Victoria Beckham Likes ‘Little Girls to Look Like Little Girls’

07/01/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Richard Young/Getty

Victoria Beckham has her hands full, but with her fourth child — a girl — due next week and the upcoming launch of her spring 2012 Victoria by Victoria Beckham dress collection, the fashion designer is ready to take on even more.

“As any working mum out there knows, it really is like juggling glass balls when you’ve got the kids and a husband to look after, and you’re passionate about your career,” Beckham, 37, tells Women’s Wear Daily.

“But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m blessed.”

Turning her attention from her line to her soon-to-be daughter’s growing wardrobe, Beckham admits her baby’s closet is already fully stocked.

“But not in an obnoxious way at all,” she adds. “I love the French clothes for little girls. I like little girls to look like little girls.”

But while she may be looking forward to showing off her daughter’s style, there is one thing Beckham won’t be displaying anytime soon: her baby bump.

“I’m not really one of those people that likes to go out and pose and flaunt being pregnant. Not like there’s anything wrong in that. I’m so proud to be pregnant and I feel so blessed and so happy, I really do,” she explains.

“But I’m just not that kind of person. So, no, I won’t be taking my clothes off. I don’t think anyone needs to see that, other than my husband [David Beckham]. Absolutely not.”

— Anya Leon

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Donna on

Bravo to her for her modesty in this day and age. I’m sure her daughter will have a delightful wardrobe.

J on

Wow, good for her. 😀

A. on

I’m honestly very surprised that she feels little girls should look like little girls, but I feel the exact same way! They’re so little for such a short time anyway, why would you want to rush it? Good for her!

Indira on

I have to agree with her, I love seeing little girls dressed prettily and not like mini-adults. Victoria dresses her children very age appropriately and stylishly so I’m very excited to see how she dresses her little girl.

Amanda on

Couldn’t agree more with her! She’s lucky that she has a ton of money and choices though. It’s really, hard to find little girls clothes that look like little girls clothes once they are out of the toddler department and REALLY hard once they are past 6x!

claudiazz on

Hallelujah!! How refreshing to hear a star that doesn’t need to expose her pregnant nude torso to gain attention from the public. I also lovvvvvve to see little girls dressed like little girls! Kudos to Victoria!!

cali girl on

Before I read this entire post I was just about to say that we really haven’t seen many pictures of Victoria’s baby bump, but now that totally makes sense! Kudos to her for not feeling like she has to flaunt being pregnant!

blessedwithboys on

Oh, I hate to see little girls in halter tops with bare stomachs. I especially hate high heels, too, except for playing dress up at home. Good for you, Victoria!

Steph on

I agree, Amanda! My 7 year old daughter can’t stand that once she hit 6X, the clothes start to look like her mother’s…brown, dark grey etc.

Places like GAP kids are the worst…you turn 6 and your clothes stop being colourful and cute and start looking like work clothes – especially the winter season things. I also love the French clothing and can’t wait to see baby Beckham!

just me on

I think she doesn’t want to show her growing belly… cuz she likes to look stick skinny… not everyone has to take their clothes off to show off the belly!!! i believe she has issues with the weight… even tho i think she is way to skinny and would look better w/ a weight gain… congrats tho…

Erika on

I agree with her and everyone else that posted on here. There is no need for little girls to dress like grown women- there will be plenty of time for that. Let them enjoy being little! I can’t wait to see how she dresses her daughter!

I also like that she doesn’t see the need to flaunt her pregnant body- there is nothing wrong with showing it off, but there is also nothing wrong with modesty, if that is what she is comfortable with. It just seems that it is expected for everyone to get maternity photos, when some people aren’t comfortable with it.

I am guessing she will have the baby around Wednesday or Thursday, but I could be wrong!

mommytoane on

Why are you suprised A? LOL Her little boys are ALWAYS dressed nice. To me, this isn’t shocking at all.

Victoria has always had this air of class about her…and if stripping to show off her baby bump isn’t her thing…bravo to her!! I can not wait to see how cute she dresses her new little one. 🙂

Having a little girl myself (well…8 so not so little, but still little enough) I am fully supportive of little girls looking like little girls. Even at my daughter’s age, its hard to find things that aren’t so grown up.

zappo on

I have to say I agree. I LOVE seeing little girls with ribbons, bows, and old fashioned dresses with ruffled bloomer type pants. I do not like little boys and girls wearing unisex looks, nor do I like children in black. Sorry if anyone is offended by this, but I do love a girly girl dresses to the 9’s. If I ever have a daughter I will be the same.

ZaraB on

The next couple of weeks should be exciting in celebrity baby land, with Victoria Beckham, Jewel, Ivanka Trump and Selma Blair all due!! Does anyone know when Kate Hudson is due? It must be soon, if she hasn’t delivered already (come to think of it, we haven’t seen a photo of her in a while…). I just hope all of these celebs make swift birth announcements, and don’t go underground like Natalie Portman!

Susan on

I totally agree with little girls dressing like little girls. My 3 and 7 year old daughters love gymboree. They make cute kids clothes all the way to size 12. I will even sometimes buy them matching outfits and they love that they can both find the same thing in each of their sizes.

deirdre on

congrats!! I’m sure Brooklyn,Romeo and Cruz will be wonderful big brothers to her!

Nancy on

I love the little girls clothes today and I love seeing them dress in cute shoes, bows, hairpieces etc…. Too bad that I always see their moms dress in sweatpants, sweatshirts and tennis shoes everywhere they go. Why can’t adult women dress nicer???

Amy on

Hooray! Someone who wants their girl to look like a girl! Now if only Angelina would take a hint do something about poor little Shiloh.

B Meyer on

Finally, an intelligent, modest approach. Less is more. Those that really have it don’t have to flaunt it.

Molly on

Her comments come across as chauvinistic. There is no rule about how little girls should look like. I guess she hates tomboys and think there is something mentally wrong with them since they aren’t dressed like ‘a girl’.

Molly on

Amy stop, think and shut up. Thank you

Daniella on

Finally, a celebrity who’s not going to flaunt their pregnant belly to the world. I have absolutely no problem the pregnant figure, it just has become annoying how many celebrities seem to feel that they need to flaunt it on magazine covers.

And I definitely agree that children should be dressed in clothes that are age appropriate, especially little girls who seem to become sexualized so early nowadays.

However, I will find it ironic if their daughter turns out to be a tomboy as she grows older, although I’m pretty sure David & Victoria wouldn’t mind since they do also have three sons. Tomboys aren’t the little girls dressing inappropriately for their ages, after all.

ZaraB on

I must say I agree with ‘just me’. Victoria loves publicity and being photographed when she’s not pregnant, but we’ve only see a handful of photos of her during this pregnancy. I don’t think it’s because she’s being modest – I think it’s because she has issues with the size of her growing belly and any weight she’s gained (although I think she looks wonderful pregnant and barely puts on any weight anyway).

No, she doesn’t have to do a nude magazine cover, but I think it’s a shame that she seems to feel the need to always hide her belly under big, sack-like dresses. I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful than a pregnant woman, and it makes me sad that some women are so self-conscious about gaining weight etc. during pregnancy that they hide themselves away.

