblah, you don’t know many vegans, do you? First of all, all vegan mothers I have known have breast fed their babies, even more so, most of them have practised extended breast feeding up until 2-3 years. The reason for that is, that they consider human milk intended for human babies (which it is) and that babies are intended to trink milk fromtheir own species. Secondly, the majority of the children that I grew up with (and living in a quite alternative community, there were many of them), who had vegan or vegetarian parents have chosen to remain vegan or vegetarian. Some have tried meat or fish, eggs or milk, some have gone on to eating milk, eggs, fish or even meat, but in my experience, most of them have chosen to stay vegan/vegetarian. Not because their parents forced them, but because they preferred vegetarian/vegan food, were used to it, didn’t like/know what to do with eggs/milk/fish/meat.

@fuzibuni, I have met several people who have become vegan or vegetarian at age 50+ due to health problems like high cholesterol, diabetes type 2 and rheumatic diseases, all with the blessing of their doctors and/or dieticians (maybe not initially, but certainly after having lowered their cholesterol levels). In fact, the oldest vegan I’v ever met was in her 90’s and healthy as can be, her eysight was deteriorating and she complained that she wasn’t as agile as she used to be and that she lacked a bit in energy, but I met her at yoga class, and she wasn’t stiffer than me in my early 20’s. She became a vegan in the 1930’s and raised 3 healthy children (one of them was the yoga teacher) and a stepson, all but one of them still vegans(the black sheep of the family being her stepson and her second husband who were both vegetarians). Most of the children who are born to vegan parents that I know of are healthy and “normal” even as adults. Their parents are often very conscious about what they are eating and what they are serving their children. You are right however that there are those who try to mask eating disorders by calling themselves vegan, but I wouldn’t actually call them vegan, an anorexic is an anorexic whatever she or he calls herself/himself.

@Pammy, most vegans I have met refrain from buying anything with leather if they can help it (there are leather free cars, shoes, belts and handbags etc.), but they won’t disown somone else for not doing so. They will still go in your car, sit in your sofa, eat from your plates (which assumedly have been used to serve non vegan food) if you invite them as long as you accomodate their wish for vegan food (either by serving it to them or by letting them bring or make their own).

There are militant vegans who refuse to have anything to do with non vegan products, but that is their problem, really. If they chose to walk out on a friend for not being vegan, then that’s their choice. If they chose to make a fuss because the pot used to cook their food has also been used to cook non vegan food even though it has been washed since, then it’s their problem (you can always chose to invite them for the afterparty but not the meal). If they chose to be preachy (unless they have been provoked into it, or invited to do so) you can always chose not to listen, change the subject, tell them that you understand that it is important to them, but that this is not the time and place for such a debate. There should always be room to negotiate a solution. I once invited a study group over for dinner, and was told by one that she only ate kosher, but that she would eat beforehand. I then served her tea and kosher sweets while the rest of us had dinner, and that was ok for her. I have also invited friends with celiac who have brought their own pasta or bread, friends with allergies or other dietary restrictions who have decided to bring some or all of their own food, which has been fine with me. I have had friends over who don’t drink alcohol, no problem, I’ll serve them non alcoholic drinks or they can bring their own favourite; who smoke, no problem, I’ll put an ash tray on the balcony and ask them to smoke there as I don’t want any smoke in my home; who don’t drink coffee or tea, no problem, they can have herbal tea, or water, or fruit juice; who are diabetic, no problem, just tell me what you can eat or bring your own food if you prefer. In all groups where the dietary restriction is by choice there will be annoyingly preachy people, bear with them and hope it will pass (they are just as enthusiastic about their choices as someone who has just been to an inspiring seminar, seen an eyeopening film, discovered a new method of doing this or that that they feel have revolutionized their lives, or found God, though some have gone into a defensive mode because they have had to defend themselves so much that they do it out of habit), change the subject as subtly as you can, ignore them while they’re at it or avoid situations where they might become preachy. It’s fine to invite preachy vegans to thanksgiving, just tell them there will be turkey served (as well as a vegan alternative) and that they, if they feel uneasy about sitting down with the turkey at the table, are most welcome to join you afterwards instead. The same of course goes for the uncle who bullies the poor vegan, or the aunt who tries to sneak non vegan products into their food (that is actually also a quite common occurrance, a vegetarian friend of mine refuses to eat anything at her aunts house because the aunt has a bad habit of serving her “vegetarian” food and then saying, yes, it’s so good because I put some beef broth/chicken/lard in it…).

Emily seems a sensible and healthy person who is not above accepting help with her nutrition and who would probably supplement if there was any need for it. Fetuses are parasites in a way (I know, it’s a horrible thing to say), they make sure that they get what they need, even if they deplete their mother’s store, so that the mother suffers deficiencies long before they start getting affected unless the placenta is not working allright. If their bloodworks are fine, then the fetus is fine. If they suffer from an iron or calcium deficiency, then it’s because the fetus takes all the iron or calcium they need and leave the mother with too little. A mother needs to be very near starvation before it starts to affect the fetus. And Emily Deschanel looks very healthy indeed.

