Victoria and David Beckham Welcome Daughter Harper Seven

07/10/2011 at 01:35 PM ET
Frazer Harrison/Getty

Victoria Beckham finally has a little girl to dress up.

The pop star-turned-fashion designer and her soccer star husband David Beckham welcomed daughter Harper Seven Beckham at 7:55 a.m. Sunday, July 10 in Los Angeles, their rep tells PEOPLE.

The parents of three sons – Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8½, and Cruz, 6½ – announced they were expecting a girl in March.

“Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are excited to welcome their new baby sister to the family,” says Beckham spokesperson Jo Milloy.

Harper weighed 7 lbs., 10 oz., and was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

In order to get ready for the new addition, Victoria, 37, had a pink-themed baby shower in May.

As if this little girl would have been stuck wearing blue hand-me-downs.

“Obviously, having three boys, you kind of expect another one, so finding out a little girl is in there is surprising, but, obviously, we are over the moon,” said David, 36, after the pregnancy was announced.

— Alla Byrne

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Tee on

Congratulations to the Beckham family! I’m sure she’s quite lovely!

Lady on

Congrats, can’t wait to hear what they named her!!

Ellie on

How wonderful! And just a suggestion for the name – today is my sister Maggie’s birthday, too – how about it, Beckham family???

Sandra on

Oh yay… Been waiting for this news… Congrats.

Cannot wait to hear the name, something going well with the boys’ names – something special but not to out there.

Crystal on

CONGRATS!!! I’ve been checking this website like every hour waiting for this announcement! I’m soooo excited. I cannot wait to hear her name. Like I said in my last post, I couldn’t wait to hear of her having a 7+ pound HEALTHY baby and Miss Beckham is 7 lbs 10 oz. Obviously Victoria was very healthy, fit and strong during her pregnancy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dom on

Congratulations to the Beckhams! Seven Pounds and Ten Oz and born on 7/10!!! That’s pretty cool! Can’t wait to hear the name….

Julia A on

Congrats to the whole Beckham clan! can’t wait to hear the name.

Hilary on

Congratulations, Beckhams! Can’t wait to hear the name they came up with!

Patrice on

Congrats to the Beckhams.I’ll bet those boys are excited to have a baby sister. It will be fun to hear the name they chose. I hope Victoria doesn’t get back down to the weight she carries in this picture; she looks so much better with a few more pounds.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to the Beckham’s!!!! I can’t wait to hear the name they chose not to mention to see this sure to be gorgeous little girl 😀

Piper on

YAY, welcome to the world! LOVE Victoria and this little girl will be so LOVED!

Amanda on

That’s wonderful. I know people said she was thin while pregnant but I think she just carries small. It the baby was like 5lbs 9oz that might be different. But 7/10 is a perfectly healthy weight. She seems to have a long torso too so that can make people look smaller than they are. Congratulations to them. As long as they don’t name her Princess, I’m sure I will love the name. LOL

Janie on

congratulations! And wow, that was a fast announcement, only 3 hours after her birth. Victoria might not even be in her room yet, lol.

Piper on

Also, you nay-sayers don’t judge someone base on size.

Marky on

Okay, all those who said you have to gain 60-80 lbs to have a “healthy” baby; looks as if Victoria did just fine. So many babies lately have weighed less than 7 lbs, and 7/10 is a very nice weight. So happy for this couple who seem to truly treasure and enjoy their children.

Julia on

Finally 🙂

jessicad on

I can’t wait to hear the name either! I figured she’d be a perfectly healthy size too, congrats to them!

Kaylie on

Can’t wait to hear what they named her! I love their sons names and I know Victoria wants her daugther to be very girls so I guessing something ending with -bella or -ia! Very excited!

K on

YAY!! I can’t wait to hear all about the little girl… congratulations!!

Brooklyn on

No surprise that they now have a healthy, beautiful daughter after three healthy, beautiful sons! I really get such a good vibe from them, they are a great family AND great role models. Congratulations!

mommytoane on

Why WOULDN’T She be in her room?? Assumptions are just that. Until it comes out that she had a c-section, its rude to assume.

Congratulations to the Beckham family!! Can’t wait to hear the new little sweetheart’s name. 🙂

Sarah on

Was she born via c-section too? Seems like being in a role model position she would take her actions into consideration and how others follow her example irregardless of their situations in life. Nothing more than to be like celebrities.
It isn’t exactly the best way to use your power. But people do what they do ans suppose it doesn’t hurt anything.

Seems a very violent way to begin life, poor little baby.

Liz on

Sarah, “irregardless” is not a word.

I would hope no one is actually looking to the Beckhams for advice when deciding how to best deliver their children. That’s what doctors and midwives are for.

harley on

Sarah – bite me. Assumptions are the mother of all screw ups and judging how someone brings a life into this world is plain RUDE! No one has a clue the reason some choices are made in the delivery room or beforehand. My niece was a planned cesarean because her mom wasn’t comfortable with the “low risk” of passing HSV-2 onto her by vaginal delivery regardless of the precautions ; it still happens and she wasn’t willing to take that chance.

Who cares so long as mother and baby are healthy and happy? I sure as hell don’t.

Congratulations to the very happy family.

