Kingston Rossdale’s New Blue Mohawk

07/05/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
GSI Media

Just when we were getting used to Kingston Rossdale‘s bleach-blond mop, the always-hip tyke debuted a fun new hairstyle over the July 4th weekend.

Along with his rocker parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, the 5-year-old visited Warren Tricomi in West Hollywood on July 2, where he got a blue Mohawk just in time for Independence Day.

We weren’t sure how we felt about his new ‘do until we spotted the stylish lad in his red-white-and-blue outfit on July 4 (left) — making it a cute, patriotic gesture.

But Kingston wasn’t the only one in his clan showing his American pride this past weekend.

Although he didn’t change his blond locks, little brother Zuma (below), 2½, rocked a fun Captain America costume, which adorably hid his arm cast.


TELL US: What do you think of Kingston’s new hairstyle? What do you think of the Rossdale boys’ 4th of July style?

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Joof on

My goodness. He’s 5 years old!! It looks ridiculous!

flmom on

it’s cute for the 4th of July. And Zuma, my goodness how cute is he in that costume?

Indi on

Zuma is sooooooo cute!! I hope that blue dye is a wash out, because that colour and that hair style is absoultly disgusting for a 5 year old!!!!!

aurora mia on

I think it’s pretty cute!

Jan on

I love it! Let the kid have some fun. To me it’s only hair. I have 3 kids, 16 year old girl, 13 year old girl and a 12 year old boy. I for the most part don’t care what they do with their hair. Soon enough they will be all grown up and wont be able to do fun, harmless, silly things that they can do as a kid.

Anonymous on

i definitely wouldnt let my son get a mohawk… especially blue! as for zuma’s costume, it is adorable. my son loves to wear superhero costumes. and zuma’s is great for the fourth of july!

Brooke on

1) My guess is that it is washout color. I think it just works on Kingston.

2) Zuma in that costume cracks me up.

Melissa on

He looks like Adrian young in this picture, super cute

Sam on

They are both adorable!!! Their kids… let them have fun and have their own sense of style. 🙂

Sam on

Both boys are adorable!!!! I love it, their kids let them have their own sense of style. They should be able to express themselves how they want to with out anyone judging them!

Anne on

Sorry, I like Gwen, but…he’s FIVE. As a hair colorist for the last 20 years, I would NEVER apply color to a pre-schooler. Blue mohawks at age 5, what will you be doing when he is 12? Or 16? Just stupid. He’s perfect just the way he is, with his natural (unbleached) hair color. Let him be FIVE.

Angelica on

This kid is awesome. If you don’t like it don’t let YOUR kid do it. This is not YOUR kid, so being so emotional about it seems pretty stupid. Both these boys are awesome and are fortunate to have parents who let them express themselves.

KikiOttawa on

OK now let’s wait and see how many poster will claim the hair is not dyed it’s naturally blue. Same people who claim his blonde hair (after being born brunette and being brunette first 3 years of life) is natural and the dark brown roots are just the way the light is reflecting on his head. Admit it ladies: they dye his hair. It’s not a choice I would make, but they did and that’s their decision. They adore their sons and I don’t believe for a second they would do anything they thought would harm them.

I thought Kingston was an odd looking baby, but as he grows older he is really growing into a gorgeous young man! Mind you I also thought Prince William was an odd looking kid: just shows what do I know – LOL . Zuma has always been an adorable little crumpet and I love his costume.

dee on

I think they both look adorable. The mohawk really fits Kingston.

Shannon on

Ridiculous. But I guess that’s what happens when the parents are attention hungry. Too bad for the kids. They don’t know any better.

Shannon on

For those of you saying this is HIS style, how coincidental that his style fits with his parents’ style. I think not. He’s too young to know what style is anyway!

