Spotted: Gavin Rossdale’s Lil’ Mohawked Man

07/08/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

From bright blue to light blue!

Kingston Rossdale‘s mohawk gets its fade on as he was spotted out and about with dad Gavin Rossdale on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

The look is a leftover from the holiday styles the 5-year-old and little brother Zuma sported for an Independence Day party with parents Rossdale and Gwen Stefani.

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ForeverMoore on

Hope there are no remarks about what horrible parents Gwen and Gavin are and how could they do this to their child! It seems like all the posts about this family end up largely negative which seems pretty silly to me. Kingston is at an age where he knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like, so he probably thought this blue mohawk was pretty cool. I highly doubt that they “did this to him”.

Funny how a few weeks ago Courtney Cox’s daughter had blue and purple hair streaks and most of the comments were along the lines of “it’s fun”. When it comes to boys, I just don’t understand why they can’t have fun too with funky colors of hair dye and maybe the occasional nail polish.

Jen DC on

Well, as the horrified nay-sayers can see, it’s washing out!

But exactly: What 5 yr old boy would hold still for the continuous hair dying G/G are accused of? It’s ridiculous…

first time mom on

i dont mind the temporary dye but the mohawk? To each his own

M! on

I just keep thinking of seeing pictures of Gwen herself with thin patches of hair and those mesh hair pieces glued on. Makes me cringe.

Tee on

You know, I’ve tried really hard to figure out why this family bothers me so much. Gwen and Gavin seem to be loving, fairly hands on parents. But the more time goes by, the more I get the feeling that their kids, especially Kingston, is treated as an accessory for them. I don’t know these people personally and I could be way off base. But I’ve worked with young children my whole life and I’ve never known a five year old to make some of the choices that this child supposedly makes for himself. I just really get the impression that Gwen and Gavin choose to do things like dye his hair because it’s “hip” and fits in with their lifestyle. Which is fine but just own it, you know? Don’t claim that it’s the child’s decision or desire.

Again, I don’t know these people personally. This is just my opinion.

RKF on

Tee – nicely put. I completely agree (though you said it much nicer than I would have!)

Shannon on

I seriously doubt this reflects anyone’s style but the parents. They try way too hard. The kids probably have stylists already.

tlc on

I agree with Tee. I work with kids and none of the 5 year olds I know have ever “requested” hair styles or color. Clothes yes, even my own four year old foster son asks for cars or shirts like my 10 yr old, but never hair color or nail polish.It’s just too much for such a young kid.

Catca on


Have you worked with young children growing up with rock star parents like Kingston and Zuma are? I’m just saying that maybe they’re exposed to more “freedom of expression” (not sure what phrase to use there…) and actually are making these types of choices because of that exposure. It doesn’t seem to be anything that actually harms the kids as the kids always seem pretty happy and without being close to the situation, it’s hard to judge the parents.

Having said that, I know where you’re coming from, because I get the same feeling (mainly because they regularly complain about the paparazzi and then frequent known paparazzi spots), but without knowing them, it’s impossible to judge.

Donna on

Tee you are on the money.

The parents want to stay in the spotlight and their kids have become a pretty much guaranteed way of doing that.

Funny thing is that we’d all still love seeing pictures of Kingston and Zuma without the eccentrics.

Jillian on

I have met five year olds who grew up with parents who appear soloist to Gwen and Gavin. Actually these parents have some piercings and tattoos. And with all of these children they have asked for the hair style, coloring, etc. The parents didn’t push it on them. They asked for it based on what they liked. I don’t know why some people think 5 year olds don’t ask for temp dye. It’s fun and harmless!

Molly on

Tee, how about focusing on children with important issues like poverty, cancer, etc. instead of accusing Gwen and Gavin of not living their kids.

Molly on

Donna, so Gwen and Gavin basically hate their children and only use them for attention? LMAO

ForeverMoore on

Wow, just wow. It would break their hearts to hear you say that they treat their kids as accessories, to keep themselves in the spotlight, etc. How about they love their children just like we all do and how about they actually have talent to keep themselves in the spotlight. Some people.