Erika on

I’m so thrilled that they FINALLY got a girl. After 3 boys, they deserve it and she will be very protected and loved! I have a feeling she will be the little princess and all of the boys will cater to her 🙂 Congratulations to them! I am so excited to hear the name!

coffeeyum on

Sarah… Violent way to start life?
Many of us were born in not such ideal settings and were born the the direction nature intended us to come out.

Seriously though… C-sections:
One can assume she has c-sections because she wants it that way. Or two you could assume there is medical reasons she has had c-sections for all kids. Not everyone can give birth vaginally. Either way, it’s her medical business and I am certain that baby is not a poor baby at all.

KPR on

I second what the others said. I am so sick of hearing people say someone should gain a “certain” amount of weight to have a healthy baby. Who wants to bet that the “healthy” amount of weight is very close to what HE OR SHE weighed during pregnancy? Looking for validation versus not judging and using only medical facts???? Anyways … I digress …. congrats. After all the media attention of BAD mommy’s like Casey Anthony … I think that Posh has done a fabulous job. Not only of producing a healthy baby girl … but also of raising 3 boys! Unless you want to start judging all the overweight momma’s who risk gestational diabetes and diseases to their unborn child … leave Victoria’s weight and mothering skills out of it too!

Allegra on

So happy for them!!

Char on

Congratulations to the Beckham’s! I cannot WAIT to hear the name they chose. I agree about the weight – it’s perfect!

As an aside…Sarah – you’ve managed to insult a good many people with your comments. Yes, it must be nice to be so lucky that you never needed a c-section. As a high-risk mama, I wasn’t so lucky. There are far worse things that can happen to baby then having a c-section. Also, you made the assumption that Victoria had a c-section, simply from the room comment. Makes no sense to me.

Mandy on

Awww yay! So happy to hear about their long awaited baby girl’s arrival! Cannot wait for the name!

I was born C-section and I seem to be just fine. Lol.

Alisa on

Aw, I’m thrilled for them!

Nicole on

I had a “natural” childbirth with my daughter, but I was speaking with someone just the other day who had been in the room for her daughter’s c-section, and the baby didn’t cry when she was born and the doctor explained after that a c-section is actually easier on the baby. It’s not quite as traumatic a transition from the womb to the world as a natural birth is.

So much for your “violent” theory then, Sarah.

Congratulations to the Beckhams! I’m sure she’s a lovely little girl and I’m excited to hear the name.

Jazzy on

Sarah, do you know her personally to make such assumptions? If she had a c- section by choice or vaginal delivery, who cares ? It’s no ones business anyways. As a celebrity she owes us no such “examples” or “explanations” of her birthing preferences. Congratulations to the family!

linda on

Family Complete she must be pretty can,t wait to see a pic and to know what her name is all the best!

Rosy on

Congrats to her, I can’t wait to see what she looks like and hear her name. I carried small like Victoria and had a 7lb 11oz baby, so just goes to show that the way you carry has piss all to do with the size of the baby 😉

Brianne on

Congratulations, Victoria and David! I couldn’t be happier for you! I’m sure your new daughter is just precious and I can hardly wait to hear her name and see a picture of her! I’m sure her big brothers Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz love her very, very much! Once again, congratulations, and I wish you all nothing but the very best!!!

And in response to Sarah, she had all of her kids via C-section for medical reasons. Brooklyn was breach and couldn’t be flipped.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Can’t wait to hear her name.

Donna on

Ideally, it’s better for the baby to come down through the birth canal. It’s helpful for their lungs, etc.

That being said, a lot of healthy babies are born by C section.

I like Fiona for the name.

Aimee on

Sarah you are mindboggling. A c-section is by no means violent on the baby. I have had two for medical reasons and I can assure you the only person who gets hurt is the mommy (like any birth). I went to visit my friend who also had her baby yesterday and after a difficult vaginal birth her baby has a broken collar bone, so that’s a little more violent in my opinion, more natural yes but can be rough on bubs.

Lilybett on

Sorry Liz, ‘irregardless’ is a word – it’s just generally considered informal – and sometimes incorrect because it’s a double negative – but it’s still in the dictionary.

gleek123 on

Congratulations to the entie Beckham clan.

weu on

i cannot wait to hear the name
it’ll be something out of the ordinary, but not too crazy

Sarah S. on

Born on 7-10 weighing 7-10; how cool is that?! Congrats to the Beckham clan!!

Laura on

Congrats to them!

Sarah, hold your tongue. If she did in fact have a C-section, is it going to affect any of our lives? No. Not everyone is able to have a vaginal birth so get off your high horse.

Joy on

I’ve had two all-natural vaginal births and one emergency caesarean, and I can tell you the c-section was FAR more gentle on my baby.

On the other hand, it was far more difficult and painful for me than either of my vaginal births. I was much braver and even MORE proud of myself when I birthed my caesarean baby than my other two babies.

Sarah, you are ignorant.

Katrin on

I have read in one magazine, that they plan to name her Luna.

JMO on

I still can’t believe she had this baby already. I feel like it went so quick. And she never even looked pregnant. Grr hate women like her lol. I wonder if she’ll stick with the name Luna. I remember her in an interview one time saying she liked that name for a girl.

Alex509 on

The name is Harper Seven Beckham

Mariana on

Her name is Harper Seven Beckham, Dave has just announced via Facebook!

stephanie on

Harper Seven Beckham! i cant wait to see pics!