Donna on

How many celebrity kids grow up confused – even about their sex? Kids don’t want to express themselves with mohawks and hair color. They just want to be kids. This is all about the parents – and I’m beginning to think they are just a couple of attention hogs.

lilly on

im pretty sure its not the wash out type, ive seen pics of his hair like this for the last few days, and i like gwen but i think shes all about fashion and i think she would dye his hair just to be noticed. Its pretty lame if u ask me, and i would never dye a kids hair blue, or bleach it, so many chemicals, cant she put a hat on him or a funky outfit and not change his hair color, im surprised she dont wear color contacts on him, or let him go outside without sandals, to me shes no different then the cruise family for not putting a coat or regular shoes on suri. its crazy what some famous ppl do with there kids, his not an accessory his child. she should put more time in to teaching him whats right/wrong rather then clothes or hair styles.

Fab on

Shut up Anne…. It’s washable!!! Children put color on their hair to play!!!! Go be a colorist and stop trying to be his mother… He has one and a Damn Cool one at that!!!! Very cute (washable) hair!!!!

RKF on

Selfish parents. Period. What a ridiculous display of stupidity – he’s a child, not a doll that one gets to costume like a mannequin. I disagree with anyone who thinks this is “cute” – I find it downright sad.

Fab on

And Donna you shit up too!!!!! You look like you want attention too by that comment!!! And silly me giving it to you!!!! Kids do it all the time!!!! Geez!!!!! SMDH

Rachel on

Come on people! Stop judging. Kids should be allowed to wear their hair the way they want just like they should be allowed to wear costumes when they want. If he thinks it’s fun, than who cares if you think it looks ridiculous! He’s not your child. I highly doubt they’re forcing him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. They’re just having a little fun with their kids. Something all parents should do!

Fab on

RFK!!!!! Get back under your rock!!! It’s a kid having fun and his parents allowing him to do do!!! Shame on folks like you for being so “sad”….

Fab on

Oops Donna…. I meant SHUT up!!!! Not shit!!!!

Grrl on

No, don´t like it! And I have to admit, I´ll would feel antipathie to a child styled in that way on a playground… The prejudices in me.

And: Punk Style and Lacoste-Polo IS ridiculous!

RKF on

No, Rachel, “fun” does not consist of giving a child a blue mohawk – it’s asinine. If that’s your idea of fun, then I’m speechless. As for judging? Some of us have common-sense and sound judgment, therefore are taken aback with this scenario. You do realize this is a public forum that essentially judges everything posted on it? So, if you don’t like opinions differing from your own, you may want to crawl back under that rock of yours.

And Fab – are you on drugs? Calm down, kiddo. The excessive exclamation points don’t help your infantile ramblings.

Sophie on

I wish she would leave the poor kid alone. She is always trying to make them look soooooooooo cool, the clothes, the hair, the nails – just let them be!!!

Erika on

I think the die is washout. For the 4th of July, I think it is cute as long as it comes out, hopefully It does. Glad to see they are so patriotic!

Noelle on

I think he looks much better with blue hair than he does blonde.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

RKF, I agree. Trying way too hard to get attention. Just my two cents but am not a fan – like he’s an accessory, not a child…!

Andrea on

My Mom let me put temporary mousse color in my hair during summer break when I was little. I mainly chose pink and purple, but sometimes green and blue. I’m in my 30’s now and am completely normal. It didn’t hurt me one bit. And yes, I asked if I could do it when I was four.

JMO on

I think it’s wash out color dye. But I like Kingston with hair and I think he’s beautiful without all that goop. I sometimes feel Gwen and Gavin (although I love them and their style) bring attention to themselves and their kids and it makes me wonder why??
We tell our daughters that they don’t need to wear makeup to feel beautiful and try to instill in them that it’s okay to be who you are. But is it different for boys? Makes me kinda cringe to think about what Gwen would be doing to her daughter if she had one?!

Sasha on

@Fab…What’s your problem? Your posts are childish and juvenile. People are entitled to thier opinions

Anonymous on

No it is not coincidental that he dresses this way. Look at his parents hair styles and clothes, as well as the members of their bands. Why do you think it is such a stretch for him to want to dress this way when the people around him dress the same. Look at any celebrity kid and they dress very similar to their parents and the crowd their parents hang out with.

