Jessica Alba: ‘I Won’t Spend Time Away from My Daughter Unless It’s Worth It’

07/06/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Courtesy Latina

Jessica Alba balances two big “H’s” in her life with grace — Honor Marie, her 3-year-old daughter with husband Cash Warren, and Hollywood.

“After I had Honor I didn’t leave the house for a while,” Alba, 30, tells Latina‘s August issue.

“It was all about changing diapers and feedings and still trying to get back in to the routine of my [acting] thing. I love what I do. But unless it’s worth it, I’m not going to spend time away from my daughter.”

“Before I had her, work was all I had,” the actress notes. “Now it’s not.”

The Spy Kids: All the Time in the World star, who shares that she is less anxious during her second pregnancy than during her first, certainly seems to have her priorities straight — so will the actress be adding on to her brood in the future?

“I just have to feel it out,” she says with a wink. “See how my 30s treat me. I just try to live in the moment.”

Now that Alba is in her third trimester, she’s becoming an expert on how to best dress that baby bump.

“If you are sporting a pregnant belly, it’s better to show it than to hide it,” she explains. “The more figure-forming your clothes, even though you have more curves, the better. I like long, thin sweaters that kind of hide my hips and my booty, so there’s not a huge emphasis on how big they’re getting.”

— Caroline Slutsky

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Tess on

She’s lucky that she has the choice.

Krissy on

She sounds like a sweet girl……..wish her well and don’t start the hate

Liz on

I’m so sick of these comments from celebrities. Who “would” leave their children unless it was “worth it”??? Give me a freaking break.

Shannon on

What acting? Has she been in any films recently?

Jillian on

I think that’s wonderful. Good for her and her family. She can’t win…..if she said she was going to leave then people would yell and say she was a bad mom. I understand and agree with what she is saying.

Yes, Shannon…..did you even read the article?

Mira on

Good for her!

KRS on

Poor Cash….doesn’t “husband” start with H too? No, just kidding. She’s one of the prettiest pregnant women I’ve seen – love the dress!

meghan on

Liz, a lot of people leave their kids for frivolous reasons, that they think are important, because they are thinking about their needs and not their child’s. You are naive if you think otherwise.

Angelica on

Why is she on the cover of LATINA? She has been quoted as saying she is NOT Latina. I guess whatever earns her the money to stay home. I guess she realized she pissed a lot of people off and that was not good for her paycheck. She disgusts me.

Anna on

“I’m so sick of these comments from celebrities. Who “would” leave their children unless it was “worth it”??? Give me a freaking break.”

Liz, seriously? TONS of women in Hollywood leave their children with nannies because their careers are top priority to them. WTF are you smoking?

Indira on

Angelica, I was also wondering why she was on the cover of Latina…guess she can’t get on covers these days. She’s pretty much a starlet in decline.

L on

Seriously, Angelina? She just said she considers herself American above all. I’m of Mexican descent but I know more about being American than I do about being Mexican. I’m proud of my heritage but it doesn’t define me.

Anyway, I think Jessica looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to see her next bundle of joy! I bet he/she will be as beautiful as Honor! 🙂

Tee on

What a lovely picture! Honor is one of my favorite celebrity babies and I’m sure the new addition to the family will be just as precious. I’m looking forward to hearing if the rumors are true and the baby is another girl! Good for Jessica for having her priorities straight! So many Moms… Hollywood or otherwise… don’t.

Jillian on

Angelica, if you are going to post that article, you should also post this one. You have no clue how or why she said what she said. She doesn’t need you as a fan, she has plenty!

Indiria, she is not in decline. In 2010, she was in 5 movies AND just to name a few, she was on the cover of Cosmo in September of last year and Elle of last year……Just sayin…..

L, I totally agree with you! That’s how I took the comment!

ecl on

I’m with “L” on this one.

torgster on

God some of you are hateful. Are you so unhappy and unfulfilled in your own lives that your narrow minds need to slam others who are happy to make yourselves feel better? What is wrong with this world? Sigh……

Liz on

Sorry Anna, I was in a hurry when I wrote this. What I meant to convey was that these celebrities sounds like such morons when they make these same old statements. Uh yea, any mom that stays home with her kids very likely only leaves them if it’s “worth it”. Would you leave your kids for something that’s NOT worth it??! Ha! See how stupid it sounds?? I’m not talking about shallow Hollywood moms that leave their kids to be raised by nannies, that’s something else entirely and grotesque in it’s own right. It’s just the obvious statement of only leaving kids if it’s “worth it”. Uh…yea. Last time I went out for a few hours without MY kids it was indeed a “worthy cause”. I don’t leave my kids behind for no damn reason, ha! Get over yourself Alba!