Whitney on

According to David – The baby is named Harper Seven – was hoping for a little more excitment in that…. being she has a Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz

Amy on

Her name is Harper Seven, he just announced it on Facebook

Nicole on

The little girl has been named Harper Seven Beckham. Not sure where the seven came from but loving Harper – that’s what we chose for our 8 month old (Harper Eve).

Tra on

Her name is Harper Seven. David announced it on his Facebook page about 20 minutes ago!!!

Tieraney on

Just read on facebook they named her Harper Seven Beckham.

Summer711 on

Harper Seven Beckham

Krissa on

She’s been accused of being “too Posh to push” and Christine Aguilera said in People she had a planned c section because she didn’t want to experience vaginal tearing…whatever…to each their own. I would never judge another mother’s decisions.

That being said I am so thrilled for them. I can’t wait to hear what they name her. Their boys are adorable and I’m certain that this little Miss will be just as gorgeous.

Congrats to them!!

MelSpice on

They named her Harper Seven according to David’s official Facebook page. Love it!

A on

Thank you Lilybett! You saved me the trouble of saying it. Nothing irks me more than someone saying, “that’s not a word” simply because they’ve never heard it!

Kim on

They named her HARPER SEVEN BECKHAM just read on his facebook

Nairobi on

The baby’s name is Harper Seven Beckham.

Piper on

I heard she named the baby Harper Seven?

ZaraB on

Congrats to the Beckhams!! David Beckham has posted on his Facebook page that the baby’s name is Harper Seven.

J-Nelle on

I’ve heard her name is Harper Seven.

nelly on

Since u all been arguing David announced the name on facebook its Harper Seven ….

klutzy_girl on

According to David’s Facebook, they named her Harper Seven. Harper is pretty, but combined with Seven is just eh.

Amy on

Just saw on David’s Facebook page that she is named Harper Seven. Welcome to the world baby Harper!

Evan on

Her name is Harper Seven Beckham as per David’s Facebook page. Not even close to what I was thinking.

Brooke on

British newspaper reporting that her name is:

Harper Seven

Harper is adorable, but Seven? Am I in a Seinfeld episode?

Amanda on

Aww, what a healthy sized baby too! Congrats to their family! My babies have all been smaller and I’ve definitely carried bigger despite a healthy diet and exercise, is Victoria tall?

Sarah, I’ve had 3 vaginal births and I can tell you birth of ANY kind is ‘violent’. Contractions and then coming down the birth canal into cold and bright lights is pretty violent. My second daughter was born so fast she had a lot of bruising on her face for almost 2 weeks after her birth. I wouldn’t get a csection to avoid it, but I don’t think there is a completely serene way for a baby to enter the world.

Alma on

So happy for them!

Her name is Harper Seven Beckham.

M! on

Harper Seven…ok…

joan on

I have two “natural” births and a c section, which was my oldest. I don’t consider the csection to be violent on the baby.

tamara on

congrats to the whole family! i love the name

Liz on

Excuse me, Lilybett and A – I should have said it is incorrect and anyone worth their salt grammatically should not be using it as it’s generally unaccepted. “Regardless” is the correct choice.

I love the name Harper. Is there any significance to Seven?

Lau on

Didn’t think they would name the girl something like Harper! Don’t get me wrong, I love that name, but it’s pretty “normal” compared to their sons’ names. I’m not sure how I feel about Seven as a middle name. But anyways, congrats to them!

daniela on

Harper is an awesome name. But Seven???? Out of all the names in the world they used a number??? Oh well…

Alma on

Maybe it’s Seven because she was born in seventh month and he played with seven on his back when he played for Manchester United.

I like Harper, but Seven?

anonymous on

love Harper. Seven? Well, hopefully it means something to them and it’s a middle name so it isn’t as disastrous as it could’ve been as a first name.

Brooke on

Her middle name is Seven because that was David’s jersey number for Manchester United and England Soccer before he became number 23 for Real Madrid.

KatFutureRn on

Not that her birthing experiences is any of our business, but I’m guessing Victoria has had THREE previous c-sections? If this is the case there is no Ob on this earth with a valid medical degree that would allow her to birth naturally. After one c-section, a VBAC may be attempted, but after three? No way. With all the scarring the higher risk of hemorrhage, it’s simply way too dangerous for her and the baby.

Congrats Beckhams!

KBM on

I would think “Seven” came from not only the month she was born in but also the fact that she was born at *7*:55 and weight *7* lbs. That makes sense to me.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to Victoria and David and Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz too! I love the name as well – even the middle name! Beautiful.

Luna on

Well, good they didn’t name her Unites States of America.

tj on

OMG!!! welcome to the world baby girl! Congrats D & V Beckham can’t wait to see the little cutie!!

Sloanesmomma on

cute name! that was one of my top 5
i choose SLOANE!!


Danni on

Seven?! My guess is that its either because she weighed in at 7 lbs. or that she born in the 7th month:)

Becky on

Having had 3 boys prior to Harpers arrival, they won’t know what to do maybe with a girl. I think Victoria is going to absolutely love dressing her and having fun with her that way, another safe and happy delivery. Congratulations to the Beckham family.

Lady on

Absolutely love the name, thought they would go with something a little different, but so cute. Harper is becoming really popular!

Kaylie on

I was totally not expecting that name, I thought it would be something super girly, but both Harper and Seven can be boy name. I’m surprised!

K on

I love her name! Congrats again to the family!!

