Kate Hudson, Matthew Bellamy Welcome a Son

07/10/2011 at 12:40 PM ET
Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Turns out Kate Hudson‘s hunch that she was having a girl was wrong.

The actress and her fiancé, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, welcomed a “healthy baby boy” on Saturday, July 9 in Los Angeles, Hudson’s rep tells PEOPLE.

Hudson, 32, didn’t want to know the sex of her unborn baby, but had a feeling it was a girl.

In January, Hudson announced that she and Bellamy, 33, were expecting a baby and the couple got engaged in April after dating for about a year.

Hudson has a 7½-year-old son, Ryder Russell, with her ex-husband, Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson. This is Bellamy’s first child.

— Alla Byrne with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Steph on

Congrats! Can’t wait to hear the name!

Jillian on

Congrats! Can’t wait to hear his name! See, Kate didn’t know what she was having! Ha!

Alyssa on

I’m so happy for Kate & Matt! Matt will be a great dad, for sure!

Zoey on

yay! A baby boy! I can’t wait to hear the name! I am so happy for them! Congrats Kate, Matthew and Ryder! 😀

ClaireSamsmom on

Heeeee Heeee! Well, I guess the ring trick didn’t predict the correct gender! I am so happy they had a healthy baby….and I just bet Ryder will LOVE having a little brother to look after! It just kind of makes me laugh how people get so certain they are having a particular gender….and those silly old wives tales….they are for fun…don’t put any stock into them!

Allegra on

Aww congrats to them! How nice for Ryder to have a little brother after getting a little sister!

Crystal on

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Awww! I know how much she and Kurt wanted a little girl!!! That being said, to have a healthy beautiful baby boy is a true blessing! Congrats again Kate and Matthew!

Mia on

Wow-I thought for sure it was a girl!!


sara on

Congrats! This is funny, she was so sure she was having a baby girl…lol
Can’t wait to hear the name!

Tee on

Wow, a son! Congratulations!

Rachel on

Congrats to her.

Still surprised people believe in the “needle on the string” test and that how you carry predicts gender. It’s so silly/

ForeverMoore on

Awww poor Kate…but I’m sure she is THRILLED with her baby boy! Congrats!

Sandra on

Reallu surprised how fast this pregnancy seemed. Anyways cannot wait to hear the name. Congrats 🙂

Jillian on

So many people were convinced she knew what she was having and was lying….. It is nice to see they were wrong. So sick of people thinking they know everything about people they don’t know! Makes you look so silly! Congrats Kate, matt, Ryder and family!

Hilary on

Congratulations to Kate, Matthew, and Ryder! I thought for sure she would have a girl…probably because she seemed convinced herself lol. I’m sure they are absolutely THRILLED with the birth of their baby boy, though! Can’t wait to hear the name!

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy. Can’t wait to see this little guy and to hear his name. I’m glad that Kate was surprised since she didn’t want to know.

Janie on

Aw, another boy!! She shouldn’t have been so vocal about wanting a girl.

Liz on

She never said she WANTED a girl, just that that was what she thought she was having. In fact, she said they just wanted a healthy baby, which they got. Congrats and can’t wait to hear the name!

Lo on

Yay!!So happy for her!!

Holiday on

I thought for sure she knew the sex and was having a girl! I would have placed a bet on it!

ClaireSamsmom on

She may not have said that she exactly wanted a girl, but by the sound of this quote made on April 27 by Kate, it sure did seem that way. I am excited for her and her fiance…I think having two little boys will be so much fun for them and it just goes to show that some things you just can’t predict.

“You get a ring and your hair and put it over your belly and it swings,” the actress, 32, explains.

“Everybody has different methods … it goes in a circle if it’s a girl and it usually goes back and forth if it’s a boy. It’s saying it’s a girl, and I’m carrying so differently than I did with Ryder.”

“I keep saying ‘she,’ but she’s so nuts in here, she’s so wild. I kinda feel like it’s got the Hawn gene — my mom’s lineage for sure. Dancing every day,” laughs Hudson.

