Review: Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker

07/10/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Baby Brezza

When you decide to make your own baby food, you give up a very valuable chunk of mommy time including taking a bath, reading a book, or watching the final rose ceremony on the The Bachelorette (but we digress!) Here’s a way to cut your prep time in half: The new Baby Brezza ($100), a baby food making system that steams and purees food for you, which means more free time for mom.

Check out our review below:

Things We Like:

Since it’s one of a handful of baby food appliances that steams and purees food, you don’t have to fuss with putting your fruits, meat, veggies on the stovetop. Just chop and load them into the bowl, add water and press start. Minutes later, the food is ready and you don’t have to lift a finger!

Also, the Baby Brezza is affordable and compact enough to fit on an already crowded countertop. A convenient chopping board (with a cut-out hole for easy dumping into the circular steamer) and storage cups are also included.

Things We Don’t Like:

The bowl that comes with the unit is quite small, so you can only make about two days worth of food for older babies. We also found it quite difficult to get the blade out of the bowl, so a couple of times we had to toss pureed food caught underneath it — a painful waste for parents who take the time to make their own.

We also found that the blade doesn’t puree as finely as other machines we’ve tried. Even with extended steaming or fine chopping our purees were sometimes lumpy.

Moms & Babies Rating:

The convenient and afforable Baby Brezza is a good starting place for parents who want to venture into the world of baby food making — but still want to have time for evening TV!

Amy Jamieson

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Kay on

For $100 you could buy a 3 tier steamer AND a food processor, both of which you can use for things other than baby food. I put 2 different things in each level of my 3 tier steamer (so 6 different fruits/veggies) and my processor holds 4 cups at a time. I can make food for a whole month in under 2 hours and use the appliances to make food for the rest of the family. In one afternoon nap session I can make everything I need and have plenty of relaxation time in the evening. These baby food makers are a waste of money as they have no use after you are done making baby food and are so small it would take forever to make what you can make in a food processor at once.

cn tower on

Kay, your advice is sensible and well taken. Some people have more money than brains, unfortunately.

Jennifer on

I’m so glad there are people out there that have the time to tell other people how to spend their money. Thanks girls! Whatever would those with more money than brains do without you…

Stella Bella on

Thank you for the suggestion, Kay. I didn’t even know that multi tier steamers existed. Time to go shopping! 🙂

Jen DC on

We used a regular steamer and a hand-grinder to make Chachi’s babyfood – and it was pretty quick and we had food for weeks! Kay your set up sounds awesome, though! But yeah, you don’t need to spend $100 on a one shot piece of machinery.

Kay on

@Jennifer, I know many people that do not have more money than brains that are looking for feedback on products like the one in this post. I am not trying to tell anyone how to spend their money, I was saying that you can buy two products that you will get more use out of for the price of one of these baby food makers. I myself had looked into a similar food maker and was advised that most people already have what they need in their kitchens to get started. There are lots of great items posted on this website that are not aimed at people that have a lot of money and many spark a discussion that leads to helpful hints and advice from other moms.

Dani on

I just bought one and used it for the first time to make sweet potatoes. It is awesome! So quick,easy, and minimal clean up. My baby’s just starting to eat solids. That one batch will last me at least 2 weeks. So far I’m a very satisfied customer.

However, the article says it comes with the chopping board and storage containers, but it does not. Those are sold separately.

victoriaq on

I have never bought baby food- i made all my own- with three kids -and it did not take away from my time with my children! with my third i pretty much took what we were eating and smooched!!!

but if somethign like this allows poeple who would normally buy food to make it then power to them- i personally dont need to spend 100.00 on another item that will be used for a few months and then gather dust in my kitchen!!!

Brooke on

So what if you have money and choose to spend it on these type of specialty baby items! Lucky for us, it certainly doesn’t mean we don’t have brains! Grow up.

Mike Morewood on

This is a great idea for my wife for Christmas in trying to make our own baby food. But how is this different that using the blender I already have at home? I’m on a health kick. Food processors are great to blend vegetables into better tasting things. Babies follow that too!