Alyssa on

It’s JUST hair! It grows back for crying out loud. I highly doubt that the dye is permanent either; it’s probably just a wash-out.

Sarah on

I really wish CBB would stop posting these. People shouldn’t be bashing little kids for their appearences.

meghan on

Then it’s the parent’s job to be the adult and say “No, you are a little boy. Little boys don’t do what adults do.” Some of you say, ‘where’s the harm?’ The harm is in letting your kids do whatever they feel like. Though, in this case, it’s more like doing whatever the parents want them to do to get their pictures in the press. Gwen and Gavin are disgusting attention whores.

Marie on

I think every parent dress their child their own style. Rock n’ roll parents, ska parents, conservative parents, grunge parents, poor parents, rich parents… name it.

As for Kingston, he always wore unconventional clothes and hair so it’s not new and I think it’s nice and patriotic for the occasion. What’ll he do at 16, maybe a real down to earth kind of young man. Who knows ?


I love it! We put washout color in my sons hair, and all of his cousins for the 4th. Including my 2 year old nephew! Let him have fun. My son is almost 4 and he loves it. Last 4th he had a blue mohawk!

J on

I agree with a few others, this is silly looking and the kids look more and more like little dolls who wear Gwens idea of style, not their own.

Yeah yeah we know, the kids are just having fun with the hair colors and it washes out and all that bull. (rolls eyes)

Soco on

Love it! It’s cute for the 4th and he definitely works it! Zuma is too cute in his costume

cn tower on

RKF & Sam & Freya’s Mom (and several others)- ITA with your comments and as a parent, I can see that you “get it”. When you don’t have kids, it’s harder to empathize and easy to say something looks cool when it’s inappropriate. I’m all for allowing kids to express themselves and be creative, but as many posters indicated, this situation seems to originate from the parent – She’s been doing this sort of thing since before her kids could speak

kittah on

I’ve had every colour of hair under the sun! I bet they used something like Punky Colour.. which washes out and is harmless to your hair. the kid looks cute! He’s expressing himself, like his parents, and not turning into a sheeple at such a young age.

mommytoane on

LOL I don’t see how anyone can find a little kid in a costume *Sick*…lets face it….most of us that ARE actually parents, have gone through some sort of clothing struggle with our kids. They hear *Oh its the 4th of July* and go pick out a COSTUME or some redic little outfit and INSIST On wearing it. Little kids have their own sense of style and its cute as heck.

For the hair….Yes, its hair….yes, its a little boy and easily shaved differently, but I’m not a huge fan of the blue. Cute and it suits Kingston, but not for me.

Suprised People didn’t turn this into more of a conterversy like they did with little CoCo.

Susanna on

Donna, I so totally agree with you also! There are so many celebrities that so want to be in the limelight day after day and they love all the attention! That would be Gwen and Gavin for sure. Those kids are only kids and I know that it is the parents who are of course doing this so that their kids can be the most photographed kids out there! It is crazy how the both of them dress this kid to the limit in the craziest clothes and the craziest hairstyles that most people would ever think of doing EVER! Let the child look like a child and not a grown up punker!

zappo on

I think it’s fun, festive hair! I can’t believe how upset some people get about other people’s kids. It will grow out or they can shave it in a few days and start fresh. Color is fun and artsy. And Zuma is just too cute in his costume. Looks like fun times!

