Spotted: Jessica Capshaw and Kids Peruse Portofino

07/06/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Splash News Online

La vita รจ bella!

Jessica Capshaw has her hands full strolling in Portofino, Italy with son Luke Hudson, 3ยฝ, and daughter Eve Augusta, 8 months, on Sunday.

The Grey’s Anatomy star, 34, is married to Christopher Gavigan.

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Adrienne on

Aww cute. I like her on Greys.

Tieraney on

We wear short shorts…

Regina on

OMG!!! Eve is so cute! I just want to pinch her chubby little cheeks!

mandii on

Awwww – those cheeks!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mandy on

That baby sure hasn’t missed any meals…

klutzy_girl on

So cute! I love JCap and can’t wait until Grey’s comes back.

Becca on

Her son is adorable. Her daughter… not so much. She looks obese. Ick. Too bad. Her parents are gorgeous.

Kay on

@Becca… obese… really? She is a chubby baby and she is adorable! Her son is a cutie too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Alix on

Becca, your comment is “ick”. Totally nasty and unnecessary. I think BOTH of her children are adorable – nothing cuter than a chubby baby!

RKF on

That is not chubby – are we all looking at the same baby? She looks very overweight.

Anon on

She is unlikely obese… odds are she is breastfed. Breastfed babies tend to be chubbier than then their formula fed peers, in the short run. Both of my girls were breastfed exclusively for six months and looked very similar to Eve. Now they are tall and lean children. Unfair and rude to judge an infant in that manner.

aj on

@ Becca: Mom’s are getting away with murdering their children and 8 month old babies are being called obese. This world is becoming so screwed up. Ever heard of something called “baby fat”? The child is not obese and her diet is probably closely watched. Some people need to get a flippin’ life because people like you are dragging this world down.

Ann Marie on

Yeah, that baby needs to do something, maybe start crawling on a treadmill.

Miss Ann on

That baby is soooooo adorable. Cutie pie. Momma’s hip bone ought to be sore. LOL. This reminds me. I had a coworker that probably weighed 110lbs at the most. Her lil boy took after daddy and was a big boy; and my coworker could not even walk with him on her hip after he turned 5 months. She had a stroller EVERYWHERE they went.

June on

Ann Marie … you sound like an internet troll. You must have great self esteem to suggest that an eight month old baby needs a treadmill. Get a life I say!

Jillian on

She looks amazingly awesome!!! Her kids are adorable. I don’t think it’s a biggie at all how “big” her daughter is right now. My cousin was her size as a baby (not breastfed) and is now 110/5’3. I know babies who were tiny at that age and who are obese now. There are far more I portent things to worry about than call g a baby obese based on a picure. I can’t believe some people.

Alyssa on

Really Ann Marie? I truly hope you’re not serious. What has this country come to that we now call infants fat and obese? A lot of babies are chunky and most of them aren’t like that when they’re older. That’s disgusting to call an innocent baby fat. You people are pathetic.

Ann Marie on

June, I would add a little strength training to tone up those ginormous thighs. Maybe some Kundalini yoga for relaxation and meditation? 8 months is just right for a healthy start to life.

Indira on

I think her daughter is soooo cute!

stephanie on

The baby looks heavy to hold with one hand. need a stroller for long walks.

Fab on

SMDH @ Becca and RFK!!!!! Real goofy!!!! ….. Beautiful children beautiful mom!!!

lilly on

there is lot of chubby babies in the world, but that baby is def. over weight, hopefully she will slim out at she gets older, but wow that baby is big

Molly on

How is she overweight and why are so many people focused on that? Please, can we let Jessica’s little girl grow up without pressure to be thin. No wonder so many little girls think they are fat when they aren’t after reading these comments

Jaz on

Seriously? Babies gain baby fat and will quickly start to lose it once they start to walk and move around more. Why not give her at least a year or two before you judge her appearance.

Ivy on

That baby’s father is the CEO of an organization called HEALTHY CHILD HEALTHY WORLD. He’s also vegan. I highly doubt the child should be considered “obese” she’s just a big baby. It happens. That is one precious family, though!

Nella on

I actually think Eve is adorable, look at those cheeks and legs! I personally think chubby babies are cute! They are babies, they grow out of it! After reading some of the comments I didn’t realize how many people focus on the weight of an eight month old baby! Wow, so sad that people are judging that! Anyways, they are a cute family ๐Ÿ™‚

Danielle Friedland on

I think Eve is perfect the way she is. Gorgeous, happy, healthy.

By the way, Christopher is no longer the CEO/Executive Director of Healthy Child. After five years of service to this wonderful non-profit, he has moved on but sits on the Board of Directors.

Jen DC on

She’s just a chubster baby – that’s it and that’s all. And she’s adorable. She’ll lose it all when she begins to crawl and even more when she begins to walk. Right now, she’s short and sedentary and breastfed. She’s supposed to be fat.

