Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart Expecting Second Child

07/08/2011 at 05:30 PM ET
Alexandra Wyman/Getty

Eric Dane has said that he became 100 times more attracted to his wife Rebecca Gayheart when she became a mother for the first time.

Looks like that number may be going up: The couple is expecting their second child, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

The new arrival will join the couple’s daughter Billie Beatrice, 16 months, whom Gayheart, 39, and the Grey’s Anatomy star, 38, welcomed last year.

“I don’t know if there’s any change more significant that a human being can make than that of a woman become a mother,” Dane told PEOPLE in May. “There’s no change more dramatic.”

— Alison Schwartz

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jordan on

Congrats to them! 🙂

Lady on

Aw congrats to the family…not fond of their name choice for #1 but still love to hear what people choose regardless!

Alma on

Gayheart ? Hahaha

Congrats to you all

Jennifer Redgrave on

Wooah! I’m chocked !! I thought they would wait some years until having baby #2! Congratulations !!

Adrienne on

Yet another unexpected announcement!!

Romy on

I was waiting to hear this, I thought they would try again right away, and I thought she looked pregnant

klutzy_girl on

Yay! I knew it! She’s been looking pregnant lately. Congratulations to them!

Erika on

Congratulations to them! Their daughter is adorable!

Maddie on

I was waiting for this announcement also, I had a feeling they would be expecting number 2 soon as they have been quite vocal about wanting another child. Congrats to the family

Krissa on

That’s great news! I remember him saying something about it taking a long time to conceive their daughter(whose name is totally adorable). I’m glad it happened easily this time (I assume it did)!

Emily on

Aww I love this – A really unexpected surprise! Can’t wait to see what they have this time around. Love Billie’s name so am sure they won’t disappoint this time around.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to THEM!!!! Can’t wait to find out what they are having and the name they choose 🙂

Cee on

very sweet what he said about his wife. 🙂 congrats to them!

Tee on

I’m so excited about this announcement! They really do seem to be head over heels in love with their daughter and I’m sure it will be the same way for baby #2!

Alexis on

I have a hard time being happy for her knowing that her selfish, careless driving killed someone else’s child. As she continues to watch her children grow she prevented another family to enjoy watching their son grow up because she was too important to wait behind stopped cars as a child crossed the street.

Siana on

If I was married to Eric Dane I’d certainly be having tons of his babies lol This is great news, congrats to the couple.

cn tower on

Alexis, do you know if a cell phone was involved and it was a case of “distracted driving” — not offering excuses, just curious. To the best of my knowledge, the end result was a manslaughter conviction (no jail time?) and the memory etched in her brain. Sad.

meghan on

Alexis, people like you make me sick. You have no clue what goes on in this woman’s head or what guilt she carries with her over that poor little boy. She didn’t drive off (like Halle Berry), she stayed at the scene, got aid and never lied about her involvement; she never even attempted to downplay it or make excuses. She took her punishment like an adult and is now entitled to have her life and not have her mistakes thrown in her face at every possible turn by self-righteous people like you.

dsfg on

What about a man becoming a father? Sorry, his remark just kind of rubs me the wrong way . . . seems pretty sexist and narrow-minded.

Jillian on

Cn tower, I read that the family accused her of talking on a cell phone during the accident. I also read about this in reports, but I don’t know if this is true……none of us do. What we do know is that several cars had stopped to allow the child to cross the street and she went around the stopped cars and struck the child. This was accoring to police reports and eyewitnesses.

The accident was 10 years ago. I have no doubt in my mind that she still thinks about this all the time. It took her 4 years to get behind the wheel again, she said. I will be honest that everytime I see a story about her I do think about the accident. It really bothers me how careless she is and I hope that people learn from it and I think she does too.

Dawn Miller on

Alma….are you seriously making fun of her last name? Are you six?

Michelle on

Congrats and I hope they keep the seedy part of their lifestyle far, far away from their kids. They both creep me out.

carla on

For the 1000th time, there was no cell phone or alcohol involved in Rebecca’s accident. Yes she was negligent while behind the wheel, but unfortunately so was her victim for darting out into oncoming traffic. Again, a tragic accident. I really don’t get why ten years later this has to come up in nearly every post about Rebecca.

Fab on

I ditto Meghan and Carla…. Make me sick bringing stuff up!!!! is your life THAT perfect ???? I DOUBT IT!!!!!! Congrats to them!!!

Kat on

Sadly anytime there is an article about her someone must bring this up like she is a hit and run driver! How many times have you gone around a stop car you assumed was turning? Or seen a child jaywalk and almost get hit? We all make mistakes and this was just a tragedy all around.

Jen DC on

Ditto Carla, Meghan, Kat & Fab.

Alexis: You beat this horse to death on some other thread re: Eric Dane’s praise of his wife and her devotion to their kid. Leave it. We all get that the other family’s tragedy will never cease and that their child is dead, in part, to RG’s inattention. She paid the judicially-mandated price and is paying a permanent psychological price, whether you see it or believe in it or not. The fact is, it’s between her, the family and their respective Maker(s).

