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07/11/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
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Hey big sister, pay attention to me!

After celebrating the Fourth of July together, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner enjoy another family day out with daughters Violet Anne, 5½, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 2½ , in Brentwood, Calif., on Sunday.

Looks like Seraphina’s attempts to get budding bookworm Violet’s attention were unsuccessful — but Dad gave her plenty of smiles!

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Splash News Online

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Megan on

OMG that last picture is priceless…what an absolutely precious moment…and the first one–I adore this family–they look like any other American family just walking down the street with their GORGEOUS daughters and just enjoying life as a family! I absolutely adore the Garner-Afflecks!

wow on

that is one adorable family.

Erin on

Anyone else see the blue gown Jennifer wore to the BAFTA event for Will and Kate? Gorgeous! And the second picture here, to die for cute!

Lisa on

Nice to see the whole family together. Normally just Jen and the kids. Kids adorable love Jen and Ben!

Sus on

Beautiful family!!! Love seeing all 4 together!!

Just out of curiosity, didn’t Jennifer legally change her last name to Affleck although she goes by Garner professionally?

Sarah K. on

Sus, I think you’re right. I think she changed it legally to Affleck around 2008/2009

Jordan on

Why does it seem that Violet has a book IN her mouth?

Cute family pics!

guest on

Violet and Seraphina are so beautiful-they will grow up and be knockouts

Jennifer on

@Jordan Do you have kids? They put EVERYTHING in their mouth. Even when they know they are not supposed to and are old enough to know better.

Love this family! We’ll see if this picture gets all the negative comments like the one from the 4th of July…

SAR on

Such a cute, sweet family! Glad to see some pics of all of them. I’ve seen many with Ben and Violet or Jennifer with Seraphina or Jennifer with both girls, but not a lot with all four of them.

Both Ben and Jennifer obviously adore their girls.

Jillian on

Because she probably does. Because she is a child and that’s what they do!

Lauren on

enough is enough with these people. they are DULL!

Capri on

They sure are a cute family! I personally don’t like them as much as everyone else because of their political views…or lack there of. Sue me….


Get a haircut Ben….and a nice shave wouldn’t hurt!

ClaireSamsmom on

Gorgeous family! I cannot see how anyone could say anything negative about these pictures….I love this family!

Jeanne on

Lauren, no one’s forcing you to read this article and comment on it. Just scroll past the story if you’re so sick of reading about them.

Brooklyn on

What cute pictures! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again this is such an adorable family!

Jillian on

I like seeing them and like bens long hair look and scruffy face!

Tess on

Jeanne – if Lauren doesn’t post to say she’s sick of a certain celeb, how will TPTB know? I think it makes perfect sense to comment on celebs you don’t like and/or are tired of seeing.

The kids are cute, but I really don’t see why this family is so beloved.

Maggie on

I assume they’d know by checking their traffic stats? It’s pretty easy to see which posts do well and which don’t – it’s not always based on number of comments.

For what it’s worth, I enjoy seeing family pictures of these guys – it’s nice to see Ben out and about with them.

Tess on

Maggie – just because the stats may be high for a certain post doesn’t mean everyone loves that post. They may look to see what others are saying, find out that they completely disagree, and leave without comment. My point is that there is nothing wrong with voicing dissent so TPTB will know.

It’s like on when they list the most read stories – weddings and baby announcements are always the most read. Not because people necessarily like the celebrities featured, but because they want to see the wedding dress and read the baby’s name. It doesn’t mean the celebs are popular, which is why I’m not sure the point of tagging something most read.

Maggie on

You’re right – sorry, I didn’t realize you were speaking specifically about the people readers do or don’t like.

I was just saying from a marketing standpoint, if they see that certain topics/people catch readers’ interest (whether that interest is positive OR negative) then that equals more pageviews/money for them, so I’d expect to see that topic/person featured more and that the readers’ personal opinions on a celebrity probably don’t matter much.

I do agree that feedback is always good to give, I just don’t think it gets us anywhere with huge media companies though. There is so much else at play that we don’t even know about.

Bancie1031 on

I really do love this family … they seem so down to earth ….. the Afflecks look great 🙂

Tess on

Maggie – I’m not sure the point of People featuring celebs that people don’t like, but it may happen. Although, I read that People paid Kim Kardashian $1 million for her wedding pics, and then worried about recouping the money because she’s not a big draw, so who knows.

meri on

If anyone here is dull, it is Lauren – she is the same person who posts on EVERY Jennifer Garner post with the same dull, tired comments about how boring they are and how she has had enough of them. She’s not smart enough to understand how to scroll past topics that don’t interest her. She is just a pathetic troll who wants attention.

(Now counting down the minutes until Lauren reappears and claims this is the first comment she’s ever made about them, which no one with a brain will believe.)

Lauren on

i am posting my opinion. that’s what people are ALLOWED to do on blogs. and i am NOT the only person with that opinion of them as you can tell. i don’t want or need attention…meri the troll does though.

Erin on

Lauren – are you JLo in disguise? A JLo employee? Cause that’s what you sound like. A gal full of sour grapes

Lauren on

no, i’m not jlo but thanks for the compliment. 🙂 if i were jlo that would mean im the most beautiful woman in the world, a hit music artist, a judge on idol, and so on and so on. yeah if that was meant as insult….uhhhhh you’re not very good at giving them! hahaah!

Molly on

Lauren and Tess, LMAO. You’re naive. Sorry but they only care about how many comments they get and since you comment 48 times on every single Ben and en post, you are making magazine very happy. Keep it up and they will post even more pictures of this family. I hope they do because your hatred towards them is hilarious.

Molly on

I wish I had waited to post Lauren. I had no idea you were also a female chauvinistic pig.

Suzi on

Whoa! Was just spending some time at work web surfing. Came upon a story on Never knew how seriously everyone takes this celebrity stuff. But women attacking someone they don’t even know and attacking other women? That is sickening.I’m going back to the real world where things are less violent:) You should all be very ashamed of yourselves. Bet you are all good Christians to boot!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren on have a dog’s name.

Molly on

Lauren, you fail. That was pathetic even for you but thanks for the laughter. I always enjoy laughing at your failed comments.

Allison on

Ben is looking good a little unkempt. He has always been at the top of my list as hot actors and I think that when men show their soft side interacting with little kids just make them more so!