MiB on

Oh, I somehow didn’t realize what a novel I was writing, sorry about that!

Audrey on

just wanted to point out, that those “healthy vegetables” can be just as unhealthy as some think eating hormone induced meat is, because those vegetables you buy, have most probably been sprayed with pesticides. And cow’s milk is for humans too, because adults and children are too old for breast milk, and we need that calcium, so it is our supplement, and there is nothing wrong it, perfectly good for little ones too! Not trying to start an argument, I am just saying. I am obviously not a vegan/vegetarian, and to be honest I don’t think its fair to the baby to deprive them of what is in meat/dairy while you are pregnant, but that’s her decision, the most important thing is a healthy happy baby in the end.

blahblahblah on

I don’t hate vegans – in fact I don’t care one way or another – like I said more meat morsels for me. It’s hilarious that you vegans assume I’m upset or angry or that I must have had a vegan boyfriend who broke up with me. Get a life vegans – a vegan diet is not a lifestyle – it’s a diet – and an unhealthy one – just like all diets. Eating a well-balanced small meals with meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, five times a day with water, 1% milk, or juice is the best eating a person can do. Not what you vegans follow. This is just so funny -some of you are quite the outspoken advocates. Do you really see yourselves as “vegan martyrs”? I don’t think I can keep up with the laughter you all generate. This is like comedy central – your diatribes on veganism are so so sincere it’s like fodder for comedy writers.

Hey, Emily, if you read any of this – have a great baby!

Sarah K. on

Audrey, millions of vegetarian and vegan mothers have given birth to completely healthy babies. My mother is a vegetarian and gave birth to three healthy children weighing at least 8lbs. at birth. We all continued to be healthy being raised as vegetarians (shocking, I know). You clearly don’t know enough about vegans/vegetarians to be making blanket statements about what is or isn’t fair to an unborn baby. ED is seeing a nutritionist to ensure her baby’s health, which is a lot more than most mothers do. If her doctor doesn’t think it’s unfair, why do you?

Jen DC on

@ Blah: Sure…sublimate your feelings, deny factual evidence. No problem! That sound of others laughing? It’s AT you, not with you.

You don’t get to decide for others what is a “lifestyle” and what is merely a fad or a “diet.” And if you want to argue semantics, the term “diet” refers not only to limiting food for the sake of weight loss (which isn’t what the bulk of vegans are doing) but a particular selection of food to maintain or improve health (which is arguably what most of the ARE doing). Also, you keep putting words in others’ mouths – who said anything about martyrdom? And as I asked before, who said anything about eating meat being abnormal? The fact that you never condescend to answer questions is pretty telling in and of itself. You’re just frothing at the mouth for no good reason and repeating your opinions as if they are fact, as if they are sound solely because you say them doesn’t make it so.

The main point, however, is that you don’t HAVE to agree with the reasoning behind someone else’s choice of diet or even give up your derision or anger or “humor” (although, side note, if this is how you act when you’re being “low key” or when something is funny to you, I feel badly for the people around you when you’re actually angry or tense). You don’t have to agree with the facts as presented – but they remain facts regardless. You can even have the last negative, derisive word. In the instant case, we’ll have ample evidence that a vegan pregnancy can be successfully carried to term (meaning average or above weight baby, perfectly healthy) without any additional danger or hardship to baby or mother.

blahblahblah on

Jen DC – I use the moniker blahblahblah for people like you. You better watch out – your words may be the next skit for comedy central.LOL.

Deedge on

PEOPLE. Calm down. Last week I saw a homeless pregnant woman drinking coffee & going through a pack of cigarettes and was so upset I went home, cried, and Googled & called every resource I could think of to try & find a way to help her and her unborn child. Guess how many resources I found to help this poor baby, who will be lucky to be born in a hospital, albeit totally underweight from the smoking and completely malnourished and probably hooked on drugs? ALMOST NONE. My point is, there are far worse problems in the world than what some rich vegan with a diet supervised by a well-paid professional nutritionist eats while she’s pregnant.

It’s time to stop caring so much about what other people eat.

fuzibuni on


The overwhelming consensus in the mainstream nutrition community, as well as among vegan health professionals, is that plant foods do not provide vitamin B12. Fortified foods or vitamin supplements are necessary for vegans, and even vegetarians in many cases. Seaweed and nutritional yeast aren’t sufficient sources either.

