David Beckham Sneaks a Snap of Victoria’s Belly

07/08/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

Victoria Beckham recently said that the only person who needs to see her bare baby belly is David Beckham — but what do you do when your husband disagrees?

“Took this pic of Victoria while she wasn’t looking,” the soccer star, 36, posted on his Facebook page Thursday. “She looks amazing, so close now to the baby being born!”

The couple expect their fourth child — and first daughter — any day now.

David Beckham

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K on

That’s such a beautiful photo!

Jennifer on

That’s a really beautiful photo. Congrats again to the happy couple!

Olivia on

Beautiful pic. Beckam has some photo skills. And, wow, that’s “any day now”?! I know she’s on her back, but still I looked like just halfway thru, lol.

abby on

It’s a nice photo, it doesn’t seem very natural and not planned, though.

julesntiger on

Absolutely beautiful!

Aimee on

She looks beautiful!!!!

Stefanie on

She looks terrific !

Anonymous on

Her belly looks really small for 9 months!

Niche on

She doesn’t look nine months pregnant, at all.

I wonder how she feels now knowing that her bare pregnant belly is published for the world to see since she was clearly against it. I guess she’s in that category now of women who bare all for the camera because after all, she had to ok it before her husband posted it.

It is a nice picture though… and appears staged.

Dawn on

Such a serene shot. Simply elegant.

deejay on

A very classy shot, a very much in love couple, and a first daughter about to be born…wonderful

Sue on

Oh, come on… does anyone actually believe this was a candid shot taken by her hubby? It’s clearly a professionally posed shot taken by a professional photographer… it IS beautiful, though, I have to agree.

Jana on

After her previous statements about not wanting her nude belly out there, I wonder how this picture went over with her!

Coast on

“Took this pic while she wasn’t looking”???? She totally POSED for this picture. Does he think we’re stupid??

mommytoane on

I could go with any day now….Victoria has been carrying very small this pregnancy….tho I don’t recall her bulging out too much during her previous ones either. Shes always had a very toned stomach, and she seems to barely have put on any weight outside of the normal baby bump…so I believe it. 🙂

She looks so elegant and beautiful there. Love the picture.

deborah on

Wow what a sexy thing to do David! And Victoria looks great!

Donna on

Beautiful picture BUT she knew it was getting posted, please…… He showed before hand you can bet on that….. Glad they are having lil girl…… It is a great shot, happy for them…….

Stephie on

Staged for sure, but beautiful none the less. I should look that glamorous 9 months pregnant 🙂

KAS on

any day now? i still have 12 weeks til my bundle arrives & i’m pretty sure i’m bigger than her!!

Maren on

You are not supposed to lay on your back when you are pregnant. I hope she didnt stay that way for very long. Like the picture though.

Maggie on

Looks like they were just playing with the black and white settings on their camera – Victoria posted this picture Brooklyn took of David – http://twitter.com/#!/victoriabeckham/status/89098211452653568

She was probably unaware when he took it but I’m sure David asked her permission before posting it online.

She’s beautiful.

Donna Ward on

she is due “any day now”?…lord when I was nine months I looked like i ate Shamu…maybe because I didn’t starve myself like celebrities tend to want to do…

ednise on

Is she under a sun lamp? While the picture posed or not is elegant and beautiful, I’m concerned with the safety of the baby under a sunlamp of its equivalent.

Krissa on

I think it’s a stunning photo.

I looked was that big at about 5months with my third babe.

Can’t wait to hear what they name her.

Someone told me she was to have her c-section on July 4 and name the baby Atlanta. Obviously wrong about the birth date. Hopefully wrong about the name. Georgia would be prettier.

Mom Of Twins on

I agree Stephie, staged but beautiful!

ednise on

Is sunning while pregnant safe?

Marlee on

Posed, but beautiful nonetheless.

Ithica Bailey on

I agree it looks staged but if u go to her DVB Victoria Beckham facebook pg, look under “candids” and you will see she is fully in her last trimester and very beautiful.