Jess on

Too cute! 🙂

Romy on

kids here color their hair for church camp’s crazy hair day. it washes right out

Misty on

I don’t see what the big deal is. During the summer, my son’s school does things like toy day, different color shirt day, and crazy hair day. Last summer when he was 3 1/2, he was in need of a hair cut around the time of crazy hair day. He decided he wanted a mohawk, and wanted it green and blue. So my husband cut his hair in a mohawk, and I put green and blue temporary hair-color spray in his hair for the day. He absolutely loved it, and it was washed that night and cut the next day. If kids can’t do fun things like that when they are kids, when are they supposed to do it?

danielle on

HEHEHE u are all so funny…hes a kid having fun. my boys always want mohawks (not blue though) in the school hols i allow them to and they are 3 n 5.. this kid is healthy happy loved probably spoilt (caz his parent can efford to) hes feed hes clothed hes clean…in my job i see kids that dont get that so who cares what colour his hair is… and i have to throw in, the ones that judge are you parents ?? n if so how did you manage to become a ‘perfect’ parent??? noone is so lets not judge…he is gifted with the key elements in life that every child needs and deserves, thats all that should matter

Allison on

I don’t like how she makes her kids come off looking like freaks. The hair and nails, alternative clothes, she’s pigeon-holing them into this ‘identity’. I hate seeing her kids looking so weird for little boys.

danielle on

Allison have u been around many 5year olds?? they know EXACTLY what they want!! if your a mother of anyone over the age of 3 im going to be shocked… kids are able to make their own identity…he probably asked for it!!!

Patrice on

I’m sure this is perfectly normal for the crowd they hang out with. It would probably be odd outside of the rocker band/Hollywood environment. If its a temporary wash-out color it will not be harmful. It’s not something I would do to my child, but he’s not my child…so I don’t care. Both of the boys are super cute.

Jennifer on

It’s great that they let their kids have so much freedom when it comes to personal expression, but don’t they worry about the harmful effects of those hair dyes? Not just the blue, but the bleach blonde is also very unsafe, and those chemicals seep into your bloodstream through the thin skin of your scalp (that’s why you’re not supposed to chemically dye your hair while pregnant or nursing), and it’s very unhealthy for such a young child, not to mention harmful. Let them have any cut they want–long, bald, mohawk, braids, whatever–but don’t subjugate them to those harmful toxins until they’re ready to make that decision for themselves.

LisaS on

I love it! I”ve never been a fan of Gwen’s fashion sense when it comes to her own clothes and style but I love how she dresses her boys. Kingston’s rocking his ‘do (but he looked so adorable without the shaved head too) and the li’l Cap is too stinkin’ cute!

Jillian on

I can’t believe the double standard. There is a post asking what people think about Ava Whitherspoons hair….and many were outraged that People would ask people to comment on a childs hair. Yet here we gave another post asking what we think of his hair and people have no problem commenting and of course the comments are negative. I think this is a double standard and all boils down to who the parent is of the child, as it is so many times. If you have a problem with the question being asked about Ava the same should be here…they are BOTH children!!

Fab on

Not on drugs!!!!!!! And I’m not a kiddo!!!!!! I’m 40 and FAB!!!!!! #don’tlikestupidpeople!!! Like u and many on these post!!!!!

Fab on

And I have children and own my own child care center!!!! I thank God that my parents aren’t closed minded like some of you!!!!! RFK!!!! And the rest of you judgmental close minded people!!!!! #live !!!!! Because some of you need to be YELLED at!!!!!! #kiddo

Fab on

And Ohhhhh RFK…. I don’t ramble I speak words…. Rambling would be if you couldn’t understand what I was saying and its obvious you do since you responded!!!!!! ;))))

Fab on

And Sasha…. Yes they are and so am I!!!! And I made it!!!! What????!!!!

Fani on

It looks bad also no one should be dying a little kid’s hair.

MiB on

My brother would have loved to rock a blue mohawk when he was that age! Instead he spent a lot of time styling his totally conventionally cut hair in spikes and faux mohawks and spray dying them blue, green and red. And my parents let him at it, because he was five (and quite frankly only kids, teenagers and possibly very young adults can get away with blue, green, orange or bright pink hair, so I see it as a very childish thing to do). To those who wonder what came after that; spiky hair from 8-9, an Anakin Skywalker inspired hair style with short hair and a braid from 10-12, longish hair from 12-14, then some more spiky hair, then a one time crew cut which he thought would be cool but didn’t like, then short on back and sides, then a backslick and then back to short on back and sides, which he occationally styles into spikes or a backslick. Oh, and he hasn’t coloured his hair regularly since he was 8, other than for halloween or the occational sportsgame (a great way to show your colours, right?). When Kingston tires of his blue mohawk they can just shave it off and let it grow out again.