Erika on

Oooh I like the name Harper! Don’t like Seven, but Harper is really pretty! And surprisingly common considering they like unique names!

SAR on

Harper seems to be a pretty popular girl’s name amongst celebrities lately.

Crystal on

I love the name Harper Seven. I’m anxious to find out the meaning behind her name. Congrats to the Beckham family. I’m sure she’s beautiful. Pictures soon please. 🙂

linnie on

awwe! thats great 🙂

Mira on

What a retarded name. I assume they haven’t seen the Seinfeld episode about Seven. Not that I was expecting a good name anyway. After all they started the stupid city name trend with Brooklyn.

Paige on

Congratulations to David, Victoria, and big brothers Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz on the arrival of Harper! Love the name.

Lucy on

I’m fairly sure they came here to do PGD to guarantee their little pink bundle (since it’s illegal in the UK) but I thought fir sure that when they went back home not long after announcing their pregnancy that they’d have the baby there. I am shocked they gave birth in the US I wonder if she (the baby) will have dual citizenship…

Sam on

Really crap name – but what do you expect – all their boys have crap names too

mzzie on

Love the middle name “Seven”…it can only represent luck in her future life which is all anyone can and should wish any new born! Congrats Becs

tiffany on

congrats, thanks for not waiting weeks to reveal the name.

Naty on

Congratulations to the Beckham family and her middle name probably has a meaning behind it like David’s Jersey number, her weight, hour and month of birth.Can’t wait to see her.

Sorry Suri Cruise you will not be the World’s Best Dressed little girl anymore LOL.

Ann on

Thrilled for the Beckhams’! Harper is unique and while Seven seems a little strange to me, I can’t remember what Brooklyn, Romeo or Cruz’s middle names are, so I suppose she’ll basically be Harper Beckham.

I’m sure Victoria will have fun playing dress-up for the first few years, but what do you want to bet that little Harper will be trying hard to keep up with her older brothers and end up being a little tom-girl!! Victoria better enjoy her fashion fun while it lasts!

Rachel on

My first thought about Seven was his number in Manchester. It could be combined with her being born in the seventh month weighing seven pounds and born in the seventh hour. But number seven has a rich history for Manchester United, and Beckham has often spoke about his strong continuous love for the team that launched his career. It’s kind of funny that this announcement came on the heels of the announcement that he was named to the MLS all-stars who will be playing Manchester United, marking his first time playing against them since he left.

Allegra on

Harper Beckham is a super cute name. Harper will definitely grow on me, but I don’t LOVE it right now. Either way, I bet she’s soooo freaking cute!

Micheley on

I think its a beautiful name and fits their family, and other childrens names perfectly. Harper is gorgeous and Seven obviously has meaning and adds a modern touch. I love it!

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

I like the name Harper, but Seven? Wonder where that came from. Anyway, congrats!

jax on

i love it!! what a beautiful name

A on


LMAO I’ll be sure to pass your opinion on to both my professional, award-winning editor and my medical school. Have fun with your celebrity facebook stalking!

Alisa on

I don’t know about anyone else, but I strongly dislike the, “after 3 boys, they deserve a girl!” No one ever says that if people have daughters and then get a boy.

soph on

Not getting the fascination people have with Harper. “Pretty”? Please tell me what’s pretty about it. Is it the harp part? Really, I’d like to know. I’m surprised they chose it, but Harper Beckham is inoffensive enough…too bad they had to throw in Seven.

Crystal on

Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James and Cruz David.

jessie12 on

omg i love victoria beckham but i swear she looks BLACK now…..

Liz on

A, I wasn’t being snarky – I edited a magazine website before I had kids and we would never have used that word, as it’s considered incorrect.

“Have fun with your celebrity facebook stalking!” – What is that about/in reference to? Thoroughly confused here.

JulieA on


Jillian on

I like the name Harper. I am curious on the meaning behind Seven. And am continually humored by all the people who know things about this family and others. Put a sock in it, you know nothing!!

Why does the r word need to be used to explain your feelings towards the name? It blows my mind that people actually say that.

Rosy on

For all anybody knows, her middle name could be pronounced “Seh-venn”. I think Harper is a beautiful name, great choice. And Seven sure beats the overused Grace as a middle name.

Barbie on

Congratulations on the birth! I don’t like the name at all though…oh well, your baby, your choice.

Terri on

So I’m reading 7 was David’s jersey number? Still, at least it’s just a middle name.

Laura on

@Sloanesmomma Okay okay we get it, you named your daughter Sloane! In a previous post we got your whole story about naming your kid. It’s irrelevant!!

Rose-2 on

@A: Nice try with the medical school b.s. but anyone on the Internet can claim to be anything. Guess what, I’m the President and I’m a lawyer and a doctor and an accountant. I’d be fascinated to know what medical school accepted a person who doesn’t know that irregardless is not an actual word. It’s a slang term that has made it into the urban dictionary, along with a lot of other expressions that are not actual words. And regardless is the correct word for Sarah to have used in her comment since irregardless wouldn’t even be the correct word to use if it had been an actual word.

Tari Black on

I had twins 17 years ago-boys. One was vaginal and the other was C-Section, as they are fraternal twins.
Can’t admit I like the name, but can’t admit I like their boys names either. Personal choice.
Anywhooo- she finally got her girl, so guess the Beckham clan is done for now-at least with Victoria.

Jane on

So disappointing!!! They are so excited to have a girl so they give her a male name. ugh.