Lisa on

Candid or not, that is a really cool and beautiful shot. I love that it’s in black and white. I wish I had looked that way at any time during my pregnancies. Hard to believe she is near her due date.

lucy on

yah, this looks totally posed , beautiful pic, but wonder why they feel the need to lie? she shouldent have made that comment about not wanting to show her belly, sounds pretty hipocritical now.

Amy on

MARIAH CAREY, TAKE NOTES (heaven forbid there is a next time for you)!!!! THIS is what TRUE elegance and beauty is all about.



Stacey on

How are you suppose to lay when you’re pregnant? I’ve never heard that before. Okay I’ve never been pregnant but I am an aunt to 3 kids and I’ve never heard my sister or sister-in-law say that. She looks beautiful. I don’t think its staged…she was probably out sun bathing and just happened to lay like this…people are so judgmental.

Anonymous on

Ok medically this is not correct. She should not be lying on her back as it could cut blood supply and make her pass out. She is also on a ledge which makes me nervous. Other than that, she looks beautiful!

lala on

That’s a cool picture, but how is she laying like that? After abt 6 months the weight is very uncomfortable like that, it presses on a major vein along your spine.

sue on

And in Black…

Kay on

That’s a beautiful photo! I disagree that she looks small… she is lying down. My belly looked like that when I would lay down on my back, even that far along into my pregnancy.

joanie on

Stunning!! Absolutely Stunning. The Beckham Family is our British Royalty. We just love them so much.
Best of Luck with you new addition. And Victoria…. girl you make wonderful babies with your hubby. Hope you have many more in the future.

ellen on

well i hope she doesn’t get mad for sharing because it’s lovely a mom to be waiting for her bundle of joy.

Barbie on

Gillette, we thought the same thing. Who sunbathes with glasses on? That’s weird. However, it’s a beautiful picture (posed or not posed). I can’t wait to see their baby girl.

Tee on

That is a beautiful picture but I really hope that he got her permission before posting it to Facebook. She’s made it clear she wants to be covered and modest during this pregnancy. I’m not sure what to think.

MI_represent on

Does anyone actually believe that he took this photo himself? Methinks it’s a publicity stunt, and the whole thing was staged…her comments, this photo…

heather on


people who don’t want sun damage to their eyes.

Lizzie on

Victoria IS, IS, IS, IS, BEAUTIFUL, period end of statement!! I love her style & class AND alllll of her FAB Hermes’ pocket books!!!!! 🙂

Jo T. on

Beautiful! Congratulations.

Mom Of Twins on

@Amy, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Mariah like your eyes sees things differently.

Sandra on

GREAT photo but definitely staged…she knew!!!

k on

It could very well be him just taking a picture of her without her knowing.. Not everything is staged, celebrities don’t always have to be “posing” for pictures. Pretty sure its just a normal day, with normal people, and a husband just taking a photo of his wife.

People have struggles with being skinny also, calling someone too skinny is as offensive as calling someone fat.

If you want to offend people do it on your own time, this site is for updates on celeb life and styles, not a drama fest. Im no better at the moment either.. but its so annoying seeing people judge others!

Van on

It is 100% safe to lay on your back during pregnancy as long as your are comfortable doing it. No risk in harming the baby but eventually it gets uncomfortable for you! Old school doctors still preach against it but no studies have ever shown that it was dangerous! 😉

That is one gorgeous picture, probably staged but who cares! 🙂

Jillian on

What a beautiful, stunning photo!!!

It cracks me up how people nitpick at the dumbest things….smh! Thanks for the laugh. I am going to go out on my deck and catch some sun, with my sunglasses on, which is what I do everyday.

amw on

gag me. these people know how to manufacture stories about themselves while seeming demure. david took this shot? sure. victoria didnt know anything about him releasing it to the media…sure. ick. this much expected daughter of theirs is going to be a real piece of work.

Dawn on

Too pretty. I’m happy for them…again. And a girl is just icing. By the way…at 9 months, laying on your back is about the only option you have. And then you have to do the side roll to get up. It’s just a blast, lol!