RG doesn’t have to live under a rock; she doesn’t have to hide her joy; and even if she did, you wouldn’t be satisfied because nothing she can do will change that split second decision and bring that kid back.

Please crawl back under your bridge, troll.

cn tower on

Perhaps the reason people keep bringing up the accident is that she has received more attention for that incident than for her acting. The only acting I’m familiar with was her appearance on the original Bev. HIlls 90210, circa 1995.

ClaireSamsmom on

I think from what I have seen lately, these two seem to have changed since they had their little girl….but, she was apparently expecting their first baby when that gross video was made. I think they seem like very devoted parents to their little girl. I do hope they have changed their lifestyle…..because doing drugs (I think I read that they were…but, could be mistaken) and making that video was just disgusting. All aside, congrats to them and their family.

carla on

ClaireSamsmon –

Rebecca was NOT pregnant when they made that video. The video was released around the time she announced her pregnancy but it was actually shot several months before.

ClaireSamsmom on

OH, that is good to know. But regardless…that video was pretty gross.

Rebecca Jayne on

I had no idea she was involved in an accident like that. Not until I just read all your comments. So, no, that’s not all she’s known for. And as for that sex tape. You know what? When I look at them, all happily married and growing their family, I think, THEY have it figured out! I’m not saying threesomes and sex tapes are my cup of tea, but clearly they enjoy each other very much. How many married people with young children can say they have a fantastic sex life???? Very few. So good for them. And I’m happy they are having a second child. Their first is beautiful and looks very happy. 🙂

Jillian on

I couldn’t care less about the sex tape. The bad choice they made was filming it and the person they chose.

And…..we don’t know if a cell phone was involved in the accident. The details of the case were not discussed.

Jillian on

Carla, sorry but are you actually putting blame on the child? You have got to be kidding!! He was given the go ahead by people who were driving. This happens daily. She drove in a non driving/non passing lane….and he is at fault? My gosh. Eye witnesses said she was on her phone and speeding, according to the reports. Where does your info of no cell come from? And then a year later she flips her rental and hits two parked cars. I am glad she’s better now.

Can’t belie e you fault the deceased child. Glad the judge didn’t!!

KRS on

Jillian, I don’t know about you, but I’ve taught my kids that just because one lane of traffic is aware that they’re crossing, not to take it for granted that all the other drivers or lanes of traffic are as aware at that moment. Eye contact or some kind of gesture should be made instead of just assuming. This goes double if a person is foolish enough to step out between parked cars or jaywalk.

I think the accident that killed that little boy was so tragic and senseless, especially since it could have been avoided by more than one person’s actions, and I feel sad for everybody involved.

Jillian on

I agree and have taught mine the same. She wasn’t in a lane of traffic. And regardless I would never blame a pedestrian for the careless driving of a person. She was found guilty. She was at fault. I agree that the child should have been more cautious but I do not blame him and either has she. She was speeding and driving and a non driving lane. If the child was partially responsible by the courts they would have said so but they didn’t find so. I am glad that she accepted responsibity, it’s a shame some people try to put blame on the child.

canada girl on

Congrats. That is so exciting I know they said that they are both getting older and they wanted another one sooner than later!!!!

KRS on

Hi Jillian, I totally agree with you that RG’s negligent driving and impatience caused the accident, though are you sure about the speeding? I hadn’t heard that before. I just wish that more common sense had been used by all parties involved. Very sad story.

Anonymous on

Sure hope no one runs over this child!

tina on

Wow amazing that people are so unforgiving. I am glad I am not the judge & jury of their lives. People make mistakes show me the first person with a perfect life and no mistakes. I am glad that God is the judge and jury he is forgiving never to mention your mistakes again. Congrats to the couple on their second child and the fact that they have really tried to be good parents. God Bless

Laura on

The child was 10 years old, walking across a busy street alone during school hours and could have easily waited until the light changed and he was given the walk sign. I won’t blame the kid, I put the blame on the parents for their irresponsible neglect of teaching their child that 10 year olds GO TO SCHOOL 2. If a parent allows their child to walk around by himself he should know how to cross the street properly.

The only reason why RG was guilty of anything is because she admitted to swerving around traffic, didn’t fight the charges at all, and maintained her guilt. A lot of other people would have gotten away with no punishment because the kid shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Anonymous on

omg, some of you are rather pathetic. yes, rebecca had this terrible accident, she accepted blame and there is no doubt that those images will be in her mind forever. why does something that happened 10 years ago have to be brought up again now. she had the accident and im sure that every day of her life she regrets it. everyone makes mistakes and that doesnt mean they move on. im not saying that it something that needs to be forgotten, im saying that it needs to be put in the back of your mind and realise that EVERYONE makes mistakes.
congratulations to eric, rebecca and billie 🙂