BumpWatch: Selma Blair’s Pooch Patrol

07/02/2011 at 05:00 PM ET

With baby on the way due next week, Selma Blair cuddles up to boyfriend Jason Bleick while strolling with their pup on Wednesday in Los Angeles. “I crave a lot of fruit and I eat far too much dairy,” the actress, 39, tells PEOPLE.

Richard Young/Getty

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Tee on

I’m sure she’s looking forward to having her baby in her arms! Shouldn’t be much longer at all! I’ve enjoyed watching Selma’s pregnancy. She has truly appeared to be very happy being pregnant and has been so lovely! I’ll admit that I’m not fond of the outfit she’s wearing in this picture. Kind of looks like she forgot her pants!

I’m also a little confused as to what she means by “eating too much dairy.” Dairy products are good for a pregnant woman! Maybe I’m missing something she referenced in an earlier interview? I don’t know.

Either way, she looks beautiful and I look forward to seeing if she has a son or daughter!

Sarah on

Goodness, she’s ready to pop!

kendal on

Craving fruit is a sign of a girl.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I craved fruit and had a boy so not always set in stone…!

Sarah M. on

If I recall correctly, Tee, Selma is vegan. So she wouldn’t usually go for anything dairy. I could have her mixed up with someone else, though. 🙂

She does seem like she’s truly enjoyed being pregnant.

Kelly on

Dairy is actually not that healthy, there are much healthier ways to get your calcium and vitamins (leafy greens) so thats probably all she means. I think she looks great, I have always thought she was adorable!

Anne on

agreed. “dairy is good for you” is the message we’ve all been spoon fed for decades upon decades paid for by the agriculture industry and lobbyists to keep factory/dairy farming in business.

J on

Anyway, back to the actual topic and not the anti-dairy ads…

youngcoconuts on

organic milk and cheeses, preferably raw and from grass-fed cows in moderation is okay. pasteurized dairy.. not so good for you. I love that she’s so conscious about what she puts into her body. She’s a good mommy!

youngcoconuts on

adorable, stylish couple. Their baby is destined to be gorgeous. Congratulations Selma & Jason! Cute doggie too.

TV on

While everyone else is on the dairy topic I’m just going to point out that they have one fat Jack Russell terrier. I t looks like it most likely is mixed with another breed but they should really get that pup on a diet. Not a good sign when a health conscious owner has a pet that’s overweight.

Pam on


That’s not a Jack Russell, it’s a piebald mini dachshund.

Sara on

TV … I think it’s a daschund. Also, drink a glass of milk … it won’t hurt you!!!

Shannon on

How cute!

Manda on

From the baby shower pics, she knows it’s a boy.

Jillian on

Manda, I saw pics and don’t see how you could tell it was a boy.. What site did you see these pics on?

zappo on

She looks due any moment! I believe in a previous article I read she is vegan, so milk/dairy is normally not in her diet. It looks like a dachshund to me also, not a JRT. I think the angle of the dog is just showing the widest part of its chest, that’s all. I don’t think it’s overweight. Dachshunds are supposed to have round barrel shaped chests, to hold alot of air when they (were originally bred for hunting) going underground in tunnels to hunt.

Jillian on

I don’t believe she’s a vegan. I have never read that. I just looked and couldn’t find anything but I could be wrong. Being that she drinks dairy, during the pregnancy she clearly is not. I know many moms who change their eating during pregnancy. Eating a lot of dairy is not healthy. Ask your doctor or a trainer.