Lisa on

It’s a great photo. As a professional photographer, there is NO WAY, that a photog would take this picture & let David take the credit for it. They are a celebrity couple & the photographer owns the copyright to the photo. You’ll see the credit directly below the photo to David Beckham. He happens to know how to use a camera…kudos to him.

Anonymous on

any day now – hahahaha! maybe that’s because she’s going in for her planned c-section about 6 weeks before the baby is ready so she can “keep her girlish figure,” just like she did for her first 3 children. hollywood pregnancies disgust me.

Tanya on

The pic is beautiful as is Victoria, but not for a second do I believe that it wasn’t staged. Pregnant women do not lounge around flat on their backs, just the fact. I am 8 months pregnant and being on my back is uncomfortable to say the least and there is a possibility of crushing an artery and cutting off blood supply to the baby. Congrats to the family though!

Melody on

Yes this could be staged, however it is NOT hard to take a similar photo. A good quality digital camera could easily snap a shot like that. I don’t see why all you posters jump to the conclusion that celebrities are always faking things like this. Even if they were, is it really that big a deal? I think it’s a beautiful picture, candid or not. Get off your high horses and realize that just because someone is famous doesn’t make them incompetent.

Ms. B on

Pose girl! BTW: We know this not a “random pic”…**shouder shrug**

k on

ok, pretty sure celeberties have low key lives at some point in their day.. Its just a normal husband taking a normal picture of his wife. Not everything is planned and having to “pose”. I dont understand why people have to lash out at these posts, (It’s a cute picture) who cares who took it why would they lie about taking a friggen picture.

Also calling people too skinny is just as offensive calling someone too fat, which neither are very nice things to say. I struggle with gaining weight, and im sure a lot of other people do too. Its hurtful!

This site is up here to discuss styles and people sharing a part of their lives to you and all I see is people judging others! Its just a drama fest. Im not being the best here either but its so frustrating too see so many people with bad attitudes and nothing but mean things to say.

Christa on

Why must it be staged? Do you think it wasn’t possible that she was laying outside at their house and he took the picture? Just because it’s a beautiful picture doesn’t mean it was taken by a professional, or staged. She gorgeous, and obviously takes care of herself. I wish I looked half as good as she does right now. I’ve got 6 weeks left til my little girl gets here. The more I read about her, the more I love her.

Marsha on

Simply beautiful.

laurelcanyonfashionista on

he didn’t say it wasn’t staged- he just said “she wasn’t looking”…which she wasn’t! she’s looking up at the sky! haha.

M on

Not staged, not a professional picture. It doesn’t take a genius or overly talented individual to take a photograph and then convert it to black & white. *rolls eyes*

Karen on

I cannot believe how people can spend the energy to debate over words….staged/unstaged…who the heck cares! I think I lost brain cells just reading some of these posts!

It’s a beautiful picture and I wish them well!

Brooklyn on

Beautiful picture!

sarah on


Serena on

absolutely stunning!! Victoria is beautiful!

Susan on

She might have known the photo was being taken. But she might not have known he was going to post it. I am sure there are thousand of photos of them that we have never seen.

As for the sunglasses and black – I was in LA two days ago and laid out with sunglasses on and wearing black. Its a dry heat not like the east coast – the black isn’t as oppressive. And she might have been just out for a bit – looks like it was near the pool – a quick cool down? Is the black skirt a skirt or a large black blanket wrapped after a dip

As for laying on the back – She might have done it for a few minutes. Everything in moderation. And if she was posing for David (not knowing what he was going to do with it) then she might have done it for a bit.

Robert on

She looks like she is dead.

mama bear on

I just love her- gorgeous pic!

Candy on

Pretty photo, staged or not. I am curious to hear what they will name their baby girl. They have picked some unique, but not over the top boys names.

Mia on

So I guess she is still pregnant-as of yesterday–can’t wait for her arrival + Congrats to the whole family!

LRL on

she’s tiny. photo looks staged. I am sure she knew he was going to post it. Yes, laying in the sun is fine. vitamin d is great!