Alyssa on

Angelica: She considers herself of Latin heritage. She calls herself American because that’s where she and her parents were born. That article title is VERY exaggerated; she never once said she’s not proud to be Latina. I’m of German heritage and both of my maternal great-grandparents were born and raised there. I don’t sit there and identify myself as German. I’m an American.

Molly on

She looks beautiful. Btw, where can you find Latina? It’s been a hard magazine to find

JessicaB on

these “stars” act as if they are the only ones ever to have a baby. she has enough $, so obviously she leaves her daughter for a reason other than financial. fame that important to you? well, we all make choices.

Marky on

I agree with what Jessica Alba says and think she seems to be a “family oriented” person. The only thing I would say is that while I think it’s great for everyone to see you are pregnant, I don’t like the “t-shirt stretched across the belly, because I can’t afford any thing made for pregnancy” look some of the celebs seem to favor. I don’t need to be able to watch every kick the baby makes in someone else’s insides. I think pregnancy is absolutely one of the most special times in a woman’s life, so I don’t want to see her in a funky looking bathrobe, but I think attractive maternity clothes look much better and are so much more flattering. Jessica always looks great!

SAR on

She looks really pretty in that picture. I hope she has a safe delivery of her second baby.

Annachestnut on

not well put. Sounds like Linda Evangilista who famously said she does not “get out of bed for less than $10,000”.

Indira on


five movies vs. five movies that did well financially– big difference. Also theres more than one way to interpret that quote and I see her trying to downplay her heritage. She plays it up and plays it down. I’ve seen quotes where she says her father didn’t want them learning spanish and, in another she says she came from a tight latin family.

I’m sorry, it’s like Alicia Keys or Halle Berry saying they’re not even “that black” but, then going on the cover of essence or ebony. They have every right to do so but, Latina is bigger than Nationality it’s culture and if she doesn’t culturally identify as Latina then I personally don’t think she should be on the cover.

Indira on

And, it’s not that i would necessarily disagree with her sentiments about not being Latina. After several generations in a country i think people should give up being “latino-americans”, German-Americans and Irish-Americans. Because from a few shared holidays and cultural dishes they share nothing with the people actually residing in those countries. They’re plain American.

RachelJane on

Jessica’s father is Mexican American, and her mother’s of Danish and French descent. She’s as European as she is Latina.

And Cameron Diaz’s father is Cuban, and her mother’s of English, German, Native American, and Dutch descent. Does anyone give her a hard time about being Latina? She’s as Latina as Jessica.

Bella Mama on

she has said in the past that she hated being called a “latina”..

Jillian on

3 of the 5 were very successful. Also two huge magazine covers that I named, not mentioning the others. Either way, she is not on the decline. If she was on the decline, she wouldn’t get roles. That’s how it works.

Crystal H. on


I often find Latina magazine at Target. Not near the check out but in the mags and books sections. Jessica looks beautiful as usual. I’m looking forward on seeing the new baby. 🙂

KikiOttawa on

Good for her. She sounds like she knows what her priorities are and sticks to them. I really admire her for that.

I must comment on her ‘unless its worth it’ remark: what piece of work has she ever done that is ‘worth it’? She is has not been a contender for any prestigious award for her work (unless you count her Razzie nomination a few years ago – I don’t); she cranks out unremarkable films which have her best acting which is very limited. She is a beautiful face with a nice rack who can read her lines and show a bit of apropos emotion. I’d describe her acting abilities slightly above a porn stars but well below Meryl Streep.

JES on

She’s beautiful, and she seems to be a genuine good person from all I’ve read or heard about her, and not saying things just to sound like a good person. Congrats to her and her family on the upcoming baby.

Good grief, she lives in the US, she’s an American citizen, that makes her an american, embrace the culture you live in. My grandparents on one side are from Canada,(both french & english back grounds), but I don’t flaunt a Canadian heritage or my Irish on the other side.

mg on

I wouldn’t worry about it, Hun. You’re not that good of an actress.

mommylove on

another mass of comments criticizing a celebrity mom. how about you all stop wasting your time bashing people when it’s obvious you need to be working on yourselves. of course, none of us would leave our children if we had the choice. just because you’re jealous that she doesn’t have to doesn’t mean you need to be a jerk about it. get over it.

Mrs W on

So, Spy Kids 4 was…”worth it”?????

