Pink Was ‘Looking Forward’ to a Natural Birth

07/05/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Baby As Art

Pink and husband Carey Hart thought they had it all planned out when it came to welcoming their first child.

“We watched Ricki Lake‘s documentary The Business of Being Born early on. It was so enlightening and empowering,” the new mom tells PEOPLE.

“We took all kinds of classes and decided to work with midwives at The Sanctuary … I was really looking forward to the whole rite of passage — giving birth perfectly present, unmedicated, in the way nature intended.”

However, that was before daughter Willow Sage made her own agenda known, arriving on June 2 via a Cesarean section following two nights of labor.

“She was in the frank breech position, which is head up with her legs up by her head in a pike position. We tried everything to turn her around,” Pink, 31, reveals. “Turns out this little girl had other plans — she is my daughter, after all.”

“It all turned out perfectly in the end, even though it wasn’t what we intended, because she is healthy and happy and so am I,” the singer adds. “We’ll go for our natural birth next time, for sure.”

Deciding on the name Willow Sage for their newborn was particularly heartfelt for Pink, who turned to her love of nature for inspiration.

“The willow is my favorite tree. I grew up near one. It’s the most flexible tree in nature and nothing can break itΒ  — no wind, no elements,” she explains. “It can bend and withstand anything. I love that sentiment. I want that for her.”

“Sage is cleansing and sacred,” the Grammy-winner continues. “And it sounded great together. It doesn’t hurt that her last name is Hart — flexible cleansed heart.”

Settling in as a family of three, Pink admits things have gone surprisingly smoothly — despite the initial bumpy start.

“We had one major meltdown the first night home. Carey couldn’t figure out who to comfort first. It was pretty funny, actually,” she laughs. “Poor guy.”

“[Willow’s] been amazing. Everyone gives you this terrifying picture of no sleep at all, bickering which leads to divorce … they made it sound like waterboarding,” Pink notes. “It’s not that bad! I think I’ve cried more than she has and that’s just because I’m emotional and a little nuts.”

And just as Willow, now 4 weeks old, is flourishing, so is the love between the happy new parents.

“Carey is a natural. He calms her down like only my boob can,” Pink jokes, adding that the doting dad wakes for every feeding and diaper change.Β “I knew when I met him he’d be a great father, but watching him fall in love, watching him nurture her, I’ve never been so in love with him in my life. He keeps thanking me for giving her to him. It’s a beautiful time.”

Baby as Art

— Anya Leon with reporting by Marisa Laudadio

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Olivia on

Willow is so adorable!

Anonymous on

this is wonderful

kristen on

she is perfect! πŸ™‚

Kate on

It’s so refreshing to hear about a celebrity mom doing things naturally -or at least trying to. No scheduled section or formula for her. It makes me respect her that much more.

Bella Mama on

absoulutely precious! God bless this family ❀

Elanor on

Wow how cute and those eyes are like big drops of chocolate!

Congrats to the family.

jennifer on

I just love these two. Such a great couple. Congrats and wishes for many beautiful days ahead!

Cuddy on

Such a beautiful baby with such a heartfelt name! Congradulations!

Monie on

Aww… Congratulations to your wonderful family. This was honestly the most refreshing write up I’ve read on here! God Bless, and I wish you guys nothing but the best!

baby lover! on

After reading this, I have a whole new respect for Pink, or no – Alecia Moore πŸ™‚

Courtney on

I love these 2! They seem so down to earth and inlove with each other and the family they have created!

Kelly on

She is beautiful!

Diane on

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! This article has made my day!!

ForeverMoore on

OH MY she is gorgeous!!! Makes me want a little girl so bad…I find out today what my little bean is, so excited curious anxious nervous!

Aimee on

What a beautiful baby!

Jess on

that is such a beautiful girl. best of luck to both parents

Rachel Goforth on

She is an absolute doll! They will be great parents!

Anonymous on

it’s a slow news day lol. this article was in the last edition of the magazine. but regardless i loveee pink and her baby is absolutely stunning! i wish her and her family all the best! πŸ™‚

Maggie on

They probably couldn’t post it online until the issue was off the newsstands. I’m glad it’s here now because I don’t subscribe to the magazine so probably wouldn’t be able to read it otherwise.