M on

Horrid name. I expected better from 36 & 37 year olds. Harper is a fad name that only young, immature, impressionable mothers use.

MissMel on

I am also surprised that she went with Harper when her boys have such unique names but I think it’s a great name. I think Seven is cute although it made me laugh because last week I tried to convince my friend to name her kitten “Eight” after the jersey number of her favorite ballplayer.

Eileen on

everybody who was saying they cant wait to hear the name really should re-read the article as the name is right there in the 2nd paragraph:

The pop star-turned-fashion designer and her soccer star husband David Beckham welcomed daughter Harper Seven Beckham at 7:55 a.m. Sunday, July 10 in Los Angeles, their rep tells PEOPLE.

Cecelia on

Way to make assumptions, M. Please use your brain next time you attempt to comment.

Hea on

Congrats to them!

If I remember correctly, Victoria has said something about her scheduled c-sections being because of medical necessity. Maybe a narrow pelvis? I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter as long as everyone is healthy and happy.

Kira on

Seriously another Harper…I hate that’s so ugly and boring. I’m not saying that she should’ve named her something crazy but I was expecting a little originality like she did with the boys. Aren’t there enough Ava’s and Harper’s among the Hollywood offspring club. People have no imagination anymore. There are nine kids in my daughter’s class that are named some variation of Aidan. I love my name because you don’t hear of it very often. It’s unique and different but not crazy. Congrats on the healthy baby girl but I’m disappointed on the choice of name…Seven would have been cuter

Emily on

I love this name and I love that they finally have a girl. Harper Seven is one of the best celebrity names I’ve heard. Sure beats Bear Blu and Aleph! Totally fits in with Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz as well.

Anonymous on

Harper Seven Beckham!!!! I love it. Congrats

eternalcanadian on

This is pretty interesting news! On Friday night, David went to the British Consul-General’s home to visit with Willaim and Catherine (he wasn’t on guest list, just showed up as reportedly he and William text and phone all the time). Then Saturday David does soccer. Sunday morning, bam, the baby is born.

Can’t believe the bickering regarding Victoria’s C-Section. Didn’t anyone think that Victoria had three CS and really, with all that scar tissue in her abdomen she’d attempt a VB? No, it’s a CS again. I think it started with their first child that he was breech or sideways and couldn’t be turned. So Victoria isn’t too posh to push. She just had a lot of medical issues when in labour. And I guess the other two just ended up CS for whatever reasons. I think Victoria is incredibly brave to have four CS! I mean that’s not easy and she has a long recovery ahead of her!

Now the baby’s name. Harper Seven. The first things that came to mind was that’s Canada’s Prime Minister’s last name and isn’t that David’s jersey number 7?

And for sure William and Catherine will be godparents to Harper Beckham! 🙂

Marky on

1) Irregardless is NOT a proper word; I learned that in Freshman English at University when I used it in a paper and got called on by the professor to explain why I used a “slang” word in a major paper. Never forgot again, I can tell you.

2) Harper is, and has been for many years, an acceptable girl’s name and the criticism should stop. It may not be your favorite name, but one of the most hurtful things (and I still remember to this day) that happened when I had my daughter was someone saying,”How ridiculous! That’s a boy’s name!” when I said my daughter’s name was Michelle. I had only heard it used for girls in the USA, and I thought it was a lovely name. She loves it, but it hurt to have someone be so rude about the name I chose. Harper isn’t out in left field and she will certainly not be the only one in town named that. It is very feminine and elegant, IMHO.

Mia on

Congrats to them!-Harper is becoming a popular girls name–same as Lisa Maria + Dave Grohl’s daughter too-I might have thought they would have chosen something like Olivia–or Kate-or Violet.

Sandra on

Why so harsh?

Personally I like the name, but was expecting a bit more mellow. The significance of the name Seven makes the name even greather.

And Harper is a unisex name – and has been very popular for girls lately 🙂

Fe on

Haha, I’m kind of relieved she named the girl Harper and not ‘Felicity’ or some of the other names that were mentioned before. I like it 🙂 But names are always personal, nothing you can do about that.

melissa on

I love her… I love the name ‘Harper’ and if you don’t like it, who cares? It’s not your kid.

Bancie1031 on

I’m surprised at the name they chose …. hey does anyone know their boys middle names?

Kelly on

I think Harper is a very masculine sounding name but it seems to be popular at the moment for baby girls. Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl have baby daughters called Harper. Something pretty and feminine would have been nice after having three sons but it seems like the Beckhams are just following a trend.

Angi on

I wish Mira would be banned from this site. She never has anything nice to say and many times it is offensive.

Congrats to the Beckham family and your new baby!I’m sure she will very loved.

sara on

I also don’t get the fascination with Harper. To me it sounds trendy and unfeminine. And it’s also unoriginal since it’s so common amongst celebrity babies (Dave Grohl, Neil Patrick Harris, Lisa Marie Presley, Tiffani Thiessen all have daughters named Harper).

I bet it will become even more popular now that the Beckhams have used it…

Seven is unique but Harper Seven looks like a boy’s name to me.

Congrats anyway!

lucy on

I thought they would pick a more feminine name, now that they finally got a girl, Harper is masculine,and has very little flow.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Harper’s becoming so overused. As ‘slightly’ unusual names go I much prefer Pink’s baby Willow’s name myself, pretty ring to it. Don’t like Harper, esp paired with ‘Seven’!