Jillian on

There is nothing wrong with Shiloh, Amy or a child being tomboy, if that’s how they want to dress!!

Victoria wants to dress her daughter girly, good for her. Her choice. I did the same thing. Molly, that doesn’t mean she” hates tomboys or thinks there is something mentally wrong with them.” as someone who dressed my daughter girly, I love the tomboy look, but I also love the girly look. I would NEVER think someone is mental for how they dress. That is just plain stupid!

M! on

$100 says that in 3 years we’ll all be looking at pictures of her daughter wearing Suri style high heels and lipstick.

Marky on

When have we ever seen the Beckham boys dressed inappropriately? Why should we assume she will dress her daughter any other way than appropriately? Why do some of you have to be so rude? Maybe she doesn’t like t-shirts pulled as tight as possible across her abdomen, while she is out and about. You know, looking like a well-dressed woman who likes to dress for the occasion, doesn’t seem to draw quite as much attention from the press. Some of these pregnant women look absolutely pathetic when they go anywhere. Wearing nice maternity clothes doesn’t mean you are wearing a “sack”. Sheesh, these sites seem to bring out too much acid…..

cara on

The poor woman really has serious body images issues.

She was happy to flaunt the worst fake boobs in history for years in the sluttiest clothes ever, despite being a laughing stock on a daily basis.

But something beautiful like a pregnant tummy, she has to keep ‘hidden’ and not ‘flaunt’.

I don’t think she hid away during the first two pregnancies, in fact there are photo’s of her in really tight dresses showing off her pregnancy bump. The last two pregnancies came hot on heels of allegations about David’s ‘wandering’, maybe that is the reason she tries to camoflauge the bump and not be photographed looking pregnant.

Susan Albert on

While I think pregnancy is beautiful, I do not think their is a need for a pregnant women to expose her belly in public. Good for Vicktoria for not doing this. Congrats to the whole family on their upcoming blessed event.

cathy on

when my daugher was little, I loved to dress her up in girlie stuff.

She is grown now and I do not have grandchildren yet but I still go through the childrens department and yearn to buy things.

sarawara on

Pregnancy is SO beautiful, and I admire Demi Moore, Miranda Kerr & Tia Mowery for sharing their AMAZING pregnancy photographs with us. They only empower women. I wouldn’t ever pose (pregnant or not) because I’m more modest, too. I feel more confident clothed, LOL!

I agree 100% that little kids should dress like little kids. You only get one chance to be little and carefree and innocent. When parents let their kids grow up too fast, it’s no wonder that so many adults spend their adult life acting childish and trying to reclaim that carefree childhood that they missed. There is nothing wrong with saying, “No sweetie, that isn’t for 6 year-olds– that’s for 16 year-olds.” Drew Barrymore talks a lot about that in her interviews, how accelerated her childhood was and how that adversely affected her teens and twenties.

Kudos Posh!

Bernadette on

I think thats wonderful, especially when you see Angelina dressing her girls like boys….Of course Shiloh likes to dress like a boy, cause she has always been dressed that way, I have never seen any of Angelina’s girls dressed as girls..Its my opinion that Angelina only ever wanted boys….
Shiloh is too young to actively express a desire to look like a boy..this comes from the parents. I just hope there is bo problems later on because of “Angelina’s” preference…

Kudos to Victoria for being a normal well balanced parent,and wife…It is refreshing to see in this day and age of constant “photo ops” that most celebrities pretend that they do not want but really look for.

Karen on

I think she’s proven what she preaches. Great for her not to flaunt her belly like every other celebrity out there. Such a great family.

Kit on

I applaud her for wanting her daughter to look like a little girl. I do NOT however believe that she is hiding her pregnant belly out of modesty. She has worked very hard to ingrain an image of herself on the public consciousness, and she is not about to allow something to change that. She promotes herself as this elegant, aloof, stick-thin figure, who is always runway-ready and in haute couture clothing. Her pregnancy means an increase in weight, and an accessibility somehow, that just doesn’t jive with her carefully created image. I believe the woman has some very serious hangups about weight and her appearance, which is actually quite sad. Lets just hope she is not starving herself during her pregnancy.

Cecelia on

When Victoria refers to girls dressing up as little girls, she means that they’re not rushed into looking like mini-adults. Angelina’s daughters have nothing to do with the conversation so stop trying to create something out of nothing.

Besides, not every little girl likes pink, purple, dresses, etc. My middle child doesn’t and it’s not because I strapped her to a chair when she was younger and forced her to wear boy’s clothes. She likes sports, dinosaurs, and super heroes. Unfortunately, the girl’s department doesn’t make items that coincide with her interests so she wears items from the boy’s department. I’m not telling her she can’t because there may be insecure individuals in the world who think she shouldn’t.

M! on

Bernadette – “I have never seen any of Angelina’s girls dressed as girls..Its my opinion that Angelina only ever wanted boys….”

You obviously haven’t paid much attention to Angelina’s kids. Zahara wears dresses all the time and dresses like a little diva girl. She carries purses and the like. There were photos of Shiloh before the twins were born wearing dresses carrying baby dolls. The youngest daughter has been out wearing girly clothes as well.

Not trying to defend her because there’s no doubt that Jolie has some issues but you’re wrong here.

kew1224 on

good for her. i feel nobody needs to see pregnant women with their clothes off. it’s not a pretty sight,every body know what women look like when their pregnant,it’s a blessing of course,but we should not have to look at a big fat pregnant woman in a should be for you and your husband or your man.

JMO on

Does she mean she likes little girls to look like littler girls in the sense that her daughter will not be caught in a “tomboy” look or that she likes little girls to dress appropriately for whatever their age is???

Either way the statement goes I agree. I like little girls to look like girls and I like them to not be in crazy clothes that make them look like they’re older then they are! I cannot wait to see what she names her new daughter and of course who she resembles!!

Kinda sad when you get giddy over a celeb that you’ve never met and probably won’t ever meet and fascinated by her finally having a baby girl! lol

Patricia on

I love little girls dressed girly. I had fun dressing my baby girl over 20 years ago and now am having fun helping my 15 year old Grandchild pick out her clothes! She’s a girly girl which makes it even more fun.

Julianna on

I’m happy to know that the lil beckham girl wont be the next suri cruise , I love french fashion for kids too, It’s good to know that the baby will be a girl in her childhood , not a teenager diva

NV on

I think the real reason she wont expose her pregnant self is because she has a problem with weight gain. She sure doesnt mind showing off her skinny waif looking body in every magazine you see.

JJ on

She didn’t mind showing off her body in that Armani photo shoot, but now that she’s pregnant, she feels her body should only be for her husband? Hmmm.

Miss Ann on

I bet a lil girls clothing line is in the works… Mark my words!! You know that lil girl is going to decked out!! Ruffles, colors, bows, and purses (eventually).

J on

Grow up Molly. Thank you,

claudiazz on

Tomboy or not, I don’t enjoy seeing a little girl dressed like a storm trooper!