We had a similar situation with my first son in 2009 and I had to have a c-section that I didn’t want, but it was best for us both at the time. The good news is I just had our second son completely naturally in February thanks to some wonderful midwives and a very supportive OB, so it is possible for next time Pink!

Willow is gorgeous.

Amy Y. on

This was a beautiful article! What she said sings true to what we observe about this family. I couldn’t be happier to read these words.

Melissa on

Aweee..she’s soo cute πŸ˜‰

MD on

Oh wow Pink, that made me cry! I am so happy for you and your family! bless you all;0)

SJ on

From what I’ve been reading from P!nk lately, she seems smart and funny! Would not have expected that from a tough-girl who makes mediocre music! Well-wishes!

Jane on

Beautiful baby! Super cute πŸ™‚ Although, I had that exact name selected for years and now everyone thinks I got it from her. One friend, with out knowing it, just took the name too. Very frustrating :-/. I know it may be a name, but I think other expecting mother’s can relate. 😦

librababe on

What a gorgeous name and meaning – I love how they thought about the names and the meanings! and what a precious babe. be blessed, pink & carey!

Angie on

That is really just about one of the best stories I’ve read in a long time. Kudos and congrats to Pink & Carey.

Bree on

@Jane I can totally relate, I was devistated when my aunt named her daughter Samantha this last year!! My hubby and I had to start looking all over again 😦

Love this family and her comments. My baby, due in November, is proving to be very stubborn and uncooperative anytime we go in for ultrasounds or dopplers and my husband just rolls his eyes saying that we shouldn’t expect anything less considering who I am lol

Beautiful little girl with a beautiful name and a beautiful life ahead of her πŸ™‚

grammaJ on

It’s so refreshing to see someone from this generation embracing natural, healthy living . Willow is so adorable. I love her name and she has terrific parents. Their parents ( and the new grandparents) must be so proud of them….I would be πŸ™‚

Shawna on

I’ve got to say, I loved reading this article. This little girl is lucky to have such well-informed and devoted parents. Congrats to them on their lovely little family!

Olive on

Congratulations guys! She’s beautiful & you seem to be on the right path to raising a wonderful little lady β™₯

Amy on

Pure awesome!! I love the meaning of her name. Beautiful family!!!

Terri on

So precious, as they all are.

Lynn on

She is absolutely beautiful!

Laura on

Grats! She’s fucking perfect!

Amber on


Alex on

She is perfect!! an absolutely gorgeous baby!! πŸ™‚

Kate on

This family deserves the best. Pink and Carey had done their best to save their relationship and it is amazing to see them going strong as a couple. Willow Sage is a very nice name. The way Pink explains their choice shows how meaningful it is to them. I wish them a healthy, happy life as a family. And I must admit that I am already curious about the next baby’s name πŸ™‚

erin on

I love Pink and how real she is! It’s great to hear her admit to the first night meltdown. Been there, done that! All new moms do:)

k on

I just love her. And Willow is too adorable.

Debs on

I love the name Willow it is a beautiful name and the Willow tree is also my favorite, so beautiful and graceful. Congrats to Pink and Carey on their beautiful daughter, I wish them much happiness and love!

Me on

I am almost crying… U can see how much she and her husband are in love. The way she speaks about him. Wishing endless love and happiness to they family. Little baby is so cute:-))))

nancy on

OMG, she is so friggin cute! I love Pink & Carey. CONGRATS

Jaye on

I love Pink and this is such a wonderful, happy story. God Bless this adorable family!

Jess on

So touching – it made me tear up.

Alex on

Super Congrats to them!

I love that she tried to go all natural, but things happen. Either way it’s nice to hear that a celeb tried. And she’s breastfeeding! Yay! I also love that Pink babywears!

Newfound respect for her. (I’ve liked her since the beginning anyway.)

Sarah E. Prall on

Congratulations Pink and Carey! She is soooo cute!

Meghan on

This was the sweetest article ever! It shows that not all celebs that have c-sections have them by choice. I think that whenever a celeb has a c-section, everyone automatically assumes that it was planned but obviously that’s not always the case.

Jamie on

“He keeps thanking me for giving her to him”, this line made my day! Incredibly heart warming…much love to the new family! -Big Pink fan

angela on

i am in love with the whole family!! congrats to them!!

Kelly on

gorgeous…amazing family..all the best to them!

Michelle on

She is so lovely! I love Pink she is so awesome and down to earth!