Luna (which was a name she’d been reported as loving years ago should she have a girl one day) would’ve been so much prettier…(IMO!). Oh well, congrats to her proud parents and big brothers on her safe arrival…

Nicole on

M- A fad name that only young, immature and immpressionable mothers use?

Surely Victoria Beckham just proved to you that this is not the case.
Even so, wouldn’t this be how all names became common..?

Sheri on

I heard of one other little girl who had the name Seven as her first name; if I remember correctly, they named her Seven because it is the number of perfection in the Bible. So perhaps the Beckhams named her middle name Seven because she is a perfect gift from God for them.

Jen DC on

Harper – such a sweet name. Becoming popular; I know at least two.

@ Defenders of “irregardless”: It’s less that people haven’t “heard the word,” and more that it is a nonstandard (i.e., NOT PREFERRED) bastardization of “regardless.”

RachelJane on

Harper’s a perfectly nice name, although given how much they wanted a daughter I’d have expected something a little girlier. Victoria had always wanted Luna, til Frank Lampard and Elen Rives named their daughter that, so I’d have guessed something cool but feminine like Luna, rather than unisex like Harper. Still, it is a nice name.

Seven’s got a lot of significance for them (as others have pointed out David played in the 7 shirt for Man U and England, not to mention the baby’s birth month and weight). However, given that their sons have ‘normal’ middles names – Joseph, James and David – I’d have assumed they’d give their daughter something equally normal for her middle name.

Anyway, congratulations Posh and Becks!

sb on

you would have thought they would have chosen a “girlie” name, after waiting this long for a little girl.

sb on

I think they got confused, their son’s name is Brooklyn that is a girls name!!, their daughter’s name is Harper who knows what name that is!! but sounds more boyish!!!!!!

Elisa on

why are people talking about the way Victoria delivered her baby? shes fine, the baby is fine… isn’t that what really matters? she’s an educated and intelligent person who can have her own choices in life!

as a true medical student (on vacation, of course! and no I’m not from USA), I can say that C-section is “violent” to the baby…people think: it’s unnnatural! many babies are taken off before they are mature and end up going to NICU…if that is not being violent then what is? vaginal birth may be painful but did you know that the contractions prepare the baby for breathing in the outside? even though the baby is squeezed through the birth canal, for it (when things like the sizes of baby and birth canal are compatible, of course) it is better because it will be born when it’s supposed to…I was born via c-section and I am very fine, but mom said it was awful and that was pretty hard for her to take care of my brothers who were 3 and 1 and half at that time… indeed after 2 c-sections the third will be a c-section too… some doctors even say that the woman shouldn’t get in labour because it increases the risk of uterine rupture…

Steph on

M and Jane, do your research before slamming a name choice..Harper is a common female name. The author of To Kill a Mockingbird was Harper Lee, a female, and she was born in the 1920s.I cannot believe how snarky some of you on here are anyways, which is why I never bother to comment.

Tiff on

Yeah, M, I’m sure Victoria is somewhere bawling her eyes out because YOU and all the other naysayers don’t approve of what she chose to name HER child. Because you and your opinion matter soooooo much. I’m sure she’s devastated.

Macy on

Wow, huge FAIL on the name. Harper I guess could slide by, even though its a boys name. However the name Seven is just ridiculous.

Fab on

Congrats to their family!!!!!…Great Name!!!!!!! @M…… (* – *)….,**blank stare** SMDH some people are really Goofy!!!!

Tanya on

I`m a bit dissapointed in the name they choose, Harper. I thought they would give their first and only daughter a more feminine name like Charlotte or Violet or something,since they`ve waited so long to have her. I thought David once said that, long before they were expecting, that if they ever had a little girl they would name her Lola. And why not listen to Romeo and call her Justine Beckham? dropping the Bieber offcourse.. But on another note I`m very happy for them having a healthy baby girl, and shes even born on my birthday: the 10th of July! So she`ll be exactly 29 years younger than me!

LRL on

hmm not horrible. I expected either something awful (like Cruz) or something very girly like Annabelle. I just wonder where the Seven is from? Did she have other pregnancies and miscarried? 7 is their lucky number? is it David’s jersey? if so I don’t like that. And no, it’s not better than Grace. Grace is a nice, normal name for a middle name, and usually it has meaning to the family too. just my opinions, of course. I don’t love Harper, it just makes me think of ‘one who harps,’ but again, could be worse!

Brienne on

congrats on the new baby girl! Bless the whole family! she is definatley the perfect fit to your new expanded family!

LRL on

irregardless is considered incorrect English and is often used in mockery

Molly on

I don’t understand the “they’ve waited so long for a girl, I thought they’d go with a more feminine name” comments? Because they only had boys, their girl’s name is supposed to be “more feminine?” That has to be one of the strangest comments I’ve read, even for this site.

Lovey on

@Eileen, when this was first posted yesterday morning, the name had not been announced. It was edited to include the name, rather than start another post just to announce the name. That is why the earliest comments were wondering what her name would be, not because we didn’t read it correctly.

Indira on

Tanya that’s so funny, I thought they would name their daughter Charlotte or Clementine, something really girly like that as well. I think Charlotte is a very popular name in the UK tho. I don’t dislike the name Harper at all and it actually goes with the other three names they picked for their sons. All the names they’ve picked are kinda of trendy(except for maybe Romeo).