Harley Lyden on

Hiding her baby bump has nothing to do with modesty, it has everything to do with her obsession with her weight. It is obvious in all of the pics of her, she is actually trying to hide her stomach. She looks like she hasn’t gained an ounce other than the baby. Hopefully she doesn’t pass off her poor self body image onto her daughter.

Izzie on

I absolutely agree with VB and think she comes across more and more like an intelligent, well-spoken woman each time she speaks. Kudos to her for bucking the trend!

Reuben on


Becky on

Bravo for showing it all for a magazine. I have my little girl who is turning 12 in a couple of days. She is almost 5ft9. She hasnt worn anything she really likes since she was about six years old. I try modify, add and sew for her. Also a good pair of shoes cant be found in a size 10 for a child. Cant wait for pics of this baby girl…….

Oh puhalease on

Hope she has a tomboy. Claudia, children should be able to dress the way they feel comfortable w/out having adults bully and pick on them.

Erin on

Nice to see her count her blessings ~ I sure would love to see a smile on her sometime though =)

VP on

No one really knows the reason that Victoria feels she shouldn’t “flaunt” her baby bump, but maybe she has had a miscarriage that we don’t know about or has a close friend who’s had a miscarriage. Once you’ve lost a baby, you become a lot more cautious in how you view and act during pregnancy and she might feel like somehow “flaunting” her good fortune is tempting fate.

Who’s to say, but it’s just a thought.

Cecelia on

Claudiazz, funny you should that: my daughter was one two years ago for Halloween. She loved it!

Kim on

Thank God. Finally a woman who doesn’t feel the need to walk around half dressed with her huge belly showing. I know pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but seriously, nobody needs to see a pregnant woman in a bikini or crop top.

Ralph on

She does not want to show her belly because she’s a stick and she will look fat – don’t be fooled by anything else. =( As far as little girls looking like little girls, I don’t think they need to look like dolls. My girls are comfortable in jeans and a t shirt. No giant bows on their heads or thick petticoats.

aimee on

What to go Victoria for being so modest, not many people are these days.

Amiee on

Leave Amy alone. Shiloh looks gross.

Ana on

Ah, Ah, Ah! This makes me laugh! Don’t let Victoria’s comments fool you. She presents herself as a very pudic and conservative woman and that’s why she doesn’t bare her baby bump. I completely agree with not baring for a magazine. But what’s her excuse for never showing her baby bump at all? I mean fully clothed in her daily life. Did you realize that she is never seen anywhere? She doesn’t want people to see her in maternity clothes, she doesn’t want people to see her fat. Last time we saw her was in William and Catherine’s wedding. Of course she wouldn’t miss that event for anything in the world and she had to show up pregnant. I’m sure she must have been cursing her luck for being pregnant at that time!

Jacquie on

good for Victoria, I agree with her regarding her baby bump. i never understood why anyone thought someone would want to see their tummy, its a private thing.

And I also think little girls should look like little girls.

saigon75 on

while I think it is great to have the attiude girls are girls and boys are boys, I wouldn’t force my child to wear a gender specific clothes. I think it is great that kids are able to pick out their own clothes at a young age. It gives them a sense of independence. And I will admit I hate wearing dresses and skirts, does that make me less of a woman?

tangledsynapses on

Wondering how a little girl would look like and adult, if not like a little girl, of course.

Marsha on

I agree with her 100%. I think the Cruises dresses Suri like an adult. The other day I saw her in the water with this long flowing dress. Good luck on your new little baby.

i heart ashley on

9 months pregnant, due next week??? Didnt they just announce that she was pregnant? Is there even a baby in there?? I have not seen one picture of her lately where she even looks remotely pregnant. I gained 80 pounds with my son, she MUST NOT BE EATING. !!!

jomama on

Did anyone ever think that her remark about not showing off her belly might be just the way she was raised or her culture? Gees, everyone is so quick to point a finger at something negative and think they know the “real reason” behind her comment. It was her opinion, her comment, leave it at that. Quit being so sensitive.

Belle on

Sniff..Sniff….I don’t buy this. I think this woman is obsessed with looking stick thin like a run-way model, and is probably mortified of carrying a baby bump. She has no maternity glow, smile, nothing-dry.

M on

With that attitude, I hope she has a tomboy. Please be a tomboy, little beckham baby!

chellz on

if you look at peoples photo gallery she has worn clothes that come near her tummy so you see her bump but its in a classy way

Jen DC on

Well, I sincerely hope she has a little girl that is girly or there are going to be hundreds of useless, awful arguments in that chock-full closet! But if she *is* a girly girl, man, what a lucky little darling! Can you imagine the shopping trips if your mom is VB?

I sincerely believe that she wouldn’t let her daughter wear high heels (a la Suri Cruise) at that young age. I simply think that VB would find that inappropriate for public consumption and say no. Their boys seem fairly well-behaved and cared for, so why would the daughter be any different?

Folks picking on Shiloh: You know what’s gross? Adults picking on children who don’t conform. I was a non-conforming little girls and I would get FURIOUS when people addresses questions to my mom about “how [she] had dressed me.” My mom luckily realized this and would tell them to ask me about my clothes and why I was dressed the way I was. And I would tell them: Boys clothes hide stains, last longer and who climbs trees in dresses ANYWAY?

hate that phrase on

I cannot stand the phrase “baby bump”. There. Got it out.

m on

They’ll probably name her California or L.A.

Vanessa on

Good for you, Victoria! Let your little girl be a little girl as long as possible. Luckily, you live in Europe where we don’t dress our little girls like slutty street walkers.

Jazz on

I agree with Victoria Adams Beckham on this. Little girls should look like little girls. Unlike Angelina who dresses her girl Shiloh as a tomboy, and dresses the boys up as girls.

Jazz on

I agree with her 100%. Unlike Angelina who’s raising her girl Shiloh as a tomboy, and dresses her boys up as girls.

Terri on

I had a feeling that Victoria wouldn’t be dressing her little girl as outrageously as some imagined. Her boys dress very normally, even though there’s plenty more trendy things even for little boys. I agree with her that little girls should look like little girls. Not little women or little dolls.

I understand her not wanting to flaunt her pregnant body, but appreciate that she said there’s nothing wrong with it if others do. It’s nice when someone can express an opinion without putting down others who hold different opinions.

Victoria always says things that are completely different than you would expect from someone who looks like her.

starfishgirlj on

I hope Victoria is able to keep any of her body issues (granted, alleged issues…but likely in my opinion) from affecting her daughter’s self-confidence.


I loved dressing my daughter in girly, frilly, dainty, and feminine clothes. She always looked like a million bucks and got tons of compliments. I’m glad Victoria will be doing the same. The years go by quickly and now it’s a fight to make sure she’s not wearing clothes that are too tight or too short. I miss her younger years when I could pick out her clothes! I wish Victoria the very best along with her family. Love her!

Mary on

While I would be genuinely grateful to see what Victoria Beckham looks like when she smiles…I can’t help but be grateful that someone so “high profile” actually knows what COMMON SENSE is. My heart goes out to kids like Suri Cruise, whose parents apparently feel CHILDHOOD is passe. The only problem with a child of any age is that they don’t stay that age long enough! Thank you Victoria for being so forthright and SO CORRECT.

JungeCat on

I bet her little girl will be beautiful.