Anonymous on

she is a beauty for sure..

Shell on

Beautiful name, Beautiful meaning. Enjoy your family.

Annie W. on

Okay, that made me cry. Wow, so looking forward to experiencing this when my little one arrives in Sept. πŸ™‚

InnovativeMomma- J on

Beautiful, just like her Mom! Congratulations from all of us

Vanessa on

Such a cute baby!! So happy for Pink and Carey! πŸ™‚

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

She’s beautiful. Congrats to Pink and Carey!

mona t. on

Beautiful baby!! They seem to be two balanced parents who have it together. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and joy. I love and appreciate the fact that they are allowing people a peek into their world, but at a safe distance to allow themselves privacy. I love the name “Willow Sage”. Very cute but not too overboard. A lot of celeb parents could take a lesson from these two.

Erika on

Ooh this is probably too late but good luck ForeverMoore! I hope the baby cooperates πŸ˜€

Willow is adorable! PInk and Carey seem like awesome parents and it seems like they are really enjoying having a newborn.

Daze on

Awww…love the story. Beautiful baby and ultra cool family.

Fab on

She’s a beauty!!! Pink is awesome!!!

Tiffany on

I know how she feels. I was all excited about giving birth to my first baby boy drug free. Then 63 hours later the Dr said c-section and my heart sank. He was born perfect. When I became pregnant with my second son I was determined to have him naturally. Unfortunately the only hospital that would do a v-bac (natural after c-section) was an hour away. So I went in to labor June 3rd. Just when all the road construction began. So my ride was a little longer then an hour. Labor was more painful and faster this time, I ended up begging for drugs. After a few hours the Dr said C-section. I cried. That was my last chance. No hospital will allow you to attempt to have a natural after 2 c-sections, or so I was told. My 3rd son was a scheduled c-section.

I have given birth to 3 beautiful and healthy boys. I have never had the chance to experience natural child birth.

Tina on

❀ Love is a beautiful thing!

Lily on

Congrats to you both. I LOVE the name Sage.

Tracy on

What a beautiful baby!! This story just lifted my spirits and made me feel so much better!

Its nice to see two celebs be natural normal parents without all the nurses and extra help. They are not flaunting their “status” as people in the public eye. Instead, you can feel that every word came straight from the heart. And it’s nice to hear that Carey “thanks Pink everyday for giving her to him”. At least they aren’t bragging about a “PUSH PRESENT”.

Congrats Carey and Pink!!! Willow is absolutely beautiful and will bring you so much joy in your life. Just always remember to “make memories”!!!!

bonnie on

it looks like all babies… like a wrinkly old man.. how do they get paid millions of dollars for this? and why do people want to see newborn babies so badlY?

Kelly on

This is possibly one of the best articles that I read from her! She’s amazing and they will be amazing parents to her! Congrats!

JMO on

Willow is a name that’s been growing on me.

She’s too stinkin cute!! Love P!nk, love Carey, love baby Willow!! And I love P!nks tweets!!

Debbie K on

That is a fab story. Finally a celeb who makes senses….
I like Pink and now I like her even more..
I love the part where her hubby keeps thanking her…
Well Mothers do deserve a big thank you’s. πŸ™‚

ClaireSamsmom on

She is one beautiful little girl! Pink sounds like she is doing very well and just going with flow. I am also impressed by how she was so out and about so quickly after having her c-section. I am so happy for this family and their precious new baby!

A on

Beautiful baby!

I am shocked the crazies aren’t out here! On another mothers’ forum I read regularly, you always see women being attacked for not giving birth naturally and vaginally, even when they had no option. A couple of women even go around repeating, “there’s no such thing as a baby that’s too big for the mother’s pelvis, only lying, lazy doctors” and “our female ancestors labored for days and gave birth naturally, we can too; ignore doctors, they just want to charge you more!” Really? Because our female ancestors also had a much, much higher rate of fatal labors and infant mortality!

Remember, Pink: we live in the 21st century. Though you may feel disappointed right now, please believe that there’s no “right” way or “better” way to give birth. There are only women trying to “out perfect” each other. Do NOT let anyone else make you feel inferior! You are fantastic, and your husband and daughter are, too!! πŸ™‚

Healthy Mama on

This story made me cry. I had the same exact situation with my first son: planned natural birth with midwives and him in frank breech position which resulted in a section. I since then had a successful VBAC.

