Family Photo: The Garner-Afflecks Park It at the Parade

07/06/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

This 4th of July, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner looked like a typical American family, enjoying a patriotic parade Sunday in their Pacific Palisades, Calif., neighborhood. The couple — along with daughters Violet Anne, 5½, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 2½ — enjoyed the local procession after brunching at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica.


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Sheila on


Kate on

JG and BA always look so “detached” as a couple. I don’t ever get a romantic vibe from the two of them, especially with body language. I always get the impression though that they are committed to their children. But as a couple they just don’t appear to be very interested in each other.

Cassie on

Ditto Kate. The body language is what I picked up on immediatley.

Mira on

I bet he’s gonna run for office.

Megan on

This is my absolute favorite family and those who were questioning it…if you saw the rest of the pics, there are lots of pics of Jen and Ben laughing and talking and touching as well…one picture does not a story tell…

I ADORE this family and those girls could not GET any cuter…

Maria on

I dunno – those two just don’t seem in love to me. Never have. He is never looking at her with love, or holding onto her. sorry but it is my opinion- I don’t feel the love connection. I do feel that they are great paretns and good people and great at co parenting- but I don’t feel the love connection between them.

Maria on

have to add that I wrote the above comment before I read the other comments and Kate’s comment said the exact same thing! guess others notice it too.

Jillian on

I have seen plenty pictures of them together where they look in love. I really like this family and all the time they spend with the children from what we see.

KC on

Maybe they’re just uncomfortable with PDAing all over the place when cameras are following their every move…

ecl on

What couple goes around fawning all over each other in public after being together for 6 years and having 2 kids? They seem normal to me. I always think those couple dry humping each other in public look like they’re putting on a show.

Amit on

I hope they are happy and in love and are just PDA-camera-shy because they are one of my favorite couples.

Sarah K. on

There are other pictures from this day where they are laughing and talking to each other. But, like someone already said, they’ve been married for years and have kids – so obviously they’re not all over each other like teenagers.

Meanwhile, I love this family. They’re all so adorable

alicejane on

Some of the other photos from this day show him holding her hand and kissing it. I think people think Ben always looks unhappy because he has made it very clear that he hates the paparazzi and he hates the way they go after his daughters. After the way they were camped out at Violet’s preschool I don’t think he can be blamed. Some celebrities hide their disdain, but Ben never has.

Bancie1031 on

I love this family ….. Look how CUTE they look! Violet and Seraphina have gotten SOOO big 🙂 I think they all look great 🙂

SAR on

They’re such a cute family!

Indi on

I love this family, Their kids are adorable ( and look exactly like them) I wonder when Jen will appear in movies again!! since her kids, i have not seen her in anything?? She is a funny and great actress and would love to see her in more movies!!! as for Ben, I love what he is doing at the moment!! 🙂

MariaP on

Love these family. This is my favorite picture from that day

Ashley on

I like that they look just like any normal family watching a parade….Seraphina is so cute! 🙂

Annachestnut on

I like them. They seem grounded. Jen was a bio-chem major at Dennison.

Rue on

Ben is hot, Jen is cool, kids are adorable ! I love ’em.

Liz on

Indi, she was just in Arthur and before that I liked her in Valentine’s Day.

Olivia on

I love how laid back and just “average” they always look. It seems like they are really trying to provide a fun, easy going life for their girls.

ClaireSamsmom on

Well, most couples with little children are not all over each other at a 4th of July parade, anyway. When you have little ones, you are watching them and focused on them for the most part, so I think they look great and “normal” and portray how most of us with kids look when they are out doing a family activity. And when you have 2 kids or more, most likely each parent has one child……it would be kind of weird if they were having a smooch fest at the parade. You know? Anyway, I love this family, too….they seem like great parents…the kids are just adorable and I love Jen’s hat, too! I also love Violet’s little glasses….how cute is she!

Tess on

I think the kids should be wearing a hat. And I’m sure I’ll get slammed now for criticizing such a golden couple.

Jillian on

Tess, I am curious why you think children need to wear hats. I was told by our doctor this isn’t true and I believe many others must follow the same bc we were just at the beach. It was 90 and not one child had a hat on.

Amy on

We have no right to “judge the love” for one another based on random pictures of them. Just because they aren’t making out with each other every 20 seconds doesn’t mean they are detached from each other. It could be that they are very private about their affection towards one another (SHOCKER – I know) Not everyone is comfortable with PDAs; especially when you are constantly being photographed, not to mention being a parent AND being in the spotlight all the time. They are trying to set a good example for their childrn, heaven forbid they do that!!!

Amy on

Oh, and by the way, if you look closely at the picture, there are TWO children’s green chairs on each side of them. Maybe they are “detached” because their CHILDREN are demanding their affection.

Tess on

Jillian – because they’re in the sun I assume for an extended period of time and they needs hats to protect them from getting sunburned (now) and possibly skin cancer (later). Others can disagree, that’s fine. My kid would have a hat on.

mary on

Tess if you look at the other pics, there is one of Jen spraying Violet with sunscreen. She isn’t neglectful. My kids won’t wear hats, so I use sunscreen and common sense.

guest on

They need to keep making babies-thse girls are gorgous

Nikki on

Is it just me, or does he look a bit out of place? Like he just met up with them after partying all night? I mean, he’s not even dressed for the occassion, he looks like he was clubbing, and didn’t even go home to shower and shave.

Piper on

Been hates the papz and will never be happy when they are around his family. I remember bee smiling and having a good time with Jen at Vi’s soccer game. But when he saw the papz, totally changed and became stoned cold. He didn’t smile for the rest of the pictures and flipped them off.

Toya L. on

I agree with others, this is a beautiful family. Their body language in over majority of photos make them seem detached and it has nothing to do with them not holding hands, kissing, groping each other etc…. However it could be that, Ben hates the paps.

Tess on

mary – thanks, I didn’t know there were other pics. I still think they should wear hats as well as using sunscreen, though.

Jillian on

If you want your kids to wear hats that’s fine, but children don’t need to wear hats, as long as the parents are smart about their children and the sun. I don’t see many children on this blog in hats and actually when I am out I don’t either. Maybe they asked their doctor like I did and he said, no hats are fine.

Isabel on

BODY LANGUAGE?! Not at all; there’s actually a beautiful picture of them, from the same day, where Ben is kissing Jennifer’s hand. It’s in the DailyMail website.

I’ll try to post the link (I don’t know if this website will let me link it, but here it goes:

Sarah on

Kate – there’s a small chair between them (probably one of the kids) hence explaining the ‘space’ between them.