Fckoffjealouslosers on

Some of you people’s comprehension skills are borderline for a reading disability. The context of the conversation was little girls dressing ‘obnoxious,’ and grownup, before their time (heels, makeup, slinky dresses versus ruffles, etc.) – NOT beating up on baby girls who are tomboys and their moms. Are you serious with this b.s.? You crazy cat ladies are wailing as if Shiloh was the first tomboy on the planet.

I’m sure Victoria Beckham would be horrified to learn how you twahts are using her to attack Jolie’s adorable little girl. You should be ashamed. attacking Shiloh and Angelina is typical of you nasty jealous slags (by the way, I think it’s hysterical how you bitter jealous cows like to fantasize that Angie is a single parent, and dictating fashion choices…brad Pitt never faces criticism not even for leaving that boring tv wretch he was with pre-Angie, even for that, you witches attack her while absolving brad …god forbid if you had to admit to yourselves that he chose to get a life, end a bad relationship, fall in love and have a family with Angelina…you demonize her because your envious hags, period).

Now please go back to the topic at hand. Maybe discuss how Vicky overcame her husbands humiliating infidelity and stood by his side…this baby must be a PR move to patch them up…or maybe try discussing how Vicky is going to breastfeed with those two silicone beach balls in her chest…or discuss her lack of talent…anything…just stop obsessing Over Angelina and her family. No wonder she’s the most famous woman in the world. People are fascinated and engrossed beyond any kind of normalcy.

hope on

I am happy to see their is at least one super star that has a moral compass. Best thing I have heard from a celebrity in years!

jmdreese on

Good for her. I see all the bitter people have already hit this article. I’m not even surprised anymore that people can turn any positive thing into something nasty. I guess when I want to know what’s really going on with a celeb, I don’t need PEOPLE, I need all of YOU assuming you know everything. Interesting!

Paige on

I agree….I hate the term “Baby Bump” I grew up with 2 older brothers and while I was a “tomboy” during the summer months I still loved dresses and now at the age of 65 I still do.. Girls should dress like girls too….Good luck and good wishes go to Victoria and her family. P.S. I have a “baby bump” too but I think its fat I put on from not exercising enough.

Alycia on

Some people need to better read this article. Victoria was simply saying there is no need for little girls to rush growing up and dressing like they are adults. I see so many young girls in barely there clothes or with makeup on, long before there is ever a need for it. She was not saying she was going to stifle her daughter’s imagination or force her into being something she isn’t. I for one believe kids are only kids for so long and it should be kept that way. No need to rush growing up because it happens faster than you ever want it to!

I also wanted to say that her three previous children have all come out healthy and they have always seemed like happy, well rounded little boys so she must be doing something right during pregnancy and definitely after. I know plenty of women who have become a lot more modest during their pregnancy, feeling more of a need to protect their baby then show it off. Not to say its wrong to do it the other way, but I just think some women feel comfortable with it and some don’t.

Ladies, lets also not forget what it feels like to be pregnant. Sometimes you feel like crap, and sometimes you just don’t feel sexy or beautiful no matter how amazing pregnancy is. Some women take to being pregnant, others don’t. Why judge when everyone is different and everyone is entitled to feel how they may? Lets commend her for having a good marriage and providing a great life for her children. Not to mention her example as a business woman. Out of all the ladies in Hollywood, Victoria is a class act and I wish her and her family all the best on the expansion of their family. I for one cannot wait to see pictures of the new little one 🙂

j on

Is that a small knock to Brad and Angelina?

Amanda on

She’s not talking about girls dressing like frilly girls as opposed to tomboys. Seriously, do you people even read? She’s talking about little girls dressing like adult mini fashionistas – that is what she is saying her child will not interpret it any other way, doesn’t even make sense unless you believe there’s this wave or trend of toddler girls wearing boys swimming trunks that must be stopped. Some women are just toxic human beings, attacking everything they themselves are envious and bitter of, even little baby girls. Shame.

Marky on

“I cannot stand the phrase “baby bump”. There. Got it out.” Thank you,hate that phrase, many of us feel likewise!

What the heck, I heart ashley, are you kidding about Victoria needs to eat more, and you gained 80 lbs. with your pregnancy??!! You weren’t eating; you were sitting at a pig trough! I gained 20-25 lbs with each of mine, exercised daily and ate very healthily. Everyone doesn’t want to look like an elephant when pregnant, no offense, and 80 lbs, is 50 lbs too much, for health reasons for both mom and baby.

It’s amazing that some of you honestly claim Angelina dresses her boys like girls, LOL! I haven’t seen a single girl wearing cargo pants and a sleeveless t-shirt. Knox dresses like a cute 2 yr old boy, and Shiloh is the only one of the 3 girls who doesn’t dress in a feminine manner. She accepts her daughter as she is, and Shiloh is going to be better off for it

I don’t know why some of you are sniping at Victoria Beckham for not strutting around naked, showing off her pregnant belly, and intimating she may not even be pregnant. Brits are not people who do that and they should be respected and accepted for their own views. Has no one ever thought that VB may not love her own smile and has adapted her expression as a trademark, to avoid smiling in pictures? I do that myself, but who cares because I’m not a celebrity. It doesn’t matter; she’s known for her expression so stop complaining.

I certainly don’t think she’s ashamed of her pregnant look, or worried about her weight; looks as if she’s gained an appropriate amount for her bone structure and the baby’s needs. She dresses impeccably and always looks lovely, pregnant or not. All her children have been healthy, so why shouldn’t this baby do just fine?

kk on

I don’t think she’s saying she doesn’t want her daughter to dress maturely. I took this comment as she wants her little girl to look feminine, not like a tomboy…. it would make sense, as she already has 3 boys and wants her girl to be a little lady.

Jen on

She has my respect. Wish the best for her growing family.

Anonymous on

I totally agree, I love for little girls to dress girl and have very feminine names, which is strange since when I was a little girl I was mostly found running around barefoot and playing in the mud!

JG on

How about this novel idea…Let little children look, play, dress, act, grow like CHILDREN…gender dressing really isn’t that big a deal nor should it be an issue…Just let the child learn, grow and become a productive member of the world around them…What will she do next? Only buy Easy Bake Ovens and Barbie dolls…Frankly VB comments make me sad…Too many times as an educator, I have seen what this stereotyping does…

soph on

i heart ashley: your inability to put down the fork during your pregnancy has nothing to do with Victoria Beckham’s, sorry.

Anonymous on

This lady is one class act!