Monica on

Too ridiculous!

Ashley on

I love Kingston’s hair!

Ashley on

Ugh, very ugly look; how could anyone let a little kid look like that? So sad….

J on

Ava just got a simple trim, but who knows. (shrugs)

Sasha on

@Fab…You have some serious emotional issues. I truly hope that children are not under your care. You are ranting like a child that has had too much sugar. Calm down.

Macy on

It looks cool! And kids do know what they want when they’re 5, he obviously likes his parents style. Who’s to say YOU bitches dress your kids the right way? They probably model for their conservative parents. Take the stick out!

Capri on

It’s for the 4th of July get over it you uptight people. I always use to spray paint my hair when I was a kid all the time…it washes right now…big deal. Gosh I feel bad for some of your children….

m on

wow, some of you people are crazy! if it’s washout color who cares? do we really need to be saying a child looks “weird” or “ugly”—that’s why your kids are so mean to anyone the slightest bit different. Maybe Gwen and Gavin DO use their children as dress-up dolls, but if you put your kids in janie and jack or carter’s or whatever YOU choose, SO DO YOU. You pigeon-hole your children into gender-role stereotypes YOU deem appropriate/”cute” just like you accuse these parents of. I am never a negative poster, but honestly, I can’t believe how offended people are by this ridiculousness.

Audrey on

Just to clarify, to those small minded people who don’t like opinions that match their own – NOBODY is saying Kingston is ugly, nor are they picking on him, they are saying the ridiculous dye job and haircut on this mere five year old is ugly.

Don’t play the sensitive card to try to “get ahead” and look good. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and nearly none of these comments are even negative, just because you don’t agree, doesn’t make it bad.

I love everybody being able to have their own opinion, especially when on this site it is controlled, so get off your high horse and stop trying to ruin it for everyone.

Whitney on

If my 5 year old cousin sets her mind to something – she gets it! And not because she is spoiled but because she has a personality.

Fab on

And Sasha for 17 years baby!!!!! Ain’t lost none yet!!!! U do me!!! Go find something for you to do judgemental closed minded lil soul!!!!! No emotions here just truth and open conversations… Dont like it then ****Scram****!!!!!!!

Barbie on

This is a great example of why we have so many weird people in this world = taught by their parents. I don’t care for the haircut and I don’t care for the hair dye. This generation of celebrities have truly taken a nose dive. Yes, blah, blah, blah… w/e.

first time mom on

I think its ugly

jes on

The boys look cute and like they’re having fun. It’s summer people, let the boy have some fun! It’s not like he’s in school right now where it would be inappropriate for a tyke his age to sport a blue mohawk.

M! on


nicole on

I think it’s adorable. I’d totally let my kid do that. It’s only hair, get a grip people.

Sasha on

@Fab…I’m definitely not the one who is judgmental (please note the correct spelling). I don’t care who does or who does not like Kingston’s hair. Like I said, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Furthermore, I highly doubt that you own a child care center because anyone in his/her right mind would not leave children in your care. It’s apparent that you are mentally unstable and any attempts to address you as otherwise are in vain. Therefore, I will no longer respond to your childish and immature rants. Instead I’ll leave you with some advice…take your medication regularly and on time because clearly you missed a dose.

soph on

Fab: go lie down somewhere.

Kay on

I’m sort of on both sides on this issue. On one hand, it does seem a little much for a child so young. While I might let my son have a mohawk if he wanted one (he is only 8 months old right now) I would most likely draw the line at hair dye (even the temp stuff) unless is was for fun at Halloween. But even now it’s hard to judge how I will feel when he is five.

