Spotted: Ali Larter’s Sweet Sleepyhead

07/07/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
John Shearer/Getty


Ali Larter gives son Theodore Hayes, 6 months, a little support as he snoozes in the sun after a trip to Whole Foods on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

“I am humbled by Theodore,” the actress, 35, said recently of her baby boy with Hayes MacArthur.

“I feel very lucky to be able to be on this adventure with him and my husband.”

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kendrajoi on

Too fricken cute!

katie on

what a beautiful baby!

Mariel on

OMG he is the cutest baby!!! I want to eat him up!!!

amw on

i like her. her baby is cute. im not going to say anything about baby bjorns. but…it really bugs me when people wear sunglasses and their babes are hatless and/or totally exposed to the sun. whats up with that? its so bright out that you cant see without sunglasses, yet your precious, bald baby cant be protected from the sun? 😦

Sloanesmomma on

Some babies hate hats and throw them off on the dirty ground and also babies hate sunglasses and throw them on the ground and poke their eyes. I’m sure the baby has plenty of sunscreen on!

Sloanesmomma on


That is not a baby Bjorn I have that baby carrier it’s a belle baby!!!

meghan on

I can’t tell, but isn’t that a hat in her hand? Maybe it slid off and she hasn’t put it back on yet.

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

Hopefully she was only in the sun for a few minutes with him – especially with such pale skin!

He’s super adorable – I love the choice of name!!! I wonder if they call him Teddy for short?

Sarah on

Alright. I don’t know her. I am 100% sure, she loves her baby boy to death. But why on earth do people carry their babies like that? First of all – the baby is asleep, she could put a hat on him NOW. And carrying a baby facing forward is such a bad idea. I live in Europe and I’m always shocked by the pictures of babycarriers here. We have so many different brands here – Manduca, Ergo, Ringsling, Marsupi, Buzzidil, Mei Tai….and all I see on is site is Baby Bjorn or similar sh*t. It is sooooo bad for your baby. The way he sits in there, is not the way it’s supposed to be. Orthopaedists and paediatricians recommend that babies who are worn in carriers always sit with tucked-up and slightly spread legs. The baby’s bottom should be lower than its knees, while the knees can come up as far as the tummy button. This position makes the baby’s hips tilt slightly forwards, while its back is very slightly rounded or ‘hunched’ and under less pressure. 
I love love love seeing women, who carry their baby – but please do it right!

erin on

I HATED hats. And bows. And headbands. Basically anything that was put on my head I would rip off. He may be the same. Such a cute photo!!I love the chubby baby legs.

chelsea on

she’s just left the grocery store, probably on her way to her car. Im sure the baby won’t get sunburnt

Amanda on

As a celebrity, I’m sure she wears sunglasses regardless of whether or not it’s “so bright out that you cant see without sunglasses”

Jennifer on

Did y’all read the article before freaking out? They were on a trip to Whole Foods – you know a grocery store. The amount of sun exposure he received from the car to the inside of the store is perfectly safe. In fact its good for him. Doctors are seeing more and more cases of vitamin d deficency because people wrap their babies up like mummies. A little sunshine and fresh air never hurt anyone.

Van on

that baby is cute!! 😉 But…I will say that I would much more enjoy seeing him facing his mama! 😉

dd on

What’s the point of a baby carrier if you still have to support their heads/bodies??? what a piece of crap that thing looks like!

Bree on

When I was a baby I lived in my baby carrier and there are tons of pictures of my mom and I looking very similar and I turned out just fine, my posture is “spectacular” (Dr’s words, not mine) and my legs are perfectly even. The only possible concern I have for back problems is because I am overly-blessed in the chest area (which is why I was talking to the dr about my posture in the first place), esspecially now that I am pregnant!!

He is such a total cutie pie!! And Ali seems devoted to him 🙂

e on

Ali is beautiful, and those baby feet are just too cute!

LisaS on

Her son’s gorgeous and I love both his first and middle name but put them together with the last name, and it sounds like he’ll be a future candidate for president. 🙂

Fab on

I swear people on theses posts will criticize EVERYTHING!!!!! Really???? Do what ever YOU think is right for Your OWN and leave folks alone!!!!! Cute baby:D

Juli on


I love that she is using a Belle Baby Carrier!! Her little guy is sooo cute. I am the owner of Belle Baby Carriers, and we have pediatrician and chiropractor endorsements. It is a great product that offers a streamlined and chic alternative to most other carriers. Plus, it is made here in the USA. We have a classic line and an organic line. Check us out