Dion on

Wow, someone showing a little decorum, a nice change of pace!

maya on

You’re right on Bernadette. M!, Jolie doesn’t need defending…she has serious issues obviously. everyone knows that, why? because she like most celebs like to talk…she doesnt talk about her dark self anymore now that she has kids but she was more than happy to before. I no doubt think she’s a good mom, but don’t defend her when it comes to dressing if you’ve seen some girl clothes on her kids. when they are caught in photos on almost a daily basis, their clothes match closely with Jolie’s color preferences. big whoop, you’ve seen a few bright colors, but that’s not the norm in anyway for them not even Zahara. and yeah, it’s totally Jolie’s doing. I find it normal for her in that we all have our own issues to deal with and they don’t go away just because you have kids.

anonymous on

after having 3 sons, and having her husband there too, i can only imagine hers, and everyone’s excitement to have a baby girl amongst will be great.

about shiloh…i think angelina and brad are way out in left field about shiloh…and it isnt right. angelina is bisexual, and she is living it out in her innocent child, and, that is wrong.

cayli on

I am liking Victoria more and more…

Moon on

Alycia of July 3rd, 2011 said it BEST when it comes to Victoria and her comments on her upcoming daughter and her pregnancy! Well done and very well said, Alycia! Those of you who accused Victoria of starving herself during this pregnancy…can’t you see how STUPID that comment or that line of thinking is??! If she really starved herself for this 9 months, we wouldn’t ever heard about her pregnancy no more than 3 or 4 months coz that baby (God forbid!) must be dead by now! And those who claimed to not see her at all during this pregnancy other than during the Royal wedding, I’m guessing you guys are living in a cage – her last pregnancy picture was when she went out in the park with Cruz last month and she looked BIG as any normal, pregnant woman do! And if you think she HATES or really mortified at being pregnant, why do you think she’s got pregnant for FOUR times now?! She even said that if God approved and miracle happened, this might not be her last child. So, good luck for you, Victoria!

Jay on

Finally, a pregnant woman who is a class act, and NOT an exhibitionist, not showing off her pregnant body like so many do. I’ve always liked Victoria and now like her even more. A pregnancy is something that is PRIVATE like she says. NOT to be showed to the world, no one wants to see it. Glad she is getting her little girl, the child will be beautiful. Hope they give her a decent name, not something she’ll be made fun of her entire life like so many other celebs do to their kids. Her boy’s names are stretching it, but there are worse. Good luck to them.

Silky on

“I have never seen any of Angelina’s girls dressed as girls..Its my opinion that Angelina only ever wanted boys…”

Are you joking? Vivienne was pictured last week wearing a pink tutu and fairy wings! She wears dresses and skirts and had a pink hair band on the other day. When Shiloh was a baby she wore dresses and little tops with frills (including a few from Bonpoint, ironically). Her tomboy phase started when she was three. You’ll have to invent a new theory.

Kim on

Victoria Beckham acts like the biggest snob of anyone in the media. She doesn’t smile and she acts like she’s too good for anyone. It’s hard to tell who the arm candy is, her or her husband. He certainly thinks he’s God’s gift to women. There’s nothing wrong with dressing nicely, but what is underneath all that is the part that shines through. The only thing she said that I will agree with is that a little girl should dress like a little girl…not vs. tomboy, but age appropriate. For years now little girls fashion crossed the risque line. I never wanted my six year old to look 16. As for the pregnant bellies and everyone who commented, there was never once a single picture taken of anyone pregnant and looking distasteful. It’s not about modesty, it’s about pride. A happily pregnant woman feels like a woman and she likes to display herself because she feels beautiful. There is nothing wrong with it. For centuries the world’s most famous painters painted not only women in the nude but also pregnant. Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes, Victoria clearly in her need to be perfect, forgot, we were all made perfect just as we are and we are beautiful because of who we are not how we look.

Rhonda on

I have been blessed with 3 beautiful little girls and personally from the age newborn to 3 I was dressing them in girly colours. It came to the point that I was dreaming in pink literally. 2 of my daughters are now old enough that I let them choose (with some help) what is appropriate. my oldest is dinosaur crazy we can only find dinosaur themed clothing in the boys department and she is sick of pink. My middle daughter is “Cars” crazy so guess where we had to shop for the Disney themed Cars clothing? I refused to tell my girls that they couldn’t purchase the items of clothing they wanted. They were decent, did not make them look like boys in the least. I treasure the shopping time I have with them because all to soon they will be making the leap to teenageville and I am keeping my fingers crossed that maxi-skirts and dresses become the rage!!!! For the record I have no problem with any woman flaunting their bodies as some people will put it. Pregnancy for each of us is different and unique. Just like opinions.

tina on

agree with everything she said. one classy lady.

as for Shiloh, i love Angelina and Brad, but they shouldn’t dress her like a little boy. she’s too young to know better. if she want to eat candy all day long, will they let her do that too?

Jamie on

It is the dreadful mommy police on this blog that have issues with how children dress, which is the problem, not the children or their parents.

As far as Mrs. Beckham, she will no doubt be showing her amazing size 0 figure soon after birth with every one being amazed at how she got thin again so fast, which is what I have a problem with. To me, she likes being thin (underwear photo shoot anyone, so yes she does like showing her body). Give me Pink and her normal body after birth any day.

C on

I completely agree with her about little girls dressing like little girls. It bugs me to no end when they’re either dressed in something even a teen shouldn’t wear or they’re dressed so that you have to ask if they’re a boy or a girl. I have a son who has been dressed like a boy since the day he was born. If I ever have a girl she will be dressed as such.

Anonymous on

Does that woman every smile?

Karen on


If I had a girl I would want her to wear pink. If I had a boy I would want him to wear blue!

Maybe this is a jab at Brad and Angelina. I think that this thing with Shiloh is out of control. When I saw her in boys swimming trunks I almost puked!

wow on

it didn’t seem like she was pregnant for very long…

Valerie on

Give Victoria a break…after having 3 sons, Im quite sure she is very happy to have a girl to buy frilly things for. To flaunt or not to flaunt your pregnant belly is your choice.

When I had my daughter, I was frilly silly…when her daughters came along she dressed them in T-shirts and shorts…drove me crazy. Today they are 24 and 21. The 24 yr. old is a Fashion Designer and totally girly in everyway and her sister is also very stylish. So how you dress as a child has nothing to do with who you become. That being said, “LEAVE SHILOH ALONE!”

Jamie on

OK, this crap with Shiloh just moved beyond crazy. How a kid dresses makes some of you “puke”? My advice is get a life of your own and leave this child alone.

cynlee on

She’ll probably have a tomboy!

Kim on

Some of you need to actually read the article. I don’t think she has a problem with little girls wearing pants..which I assume some of you consider dressing like a boy. (okay-fine-whatever) She’s saying little girls should dress like little girls..not a mature woman. Look at Suri Cruise. She’s dressed like she’s 25 most of the time. Her stupid parents put her in heels and long dresses and act like she’s a little adult. Sorry, she’s a child, and she should dress like one. Nothing at all wrong with the way Angelina Jolie dresses her children. 99.9% of little girls wear jeans and t-shirts and nobody says a word. But Heaven help any of Angie’s kids for dressing casually. Some of you people are just plain dumb, and jealous.

Stacey on

Every woman looks and feels different during their pregnancy. If she’s not comfortable showing off her baby bump, that is her, and her alone, choice!

I’m glad to see her showing her belief in how little girls can dress. My nieces are still pretty young, but I hate seeing the “stylish” clothes look so risque! I have a cousin who is in her teenage years and had short shorts on, with the pockets longer than the shorts! Dressing our girls shouldn’t be about the amount of skin you show, but how beautiful each and every girl is.