Heather on

Thanks, Liz! She sounds like a wonderful mother, but at the same time, the real world isn’t that easy. I wish I could spend every moment of every day with my boys, but most mothers have to work. I also enjoy my job, but the only “worth” associated with working with two children under the age of 4 is a paycheck. I only wish I had the same luxuries afforded to her.

Kwll on

Jessica’s mistake seems to be that she hasn’t paid enough attention to imitating Lindsay Lohan. See all she needs to do is screw up 24/7, drink like a fish, dress like a tramp, drive drunk, run from cops, get caught with coke, swing both ways and make a huge deal of it, and flake on every contract she’s awarded and these punch drunk drones in the public will be perched on her shoulder like parrots waiting for every word out of her mouth.

Don’t do nuthin dumb like showing responsibility or conducting yourself with class Jess. I mean, do you WANT to fail?!

S on

dear indira,
please stop being so judgemental…
she is a proud american woman, one who happens to be of latino descent
stop trying spewing hatred on her just because she feels more patriotic about her country of her birth…
her home has always been america and is a proud american…
she respects her heritage, but she is in no way a mexican (as she was not born there)
as for slamming her career, i’d like to see how well you can act, because her commercial success speaks for itself

Misty on

She’s such a pretty woman! Seems like a great mom, too. Lucky baby AND parents. 🙂

caitrin on

Luna: Jessica Alba is not only NOT “more Swedish than anything else”, she is not Swedish AT ALL. She is a quarter French, a quarter Danish on her mom’s side and Mexican on her father’s. Above anything else, though, she is an AMERICAN, born and raised here, and an offspring of “American” culture. She should not feel forced to choose a side of her ethnic heritage to “be” any more than any other American has to, or does.Like most Americans, Alba identifies primarily as an American. I don’t know why others feel entitled to assign ANY other sort of idenity to her, Latina or otherwise.

Diana on

I just LOVE how this turned into her heritage and how horrible her acting is and away from the fact that she talking about her pregnancy. Whoa are we to decide what culture she needs to be to be on a magazine. They knew her face would sell magazines. So there she is. If my face sold a magazine you better believe i would be on as many covers as i can!

ANYWAYS I think she looks wonderful and happy. Her daughter is so cute. I hope she is having a boy. Congrats Jessica.

p.s I thought she was great in Never Been Kissed 🙂

Dina on

Well, considering her last 10 movies and her acting, I will say she is making us a favor for not doing anything and stay home with her kid. I am not hater, I think she is very pretty but good actress?? far from it.

Indira on


I’m not being judgmental. I’m not spewing hatred and your overly strong choice of words don’t make your sentiments true. My opinion remains and, nobody here has a rebuttal that has changed my mind. I don’t hate Jessica Alba, she’s a very pretty woman and seems like a good mother but, she hasn’t had a good movie since FLIPPER.

Lastly, she actually hasn’t been that commercially successful. The movies that she has headlined- Fantastic Four, the Eye, The killer inside me, the invisible line- have not done that well commercially. Movies like Machete and Valentines day she had minor roles in and, since when is commercial success the same as talent….Anyone ever read or seen twilight?? She came on the scene as the sex kitten but now she’s almost 30 and has two kids.

Corrie on

SAR, it’s nice to see you being so positive. I hope you got out of your bad place. 🙂

Jillian on

Indiria, the point is, she is getting roles in big movies, whether the role is big or not. She is on the cover of multiple magazines in one year, that means she is not on the decline, as you said. I would not say, she is a great actress, on the rise, etc……but she is not on the decline. It doesn’t matter if you think she’s had a good movie since Flipper, the fact remains that she is consistently booking movies, shows on tv, and magazine covers. In order to be declining, she would need to do less of these things……..which she has not.

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

What exactly does “worth it” mean? Money or artistically fulfilling… I’m gunna hazard a guess and go with money 😛

J-Lin on

Jessica would have never have gotten her role in Dark Angel if it wasn’t for her Latina looks. I hate who people like to switch in on and off for their convenience. Considering Cash Warren is black, I wonder what she considers her children.

And for the record, why should people have to give up their heritage to assimilate into being just plain old American? To me, racism is when people refuse to accept differences. Folks should embrace being Mexican-American, Indian-American, or Chinee-American. Hold on your culture.

MKH on

Liz, her comment rubbed me the wrong way, too. I guess enough money or an exciting location would be “worth it?” Sheesh.

Bella Mama on

VERY well said, J-Lin!!