Becky on

That picture is stunning…I love it!!!

Angel on

You are so pretty you should never cover up and hide your beauty. I am jealous : ) . And your hubby (David) he really should shoot more pictures does just as a good job as the National Geographic professionals…True Talent!!!

JungeCat on

Doesn’t look staged to me. She looks great for being due any day.

Sheyla on

Stunning photo of a stunning woman. She is absolutely beautiful. Wish the best for the entire family.

bell on

she doesn’t look nine months, but she’s lying down..when my sister was 9 months- standing up she was huge, but lying down she looked just like her!

lindsey on

now that is a gorgeous picture

Angelika on

I was about the same size at 9 months pregnant (though not tiny like Victoria pre-pregnancy.) All baby. You don’t have to be ginourmously huge to have a healthy kiddo.

And yeah – that’s a pro-photograph for sure.

Kristy on


AshleyW on

Beautiful picture but yea I think it was probably staged.. and the fact that she just said a few days ago about how he is the only 1 that can see her belly then this picture shows up black and white just seems weird.

Jen on

I think this is the most beautiful belly shot I’ve ever seen. Stunning! I don’t really care if it was staged or not, but if she truly didn’t know that he took it or that he was going to post it online for anyone in the world to see… well, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes! Regardless, it’s stunning and I’m sure they’ll be happy to have it in their album for years to come!

Anonymous on

This is a beautiful picture, looks like was posed…..who cares anyway. I’m so HAPPY for them:)

Jenn on

I don’t think it’s staged at all. She’s not posing, she’s just lying on her back. And I’m sure they can afford one of the best cameras out there. And if you have a camera like that, the pictures come out beautiful, like this one.

I just hope she doesn’t do this often, because being out in the sun isn’t good for the baby.

Lisa on

Those of you who keep saying it’s a professional photo really need to go and buy a nice digital camera, since you’re so obviously impressed by the results. And yes, she looks tiny lying down like that, but if you go to her Facebook page, the pics of her show that she is definitely in the FULL bloom of pregnancy!

marhartm on

some women just don’t show as much as others. Victoria Beckham should know how far along she is not you. Why do some people have to act so negative toward others, especially ones you don’t even know personally. THe photo was not staged just was the way the person who took the shot or victoria herself wanted it shown

paperskyyy on

The shot is gorgeous. A simple shot like this could be taken with any decent digital camera. For those saying she’s so tiny, I beg to differ…

Maggie on

Thanks for posting that Tee! We tried to get the photos for the website I work for but unfortunately they weren’t available for sale for online so I’m happy to see them pop up. And look, she’s carrying a very nice camera … so yeah, David took the photo.

V. on

I don’t get it why people are so hateful…

1st) Nowadays, most digital cameras have an option (mode) that gets you Black-and-White pics. So PLEASE, don’t give this as your excuse to WHY this is a staged picture. Besides, getting a good/professional size camera is not that expensive for these two. So I’m sure, if they have a good camera like that, they will be playing around, taking pictures of each other, etc (Victoria posted on her twitter one picture her eldest son took it from David…so figure it).

2nd) The fact that she is laying on her back, or catching some sun, or doesn’t have a BIG BELLY…people, get a grip, realize IT’S HER PREGNANCY…each person carries it differently, has a different body type, has different doctor’s recommendations…and to me, as long as she is healthy, her baby is healthy and her Doctor says it’s OK…who are we to say she is doing it any wrong?

3rd) I am all for freedom of speech/different opinions, BLA BLA BLA, etc…it just goes beyond me, why sometimes people hate on other’s happiness. I JUST DON’T GET IT…I don’t care if it is these two, or any other in the celebrity world…if something good is happening to them, I am just happy for it too…we see so many bad things happening, and when something good it’s going on…you see a bunch of haters backlashing…ANYWAYS.