It’s truly beautiful to see a family of people who are so loving and real. Little Willow is blessed for having such devoted parents!

And my respect for Pink for the choices she is making went up to a whole new level!

sarawara on

Frank breech is the definition of emergency c-section. FINALLY! An informed celebrity! And Willow is very pretty. I love the pics they’ve released.

I know she has said she hasn’t really written any lullabies yet, but if she does I will be first in line to buy them. I love her acoustic softer sound.

Ash on

Beautiful baby and name. I don’t think Willow Sage is odd at all ❀
Good luck to you three.

Kris on

From a mom with kids ages 16/21/31, God bless you in starting what will come to be life’s greatest and best journey.

She is fabulous – and your life changes will be also. Respect, revere, exalt her life, in all its wonder and glory. You’ll need to – as one day she’ll morph into a mini-you. And you’ll think: Willow dear – no cuffs. They really don’t compliment the dress!

pookiewookie on

Love Pink! Beautiful baby & family. Great name Willow too. Thats my precious puppies name.

Amit on

Very touching, glad to hear I’m not the only one who teared up after reading this πŸ™‚ Love Pink and happy for her that she’s back with Carey and hope that their relationship will stay strong and loving. Willow looks so sweet

Sun on

Beautiful little girl and beautiful family! I love her name and the story behind it.

ZaraB on

Actually, sarawara – a c-section is not the only option with a frank breech baby. Frank breech is in fact the best breech position in which to attempt a vaginal delivery, and there are many women who have had successful frank breech deliveries without a c-section. Unfortunately, there are very few OBs and midwives trained in delivering breech babies these days, and therefore many hospitals that won’t allow a woman to even attempt a vaginal breech birth, and I’d say this was very likely the case for Pink.

The other option would have been to look at a homebirth midwife who is experienced in delivering breech babies, but I understand that homebirth isn’t for everyone. In Sydney, Australia, where I live, there is one wonderful OB who has delivered thousands of breech babies vaginally, and has women travelling across the country to have him attend their births, but sadly, he is one of a dying breed…

Anyway, I hope Pink gets the chance to have a VBAC next time, as she said she’d like to, and it sounds like she has a very positive attitude to the way things turned out this time, which is the most important thing (as well as the fact that her baby’s healthy, of course). She sounds very down-to-earth and a refreshing change to all the celebs out there who seem to live in the clouds most of the time!

Beautiful pics of Pink and her husband and their gorgeous daughter, and a lovely interview.

HBO on

Congratulations to Pink and Carey !!Even if it doesn’t turn out quite as planned, the whole pregnancy and birth experience is amazing and one you carry with you your whole life. I’m sure she’ll be a spectacular mother, and I wish them nothing but blessings and love. What a beautiful name for a beautiful little baby.

MiB on

That was beautiful! And little Willow Sage is too! I don’t get the impression that Pink is disappointed, she is realistic, natural birth wasn’t supposed to happen this time, but there is nothing wrong in aiming for it the next time. I think one of the biggest mistakes is to have too fixed ideas about parenting (or anything else in life for that matter), which sets you up for disappointment if things don’t go exactly as planned. There is no shame in things not going according to plan and the right thing to do is to go with the flow and do what’s right given the circumstances.

Janna on

For all the people saying that a hospital won’t “let” you have a vaginal birth after c-section, can you explain what that means? Can they really FORCE you into a c-section? If you show up in labor, do they have the right to just sedate you and take the baby? I honestly don’t understand how you don’t have the say in how your baby is delivered, barring complications of course.

(I’m truly curious and truly confused. I have no experience with c-sections, but have heard people say this before, and I just don’t understand.)

Annie on

Thank you for sharing the link to the business of being born, i gave birth to a healthy 10 pound baby in a birth center with midwifes and would do so again. I wish pink and her husband the same experience in the future…

ruby on

What a cute baby πŸ™‚ I don’t care for the name Willow, but that’s probably because I was an 80s baby and that movie scared the hell out of me!

Capri on

What a doll, I love this family!

meme on

sweet baby. wasn’t pink seen walking on the beach only a few days after baby was born? She must have been sore having just had a c section. I have a scheduled c section on the 20th, and hope I feel that good a few days post partem.