I look forward to seeing pictures! I’m sure her boys are so excited too!

paula on

I agree with her I couldnt do that Im a private person and I dont want people starring at my belly that probally doesnt look too pretty all stretched out anyway I feel there is nothing wrong with being respectful

Phyllis A. Miller on

I agreed with her 100%, little girl should look like little girl. Today, you see little girl about 5 or 6 years old wearing 1 1/2 to 2 inch heels. That’s ridiculous. You see girls who are about 12 or 13, with dye hair. makeup and wearing unappropriate clothes for there age. I was not allow to any wear makeup until I graduated from high school. I know that seen a little ridiculous today, but I grownup in the 50’s and 60’s. Graduated from high in 1970.

I have two sons, wanted girl both time. So, I could pass some of the morals behaviors to them.

It’s nothing wrong with wanted you kids to grow up slow, and wait to grow, it will happen. They do grownup so fast.

Cindy on

Wow. This is good news that Victoria believes so much in her own marriage that she protects their intimacy in this way. I love that. And she is going to have so much joy with this new little person to come into their family. Man, she is blessed great husband, great kids.

NM on

But we did see her baby bump, at William and Kate’s wedding!

Rae on

Everyone’s pregnancy is different. My sister was pretty skinny during her two pregnancies only gained 60 lbs. My first nephew was born a healthy 6 lbs 10 oz. My second nephew was 8 lbs 6 oz.

Victoria has never flaunted any of her pregnancies. So to say its because of her body issues is pretty dumb. She may or may not have body issues, I am not here to say with either way, but don’t blame her for wanting to keep something as wonderful as being pregnant a private matter.

Why do we need to see pictures of her flaunting her baby belly, anyway? That is something for her family and close friends to share in, not millions of strangers who can’t get enough celebrity buzz.

Kudos to her for keeping her children just that, children. She is a great hands on mother, who puts a lot of stock into keeping her family together and I know she will greatly enjoy the much awaited birth of her first girl.

Catherine on

I know of no one who cares what Victoria Beckham thinks about anything. She is a phony, manipulative, narcissistic, egotistical, arrogant bore. Too bad she had to leave UK & descend upon us. We, in America, have children that dress in shorts, jeans, & other attire that isn’t “girly”. She never looks “girly”. She does the skinny jeans & plain, simple, but classic look. She has no imagination or creativity in anything I have seen her wear or anything she has designed. So from a “girly girl” for real, don’t comment on something u know nothing about. Does anyone outside Hollywood even like her. Using Tom & Katie like she did to make a splash in America was shameful. But what is amazing, it seems as though some still fall for the star power bs. Don’t know about u; never liked the Spice Girls nor did anyone else that I knew!!! It is scary; a little girl being so impressionable by their mothers! ooh ooh! Poor little girl!

blondeagent99 on

These two have always been one of my favorite couples. Not only are they both beautiful but so are their actions. They have class and I wish them the best of luck with their new little girl. Boy will she be a lucky tot.

Lola on

Soon as I saw the comment, I thought of Suri Cruise with her high-heels and all! Could this comment be directed at her friend Katie whose daughter almost always looks like an adult?!

Kenya on

I agree with her all the way. Little girls should look like little girls- they only stay small for a while! And I also agree with her on the fact that you shouldn’t display your baby bump everywhere you go.

missEE on

Anyone ever stop to think that maybe she doesn’t want pics of her “bump” taken because she’s protective of the baby in her womb? This is a woman with 3 kids and one on the way….obviously a maternal person. Don’t be jealous.

Kristy on

Awesome!!! My respect for Victoria Beckham just sky rocketed!

Lady on

I’m guessing she has the baby tomorrow…can’t wait to hear what name they chose!

Lizzie on

Thank goodness the Beckham baby girl will be dressed like a little girl as opposed to generic!! Can’t wait to see Baby Girl Beckham all
dressed up~~~girlie girl!! 🙂

tina on

I knew a transvestite who told me the reason he became a cross-dresser was because his mother made him wear girl panties when he was little.

He said back then, in the late 1940s and early 1950s, girl panties were much cheaper than boy briefs and boxer shorts. His mother, with intention of saving money, made him wear panties and told him no one would know. But of cause he knew, and was ashamed of it.

As time pass, he learned to like the feeling of soft silky material underwear, and became a cross dresser. Most people knew him as a macho guy. Only few knew the real person underneath.

Myra Robinson on

I am not a fan of Victoria,but I understand what she means. I am a huge fan of someone who is a big fan of hers. she allows her girls to dress how they want to dress. and when she and her family take walks when her man is on tour,they look so normal and very comfortable. I am speaking of Faith Hill. she is a huge Victoria fan.

CS on

Does she mean little girls should dress like little girls VS dressing like big girls or VS dressing like little boys? It could be either.

nurse on

Did anybody consider the fact that she might not really be pregnant? She is obviously obsessed with staying very thin, and people with that small a percentage of body fat don’t usually ovulate. My guess is it is a surrogate pregnancy and she is faking the bump.

Ken on

Add a smile to this interview and Victoria gets my vote! Come on, girlfriend, we know you’ve got it in ya!!

Moon on

Did anybody consider the fact that she might not really be pregnant? She is obviously obsessed with staying very thin, and people with that small a percentage of body fat don’t usually ovulate. My guess is it is a surrogate pregnancy and she is faking the bump.

– nurse on July 3rd, 2011

This is the stupidest, not to mention the most ridiculous comment, ever!!! Full of jealousy and hugely LACK of knowledge about women, especially those who have Victoria’s kind of body. Ignorance!


Maybe thats a slam at her ex-bestie Katie Holmes?

Jan on

The child will be dressed like a fashion icon, on show and up for display…a mini Victoria. The child will hate it and will want to spend more time with her very athletic and fun brothers and her rough-and-tumble dad for some really good fun, affection and play, while Victoria’s doing her posing thing.

Katrin on

Their daughter will be named Loona (or Luna).

jujubean on

Im not sure anyone knows this but David had an affair with a hot married woman who lives in Los Angeles. That woman and her lAWYER husband are now embroiled in a Huge divorce. Also she was friendly with Posh and designed some trinkets for her.

Marky on

I weighed 102 when i got pregnant the last time, and I gained about 25 lbs in a very healthy way. I went home from the hospital in my pre-pregnancy clothes (except I could hardly button the top, LOL, and in 2 weeks looked the same as before. My healthy baby weighed over 7 lbs. and I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone thinks you have to become obese to have a “normal” pregnancy. Get real! If you don’t want to refrain from gaining too much weight and you want to retain some of that excess weight afterwards, that doesn’t mean those who choose not to are horrible jerks!

As far as her dressing her baby in a feminine way, I had 2 girls, both love to look like girls and dress feminine to this day, although they enjoy jeans and shorts also. I’m sure things will be fine with Victoria’s little girl and she won’t hate her mother for dressing her well. At least my daughters know how to dress appropriately wherever they go, which is more than some these days.