To sum up…I don’t care if this picture is staged or not…you look beautiful Victoria…but most importantly, you, David and the boys seem genuinely happy for the upcoming arrival of your little one. So kudos and much blessings to you all!!

lilly on

Yeah right, don’t tell it’s not a staged picture by a professional, we are not stupid!!! She doesn’t look 9 months pregnant, because the pose, that’s the point she wants to look skinnier than she really is. And we sunbathe in skirt too, right? It’s a beautiful picture, just don’t tell it’s a sneaked snap by hubby!

kldoming on

I am a photographer, and think that is a beautiful photo. Most of the time I do not want to see pregnant tummies, but I think that photo is great.

RKF on

Is she lying out in the sun getting a tan? Doesn’t seem like a very safe thing to do while pregnant… I hope this is a posed shot…Pretty picture, regardless.

mari on

i cant wait to see this baby! i bet she will be gorgeous!! with them 2 as parents just beautiful!

Elle on

I thought the photo was a bit staged also because it it absolutely stunning. However, if you look at Victoria’s feet, they are turned slightly outward and apart in a relaxed position. I would think if she knew she was being photographed she would have placed her legs/feet together, toes facing upward and pointing in a slight angle. After all this lady is a perfectionist when it comes to these things.

As to the negative comments . . . , unfair and unnecessary. No matter what the circumstances are – this is a beautiful photo and I appreciate it being shared.

Best wishes to the Beckhams!

gagirl on

OMG would some of you get a grip? Just google pics of her from ANY of her previous pregnancies and you will see that she carries very, very small. You don’t even know she’s pregnant till she’s at least 5 months along. It’s crazy. But at any rate, she is definitely due any day now. I know they are sooo excited to be having a girl.

Anyway, I love this pic and think she looks gorgeous. My camera could easily take a shot like this as could many others; it’s not that serious.

Indira on

Ugh, citizens of the internet…

She looks beautiful, I usually hate pregnancy photos but this is too nice. Cool of David to share this with his fans and, unfortunate that people are tearing it to bits.

Sasha on

Fabulous photo! I like that they did something different from the norm.

B on

People need to stop commenting on how she must have staged it so she looks thinner. When my mother was pregnant with me, she wore her regular jeans until well into her seventh month and sweats for the rest of it. She never once wore maternity clothes with me or any of my four sisters. Some women just carry in towards their backs, and if you recall, Victoria never had big bumps with the boys either…

jamie on


Kat on

Victoria’s bump looks about the same size as mine was when I gave birth to my full term baby girl. Was Iucky that I didn’t look like I ate Shamu? Perhaps, but I assure you, I ate enough food during pregnancy for quintuplets, and not just the 6 pound girl I gave birth to. Sometimes pregnancy can be kind!

Stella on

Poor baby with silicone mother…

Jace on

To all of the whiney turds crying how thin and starved her pregnant belly is, take a look at her FB page. She is extremely average.


MissMel on

For those saying it’s not healthy to sunbathe while pregnant, can you explain why you think that? The baby is inside and the sun can’t go through the mother’s uterus to the baby. I would agree that it’s not healthy for mom but I don’t see how it’s dangerous for the baby in any way.

Robin on

What a gorgeous picture!!

Anonymous on

Could not be more posed and contrived.

mommylove on

who cares if it was staged or candid? it is a beautiful picture and of course her belly isn’t going to be massive…she is a TINY woman. she has had three healthy boys in the past and i’m sure she will deliver a very healthy girl, no matter what size her belly is.

nyny on

3rd trimester–uncomfortable and NOT supposed to lie flat on your back–decreases blood flow to the placenta!

smr on

This was so planned. great pic.. but you can tell she is posing.

missEE on

LOL david beckham took this….right. So now he’s a professional photographer as well as a super-star athlete. They set up this pic because of what she said about modesty…since people like to hate all the time and say negative things about why she won’t show her belly.

Gorillagirl on

Yeah right. He just “accidently” caught her all posed and seemingly dressed for the perfect picture. I’m sure she had *no* idea she was being photographed……

Oneeye on

‘took this picture when she wasn’t looking’ my arse.