Angelina on

Wow she carried so much different then her first I was sure it was a girl too! Can’t wait to hear his name!!

jessicad on

I bet they were extremely surprised! How fun though:) Congrats to them!@

Candy on

Maybe she “announced” that the baby was a girl just to throw people off for awhile. Then, when the actual birth was announced, there was a bigger element of surprise!

mommytoane on

Claire, I see where that says nothing where she claims she WANTED a girl, only that she assumed it was a girl due to the ring test and the way she was carrying.

So funny how the way a woman looks or carries dominates what she’s having to some people. EVERY pregnancy is different.

Congrats to kate

Erika on

I feel kind of sad for her, because I know she said she wanted a girl! But I’m happy she had a healthy baby! I’m sure Ryder is thrilled to have a brother.

AllisonJ on

Congrats to Kate and Matthew! I thought she was having a girl, too, based on the fact that she was carrying the baby so differently than she carried Ryder. But, I guess you never know!

I’m sure they are thrilled with their new addition to the family. Can’t wait to hear the name.

ClaireSamsmom on

I agree…every pregnancy is different…and unless you see that anatomy on an ultrasound and it is really clear to the eye….then you just never know. I am very excited for her and family and can’t wait to hear the name! But hopefully people will not put too much emphasis on those silly old wives tales and myths about gender. I know there are some out there that totally believe that stuff. Even my OB said once that it is so funny to hear what people really think is true when predicting gender.

M! on

haha I love it when this happens. My brother and his wife just found out they were having another girl. They already have three! The whole time they were “He this. He that. It’s gonna be a boy this time, I just know it!”

Congrats to them! I can’t wait to hear the name.

Rosy on

Congrats on your healthy baby boy Kate!

Ha, just goes to show those who still believe in silly old wives tales that they’re just for fun and not to put any stock in them…drives me crazy when people are convinced by them.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Kate and Matt! Can’t wait to hear the baby’s name.

Was also convinced the baby was a girl, but maybe the next one – if they have another baby – will be a girl.

Brianne on

Congratulations, Kate, Matthew and Ryder! I can’t wait to hear his name and see a picture, and I’m sure he’s just PRECIOUS! I wish you all nothing but the very best!!!

Donna on

There is some clinic in the midwest that can pretty much guarantee a boy or a girl with some kind of spinning of the sperm. People from all over the world go to this place to try for the sex they hope their child is.

I’d say next time Kate may entertain that concept of conception to get her girl.

gleek123 on

Congratulations to Matt and Kate and Ryder.

Jordan on

I thought it would be a girl.

Oh well he was born on my birthday!

hannah on

Hehe! She was so convinced it was a girl and I knew it was a boy! I was convinced my #2 was a girl because the entire pregnancy was opposite to my 1st son but NOPE! Just goes to show every pregnancy is different.

ClaireSamsmom on

Donna…that is horrible! I can’t believe people would want to do that…my best friend tried for 7 years to have a baby….finally through IVF got pregnant…had a boy. Just wanted a healthy baby. Now, they are trying again….for another healthy baby. Call me old fashioned, call me anything, but I feel like it is just something you don’t mess with…want a baby, not a gender. Again, I am very happy for Kate….I just read that she said if Ryder had a brother, he was going to be over the moon….

JMO on

I think everyone thought it would be a girl because Kate kept talkin about how she thought it was a girl. Just goes to show you never know all pregnancies are different! She also said she can’t wait to have more kids so there is always time for a girl. I bet Goldie would of liked one too considering this makes grandsom #4!

I can’t wait to see little baby Bellamy and of course hear what his name is. I love the name Ryder so hopefully she’ll stick with something cute but not too outrageous.

Mariana on

Thought it’d be a girl… Can’t wait to hear his name!

Mari on

I carried my son high and knew it would be a boy likewise Kate Hudson so believe what you want but sometimes old wives tales do work.

lucy on

I also feel a little sad for her, she may not have openly admitted it, but i could tell she really wanted a girl, thats why i think she should have found out the gender, and had some time to adjust to it.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to Kate and Matt! Looking forward to hearing the name!