Kathy on

Beautiful Baby

Tracey on

I couldn’t be more happy for this family. I can see that there is much love there. What a beautiful story.

huh on

My my, is that baby gorgeous! Love the article, very heart-warming.

Congrats to the family!

FreeBirth on

It’s amazing to see celebrities like Pink advocating for natural birth – women weren’t meant to have cookie-cutter births. What a beautiful story.

Also, Ricki Lake is making a sequel to The Business of Being Born!

jes on

Love the meaning behind Pinks name for the baby, and its not a strange Hollywood, famous person name. I can see meeting a new friend and having their child be named that. Willow is a perfect balance between her parents and will be a beauty as she grows. Congrats to them and I look forward to seeing pics of her and them all togeter as she grows.

skunknuggets on

Congrats to her family!

I ended up with a c-section with my first and had three VBACs afterward. They were so much better than the c-section and I hope she gets to experience it in the future.

Sara on

What a beautiful story and a little angel baby… congratulations!!!

Shari on

My daughter says that having a child is like your heart beating outside your body for the rest of your life. I guess that about sums it up. Willow is beautiful! I love willow trees too. We used to hide under the branches of the one in the yard when I was young, What a beautiful name. Congratulations to them both.

wildviolette on

Not at all a fan of her music, but I am a HUGE fan of her and her family. I wish them all the best. And I love that she is already talking about having another baby.

Sandy on

Oh SO precious and cute. Doesn’t matter how the baby gets here, just so mom and baby are all okay! I to had emotions high and low after giving birth!! One can only wonder how men deal with it! πŸ™‚

Those damn hormones!

Enjoy your time with this beautiful little bundle of joy.

marylittlelamb on

I love P!nk. She’s a heluva strong, intelligent & articulate Superwoman!

SAR on

My sister also wanted to have my nephew the way nature intended, but like Pink’s baby, my nephew wouldn’t cooperate, so she had to have a c-section. IMO you’re giving birth whether it’s vaginally or via c-section.

trinia on

i wish you both the very best and willow is absolutely beautiful

molly on

Wow, what an adorable little honey! And I love the name even more knowing the sentiment of it all! I have always enjoyed Pink’s sweetness and candor with her down-to-earth style and humor; clearly she is bringing these traits to motherhood as well! Can’t wait to see/hear more of this growing family! Congrats to them!

Maria on

cute baby! I also planned a natural homebirth and ended up with a c section. c sections are too common these days but sometimes they are necesarry- I think mine was and it changed my view of how birth completely! It is one of those things we can;t know till we experience it- ie how birth should be. I was all pro natural birth but now I am just more open to different experiences

Holiday on

My first birth was totally natural 2 weeks early and no epidural. My 2nd birth was a life or death situation for me and baby and I had to be induced a month early and when it failed I had an emergency csection. Not at all the birth that I intended on having, I wanted a 2nd natural birth but my life and my daughters was what was important and the csection saved us both.

Ronke on

As someone who is currently studying to be a Certified Nurse Midwife, I love that this story shows how midwives and obstetricians can work hand in hand and don’t always have to be adversaries. She and her midwife allowed nature to take its course and when it became evident that mother nature needed a little assistance they allowed that to happen. I also love Pink’s attitude about being disappointed that things didn’t go as planned but knowing that it can happen that way and it doesn’t take away from the joy of a new life.

Congrats to the Hart family ❀

Kate on

I LOVE them. LOVE this adorable family. I’m so glad they worked out their issues and brought this beautiful little girl into the world. So happy for them – they seem incredibly grounded. I hope that they never lose that.

christa on

Love Pink and her little family, the little girl is gorgeous.

alise on

Awwwww, beautifully gorgeous baby girl.

Jennifer on

She’s perfect!

dana on

What a lovely family! God’s blessings to all three!