That being said, it is not for me to say where to draw the line with another child. I don’t know Kingston and I don’t know his parents and I don’t know the circumstances. My cousin let her daughter put bright colours in her hair for her princess birthday party at 5 years old and she had pink and blue streaks in her hair for nearly two weeks. I thought hair dye was too much for a five year old’s birthday party but the kids had fun, the other parents didn’t mind, and everyone certainly seemed happy. Now when I look back at the pictures they look silly and childish so letting them put fun colours in their hair WAS letting kids be kids!

Toya L. on


tori on

Just wait, both boys will be stuck up snobs being given everything. Celebrity kids are a different breed, they expect it and are given it! Neither will have to get a job they’ll be taken care of by their celebrity parents. I’ve seen both boys many times out and about in pictures and they’re always dressed in the most expensive clothes looking more like adults then children. Children aren’t children any longer,very sad!!!

poppy on


Donna on

The whole point is that Kingston would be just as happy without the hairdye and mohawk.

Zuma is adorable and costumes are fine for little guys, but permanent hair dye is a no no for little children. Cancer anybody??????????????

Alyssa on

Donna: What does cancer have to do with hair dye? I’m pretty sure that his parents aren’t stupid enough to use permanent dye; it’s probably a wash-out.

Kelsey on

Oh My Gosh! They both look soooo cute! The mohawk totally fits Kingston’s personality! I love it! Kingston and Zuma are some of the CUTEST kids in Hollywood!! My mom let my two little brothers get a mohawk and they are 6 and 8 and they looked ADORABLE! Mohawks are the big thing this summer. Everywhere we go, kids have them and some (kids younger them 5) even have them dyed!. People if you don’t like it, don’t have your kids get blue mohawks! Simple as that. And yes his style is like his parents, but I’m pretty sure YOUR kids style at 5 years old is like YOUR style. Quit judging them for the way they dress THEIR kids. Gwen and Gavin aren’t “fame hungry”. You don’t really see them doing interviews with magazines and they only pictures you ever see really is paparazites photos. Also I don’t think they forced Kingston to dye his mohawk blue or even get a mohawk at that. He is 5, he has a mind of his own. He probably saw a picture of someone with a mohawk and told his mommy and daddy he wanted one too and then he probably decided he wanted it blue. You never know so don’t go judging them as parents for the decisions they make regarding THEIR kids. That’s all I’m saying. Its better to let your kids grow up expressing themselves then not! You don’t have to agree with me if you don’t want too.

Ps. I love the blue mohawk, he looks so cute in that picture. So does Zuma. I love this family :).

Jillian on

You missed the point. The issue posters had on the Ava post was that this site was asking people to voice their opinions on a CHILD. Some of these same people have no issues with voicing an opinion anymore. I feel because of who the child belongs to and not because of of the hairstyle. And Ava didn’t get a trim……just sayin.

mg on

I love it. It’s just hair – lighten up!

meghan on

Alyssa, you miss the point. Who cares if the blue dye is wash out, his hair is being bleached! That is dangerous to do to a small child and downright abusive. Kids don’t learn boundaries if their parents don’t bother to create them. These kids are going to grow up to be entitled little snots if this is how their parents handle them at 5 and 2. Gwen and Gavin are totally goling to be the ‘be their buddies, not their parents’ parents. It’s going to lead to mug shots.

Kristin on

If he is anything like my daughters, he is CHOOSING to have his hair that way because that is what he sees in his everyday life. My daughter at 5 years old got 5-6 red highlights in her hair because she say me getting my hair done. She wanted to do what mommy was doing. Now my 3 yr old is asking to have it done. I think if they want it done, they should be able to. Like other posters have said, they are only young once and may not be able to get away with a blue mohawk when he is older.

J on

Meh. Small cut, trim, same thing to me but whatever.

Shannon on

I don’t think his parents are giving him “freedom” at all. He’s being dressed the way they want so his look will fit with their image.

Allison on

Danielle, yes, I have a 5 and 7 yr old and neither has dyed their hair multiple times with chemicals nor shaved a Mohawk. I also don’t pant my ons ails. They’ve never asked for these things.