RKF on

Molly, you win the award for arguing (for the sake of arguing) on absolutely every issue on this blog. You seem more concerned with refuting other people’s opinions, than having your own. It’s so tiring.

lilly on

geez molly i think all tee is trying to say is that gwens kids are more of a accessory then anything else, i also dont think the dye in that kids hair is washout. I also like gwen and gavin but when it comes to parenting, i dont think they make the right choices a lof of the times, i guess gwen is more of the cool mom, and theres nothing wrong with that but sometimes she goes overboard with it, and obviously she loves her kids, but like i said gwen’s gonna have major trouble with him when he gets older i bet, his already a lil bad for age, and he seems to act out, but then again maybe his a real sweetheart at home, who knows. But molly this is a site for celeb kids, so worry on the cancer, or poverty somewhere else.

Jacqui on

M! Where did you see pictures of Gwen with mesh hair pieces glued onto her thinning hair? Just curious!

Patrice on

He looks like a little redneck. But if that’s their (oops, I mean his) style, who cares?

Jillian on

It looks very clear to me that dye us wash out bc it looks faded. And how do you know she will have problems with him? How can you possibly predict?

RachelfromBoston on

Having been around this child personally I will say a few things – Kingston is VERY strong-willed and very vocal. I don’t know about at the hair salon but I do know from spending time with this child that he voices what he likes, what he doesn’t, what he wants to do, etc. He certainly does have very solid views on what shoes he’s going to wear, etc. From being around all these stylish guys (his father, Tony, Tom, Adrian, other friends) I could definitely see how he would be vocal about these bold hairstyles.

His parents love him very much and are very hands on, the nannies are also wonderful people and a part of this family. Zuma is much more laid back and honestly is entertained by his wild & crazy brother. They are great kids, awesome family.

RKF on

That’s nice, Rachel, but most kids that age ARE strong-willed/vocal but need limitations. They are not adults. Saying “no” is part of parenting. I, for one, am sure his parents adore him, but allowing a child that age to have a blue mohawk is ridiculous. The “but he’s always around rockstars!” mentality makes no sense to me.

LisaS on

Oh please, from the time she was three-and-a-half years old, my niece was changing her own clothes every hour and putting nail polish on anyone’s fingernails or toenails she could get at. NO one was safe–you’d wake up in the morning wondering why the heck your toes were so cold and look down and see her sitting there at the foot of the bed with the covers off your legs and painting your toes! Dyeing her hair came a few years later but yes, SHE was the one who wanted to do it.

I’m so glad and thankful she’s my niece with the parents she has, and not the daughter of all these women who seem to think they’re the “perfect” mom and finds something to criticize about every other mom out there. *snort*

Mariel on

I dont like it, its just my toughts!!!

RachelfromBoston on

Growing up my own mother would NEVER let me do something like this. But my friend’s mom used to let us dress up in our princess costumes with makeup and glitter and take us out for ice cream and I remember thinking it was the coolest thing in the world.

I would absolutely allow my child to have a blue mohawk at 5. Childhood is the best time to have this kind of fun! I mean, at 15 if you’re looking for a PT job during the summer, you can’t have this kind of hair style to work just anywhere and pretty much from then on in life.. unless of course, you ARE a rockstar… And honestly, hair cut/color/style is the least of my worries when it comes to raising a kid, lol

Molly on

RKF, you should shut up. Guess what, you’re not going to win parent of the year no matter how many times you attack Gavin and Gwen. Also. stop being jealous of them. Get a life hater

Molly on

RachelfromBoston, you sound like a wonderful mom.Props for wanting to let your children be creative 🙂

Jillian on

I understand telling a child no and setting boundaries. I am still after numerous conversations still not seeing what the issue with temporary blue hair or a Mohawk are to a child.

Mariel on

Molly calm down, its just a pic. Relax. Hahahaha.

M! on

Jacqui, One of the tabloids ran pictures in those “celebs without makeup” issues. They had a photo close up of Gwen’s temple and you could see the mesh.

Jillian, temporary hair dye is one thing but it’s obvious that his hair has been bleached. But whatever…lil dude will wind up with thinning hair like his mother..before he’s ten.

M! on

Here ya go Jacqui. I did a quick search. These aren’t the pics that were in the mag though. The ones in the mag were just of her out shopping not at an event or anything

Jillian on

It’s not obvious to me and many others that it’s been bleached. I got me hair done and it’s not bleached. When he has it dyed colors it’s not bleached either. It’s amazing the things you can do to your hair these days to not harm it. Dying it while pregnant, kids getting their hair dyed or highlights…all done safely and for fun!!