Romy on

nyny, it is fine as long as you are comfortable. your body will tell you

Natalie on

For a change as i can’t stand this woman. It’s a nice pic without flaunting it for money.

me on

Not looking…my foot! She`s so posing for the pic!!!

Romy on

gillette, everyone I know wears sunglasses while in the sun because we want to avoid wrinkles and and eye damage

Anna on

Woooow… I have never heard so many people get so worked up over a picture! This was actually very entertaining. I spent an embarrassing amount of time reading all of these comments and laughing my ass off! Thanks to everyone who obviously cares waaaay too much about a photo of a celeb, you made my Friday night 🙂 Oh and just an FYI… I don’t think David and Victoria Beckham give a rats ass about what you all think is safe or not safe, staged or not staged… Just sayin.

Lola on

I don’t think it’s posed. I think the black-and-white effect just makes it look like more of a professional shot. Either way, I don’t think her husband should have shared it after she explicitly said she didn’t want photos like that being released to the public. It’s nice that he thinks she “looks amazing,” but he should have just told her that instead of sharing photos she said she didn’t want to share.

Fiona on

If you think this was not planned, you must be an idiot

Danielle ODonnell on

Yeah Anna, I read all these comments too and I agree, I laughed at all the comments of the people who are sooo worked up. Hate to tell you kiddies, but my hubby is a damn fine amateur photographer who could take a photograph with the skill to make you cry. AND he could do it without your knowledge. But for those who only take shapshots and have the skill of an elephant in a china shop, well, I guess this escapes them. Talent appears to be rampant in the Beckham family. Why should photography NOT be one of them? Jealously is NOT a pretty face to wear people…

Marky on

Oh, please! Even I have taken photos similar, and can make them b&W with an editing program on the computer. Probably wouldn’t take more than 8 minutes, and if VB was just napping quietly, she wouldn’t have even noticed. Who said she was sunbathing, (which isn’t dangerous anyway unless the mom lays out too long and becomes dehydrated or severely burned)she could’ve just been relaxing outside in the shade.

People need to get over the “oh she’s so skinny, she looks pathetic!” attitude. She is not overly skinny–I know lots of women who have had very healthy babies of 7 lbs plus, and not been any bigger than VB. You are not supposed to be ginormous, and look like “Shamu”, you should get healthy and not be overweight BEFORE you get pregnant for your baby’s sake.

Some of you are so hateful and rude; amazing! She’s had great pregnancies, and no one has complained about her children’s behavior or their capabilities.

Jay on

That is such a POSED photo, like she didn’t know it was going to be taken! Who lays around at home like that? I like her and David, they seem like great parents, glad she is finally getting a girl, but she KNEW and got all ready to pose for this after she said NO ONE was going to see her pregnant belly, right. Hypocrite!

melissa on

Anyone who thinks she’s small in the stomach area are clearly mistaken! You need to see the pics from Malibu this weekend. HUGE

melissa on

anyone who thinks she’s small after seeing these pictures posted below… need their eyes checked.

DD on

David did a fab job on capturing a beautiful pic! I think she is almost always ready for photographers and being in LA ready to give birth any day she made sure if a pic was snapped from those pesky paparazzi that she was ready…prob didn’t think her own hubby was going to be the one to snag it! LoL! I am sure she approved it before he posted (he would NEVER do it without her ok) and she now has the great pic to have and remember her sweet pregnant belly.
Now lets see if he is willing to grab one of baby girl for us! haha!

Alexandra on

Wow, such a classy, beautiful shot (and -d’uh- we’re talking about Posh Spice who never leaves anything to chance, so of course it’s staged ). I like it much better than Demi Moore-like pregnamcy shots. She looks terrific (and I don’t even like her ;), so that’s a big compliment :D). I still have 7 weeks to go and my belly looks a lot smaller than hers, so I don’t think she’s too thin 🙂

Daze on

One….pregnant women don’t lie down like that..it’s not comfy.

Two…perfect lighting…just happened?…right.

Three….perfect outfit, hair..etc…

If this is a candid, unplanned photo..then Donald Trump is at my door offering me a $5 million dollar a year job as his assistant.