Why so much venom toward Victoria or Angelina, neither of whom you even know? They are celebrities, not your sisters, so what clothes they put on their kids is their business. Why don’t we confine our comments to “I like it!”, or “I don’t like it!”, and refrain form the personal attacks?

corey d. on

I like this woman more and more as she ages. I hope all goes well for her in the next few weeks. I have a feeling all those handsome Beckham boys will be doting over their wife/mom.

jessicad on

I bet her daughter will be gorgeous and well dressed no matter what type of clothing she chooses. I don’t keep up with this couple much but from what I’ve seen here they seem like decent people and focused on family, it will be cute to see them with a girl after 3 boys!

Also, some people do enjoy seeing baby bumps. I find them all beautiful and interesting!

Robin on

I took her statement to mean she is all about dressing her daughter like a girly girl. What does she have, three boys? I am thinking she is looking forward to being able to dress her girl like a girl after dressing all of the boys. Bless you Victoria. I, too, have one girl amidst three sons and I adored dressing her. Dressing girls can be fun without being obnoxious. My girl was second though, not last. Always wanted another girl and didn’t get one. Enjoy your girly girl. Best wishes to you and David on your pending arrival.

Liz on

WOW, some of the people in this comment section are SCARY. She is saying she doesn’t like when children dress older than they are. That is all. There are no subliminal messages directed at Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes, you nutjobs.

conny on

Finally! Someone who seems to have some sense! Little girls should look like little girls,not little street walkers! Some of the clothes they have out for little girls are just awful! As for Victorias modesty I think thats great! Good for her!

clp on

I agree with the others that it is awesome she feels this way. Kids need to be kids. I have two little boys and that is how I dress them. They are kids. I don’t need them to look like little men. There will be plenty of time for them to dress in grown up clothes and that will be when they are grown up. Bring on the truck and bug shirts!

amsjll on

This has nothing to do with modesty. Its that she only is comfortable when extremely thin and she’s currently not. Thats why she doesnt want anyone to see her. Hopefully she wont pass that along to her little girl.

Anonymous on

Go Victoria!

Faithhope on

I agree with her!! I have 2 girls and they do grow up very fast!! I cannot stand all that makeup on small kids, just now I let them wear some for play time only!!

MGM on

I agree with her about the girls looking like girls, but on the pregnancy issue…I guess that it might have to do with her figure, because she already has three sons and I have only seen around three or four pictures of her being pregnant and those are from her 4th baby, I have never seen any picture of her big belly with her other three sons, have any of you?.

Gulu on

Good for her! No need for other people to see her bump, that’s private, it’s their problem.

Indira on

1. Maybe she’s uncomfortable in tight fitting clothing while pregnant?

2. Maybe she didn’t grow up in a time where a pregnant belly was all the rage? We are the period we grew up in after all.

3. She’s had 3 kids before this one so obviously she’s accostom to being pregnant. She’s private and for all we know she walks around pregnant in a sports bra at home.

Emmalynn on

@Molly, That is certainly correct…you “guess”. Victoria Beckham never said a thing about tomboys being mentally wrong, nor did she allude to such a thing. Leave it to someone take a delightful article and turn it into something negative and nasty…just hateful.

Missy on

Yep, just like she likes to dress–what a role model that will be…perhaps she will teach her daughter to smile…that would be an improvement.

Debi on

I now have to change my entire perception of Victoria Beckham! She’s got good sense, and I cannot TELL you how often I thought the nude pregnant pics have disgusted me. I don’t want to see them, and believe it should be a private matter. Some people, I know, think they’re beautiful. I don’t. Glad also to know that her daughter will be dressed like a little girl. Angelina Jolie could take some lessons from her.

Booo on

I take this as not only a dig a other celebs who dress their kids like mini-adults, but also for those who dress their little girls like little boys (I’m looking at you Angelina). I like little girls to look like little girls, too!

T. on

I LOVE Naartjie for little girl’s clothes! It’s bright, fun, funky, kid friendly and age appropriate! 🙂

Erika on

After 3 boys, who can blame her for wanting to dress up a little girl. I recently met a family with 4 boys and a baby girl, and it was SO sweet! They were telling everyone what a miracle she was, how blessed they were to finally have a little girl because their family could now be complete. They wanted a girl after the 1st boy, so they waited a LONG time lol. I’m sure the Beckhams feel the same way. Oh and she was dressed to the nines, as I’m sure Victoria’s daughter will be.

Very sweet family! I’m glad they are having a little girl!

Ashley on

I don’t remember her saying anything negative about tomboys…My daughter is a tomboy, but still dresses like a little girly girl. She loves to wear frilly dresses and bows in her hair, but there’s no hesitation from her when it comes to playing in the dirt and being rough and rowdy with her five uncles. Being a parent is about letting your kids become their own people. Kudos to the lady who posted about her daughter liking dinosaurs and superheroes. There’s nothing wrong with that. My baby brother used to play with baby dolls when he and my sister and my daughter were all smaller. It has brought out the more caring, sensitive side of him. Just like with my daughter, she loves her baby dolls, but she also knows how to stick up for herself. Victoria and David are great parents. I think having three sons makes her definitely want to put her daughter in dresses and hair bows, and I’m sure that Victoria will let her know that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get out and play with your brothers…even if you are in a dress!

Anonymous on


Shea on

I understand her feelings on showing off her pregnant belly…..I have pictures my husband took of my belly in different stages of my pregnancies…but I would have *never* posted them on my blog or facebook like most of my friends do/did. I would never wear a bikini pregnant, though normally I wear very tiny bikinis and shorts with belly shirts….it’s because our babies inside my womb was just that *our babies* they weren’t for the world to share. I *HATED* when people tried to put their hands on my belly..only my husband had that honor. We created that beautiful life together, those little girls were created out of our love. My pregnancies were a beautiful and special time for us, not for everyone else. We had no desire to share it everyone. Maybe that’s how Victoria and David feel…

Jennifer on

Our precious little girls grow up so very fast. I love to dress them in ribbons,bows,lace,petticoats and Easter bonnets too. The years pass so quickly so I dress them as cute as can be because each day of their tiny years is a gift to be cherished forever.

Ray on

I believe she has all the right to be modest about herself and her self-image! Thereafter, I totally LOVE that she likes little girls dressed like little girls. It’s so exciting dressing oneself, dressing a girl is much funner!!!!

Linda on

Good for Victoria Beckham not wanting to show the world her “baby bump.” What a demeaning term for a baby. It’s embarassing to see women wearing skin tight clothes or no clothes at all when they are six to nine months pregnant. When did that become the thing to do?

Bren on

They might be nice people but they look mean in picture!! Expecting baby should make you smile, smile, smile…

IMO on

I would never force my daughter to wear something she did not want to wear. I dressed her in Pink and dresses and bows and anything girly I could get my hands on. She started showing interest in what she was wearing when she was 3, so I let her have her say. She still likes the girly things but also likes to play in the mud and with cars and trucks.

Those of you saying that what Angelina is doing to Shiloh is insane. That baby girl has her own way of doing things and they are letting her express that. She is old enough to understand, she is 3 months older than my daughter, and I have experienced it first hand. I am the opposite of girly, I am a huge tomboy but my daughter is a girly girl. I didn’t force it on her.

Give VB a break, she wants her daughter to be a little girl, not a 15 year old trapped in a 5 year old’s body.