If you want more information on B12 deficiency, please read these articles from the vegan health website:

And Jen DC… I’m truly sorry if my posts come off as bitching. My personal experience with veganism, and the damage it did to my health as well as many friends made me sensitive to the promotion of the vegan diet as a lifestyle that should be emulated. I think if you want to be vegan that is fine, but tell people it is good for them and don’t inflict it on your children. In comparison to the 16lb baby you mentioned… no one is saying go out and get diabetes because it’s good for you.

We all know that there are problems with the average american diet in the United States. But this is not due to eating animal products. People have been eating an omnivorous diet far before the obesity epidemic began.

The vegan lifestyle seems to be the backlash to the american food epidemic, but it is just as extreme and unbalanced. So go ahead and be vegan… just don’t promote it. It is a particularly dangerous diet for growing children, pregnant women, and anyone who is struggling with an illness.

fuzibuni on

And Deege… I get what you are saying, but no one is saying that smoking and drinking coffee while pregant is good for the baby.

Celebrities like Emily Deschanel, Nicole Richie, and Alicia Silverstone actively promote a vegan lifestyle because they think it’s good for you.

Jen DC on

@ fuzibuni: That you (and these alleged “many friends”) had issues with a vegan diet doesn’t mean that everyone will. This is what is called “anecdotal evidence.” Your study population is too small, we have no details about your caloric intake let alone what exactly you ate, what problems you experienced and what, if any, diagnosis from a medical professional you received. You don’t have to share it since this is a public forum, but it’s hard to thoroughly evaluate your theory without that info. So… your theory that it’s bad for everyone because it’s bad for you ultimately must fail.

The ill (rather obviously) should most definitely seek medical support should they choose a vegan diet, however healthy adults and healthy children – who responsibly research and provide themselves with the nutrients required yet not necessarily met through their vegan diets – can and do thrive. (Obviously the kids aren’t researching, their parents are.) If they fail to thrive, that’s where medical help comes in.

But like I said: When Emily Deschanel’s kid gets here, we’ll see. If it works for her, with her doctor’s supervision, we’ll have our answer.

jessiek on

I am a vegan and I am pregnant and have no difficulties at all with my pregnancy. My doctor and my mid wife are all encouraging me and tell me I am right on schedule with my weight gain. I have never felt better. I do not have a personal chef, or a nutrientist. I just have a supportive VEGAN husband (gasp) and a support non vegan family. All my levels in my blood work are normal. I am a healthy 27 year old women who chooses not to support the torture and murder of sentient animals. I do not think I am better for it, but do wish that people would have an openmind to veganism because it would help the rights to animals that can feel pain, fear, love, and happiness. I

am proud of my choices, but I do not think that makes uptight or self rightous. I do the best I can with my choice to be vegan, including wearing faux fur, faux leather fashion. All of my makeup, hair products, shampoo, laundry detergent etc. is animal free. (thank trader joe’s) Some of you on this board are probably laughing or saying I am takin it too far, but my veganism does go beyond my taste buds.

As for blahahblaha or whatever it is, I feel like this person is a lost cause for animal rights and people like this do not bother me in the least bit. She makes me laugh as well. I do feel as vegans we should not worry about people who’s minds are made up, but people who are interested and want to learn more about our lifestyle (i bet blahbla is cracking up right now) Thats when animals really benefit. I am not one to rambel about all the research i have done, because the knowledge about the health benefits is neither here nor there. because honestly even if it was a health risk, I might still be a vegan because of my passion for the morally corupte meat industry. But i guess i would never know for sure because I have never been healthier and my taste buds are happy campers.

Just one more thing… I would love to plug where my husband is a server and is learning how to professionally cook vegan cuisen Sprig and Vine in New Hope Pa is the best best best vegan food you could ever it. It will open your eyes to whole new world. Ps if you go there you must get the oyster mushroom for a starter! Your taste buds will explode πŸ™‚ also my apologies for my spelling, i am a terrible terrible speller πŸ™‚

Areyousure??? on

@Anne: “I shudder to think of you meat eaters and the rotting animal carcass sitting in your colons for weeks, months, even years” – are you sure? I thought you digest your food within 24 hours or so, much less than a week (if not you’d be constipated). “Rotting” suggests mould, bacteria buildup. While bacteria are vital for digestion in humans, what we are left with is nothing like the typical ‘rotting meat that’s been sitting on the kitchen bench for weeks’ in terms of appearance or composition.

@Jenna – “If you think that eating the genetically altered, hormone laden, antibiotic infested chicken and beef from the supermarket…” This argument suggests you don’t like anything genetically altered, hormone laden, and antibiotic infested, am I right? If so, does that mean you don’t like anything outside ‘natural’:
e.g. Canola (the typical kind is actually genetically modified rapeseed from Canada that has less erucic acid –> canola stands for “Canadian oil, low acid”)
e.g. Hormone-replacement therapies, or the contraceptive pill
e.g. Antibiotics prescribed for infectious conditions?