RKF on

Oh, Molly, you’re certifiably nuts.

Molly on

M!, just stop embarrassing yourself. You sound obsessed with Gwen and it’s disturbing. This isn’t perez hilton. Go over there and leave us alone. Thanks

M! on

Jillian, that little boy has dark roots most of the time with platinum blonde hair. You’re naive if you think it hasn’t been bleached.

And obviously if you look at the pics provided not even Gwen’s hair has been done safely with no harm.

Molly you’re the one that sounds all butt hurt and defensive about everything.

Jillian on

You need to educate yourself. You can dye your hair without it being bleached. I know because I have had it done multiple times!!!!

Lioness on

It probably IS Gwen’s and Gavin’s haircut choice, or at least their suggestion- but so what? How is it different from other parents picking out their kids’ clothes and haircuts? I seriously don’t get how Gwen and Gavin are different from other parents, other than their style choices. If they use their kids as accessories, then every parent does, because the style choices of kids Kingston’s age are almost always that of the parents. If you don’t agree with their style choices, that’s one thing- but to judge them as vain and using their kids as accessories and not loving their kids? C’mon. A big stretch and unfair assessment, at best. Plus, I don’t ever recall them claiming that Kingston makes all his style choices, so for whoever is saying that they aren’t owning their choices for their kids- I’m wondering where they’re getting that…

Fab on

LOL!!!! It was washable…. Smh at all you closed minded folk for thinking children can’t want what they want and as long as it’s not detrimental to their well being OPEN minded patents allow them to be who they want to be… Way to go Gavin and Gwen for raising OPEN minded creative children!!!!!

Jacqui on

Thanks M! Oh my goodness….

Toya L. on

I definitely think “some” five year olds voice their opinions about what they like to wear and how they want to wear their hair.

@Fab – Are you saying that if I, as a parent don’t allow my child to have a mohawk, bleached and/or dyed hair or allow them to wear what they want? I’m considered closed-minded and not raising open minded children? How is that close-minded? So if I allow my 11 (soon to be 12 in 2 weeks) year old to get her hair dyed/bleached, a nose/belly button/eyebrow/lip piercing, stay up and out as late as she wants in the summer and on weekends, date, get a facebook page, wear crop tops, curse like a sailor etc… (all which are about as detrimental to her health as “safe” hair dye is and who she would like be) I’d be open minded? Hunh?

I want my 11 year old daughter to accept her 11/12/13 year old friends/associates/peers who are allowed to have multiple piercings, who have bleached and/or dyed hair, who can dress scantily, curse whenever they want; knowing that she can not. I was raised that way and I guarantee she will be as opened minded to different opinions/beliefs as someone who is allowed to make all those choices because they are being allowed to be
“open-minded” and do whatever, so long as it’s not dertimental to their health.

If parents allow their children to do whatever they want as long as it’s not detrimental to their health and they are happy with that, (fine) but if parents wish to have some sort of control of their children wants, that should be fine too (and not considered close-minded). To each their own!!!

Jillian on

I think bc so many ppl are trying to say that children can’t want this at age five. And that’s not true. If a parent doesn’t let their child get one I don’t think they are closed minded. That’s their choice.

Now Toya, your list of detrimental to health……seriously? 12 yrs old and…..staying up as late as want on weekends summer, hair temporary dyed……really? How are these detrimental just curious.I don’t know many kids this age with bedtimes. And the temp dye, I just don’t get at all. Maybe I misunderstand.

What ppl need to understand is that dye does not equal bleach.

Toya L. on

@jillian – exactly my point. Just because some parents would’nt allow their 5 year old to wear whatever they want, or do whatever they want to their hair, doesn’t make them close minded. The 12 year old little girl diagonally from me, has a gold ball in her nose, her eyebrow pierced, a boyfriend, blue streaks in her hair, wears make up, has no bedtime even during the school year and I wont even talk about her clothes choices. None of those things have been detrimental to her health so far. She’s an a and b student, a m.s. cheerleader, really active in her church and a very mannerable, polite, kind and amazing young lady of great parents. I should’nt be considered close minded because I wont allow my daughter do things that some of her friends get to do solely on the basis of, she wants to and it’s not detrimental to her health. Again to each their own.

Amanda K on

I like the mohawk and why wouldn’t he want it? Look at their lifestyle, the skys the limit! Lucky boy 😉