Natalie C. on

My daughter Bella Rose was Frank Breech too. I have terrible pains and such during pregnancy and ended up with a C-sec too! I agree with others, doesn’t matter HOW they get here, as long as they are healthy! I am interested if Willow’s little legs did what my daughters did. For SEVERAL months Bella had to be swaddled to keep her legs down! If not, they swung right back to her face (pike position) and she’d lay/sleep like that! So, I swaddled her to keep her little leggies down! Wonder if Willow’s did that too?! What a sweet family! I love Pink. Always have and now even more!!

suz on

Choosing not to breast feed or not even trying is purely selfish in my eyes. Nursing is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. Extremely painful to the point of torture for me. I cried everyday and was quitting every day. I would call my mom and tell her, this is it I tried and I just cant do it and she would calm me down and we would talk and by the time we got off the phone she would just tell me to give her a formula bottle and then try again at the next feeding. Thats exactly what I did. After about a month it got better and better to the point that I absolutely loved to nurse her. The benefits she received from me nursing her was well worth the blood, sweat and tears in the sacrifice that I made. In the end I would say she had about 3-5 formula bottles. So If I can make it thru that much agony every second, then all these women that dont even try or worry about the appearance of their breast(ridiculous), then they should be ashamed. When you bring children into this world that depend on you for at least the first 18 years of their life then you’re, IMO, should do any and everything to care for that baby. and I only want to do the best for mine.

Misty on

Awesome family, beautiful baby, very cool name.

sullyjo on

i totally teared up reading that. She sounds like a normal first-time mom and coming from a “celebrity” that is refreshing. At the end of the day, they are human beings just like us. I love that she sounds so down-to-earth. Many blessings to the Hart family and all those posting who have children, are about to, are aunts or uncles, or are dog or cat moms and dads….heck, blessings to all!!

Tabitha on

I love the meaning behind Baby Willow’s name! Beautiful!

Anonymous on

Thank you for showing the joy of having a baby.She is too cute.

AVI on

I truly admire Pink. Like me, she waited until after she got married to have a baby. So few celebrities bother to do that these days. Yah, I was raised old-fashion, with a twist, my mom told me she didn’t want any bastard grandchildren, and, I listened.

Willow is a beautiful name for a beautiful little baby girl.

gapeach on

I have been listening to my Pink CD for the past 6 months and it is so empowering. I am a divorced mom of 2 in her 40’s and I love the messages in her songs. I have a 6 year old daughter that I hope will have Pink’s guts and sense of humor about life. Life isn’t always pretty but you learn from each experience and I think Pink expresses that in her music. Congratulations to Carey and Pink and keep that common sense approach to parenthood and your sense of humor intact. Enjoy every minute because they grow so quickly!

Sojourner Marable Grimmett on

I’m sure Pink will be a wonderful mom! I’m so happy for her!

Leah on

@Suz- Reading your comment made me very angry, I don’t think it is ok for you or anyone else to judge any other for choosing to breastfeed or not. I bottle feed both of my kids and I see no difference between them and a breastfeed baby. My sister breastfeed all four of her kids and they are sick every other day and my two never get sick. I think if you want to breastfeed than thats great and if you don’t than thats also fine. I don’t think you are any better or less of a good mom for choosing to breast feed or not. And getting some pain meds so you can get some rest before they wear off and you have to start pushing is also ok. Do what you want and what works best for you because it’s your baby and your birth experience.

InnovativeMomma- J on


Lisa on

@Janna – yes, there have been cases where the hospital has obtained an emergency court order to force a woman to undergo a cesarean section against her will. There was also a case recently where they forced a woman via court order to remain admitted in the hospital until her due date (several months away, if I remember correctly) because she wouldn’t agree to bed rest. Doctors and hospitals have a lot more power than people realize.

Cassandra Fields on

To Pink and any every other mother whose birth didn’t go “the plan” the first time around:

Birth Plans don’t always go the “plan” and you know what? That’s okay. My first birth didn’t turn out the way I wanted either – we had to transfer from home to the hospital but we made the decisions necessary to have a safe and healthy delivery…**we made the decisions that were best for us πŸ™‚

Two weeks ago I just gave birth to my second son, in the comforts of our own home, among fantastic midwives and friends. Natural childbirth, if it is what you desire for your family, is worth trying for everytime. Not all births are created equal; some are simply more difficult than others. As long as you are the one driving, are making decisions you are comfortable with, and know all of your birthing options you have the best odds that you will be happy with the end result πŸ™‚


Best wishes for you ideal birth for the next child. My son (2 yrs old) certainly loved to see the bringing of his baby brother in a way that I wanted him to come into this world.

Denise49 on

Thanks Pink and Carey, for sharing. She’s adorable.

