Spotted: Heidi Klum and Lou Blow Bubbles

07/03/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Enjoying some park playtime, Heidi Klum keeps an eye on daughter Lou Sulola, 20 months, as she blows bubbles with elder siblings Leni, Henry and Johan in Tribeca last Sunday. “She’s very quiet – she’s not loud at the dinner table. The other kids are very loud and she sits there and watches everyone,” the model, 38, said recently. “She’s sponging everything up, and I know she’s memorizing everything. It’s going to come out soon.”

Humberto Carreno/Startraks

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Lady on

What a beautiful little girl…I like Heidi’s hair like that too, cute & chic!

Brooke on

Wow..she has grown so fast. Such a cute little girl.

Lau on

Lou is too cute! She looks a lot like Leni, in my opinoin.

Anonymous on

That is one adorable little girl. And I am pretty sure Lou’s outfit is from the MiniBoden line.

Cecilia on

I can’t figure out if Lou looks like Heidi or Seal. But then again, none of her kids looks like her.

Elisa on

Wow, it’s incredible how Lou DOES look like her big sister Leni! She’s a cutie. O love this family.

Babs on

None of her children with Seal look biracial. They all look like they have 2 black parents. The middle boy sort of resembles Heidi’s facial features, but the other two look like Seal (who I do not find attractive at all).

M on

Babs, your comment sounded completely racist. Was it really necessary to mention that you do not find Seal attractive? You basically implied that the children are unattractive because they look 100% black, and because resemble their father. I’m not going to say you’re racist, but that comment was really uncalled for and rude. I am guessing you are a troll, because no one would make a comment like that without expecting negative feedback.

BostonBabe on

I kinda think she looks like kimora’s daughter Aoki

Indira on

All the children with the exception of Leni have dark complexions and take after their father. They are all pretty children Leni included. I get really irritated by comments like babs. Biracial people come in all colors and not all black and white mixtures turn out like Alicia Keys or Mariah Carey. I’m Arab and black myself but have darker skin and Arab features. It becomes problematic because many biracial kids who don’t “look” biracial end up having to defend one side of themselves. If I didn’t speak Arabic, some people wouldn’t believe me. Theres only one race but if we’re going to get into this societal notion of biracialism understand that looks are deceiving.

Ruthella on

My daughter was just the same, very quiet and always listening to and watching her brothers. But once she found her voice, BOOM!! She’s hardly drawn breath since 😀

Amanda Moloto on

Dam Babs…
can u say B!TCH coz thats what that coment was a B!TCH move…

The kids are so cute all 4 of them look alike and like nun of their parents to me, including Leni…

Its also so cute to see how close they are with each other, props to this loving family…

Ke yo Rata thata…


What a beautiful pictures. Lou looks like she is going to be very small boned and tall. Very Middle Eastern looking–she’s got the beautiful Semtic eyes just like Jerry Seinfeld. In fact, I don’t really see Seal or Heidi directly, although I think that Seal has some Asian heritage, that is apparent in his little girl. Heidi may have as well.

What a little beauty.

AAA on

M, just because Babs doesn’t find a black man attractive, doesn’t mean she’s racist. She didn’t say that she didn’t find any black men attractive and even if she did, that still doesn’t necessarily make her a racist. I prefer men with dark hair. Does that mean I’m prejudice against blondes?

I think if anything Babs worded her comment a little awkwardly. The part about finding Seal unattractive (which I agree with) is just a little anecdote. She didn’t say she thinks the kids are unattractive.

Shannon on

I used to think Lou looked just like Johan but she totally looks like Leni here. So pretty!

Tami on

@ Babs – tell me, what do biracial people “look” like?

You, and those who think like you, need to get out more and travel the country and the world because then you will see that people, not just bircial/multiracial ones, can “look” any kind of way.

And the fact that don’t find Seal attractive should be irrelevent to this post.

Fab on

Babs and AAA…… Go back under ya rocks!!!! Did this post ask if you thought Seal was attractive??? Geeeeez !!!! #icantstandstupiddamnpeople SMDH!!!! Beautiful mom and baby!!!

meghan on

She is absolutely precious!

AllisonJ on

so cute! Little Lou’s face is just adorable. She does resemble Kimora’s daughters a bit. I think all four of Heidi and Seal’s kids have a unique look and are all very attractive.