Aimee on

Elisa yes a lot of babies that are born via cs are born sick but that is usually because there are complications during the pregnancy or birth process NOT because of the actual cs delivery. As I posted earlier my friend had her baby girl yesterday too and the baby had a broken collar bone. What I didn’t mention is that it was because the baby wasn’t breathing coming out that’s why the Dr had to basically yank her out resulting in the broken collar bone and bubs is still in neo natal with breathing problems. My point is stuff happens in birth no matter which way they come out. Since Victoria has had three previous cs I assume she had another and any dr in their right mind wouldn’t have let her go natural after 3 cs. Who cares how the baby came out. Why does everyone have to beat up other moms about this crap arggh

Niko on

Trust me, guys, she’ll have a much easier life than Bear Blu Jarecki

Jennifer on

I’m sure that the Beckhams are very worried and distraught that most of you don’t like the name they picked out for their daughter….a name that they obviously love. They have given a reason. Harper is an old English name…and they are Brits first and foremost!!!! They also said that they came up with Seven because of various reasons. The number is significant spiritually, she was born on the seventh hour of the seventh day of the week, in the seventh month…plus it’s David’s Jersey number with Manchester United and the English team…leading to the point that they’re Brits first and foremost!!!

But again…I’m sure that they’re sooooo saddened that you guys don’t like the name that when they go back to their multi-million dollar house with their beautiful daughter conceived out of love and with their boys that are well-mannered and love…that you guys not like the name with be on their mind! If YOU don’t like the name…who cares??? Then don’t name your kid that! But stop whining about it here when it’s something that this family is very proud of and loved enough to give it to their daughter. How would you like it if you told someone your child’s name…and their response was “FAIL”…get over yourself!!!!

Brianne on

I LOVE the name! Harper is a very cool first name, and as for the middle name, Seven is quite unique! Great name!!!

Indira on

Jennifer that logic would only work if the other three had english origin names but, the other three have entirely-non anglo names. Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn??

Alecia on

@ Jennifer, Well said!

Alecia on

Congrats Victoria, David & the whole family on the birth of beloved Harper Seven Beckham. May Harper have the seven virtues: chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, kindness, patience & humility.

Elisa on

Aime, of course complications happen in every kinds of deliveries… my eldest brother had his collar bone broken when he was born, unfortunaly it happens… I was talking about one of the pediatricians’s nightmares: babies that are born premature because of an elective c-section… many mothers and pregnant women read this stuff so why not use it to show them that a c-section is not so simple as it seems to be? unfortunately for the doctors is far easier to just schedule the procedure than wait for a natural birth, so many of them sell a c-section from the moment the woman have the first appointment!

regarding to Victoria, what matters is that she and the baby are doing well! I bet Harper is very beauitful and adorable! I think the name is cute, isn’t it one of Neil Patrick Harris’s twin’s name?

Josy on

Congrats to them!! I can’t wait to see her.

As for the name..I expected something girlier as well. Harper isn’t a bad name, It’s just not as girly as you would expect after 3 boys haha. As for Seven..well I know the meaning and I as a Man Utd supporter highly appreciate the gesture but I am not sure I like it or that it really flows well but who cares! shes healthy and that’s what matters.

Momof3girls on

Congrats to the happy family!!! Nice name….it wouldn’t have mattered what they named their daughter…all the ladies on here would have found fault with it anyway 🙂

jaccsmom on

First, I’m so happy for them!! I have 3 boys, and just had a baby girl in March, and it’s really a wonderful feeling for the whole family!!


But, oh my, there are SOOOOO many things offensive to me in these replies!! The c-section being a “violent birth”. Oh my!! Nope, my baby girl was my first c-section and was most definitely the calmest birth I’ve had!!

And then the thought, “If they were SO excited to have a girl after 3 boys, you’d think they’d pick a girly name.”

Well, my daughter’s name is Charleigh (pronounced just like Charlie!), and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have a girl!!! We didn’t find out the gender till birth, and so we picked a name we thought could go either way. Charlie for a boy, or Charleigh for a girl, that way we could go ahead and call the baby by name before actually knowing the gender.

We all have various reasons for picking the names of our children, and it’s not really anyone’s business to tell us what they think we should have picked unless we ask them. I’m sure the name is very personal and loved by them, or else they wouldn’t have chosen it. Who are we to judge?!

showbizmom on

omg i love victoria beckham but i swear she looks BLACK now…..

– jessie12 on July 10th, 2011

Yeah, Yeah, some of you guys don’t like the name. I like it. But I’m more concerned with the above comment I saw. Made me laugh and then ponder what the HELL she’s talking about.

JMO on

Kinda disappointed by the name. I mean it’s pretty but starting to be overused in Hollywood. I was hoping for something a bit more different but not crazy! I just don’t think it flows together at all. But atleast it’s not a crazy wacky name. I’m sure she’s beautiful. Congrats to all of them can’t wait to see little Harper!

LRL on

Jennifer, none of us care what the Beckhams think of our opinions of their names. We just like to comment and read other people’s opinions as well. We’re not commenting in attempt to reach the Beckhams.

soph on

Eileen: the article was updated with the name.

