Mini Must-Have: Zuma Rossdale’s Cool Shades

07/01/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Headlinephoto/Splash News Online

Just when we thought Zuma Rossdale couldn’t get any cuter, we spotted the 2½-year-old sporting some seriously cool sunglasses while hanging at an L.A. park with big bro Kingston, 5, on June 23.

Turns out, the mini trendsetter is rocking the new children’s collection from Gucci, which is made with high-quality three-layer acetate.

But unlike the grown-up versions, his style — the Pilot Frame ($140) in black — features the design house’s adorable teddy bear logo.

Want a similar pair, but don’t want to break the bank?

Try the Aviator Sunglasses ($3) from The Children’s Place.

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Laura on

$140 sunglasses on a 2 1/2 year old lol.

Lila on

No, my child doesn’t need $140.00 glasses! Plus they just look too big for his face anyway.

OT- but he looks so much like his mom in this photo. He has her lips for sure.

J on

$140, LOL! Wow.

A. on

Still, this picture of Zuma is so cute!

Angel on

I love those sunglasses. $140 for Gucci? Sounds like a good deal to me.

blondeone on

I’ll take the $3 fakeys thank you,

ab on

He looks like a girl in those ridiculously expensive shades for a child!

Steph on

Those probably are his parents not his, stop freaking out everyone

Janie on

Expensive or not, those sunglasses are not flattering on that little boy!

Indira on

Yeah Janie i was gonna say, he looks dopey in them.

Taylor on

Is that the photographer’s legs we see in his glasses? If so, that’s WAY too close!

Becky on

Cute picture, but I don’t even pay $140.00 for my sunglasses, much less a child that is going to lose them in about 10 mins..

Anna on


mg on

what kind of idiot puts expensive glasses on a toddler? there are toddlers going to bed hungry in this country. just disgusting.

Jillian on

Wonder if they got them for free? Celebs are getting things for free all the time. I like the style of these kids, but not a fan of these sunglasses.

As for the cost, $140 to them is nothing.

cn tower on

Personally, I have no problem with a multi-millionaire buying a $140 pair of sunglasses for a child – drop in the bucket. However, People could have come up with a better caption for the post – “must have” – GMAB, I highly doubt the vast majority of readers on the site would be willing &/or able to shell out the $140.

Mia on

Usually he looks just like Gwen-but he looks just like Gavin in this pic around the mouth/jaw-line.

Lisa on

What a stylin’ little dude! Love his hair, super cute!

Anonymous on

Celebrities seem to spend their money in very strange ways. Overpriced means way better. I’m going to start a line of $500 toothbrushes.

Toya L. on

He is so stinkin cute!!

Shannon on


Sam & Freya's Mum on

ITA with other posters – ridiculous. They have the financial means but even if I did I personally wouldn’t spend that much on my toddler when they wouldn’t last long…! Overindulged comes to mind…

M on

They can afford them, so why not? 140 dollars to them is like one penny to normal people.

Ridiculous that someone would say “there are toddlers starving out there”. Yeah, so? Is it Gwen Stefani’s responsibility to take care of other peoples’ children?

Tee on

140 dollars, wow! I don’t care if they have the money or not, that seems really extreme. I mean, if a celebrity spent that much on an outfit for their child or maybe a nice coat? That I could see even though I’d think it was crazy. But sunglasses? Um, no.

Janie on

Honestly, who cares what they cost! They look ridiculous on him. Not flattering at all.

Julia A on

He looks exactly like Gwen in this picture. Ridiculous price aside, those sunglasses look like they’re meant for grown women.

Indi on

What a cute pic, he looks soo much like Gwen in this photo, I think he is one of the most cutest little boys i have ever seen ( not much of a fan of his dress sense thou, but hey thats not his fault). Seeing his arm in cast brakes my heart!!!

Vanessa on

Has he broken his arm? Looks like a cast on his right arm.

And yeah, $140 for a kids glasses? I don’t even spend that on glasses. Mine are only $25 and they do the same job as those.

look on

he is so cute.