Angela on

I’m black and I wasn’t offended by Babs’ comment at all. I don’t agree with her and she’s entitled to her opinion, but I also wouldn’t call her a racist. Just to note, people of African lineage come in all colors. My husband and I are African-American and medium brown-skinned. Our daughters have our coloring and our son looks like he could be biracial or Hispanic because he takes after my father and my husband’s mother, both of whom are very fair.

Cynt on

Babs and AAA– This post isnt about if anyone is attractive, its about the baby but we clearly recognized the direction you were goin in with those slick remarks, definitely racist. Seal is a black man and a very DARK black man at that so did you think the kids would be heidi’s color? Regardless their beautiful happy MULTIracial kids with 2 parents who give them unconditional love. Not your kids, your life, or your man so SHUT IT!! Please and thanks!

lucy on

I am the mother of 2 biracial children, and i have to agree, Lou does look 100% black.

I think any children where one parent is 100% african, not african american or afro caribbean, tend to have the darker gene dominant. Other black people around the globe have lots of other ancestry mixed in, Lou takes my breath away every time i see her, so beautiful

lila on

Seal’s grandfather is brazilian… maybe about the only thing i know about any of them.

M on

AAA, nobody called Babs racist. I said her comment SOUNDED racist.

Its undeniable that her comment was inappropriate. Why did she have to mention that she finds Seal unattractive? He’s not even in the photograph! Her thoughts on his appearance are completely irrelevant to this article.

Why would she mention that the kids look 100% black, resemble their father, and then go on to say she finds him unattractive? She implied that the children are ugly!

Also, her phrasing was very awkward, it sounded as though she was trying to say that the kids are ugly because they look 100% black, which is racist.

nettrice on

“M” hit the nail right on the head:

“Why would she mention that the kids look 100% black, resemble their father, and then go on to say she finds him unattractive? She implied that the children are ugly!”

More than awkward and totally uncalled for and unnecessary.

Bluebird Kisses on

I love Heidi. She seems like such a great mom and so down to earth!

Nina on

I’m sorry but Lou does not look 100% black. She look like a biracial child. A beautiful one!

J-Lin on

Lou looks 100% black and is the cutest of all the kids.

Hilary on

Contact the page administrator because Babs comes on this blog all the time making racist comments. This blog was much nicer before People took it over.

Angela on

I wish people would stop saying she looks 100% black. Most people are not 100% of anything. I’ve been to Kenya and seen very light-skinned Kenyans, likely due to colonization. I am black and my great-grandfather was Irish and German, but you couldn’t tell that from looking at me. Seal’s features are dominant, but you can look at her hair and tell there’s something else going on.

Toya L. on

If I saw Leni and didn’t know Heidi was her mother, I would think she had 2 black parents. I’m dark skinned my husband is about Halle’s color and our children are really fair skinned. I still think she’s a pretty little girl with a beautiful skin tone.

soph on

Aww, M found someone’s comment “inappropriate”…cry me a river. You can’t control what anyone writes so stop trying.

alicejane on

What does “100% black” even mean??? I’m sorry but it just sounds ignorant to me. White people have different shades of white skin. Same with Asians, Indians, etc. It varies even within families. My sister and I are both Irish/English but her skin is more tan than mine. It’s the same with Africans and African-Americans, and every race.

That being said, Lou is beautiful. I can’t believe she’s almost 2!

Patrice on

She looks like a little doll. Adorable!

Tee on

I guess I read Bab’s comment differently than most of ya’ll. While I agree that it sounded a little awkward, maybe could have been worded a little better, I don’t think she sounded racist. I think she doesn’t find Seal attractive! Would there be this much of an uproar if she had said that about a white man? Probably not.

Quite frankly, I’m far more offended by Amanda Moloto’s comment. To call someone a nasty curse word just because you don’t agree with what they said is totally uncalled for. It’s comments like that that make me really miss the old CBB. Calling anyone an ugly name… a celebrity or another commenter… should automatically get that comment deleted, in my opinion. Yes, I know that we have freedom of speech. It sure is a shame, though, that people use that excuse to be completly nasty to others. And when someone uses a curse word like that in a comment, it’s validity goes out the window for me. I could agree with every word they say and I still wouldn’t respect their comment.

Lou is a cutie pie!

Kitty on

Lou is beautiful. She looks just like Leni and her Mom.

Molly on

I wish we had moderators so Soph and Babs could be banned. I’m tired of how much racism around here is allowed.

fuzibuni on

Molly, I don’t think we should ban people for making comments we disagree with. It’s much more productive to have things said in the open so that people can comment on it. Discourse is often what ultimately changes societal views.