Donna on


I’m not advocating choosing a sex, but I think most of the people who go to this clinic already have a child or more than one child of one sex and are looking for a child of the opposite sex to sort of balance the family. They charge $1,600. for the service and it was on MSN the other day. There was no conception in a petri dish, etc., just sorting the sperm and using the ones for the preferred sex.

kezie on

wow congrats to her
just have a question
it says that she got engaged in april after being together with matthew for a year
so they were only together for 7 months-ish when they started trying for a baby??

M! on

I agree with ClaireSamsmom. I recently discovered “support groups” for women struggling with “gender disappointment” Made me sad.

Jillian on

To all those saying she wanted a girl, can you tell me where she said this? I know she said she thought she was having one. That’s not the same thing.

Kezie, that would be correct. About 6-7 months! I think they are a cute couple.

I love the pic of her above! Beautiful!

Terri on

Oh well, so much for most of the predictions. Congratulations to the happy family!

sat on

congrats!! Welcome baby brother!

Hea on

Yay, finally! Big congrats to them. 🙂

Mia on

They didn’t really “try” for a baby-it just happened–can’t wait to hear the name.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I think it wast mostly wishful thinking on Kate’s part.

Goes to show the old wives tales can be a load of c****p (way you carry, foods you crave etc, never believe them!). A healthy baby’s main thing & boys are great fun, busy and active but must admit it would’ve been nice to see her with a little girl too. At only 32 I guess she may want to try again down the the line. Kurt and Goldie now have 4 grandsons to keep them busy!!

ClaireSamsmom on

Donna…didn’t say you were advocating it. I just don’t agree with it. I don’t think that choosing the gender of your child is the way to “balance” your family. JMO…but, I know others may feel differently……that being said again….congrats to this sweet family!

meri on

Uh, Mari, you know there’s a 50/50 chance of having either a boy or a girl, right? That’s not an old wives tale, it’s just pure coincidence. Really not that hard when there are only two possibilities. It’s really pathetic that people actually still believe this stuff. I thought the Dark Ages were over, but apparently not.

J on

Wow, some people really took her ring gender prediction seriously…lol!

Indira on

I bet it’s something like Bear or Scout.

Shannon on

Guess mommy’s intuition isn’t always right?! Anyway, congrats to the happy family! As long as baby and momma are healthy, gender never matters 🙂

Hea on

My mom thought I was a boy. She was so certain. It happens. Get over it.

Mandy on

Some people don’t ‘try’ for a baby. They are just not doing much to prevent a baby from being conceived lol. But who knows, maybe Kate knew Matt was the one and wanted a baby with him.

Cecelia on

Congratulations to Kate, Matthew, and Ryder!

No need to feel sorry for Kate. Little boys are wonderful.

poppy on

having two boys will be amazing, she’s very lucky

Mia on

She basically said they were not using protection + threw caution to the wind–so it just happend–not planned.

–Maybe she’ll have a girl next-time–I just hope her + Matt are still together + do get married (not stay engaged forever)–and it’s not with guy #3.

Can’t wait to hear his name!

KRS on

Mia and Mandy, I think that not using birth control and throwing caution to the wind IS a planned pregnancy, don’t you? For crying out loud, I’m pretty sure she knows what it takes to make a baby! I think that a person is either taking precautions to prevent pregnancy, or NOT trying to prevent it (in other words, accepting and welcoming the possibility of conceiving). Congrats to the whole family!

Jillian on

KRS, Thanks for explaining common sense to people!! LOL.

Mia, You either prevent a preganancy or you don’t. In this case, she was NOT preventing pregnancy. She had no problems with getting pregnant.

Adrienne on

What do you think his name will be? I’m thinking River or something that flows well with Ryder and is also kinda boho like she is. We shall see

soph on

“River or something that flows well” …ha

cjj on

since her boyfriend’s middle name is JAMES and HER middle name is Garry & her stepfather whom she adores as her dad is Kirk…she has a few good choices: James Kirk Bellamy? Kirk James or Garry Kirk-James Bellamy?
or do all same initials like Ryder Russell Robinson..
Billy Blaine Bellamy?? am sure she’ll choose a good one!

katy on

If it were a girl, she was planning to name it baines katherine