Jillian on

You are missing the point….again. (shrugs). Side bar, didn’t know 9 to 10 inches was a trim. (smh).

You clearly don’t know much about hair dye because hair can be “dyed” and not bleached. There is nothing abusive or dangerous about this. Unless, I am missing something, so please enlighten me. What am I missing? How can anyone predict or know how they raise there children and how they will turn out by a few photos? How many hrs of tv are they allowed to watch a week? Video games? I know several children his age and younger who have had their hair died or had crazy styles bc they asked. It’s harmless and doesn’t mean the parent don’t have boundaries or the child will end up in jail!

Alyssa on

You consider letting your child have different hair to be abuse? Wow. People are taking this way too far. When my brother was 10, all he ever talked about was wanting a mohawk! My parents wouldn’t let him during school, but let him during the summer. So, you obviously think my parents abuse their child if they let him do something fun. Wash-out hair color is not bleaching, it coats the hair and then washes right out. My parents let my brother do it and guess what? He’s not a little snot just because he got his way. It was a 1 time thing.

Cecilia on

Mohawk is cute. Blue hair dye is harmful, especially to children. That’s why pregnant women shouldn’t dye their hair. Yes, fashion is important but not at the expense of a young child’s health.

Fab on

I could care less about spelling on a touch screen you knew what I meant oh judge-mental Sasha!!!!!!

Fab on

And thanks Sasha your becoming very boring anyway **toooooodles*** and Soph go back and do whatever it was you were doing ***Scram*** #yawn

meghan on

Jillian, use your eyes. That boys hair has been bleached blonde. That is harmful. Doing something harmful to a small child to be a cool parent is abusive and shows a permissiveness that I assume encompasses their overall parenting philosophy.

meghan on

Alyssa, you once again went out of your way to miss my point. It’s not the mowhawk, it’s not the blue dye which is likely a wash out formula. It’s the obvious (to anyone with sight) BLEACHING of his hair BLONDE that I have issue with. Bleaching is dangerous and a parent endangering the health and safety of their child is ABUSIVE. Especially since I don’t buy for a second that he wants these things. Gavin and Gwen want to look cool and want their kids to see them as buddies, not disciplinarians. And if he does ask for bleached hair, act like an adult and tell your five year old NO. In three to five years, fine. Supervise it, but let them have fun. Five, no way!

lilly on

she had bleached his hair before so who says she hasnt dyed it blue? ive seen his hair like this last week as well. I think its sad she cares more about his image then straightening this kid out, i cant wait to see what his gonna be like at 15, his already bad in public, throwing tantrums, and acting out. I always liked gwen but since kingston was born, it seems like his an accessory to her. I know a lot ppl will deny his hair being bleached, but pics dont lie, and we all seen the pics of him last summer with the crazy hair cut, and really blonde hair, and no your hair dont change that drastic specially since you can see the dark roots underneath, just face it gwen is no different then a lot of the celebs out there, she’ll do anything for publicity and i think its sick.

Heather on

Gotta go with Victoria Beckham’s recent stance on this sort of thing…. It’s nice for little kids to just look like little kids. I’m all for kids learning how to express themselves but when you’re this young, your parents are responsible for the decision making, and they should be acting in your best interests instead of their own. Sure that’s their style, sure this sort of thing is “fun”, but he’s just a kid. There’s no way I’d let my 4 or 5 year old dye his hair no matter how much he begged me. Just let them be kids. There’s plenty of time for them to develop their own style when they’re teenagers! And I would never criticize a kid… He’s a beautiful little boy. This is all on the parents.