That said, it’s time that ideas on race and ethnicity evolve. People come in all sizes and colors. It’s too bad we are still so focused on skin color these days.

A, Heilbrunn on

You people worry so much about color and who the cute gal looks like. I
worry that she is not SPEAKING YET.
I don’t care how loud her siblings are, she should be able to get some words in??

Mira on

Lou is a really cute girl indeed. I see both Seal’s and Heidi’s features in her. I don’t see any resemblance with Leni, though. I wish people would stop saying that, just because they think that makes them all color-blind or something.

Anonymous on

Tee and Fuzibani, I agree with you both.

I didn’t see any racist comments on this thread. But, what I do see here and on MANY other threads are people accusing others of being racist, when that is not true. There is true racism in this world, stop accusing people of it when it isn’t really happening.

Sarah K. on

Mira, just because YOU don’t see a resemblance doesn’t mean other people are just making it up to “sound more color-blind.” The girls are biological sisters (albeit half), so it’s not shocking that they share some facial similarities. People always have different opinions on who resembles who in families, so stop with the conspiracy theory. I also see a slight resemblance between the girls and I could care less what colors they are.

soph on

You really think you’d be safe from banning, Molly? You’re funny.

And if you’re so damn “tired,” leave.

RKF on

Molly – I cringe whenever I see you comment on this blog. No one made any racist comments – you just have a tendency to misconstrue 95% of what people write on here.

JMO on

Sometimes it’s better to ignore something then to add fuel to the fire!

Leni, Johan, Henry, Lou, Heidi and Seal are a beautiful family whatever color they may be (which shouldn’t matter). We don’t all have to agree about whether we think someone is attractive or not. But I am sure when Leni looks at Seal she just sees a daddy who was willing to take care of her when another man decided not to!

alise on

Awww, this little girl is adorable!

jessie on

i agree the kids do look more like seal as far as color but they look like heidi too and they’re cute kids. obviuosly if the black parent is darker or more african, the kids won’t be as light but they’re still mixed. btw seal does has a brazilian grandparent,but his brazilian side is probably african too since brazil has plenty of afro-brazilians

Molly on

RKF and Soph, why should I care if I offend people I hate? If I’m getting to you, that means I’m right. Deal with it instead of acting like immature brats. Both of you make me sick.

Molly on

Btw, Soph please leave. Why are you even here? The only thing you do is bash celebrities and hate children. Are you this pathetic in real life? Do you go up to babies you see in real life and tell their parents their baby is ugly? You must be a immature adult or a bored teenager

anonymous on

Babs didn’t say anything racist. In fact, I agree with her. All of Seal and Heidi’s children look 100% African-American and not biracial. There’s nothing wrong with saying that. It doesn’t make you a racist by any means. I, too, don’t find Seal and Heidi’s kids to be that beautiful but they aren’t unattractive either. It’s just an opinion. Calm down, you guys. 🙂

soph on

Oh, Molly. See, here’s the thing…I don’t stalk people on this board. But you? Hmm…

The more you type, the more you reveal your alarming stupidity, dear. Read over what you just wrote…the only “immature brat” around here is you. Bye bye now.

Mari on

Sorry, her kids are not attractive at all other than Leni.

Mari on

If someone states that the children are not good-looking, then suddenly it becomes a racial comment. Get over it people because we all have our opinions and Seal is ugly and his kids are not attractive-so there. Too bad this website won’t print everyones comments.

Pat on

Lou doesn’t look mixed period. She is cute and so are all of Heidi’s kids. But, there are millions of African-Americans and Afro-Caribbean people with two black parents who look exactly like Heidi’s kids with seal period.

Yeah Okay on

It has nothing to do with race as far as cuteness goes. Halle Berry’s daughter who looks first generation biracial to me rather than 1/4 black has EVERY kid in Hollywood beat- and white folks know this. Suri and Shiloh are okay, Courtney Cox’s daughter is busted and so are Ben Affleck’s kids.

Mayobeobe on

Babs´s comment is not racist at all! Just because someone is black doesn´t mean I am obliged to find him or her beautiful.
Chaka Khan for example is a beautiful black woman, Whoopi Goldberg is not.
Heidi´s kids don´t look anything like her and they are fugly. Why? Because Seal is a very ugly person, it´s not his fault but that´s just the way it is. If Heidi would have chosen an attractive black man then her kids would probably look cute.
That´s what you got to live with when you mate with someone fugly.