Maria on

she is so tiny! wow- my belly is bigger than that at about 3 months pregnant! Is there really a fully formed baby in there?!

Carrie on

It is clearly not a professional photograph, if you look at the top of it the roof overhang of whatever building is slightly visible on one side, but not the other, her hands are relaxed underneath her belly but not like she is trying to show off her belly, and the skirt is not laying all that nicely. These are all things a professional photographer would notice and fix. Along with that if you look at any of the other links providing they own a really nice camera and what you can do with a good camera is amazing skill or not.

Annie on

If you think that this picture was posed, you might be right, but i think you are crazy. It wouldn’t be that hard to take this type of picture. As long as you have an amazing backdrop, which clearly the Beckhams do, you simply take a black and white photo. You have to realize that sitting outside looking glamorous is the norm for these people. And with Photoshop, any picture can be made to look amazing.

Toya L. on

Gorgeous picture.

LC on

She is a bit on the uppity side at times so I wouldn’t be surprised if she looks that way even at home or when in private. It is a lovely picture of a very attractive woman… just like all glowing, beautiful mothers to be are! Whether she is supposed to lay on her back for long that pregnant, or not, or be in the sun or whatever if you look closely you can clearly see she is trying to relax her whole body maybe even to get comfortable; almost as if preparing herself. She obviously knows what she is doing. They do have three handsome, healthy sons.

Crystal on

This picture is STUNNING! The first words out of my mouth were BEAUTIFUL!!! She looks gorgeous! It doesn’t look staged at all. I’ll bet David took it and put it on facebook without informing his wife!! Lol! She probably playfully got mad. They just seem to have that kind of relationship. I can’t wait to find out what they name Miss Beckham. Their sons supposedly named after the places they were conceived so we’ll see.

P.S. For all of you guys that say she looks too tiny to be due any day now please be quiet! Do you know how hurtful that is when people say that about an expecting mother? Making it seem like she is starving her child, putting her “celebrity body” over the well-being of her child or that her baby isn’t healthy. It’s cruel. I can’t wait for the baby to be 7+ lbs so you guys can all shove it! Seesh!

Dina on

Obviously she is laid down, so the tummy doesnt look as big as standing up… duh !!! and I am happy I dont see a picture of Victoria looking like a bug, all skeletal and oily like those adds for Armani.

Jillian on

Anna, I soooooo agree with you! I also had a good laugh and it was needed!

David has been known to take pictures as beautiful as this one. People can’t say he didn’t take it because you don’t know. You can say you don’t think he did. But people who know….please, you crack me up! And those saying she should not be laying on her back. Every pregnant person is different….duh! I liked laying on my back for short periods of time. I also wear sunglasses while tanning like many others. Pretty normal. Oh and she’s not on a ledge. It looks like a platform, so I don’t think she’s gonna roll off. Her looking all pretty and not knowing about the photo……seems believable to me. I can’t really see her looking like crap ever. Can you? When I go in my back yard and tan, I am put together and people can’t see me. I don’t look a fourth as good as her….. I don’t see perfect lighting. I see a black and white photo. I truly believe he took this of her and she didn’t know.

Daze, You are fired!

Jazzy on

She looks great! I don’t think it’s hard to believe he took this pic and played with the black & white settings on the computer. Maybe photography is his hobby. Who sunbathes with glasses on? I do. Always with sunglasses on. I found that a funny question. My eyes are sensitive to light even with closed lids. Perhaps she is the same

Lady on

Who cares people….always so nit picky on here. She looks beautiful like always & after going to their Facebook page I def wouldn’t say she’s tiny!

Cindy on

Yes she had to know he was taking this picture – her heels are in the air and not resting on the ground. We would all look that good if we could hire a nutrition cook and our personal trainer.

Jillian on

Cindy, huh? Her heels are not in the air. I have no clue what you are saying. Many people have personal trainers. They are actually not expensive at all!! How do you know she has a cook?

Caroline Thom on

What a fantastic picture !!! 🙂 x