Steph: do your own research. Harper Lee’s full name was Nelle Harper Lee. Just as Flannery O’Connor was Mary Flannery O’Connor, etc. It seems every time discussion of Harper comes up people need to chime in with “it’s okay! Harper’s female! Because of Harper Lee!” Gregory Peck’s grandSON is named Harper after the author. Again, not seeing what’s “feminine” and “elegant” about the name. Meaning: harpist, minstrel.

Zoey on

I love THEIR baby’s name. I think Harper Seven is beautiful. Plus, she will rarely use her middle name. It has a special meaning to them and that is all that matters.

I love Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper together. So cute!

Congrats Beckham Family on your beautiful baby girl.

Laura on

Congrats to the ever expanding first family of fashion! Harper Justine would have been a great name too ….. 😉

Jude on

I like all three boys’ names but Harper?! Reminds me of herpes. No thanks!!

alise on

Disappointing to know that after all her boys she chose a lackluster of a name for her little girl. Cruz, Romeo, Brooklyn and Harper?? Hard to know if she has all boys, or not 😦

Erika on

jaccsmom- I love the spelling of Charleigh! It’s so beautiful! And I’m sure a surprise baby girl must have been a wonderful addition to your family!

southerngirl2002 on

Love the name!! love the meanings!! I m sure by seeing her sons , and the both of them , She is just lovely.

Mm. on

Congrats to the Beckhams on the birth of their new addition!

On a side note, it’s easy to understand why the baby girl was born healthy and her weight was over 7lb:,0,0#23

She really popped at the end 😉

Maggie on

^^^ And look at that, most of those pictures are of David taking pictures of Victoria … shows all those naysayers from the other day.

Vanessa on

Harper Seven, really??? I don’t mind Harper, but Seven. Can’t children just be born with normal names and not stupid things the parents think are cool and trendy at the time?

Melissa on

Victoria and David also got married in July so that may have something to do with them choosing Seven as a middle name.

I absolutely love her name!!!

Jo on

David Beckhams Seven-tattoo!!

Mad on

I am happy they have a girl, but OMG I would NOT want to be Victoria Beckham’s daughter, would you? Weight issues, food issues, relationship issues and insecurities etc…. I bet you that this little girl will end up writing a “Mommy Dearest” type of book about her mother.

Mia on

Reading the name again-it is a very unisex name (as is Brooklyn)–but it would have been nice if they used a more feminine name to make it clear “this is a girl”–but I bet she is beautiful!

Faye on

Hello the Beckhams
CONGRATS…..You finally have a girl what a blessing you guys must be so happy to have this young lady in your lives. Victoria was so alone and now she has someone to share all those high heels with…well, as far as we are here on this Pacific Islands, but, we rooted for you all the way till Victoria gave birth and what a beautiful chosen name. I really like how the name Seven was explained. The whole same sound so nice…WEll, take care now and enjoy your new family member

Pippa on

Of course she has had a c-section – and a tummy tuck…

Crystal on

Congratulations!!!! I love how the name Seven is catching on, my nephew’s name is Seven and my brother gets really defensive on others lack of understanding… but its God’s perfect number so its perfect…

Laura III on

“Irregardless” IS A WORD, many folks prefer to use “regardless” instead.

Congratulations to the Beckhams!

Allegra on

Mad, I think that’s extremely unfair. No, I don’t know Victoria, but just look at her boys! Everyone who’s met them says they’re happy, healthy, well adjusted, well mannered, etc. Why would she raise a little girl any differently?

Harpy on

Yay I’m going to be called Harpy when I grow up!!

librarylady75 on

poor child hope they don’t tease her. It’s too easy 7-11

jus on

Shame shame shame….to those mums out there that think any kind of delivery is violent whether natural,c-section,induced.That baby no matter how it came in to our crazy world came into it by a loving mother and family,a mother who would do anything to protect it from the minute it is born.Women need to remember we are all different and we are just trying to do our best and that help and not critisim is best advice.I had my two daughters naturally in my mid 30’s lucky me as that was what I wanted but I was lucky cause my bubs wanted it that way too.both weighed 4kg and if I had a dollar for every comment some no it all mum made while pregnant that I looked small I would own People magazine.As for the name its my youngest daughters middle name and we liked it but hey,its our kid and not yours and just like all the other celebs out there with unusual name for their kids..its their kid!So lighten up mums hug your kids and thank god they are happy and healthy.

jus on

Shame shame shame on those mums that think any kind of birth whether natural,c-section,induced is violent.That baby has come into our crazy world by a loving mother and family.A mother who would do anything to protect it the minutue it is born.My 2 girls were born into a room filled with love and peace and a loving mum and dad.Both were born naturally in my mid 30’s drug free,but lucky me as that was what I wanted and also that was what my babies wanted too and got themselves in the correct position.Both weighed in at 4kg and if I had a dollar for every time a know it all mum said I wasn’t very big as in baby bump I would own people magazine.Mums need help not critisism from other women,we are all just trying to do our best.As for the name…its their kid not yours.I like it,thats why its my daughters middle name.What we name our kids is our choice and obviously what we liked.

Atheer on

Congratulations to Daved and Victoria Beckham

VirginiaB on

Oh boy, she’s happy she has a daughter she can dress up. Is that why you had her? How pathetic, this is a baby, not a doll. She needs love, not a couture wardrobe. Also, what are you going to do when little Harper tells her mummy “I hate pink” and “I hate dresses” and refuses to wear them?

maricela lopez on

What is the big deal of C-Sections, I had 3 and my babies are all healthy.