And how sickening is it that you pick on little kids. All you are, are big bullies. Grow up.

smiavs on

It’s funny how people are jumping on one another for “not having read the article.” All she says is she “like[s] little girls to look like little girls.” That can be interpreted as little girls vs. adults or little girls vs. little boys. She didn’t specify, so assuming one way or another, or attacking someone for their assumption, is ridiculous.

Living in France, I can say that the style to which she refers is both feminine and child-like, so either could be the case. I’ll also say that it does include a great deal of blacks, browns, greys and navies (in the winter lines, especially) so those hoping for color may be disappointed, only time will tell.

As for Shiloh, leave that poor child alone. And her mother, for that matter. I applaud her for allowing her daughter to dress in a manner that best expresses her personality. Neither Shiloh nor her siblings is ever dressed inappropriately, so I don’t see what the big deal is. To those of you saying she is too young to have made the clothing decisions yourself, I ask, have you ever spent time around a three year-old? They’re certainly old enough to have strong opinions.

Seriously, why on earth are you people treating this poor child like she’s crazy for preferring clothes that are more practical for play? Shiloh looks like she’s allowed to play. I wonder if the same is true for some of the celebrity children who “dress like little girls.” If Beckham’s comment is gender-based, I certainly hope she doesn’t have a tomboy. A child needs supportive, accepting parents, and parents with a rigid view of gender roles would not be a good environment for a child who doesn’t fit that view. It astounds me when people claim to hope for something that could be harmful to a child. When I see people “hop[ing] the Duggars’ kids turn out to be gay or atheist” it makes me sick. Why would you wish for a child to be born into an environment that is essentially poisonous to their development as an individual? The same lies true in this case, if Beckham was indeed referring to gender.

All of you should look up the “Raising My Rainbow” blog, read some of the posts there, and take a lesson on what the unconditional love of a parent really means.

herry on

PLEASE PLEASE let David Beckham be the only one that has to see the nasty @zz skinky biotch’s body!! Save the world a lfetime of that horrid image seared into our brain!

Any place where u can choose ur child's gender? on

Does anyone know if it exists a country where IVF (etc) would be done just to get a desired gender ?
I’m too old that I could get 3 boys at first and then a girl… That doesn’t mean that the boys wouldn’t be wanted and loved too, but I just don’t have time anymore and I’d like to have a girl so much…

And also I agree with Victoria that children should look like children and not mini-adults…

Molly on

Emmalynn , sorry but she sounds like a hateful brat. Deal with it

InFID3ViL on

Such a beautiful woman. Nice to see such a devoted mom.

It’s just a shame she always has that miserable look on her face.

Erika on

‘Any place….chose child’s gender’- I believe you can do PGD or microsort in the US. You can google both and find out where it is available for sure. I believe PGD is more expensive, but miscrosort is not as accurate (I know a family where it family- they wanted a girl but got another boy, but then tried again and got a girl) so PGD may be worth it.

I know this is a very controversial topic, but I believe it is a family’s choice, though I probably wouldn’t use it myself. Good luck!

Marky on

Seriously, if you want a girl so much, Any Place…, please consider adoption, even if you go to Korea, or through DHS here. I wanted a daughter so much, and I had been told I couldn’t have another child after years of infertility, so we adopted, and have never regretted that decision. She is all grown up now, and has always been a wonderful daughter and a really precious person to all who know her. She was about a year old, but we never felt we missed out on her infancy, she was still our baby!

Jen on

I personally think girly cloths are ugly. I can’t stand the big bows headbands parents put on their baby girls…they look itchy and uncomfortable.

mommy2eandl on

@Cecelia— how do you know that is what Victoria was referring to? Were you at the interview and know exactly what she was thinking about when she spoke those words?? If I had to guess, I would probably say she might have been think about Shilo in “her” suits and boyish haircut.

And while it’s great that Victoria wants her little girl to dress and look like a little girl I am more bother by the comments of how she works and takes care of her boys and husband… I guess she picks up the slack of the nannies, housekeepers, chefs, dirvers, personal trainers, etc…..

Erin on

Perhaps what Victoria meant by “little girls dressing like little girls” is that she merely wants to take advantage of dressing her daughter as frilly and ruffly as possible while she still controls the wardrobe. I have a 16-month-old daughter and I put her in as many cutesy outfits, dresses, and bows while I can, since I know once she can form her own fashion opinion, I may not get the girly-girl clothing options for awhile!

Kudos to Victoria for wanting to do the girly look, and kudos to her for not wanting to flaunt her belly. I don’t think it’s a body-image issue. Some women feel something like pregnancy should be kept to the privacy of the family. Nobody is inside her head, and I highly doubt there are any psychologists weighing in on this discussion, so it is not fair to judge or label her with what we assume she believes or feels.

JES on

Love the article, and little girls looking like little girls. We have 7 nephews and two nieces (one 9y/o & one 7 m/o, so its been great buying for the baby because the old one has no cool clothes anymore. Maybe we’ll see a toddler/little girl line from Victoria in the future.

mg on

What a stupid comment. Here’s one for you Victoria…I like for my little girl to be happy, comfy and secure in her clothes. And if it camo pants and converse all stars, so be it. God, this woman is an idiot.

AVI on

Hee hee hee, Victoria has a very good chance of getting a tomboy with three big brothers around. I got one! My baby is already picking out her own outfits and dressing herself (almost three)…usually won’t wear the dresses I prestocked except for every once and awhile and only at home (I had hand me overs from 0-3m up until 5T, the larger sizes which I probably won’t be able to use, now). But, at least my baby has escaped the kind genderization of strangers the way she dresses, which is great because I find most people’s version of femininity quite limiting.

RBM on

Modesty? I read this article yesterday applauding her modesty and today I just saw a photo of her with her large baby bump out for all to see. Groan!

Jaimee on

I agree completely with Victoria. It bothers me so much to see little girls dressing as grown women! Let them be young and enjoy being little girls before trying to turn them into “supermodels” and “pageant queens”

KS on

I love it. Can’t wait to see what “that” look will be – but it will have to be an improvement over the clothes Angelina lets Shiloh wear. (Not that I expect a lot of character building to stem from attire choice from someone who cheats and steals people’s husbands.) You’re not impeding on their childhood or future by insisting they dress in clothes that are appropriate for their age and gender! You’re just being a good decent parent. Way to go Victoria. Dress a little girl like a little girl. How novel. Write a book about it even.

Ryanne on

Little girls should be dressed like little girls–NOT LIKE BOYS (hear that, Angelina Jolie?) – Shiloh is such a cute little girl but gets lost in the shuffle with the boy look — hairstyle and clothing!! While Victoria B could use a shot of smile and happy face awaiting her girl, I do agree with girls should be little girls. BTW. Victoria, realize your little girl may arrive with a ready-made grumpy look — just like mom! Do you eat pickles before you’re camera ready?

anastasia on

Such a shame! She makes it sound like having a baby bump is something that should be hidden. Show it off! We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the baby bump. Honestly, she should be ashamed of her attitude, not her baby bump.

Robin Lawrance on

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emccarthy1 on

I do not agree Friendly, Ellan