Tess on

I think the baby’s chubby too, but she’s probably not moving around much yet. I think the son has chubby cheeks too, so it may just be the shapes of their faces, ie, full faces.

Cee on

nothing cuter than a fat baby! she is perfectly fine. you people have lost your minds. obese? ridiculous!!!

Piper on

She hasn’t started crawling yet and I think it shows that some of you CLEARLY have body issues. Calling an 8 month overweight??? really

Elizabeth on

@Becca…ICK. I dislike how judgemental you are, this is a baby for cryin’ out loud!

I work at a daycare and I agree, babies that are breastfed are chubbier than babies that are fed formula..its like getting by on the bare minimum! She will get slimmer when she starts movin around.

This family is beautiful! Love her on greys!

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

Poor little thing – only 8 months old and already being judged for weight! It is kind of sad how these babies get picked apart like their celebrity parents. I mean, whatever – if a celebrity gets judged so be it – they put themselves out there in the public eye so must expect it but their poor children are born into it – they can hardly help it!

I think she is adorable. With a father with that health-driven background I highly doubt this bubba would be anything but perfectly healthy!

Marsha on

I think Eve looks just fine. She is only 8 months and not incredibly mobile yet. It amazes me how judgemental people can be. She is a BABY!!! If she is nursed and I think she is, she will have a bit more fat on her. Geez! Some people need to find something else to rag on. On another note, I so want to pinch those cheeks!

Lilianne on

I don’t think babies should be called obese or ugly but that baby IS more than just chubby. We have seen recent pics of Nicole Kidman’s baby girl and SHE is chubby. I agree that people should not pick apart the appearance of an infant but let’s also call a spade a spade. Overweight babies often grow into overweight toddlers and they grow into overweight children and so on and so on. Starting out overweight can really be a handicap to have to overcome. Also, I find the “chubby babies are cute” comments to be just as ridiculous and over the top as the “she is obese” ones. A child’s weight does not make it cute…its features, hair, personality, clothing, spirit, smile, etc. do that. I don’t often get in the middle of these “debates” but felt compelled to comment today. Maybe we should just not comment on the weight of a child in the first place?

Molly on

Lilianne, you sound like you are suggesting that the parents should start encouraging eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. You do realize that thin does not equal healthy, right?

Tiffany on

Calling this sweet baby obese is ridiculous and disgusting. She is beautiful. I have 3 lovely daughters and fed each of them the same and one of them looked quite similar to Eve. She will outgrow this… my cute, chubby girl has grown into a long and lean 5 year old.

RKF on

Lilianne – I completely agree with you. It’s as if some of the posters are condoning overweight babies. It’s quite sick actually. It’s unhealthy, and while she is not obese, as I said above, she is clearly overweight. I’m appalled very few of you are concerned about her health – you’re too busy chastising others who are correct in their assertions. Let’s take the blinders off, people.

Lo on

Ooh I love chubby babies! So sweet!

ang on

@ann marie, you are a sick biotch! Shame on you! Did you just go in the bathroom and tousle your hair you asshole??? People like you make me sick but don’t think for one second you won. Bring it skank!

Lilianne on

Molly: I don’t believe I once mentioned the word “healthy” in my previous comment. If you got the impression that I was condoning eating disorders then you are clearly reading between the lines and inferring something that I did not intend..and that is on you.

Rave on

Wow. Wow, wow. Okay. So, we are judging a baby’s weight now, Lilianne? The baby is technically ‘overweight’ but will, more than likely, grow out of it, judging by the size of the boy Jessica is holding the hand of (her son). If she raises her with the same mentality, and goes on the same walks with her like she does with her son, I’m sure she will be just fine. And like everyone else said, once Eve starts walking, she will start working that baby fat right off. Until then, why don’t we all just say ‘Eve is so adorable!’ and leave it at that, yes? Splendid.

Luckytobemom on

My son was 9.2 lbs when he was born. Until he was 14 months he was chubby (and adorable). I’d post a link to a picture but would tear apart anyone who called him obese…and many people commenting here obviously would.

I never put him on a diet, allowed him to pick and choose what to eat. He was 13 before he broke 100 lbs and now is 5’7″ and weighs 120. According to his doctor he’s perfectly healthy. Funny how my chubby baby, chubby toddler did not turn not a chubby adolescent.

So judgemental, so sad. No wonder there is such a stigma about looks/weight in this country. If babies are judged so harshly how does anyone else stand a chance?

Amanda N. Johnson on

Obese? Overweight? Diet? These are not terms that should be placed on an eight month old. I have never seen so many insane comments in my life. I hope none of you have daughters.


Trisha on

Come on people, what do you think she is feeding her baby. She is 8 months old, chubby baby doesnt mean obese adult. I am sure the people making these comments are obese themselves. And how would they know if that baby is healthy or not!!!

ceejay on

Oh well I guess your babies look so malnourished that they don’t look this cute.. cute son, adorable daughter and a hot mama in one fantastic picture..

beat that!