Amanda on

Aww, such a darling!!! Beautiful family! I’ve always been a fan of Pink, and wondered for the longest time when she was going to have a child. πŸ™‚

kate on

She is so, SO cute! And the sentiment behind her name is beautiful πŸ™‚

Lori on

What a beautiful baby! Congratulations on your perfect gift from God .Welcome to the best club of the world the new moms club.Take lots of pictures it will go by so fast. Much love and Happiness!!

km on

I like your comment Leah=) I could not breastfeed my baby after 4 mos b/c we found out she had a milk allergy and I tried the whole diet they tell you but she was getting sick. I feel no less of a mother and for people to write things about “natural” is mean. Saying that it is selfish if you do not try or breastfeed. My daughter is the healthiest baby I know and the happiest. I had to do what was best for her.

Oh and the natural birth of saying that woman should do. That is mean. I took full advantage of the epidural and I remember and still remember from the time I got to the hospital what all went on. I was not drugged up or my daughter. She was so alert she was looking around and looking at me and everyone else commented on how alert she was. I do not see anything wrong with homebirths. I wanted to do midwife but people need to stop making mean comments to woman that take the epidural.

russell on

I’ve always like Pink. She has that “Im me, deal with it attitude and “F you” if you don’t like it.” She also seems to have a good head on her shoulders and sounds as if she is truly in love with her husband & child and will make a terrific mom. Good luck to this new family !

TC on

What a beautiful family and baby Willow is the most beautiful baby!

Sara on

My baby was head up until 36th week… they told me C section. I was desperate. Desperate enough to try acupuncture. After three sessions I thought I would try going swimming after the session. One length of the pool and the baby turned. I swear by it!

adri on

Suz, what brought up your self-righteous “I am a better mom than you because I breastfed” bullshit? Guess what, you are not. Anyway, my happy, smart, beautiful and HEALTHY children were formula fed so take that you sanctimonious ass.

Willow on

My name is Willow Star Love! My favorite tree is also the willow. AWESOME name for the baby of two AWESOME parents!

I have always loved Pink!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

MsLady on

Congratulations Pink and Carey on the birth of your beautiful little girl…OMGGG…you got me sniffing (crying)….love her, cherish her, be there for her, and enjoy her…I have no doubt you both will..

zzz on

You got yourself a good husband Pink!!! When a man wakes up every feeding and diaper change, that’s a good man. Great job on the name. I absolutely love it!! Best wishes in everything….

{JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After on

What a sweet, beautiful name!

Laura on

My favorite hippie mama! Congrats and kisses from the Netherlands.

Mad on

Pink has never looked so beautiful !

Lauren on

Willow is so cute! Its nice when a celebrity proudly post pictures of their baby for all to see- i can’t stand it when other celebs like mariah carey will only post pictures of their babies for the largest amount of money they can get for them. Pink seems very down to earth and a great mommy! Congrats to them both.

krista on

I think c-sections are just as important as reg natural labor. I think doing what works for you as long as safe is important. why be in labor for 2 days when a c-section can save the life fast and keeps the baby from stress being stuck. Just remember just cause you want natural labor your first thought should be getting baby out safely with no problems. a line across your tummy is nothing compared to a life long thought of problems being stuck can harm them.

Dina on

That is one very cute baby!

kim on

she is adorable congrats:)

Deb on

Congrats to Pink. However, I think it’s said that she has to justify her c-section. It was medically necessary, and it also is nobody’s business. Let’s stop criticizing each other and celebs for choosing natural labor vs. an epidural vs. a c-section vs. a home-birth. As women, we have the right to decide what we think is best. In my base, I had a medically necessary c-section and then a second medically necessary c-section. In both cases, my baby would have died without one. I often meet women who are so sad that they didn’t experience the wonder of childbirth due to a c-section. I think that’s sad. We need to show these women more support and acceptance. I have two healthy children, and that’s enough for me. I will not spend my life regretting my supposed “failure” to give birth naturally.

Rebecca on

So incredibly sweet!

Anna on

This story melted my heart, especially the last line about Carey thanking her for Willow. So precious! God bless.

FC on

I think all that really matters is they are happy, healthy and accounted for. I loved reading this article, and it’s so clear to me that Pink and Carey are absolutely in love with little Willow.

And yes, I melted when she mentioned Carey thanking her endlessly for giving him their daughter. πŸ™‚

BaltimoreCrunch on

Such an amazing story!!! Congrats πŸ™‚ You’ll get your homebirth! Did you try the Webster method? I had a breech delivery via cesarean in 2007 with an OB. And in 2010 when my second baby presented breech my midwife suggested the Webster method. And it worked within 2 weeks my baby had turned!