I’d like to know what you guys think – i’m not attacking anyone here!

Me! on

I LOVE Emily Deschanel! She is awesome as Dr. Temperance Brennan on Bones, and I bet she is going to be a great mother too! I don’t see why some people (not so much on this one, but on another site with this same interview there were a TON of people bashing Emily for putting her child at risk by keeping a vegan diet while pregnant)are making this such a big deal about her diet. It’s not like she is doing drugs, smoking, or drinking caffine while pregnant, which would put her child at an even greater risk than not eating animal products. Im sure thousands of vegans give birth to healthy babies every year, just like thousands of non vegans give birth to healthy babies too. I also just read somewhere that she has ben a vegan since like she was 15 or something, I think if she just suddenly started eating meat because of
her pregnancy it could cause more harm then good.

I think that everyone should just stop judging the way other people choose to eat, vegans and non vegans alike. I think that we can all agree that vegan diets can be perfectly healthy or unhealthy just like non vegan diets can be perfectly healthy or unheatlhy.

ppl on

@ Reasonable thinker, not so much living up to your moniker are you? One of the difference between cows and human beings are a DEVELOPED brain. It’s why they, cows,can be led to slaughter without really knowing what’s going on. Have a burger and think on it.

Canada Girl on

Canada Girl on

If you are curious about whether or not veganism is a good choice for children just goole “vegan baby deaths” I was a bit shocked.

Deena on

Well ladies, let’s say this, I was born and raised an omnivore, so was my whole family, but when I decided to try out the vegan lifestyle I found loads of benefits. Some of the things that changed are my menstrual cycle is now shorter, no cramps anymore(which were so bad that I would be doubled over in the fetal position or drugged heavily), clear and even skin, more energy, less need for sleep9I can run all day on 6 hours, whereas before sleep was my favorite past time), weight loss, and even my skin and sweat smell better.

These are the effects it has had on my life. Everyone has not had the same experience, I just know for my life it works better for the way my body is built. I used to have chronic allergies, but actually found out what breathing is on my vegan diet. I feel lighter and more lively. So in my case, I will always advocate for veganism becaause it is what my body prefers. My suggestion is to try it out for yourself, and if you are healthy about the choices you put in your body, and still believe omni is better, go back to it! There is nothing like trying it yourself!

Sharon Moore on

At Shelby – β€œb12 is only available in animal products so vegans are often lacking in this.” This is an eneducated and misinformed post fuzibuni.”

I’ve seen a lot of vitamin that are rich in B12 but they are injectables unlike this vitamin b12 spray here in http://products.mercola.com/vitamin-b12-spray/ is quite amazing because it is spray at all. I’m not really good in taking injection. haha

Jana on

People, why should we care about what she eats? I admire ED for holding her head up high and getting the right support (nutritionist etc.) for her pregnancy and diet in general. What she chooses to do is her choice.

I have eaten and used animal products my whole life, but am considering a vegetarian diet. I think that as long as you are educated, eat widely and listen to your body, you should be able to eat whatever you want. People may have personal views concerning animal welfare etc. or religious views, and then choose to become vegetarian/vegan. That’s fine by me.

For those vegan haters out there – vegans advocate their diet just as you are in these comments. Some vegs/vegans are over-the-top and rude, but ED doesn’t seem to be. Others just justify their diet for those who ask, and don’t impose any views. But I do agree, being vegan doesn’t give you the right to hold others in contempt.Vegans may believe it is moral to avoid animal products, but others don’t. Let people do what they want.

Good for ED. I saw in some interviews with Hart Hanson and others in Bones that she and her baby are very healthy. She has been a vegan for 15 years, and I think that she was right to continue on her diet, as eating animal products after so long could be damaging. Congrats to her and her husband David Hornsby. I am happy she gave the baby a normal name πŸ™‚

Love the show, admire ED, and I think people need to stop criticising vegans who know what they are doing.

BTW, does anyone know where to find COMPLETELY unbiased meat-eater vs. vegan info?

marieandtheappletree on

Try peer reviewed journal articles. Meat eaters and vegans we can live in harmony πŸ™‚

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You argue that Jesus ate meat so it’s ok. For a start MANY people believe Jesus to be a vegetarian. Personally I think he was pescatarian (i think I got the term right :s) which means the only meat product consumed was fish. and I’ll leave you with a quote from JESUS, from the BIBLE “I am come to end the sacrifices and feasts of blood, and if ye cease not offering and eating of flesh and blood, the wrath of God shall not cease from you; even as it came to your fathers in the wilderness, who lusted for flesh, and did so to their content, and were filled with rottenness, and the plague cosumed them” – JESUS.

OBVIOUSLY this is only directed to mommytoane/christians – everyone else, don’t mind me, and carry on πŸ™‚