Donna on

I was an easy going mom, but stood firm on some things. My two beautiful kids do not have tattoos. They aren’t geeks. They are as normal and cool as anybody their age. I now have three grandchildren from these two children who are ages 4, 3, and 2. Neither one of my kids would dye their children’s hair. Permissiveness in too many things can (not necessarily will) lead to all kinds of trouble later on. Parents be firm, not afraid to say no and don’t dump your personality on your kids. Bottom line is that kids want to be kids, not style icons at 5 and under. I just don’t buy it that Kingston wouldn’t be just as happy without the bleaching and dye jobs and hopefully we won’t see piercings and real tattoos anytime soon on him or his brother.

The verdict in the Casey Anthony trial shows me that our society just about condones anything and everything as being okay. Starts with small things and gets bigger. Everything becomes okay to do and say. Let’s get a bit of decorum back in our society and some basic rules to follow. Things are just too “out there”. The clerk at Old Navy was dressed so that her butt crack was coming out of her pants today. Isn’t there some kind of dress code anymore????

Reyes on

Cute. I couldn’t even count how many kids at the party I went to had their hair dyed one color or another for the 4th. My son has more of a fauxhawk(sp?) that’s dyed red that he’s keeping probably for the rest of the summer. I love playing around with his hair, my mother did the same with me when I was younger. It’s fun. I don’t recall the various hair colors I had ever doing any harm to me or my siblings. But, hey, everyone should be entitled to an opinion. People don’t have to like Kingston’s (or any other child in the world, as Gwen and Gavin aren’t the first parents to allow their child to get his hair dyed), but people shouldn’t argue with each other over a child they don’t, and will never, know. He looks happy. Good for him (and little Zuma).

Dazzle on

i love this family but dont like his hair.He is just a little boy 😦

Jen DC on

I can’t say whether his normally blonde hair is bleached but I can tell you from experience (from living in Hawai’i) that there are TONS of kids with sun-bleached hair with dark roots and it’s all natural.

As far as the blue dyed mohawk is concerned, really, it’s not that serious. It could be any kind of dye up in there, including blue Kool Aid. We have no way of knowing because none of us were in the kitchen when it was being done.

Also? He’s 5. It was the 4th of July. It’ll grow/wash out and the mohawk can be shaved down or incorporated into hair that grows up around it.

Hailey on

I think its cute! Mohawks are adorable on little boys! My son got one when he was 7, and he loved it! Zuma is too cute for words! =)

Jillian on

I don’t make assumptions on pictures. I use my brain! Educate yourself! You can dye your hair without it being bleached. I have done it before while I was pregnant and if I get pregnant again, I will do it again! If I can do it and my nephew had it, so can little Kingston!

RK on

I’m surprised at how some people are taking all of this so personally. I think Kingston’s hair and clothing (whether he asked for it or it was Gwen’s doing) is just a matter of personal style. It might be more extreme for some than others, but I don’t see it being much different than some Gymmboree obsessed parents who need to dressed their kids all matchy or some other parents who simply don’t care what their kids wear and shop from Target or Walmart for the best prices. We all have our own tastes in fashion or there lack of.

A blue mohawk on a young child might not be eve,ryone’s cup of tea, but I’m disappointed that as people and parents we advocate accepting others for their differences, yet we are so quick to judge negatively on this issue. Surely as parents you wouldn’t allow your child to post judgement on a school friend because they didn’t dress a certain way or were overweight. So why should we be teaching our children to accept others and their differences but we all getting bent out of shape over a celebrity child’s hair? We all have our 2 cents, but at the end of the day I really don’t think Gwen cares what anyone’s opinion really is and really it doesn’t have to be so personal.

ari on

Really??? What limits will his parents ever be able to set if they already do hair color at age 5. Poor choices and poorer parenting!!

soph on

Fab, this isn’t Twitter. Your hashtags are lame.

ashley on

ahhh thats kristoff’s work!!!! awesome hair Kristoff Ball 🙂

kdawg on

Didn’t anyone use colored hair spray at Halloween? We’ve become a judgmental society who sit and judge from behind a computer screen. I dug into my mom’s makeup at 4, had my ears pierced at 2 and *shock* I came out ok.

Anonymous on

I think the blue hair looks ridiculous, but Zuma look adorable!