Joi on

Pink, cute baby.. She is a beauty!! CONGRADS, HAPPY MOTHERING

Cheyenne on

So happy for Pink and her beautiful new baby, Willow. Beautiful name for a beautiful baby! Know Pink and new dad, Carey Hart, will be the best parents!! CONGRATS ❀

emily on

Adorable baby and classic, sweet name. Congrats!

Stoonloveskeith on

This article made me tear up, love the meaning behind the name and what an absolutely beautiful baby girl. So happy for Pink & Carey, they deserve the world!

Sarah on

Willow is adorable! I love the description of her name – I love that stuff. Pink’s description of her husband with Willow almost made me cry. I’m so happy for them!

Tara on

she is absolutely gorgeous! πŸ™‚

Angie on

What a beautiful child! Happy for Pink and Carey.

crystal on

omfg….shes is the most beautiful lil person i have seen next to my nephue…u 2 made such a cute baby when r u gonna have another 1

AM on

WOW. Now THAT is a good looking baby!!! Way to go Pink and Carey!!! Congrats on starting out on the right foot…your intentions were there, no matter the outcome…you are well on your way to being great parents and having a wonderful, grounded and gorgeous child!

pinkfan on

I’m so happy for her and for all of them. She’s such an amazing artist and they really seem to have a wonderful and unique relationship. Good for them!

T. Babin on

I had the pleasure of meeting Carey @ Hart & Huntington in Orlando this past October and he was the kindest, nicest person ever. He even thanked us for coming to see him. I am so glad that Pink & Carey made their marriage work and now they have this precious, beautiful baby girl and you can see & read their love for each other in this article. God Bless you three and here’s to many, many more happy days together. πŸ™‚ P.S. – Pink u rock girlfriend !!!

Maria on

I’m glad she didn’t freak out when her “natural” birth didn’t go as planned. It doesn’t matter if it is unmedicated, natural, or c-section….all that matters is a healthy baby and mom in the end.

Esther on

beautifull baby girl… and Great family !!! CONGRATULATIONS !!! Pink the best !! πŸ˜€

Sydney on

she is amazing

kate on

Enjoy the baby while she is a baby…you will be surprised how fast time will fly by! She’s adorable, but why wouldn’t she be with the two beautiful parents that she has!

Vikki on

Wow!! I looove this story..brought tears to my eyes. I know (or read about anyway) that mom and dad were having problems and had separated for a bit. But it’s so great that this little miracle is bringing them even closer together and making their bond stronger! This is super rare and usually a baby just makes people more stressed and they grow farther apart. They are a beautiful and lucky family!! And I just love the baby girls name πŸ™‚

lily on

adorable baby, but oops, had to have a c-section at the last minute? not likely. all celebs have c’s. whatever.

lalala on

she is beautiful!!! congrats pink and carey

Olivia on

she is so adorable and has great parents

sb on

i must say, they made a gorgeous baby =)

congratulations on lil ms.Willow!

the story itself brought a smile to my face!

tammyjprince on

Finally, someone in Hollywood actually named their baby something normal and beautiful!!! Willow Sage!! Love it!!! What a smile came over my face when I read this article!!! You two are the coolest, by the way!!! πŸ™‚

Elizabeth on

All these “new age”, “natural”, blah, blah, blah birthing methods that women get so obsessed with doing nowadays fail to realize one thing, birth is about the baby, not your self-righteous “ideals”.

Willy on

Ummmm…can you get any cuter? Love her. and love Pink!!!

cjj on

ADORABLE & thankfully came out with No tattoos!!

Pj on

Whit a Bonnie Wee Lassie, and a braw mammy & daddy Lang may her lum reek!

tammy on

I am so happy for Pink. Their baby is so cute, I was not really feeling the name at first, but the meaning behind the name is sweet. I have always rooted for Pink and Carey I want them to be happy!!!! I could not agree more with Pink, whne your husband has your baby in his arms and he is taking care of her that is a seet sexy moment and you do fall even more in love with the guy!!!! Way to Go Hart Family!!!!

Chloe on

Willow is just so cute! I love her name.

Lisa on

Well, maybe she’ll get her VBAC with baby #2. πŸ™‚