François-Henri Pinault Is the Father of Linda Evangelista’s Son

07/01/2011 at 08:45 PM ET
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Salma Hayek‘s daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault, 3½, has a second half-brother.

According to court papers recently filed by supermodel Linda Evangelista, her son, Augustin James, 4½, was fathered by Hayek’s husband, François-Henri Pinault.

Hayek and Pinault wed in 2009, but dated since 2006, around the time Evangelista got pregnant.

(Pinault has two other children – a son and a daughter – from his previous marriage, which ended in divorce in 2004.)

Now Evangelista has filed a petition seeking support from the French businessman, 49.

“In the filing, it says the child ‘was born out of wedlock to [petitioner] Linda Evangelista, 46, and that [Pinault] acknowledged [her] allegation,'” a source familiar with the filing tells PEOPLE. “It says, ‘It is decided that Pinault is the father of [Evangelista’s son], Augustin James.'”

It has not been determined how much support Pinault will be obligated to pay for his child with Evangelista.

“All that’s left is for a magistrate to go over the father’s filings and make a determination of support, which will last until the child is 21,” the source says. “[Pinault] is asking to be able to testify by phone.”

Meanwhile, another source tells PEOPLE: “This is no Schwarzenegger case. No one was married. There was no infidelity.”

The Pinault family’s luxury goods empire is reportedly worth $16-18 billion. Pinault’s 2010 salary was $5.4 million, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

In New York, where the court papers were filed, the law requires a father to pay 17 percent of what he earns in child support. This would mean Pinault should owe around $920,000 for that year.

Reps for Hayek, 44, and Evangelista have not returned request for comment.

— K.C. Baker and Dahvi Shira

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Pamela on

I feel like the old CelebrityBabies (before it was owned by PEOPLE) wouldn’t have posted this..

Janie on

Yikes. That old dude is a player.

Poor Salma, how embarassing.

Steph on

I feel for Salma….I hope she’s known about this child for awhile and this isn’t something new and shocking to her.

Crystal on

Salma has nothing to be embarrassed about. Linda E. got pregnant around the time Francois met Salma. The only thing that would even be remotely embarrassing are the headlines: Salma Hayek’s husband is the father of Linda Evangelista’s child. I’m really glad that People not only changed the headline of this article but they cleared up the ages of the children. Linda and Salma were not pregnant at the same time. Their children are nearly 1 year apart. Salma hadn’t even gotten pregnant when Linda had her baby. The media needs to get their facts straight!

victoriaq on

linda need some money?

Bugs on

Oh please people, the media will try really hard to make this a love triangle scandal when it’s not.

Indira on

This is just kinda trashy on people’s part.”Hayek and Pinault wed in 2009, but dated since 2006, around the time Evangelista got pregnant.” they’re trying to make it escandalo when it’s not. Other websites have posted that Hayek and Pinault weren’t together at the time. Nice try tho.

Ali on

It’s not a love-triangle at all…but, it’s still kind of gross. I mean, cmon mister…learn how to use a condom. That’s a pretty short span of time to get two different women pregnant in. Kind of icky imho. Oh well. It’s not my business. I just think it’s weird and a bit classless to be inseminating every woman you sleep with.

Jillian on

Pamela, agree!

Indiria, exactly!!

When I read this on, I thought no way would they put it here. Then I remembered what this site has become.

cara on

He has good taste in women !

Hea on

Ali – Yes and condoms are 100% safe.

fuzibuni on

Kinda surprised to see this posted on here, especially written the way it is to make it seem like a love triangle… a bit tacky imo.

Besides, I don’t think Salma had even met Pinault when Linda got pregnant. Apparently they met right afterwards.

Jamie on

Love triangle, no, but both children are about the same age, which means he was seeing both women about the same time. That is not a sweet, innocent story. But it is in the past and should be between the adults.

Susan on

Condoms are 100% safe when used correctly – people are sloppy and stupid.

I’m not saying that’s what happened here.

But come on – people have sex and don’t get pregnant. For two grown people to ‘accidentally’ means people were being stupid. There is the pill, lots of barrier methods for her and then the glorious condom. If you can’t talk about this stuff – then you shouldn’t be having sex. And I say if you can’t talk about this stuff – then the sex you might be having won’t be very good.

I can’t wait to hear all the – no my 6 year old happened because the condom slipped off or it broke or the pill didn’t work right. Yeah – keep telling yourself that – if used correctly 6 year olds don’t exist. Except for you – I’m sure.

Anna on

The children aren’t the same age, there is no scandal here. I’m betting Salma knew about this child all along they just didn’t want the press to make into some sordid affair.

Sarah on

@Pamela I remember reading it on the old site on some article about Linda. Not 100% sure it was in the article, pretty sure it was actually a part of the comments section where one reader might have been speculating about paternity.

Adrienne on

I soooooo miss the other celebrity baby blog. The original one. It felt way more authentic.

Ella on

He’s only 5 years older than Salma? I thought he was MUCH older than she was. I’m wondering – is his age listed here a misprint (49) or is that really his age?

Sorry – I know this story isn’t about his age. lol But I was just so surprised when I read it.

Robin on

I don’t miss the other celebrity baby blog. This one is much better. People should have right to say anything they like. The other baby blog, the moderator acted too self-righteous and if she didn’t agree with your opinion then it was not posted. There is not as much advertising on here than when the other moderator had it.

andilea on

Why did Linda wait all this time to go after child support? Really? If you don’t need it when they are babies, then why does she need it now? It just doesn’t make sense to me, how after years and years she decides to get a chunk of his billions…after all, he was bloody rich 5 years ago.

Jillian on

Sarah, condoms break and fall off with people who are responsible. Your statement in this sense can’t really be said. Condoms are not 100% safe even when used correctly.

Janie, the children are almost 12 months apart, so it could be sweet and innocent.

Susan on

And for responsible people who have a “mishap” there is the morning after pill. Used world round for all those “broken condoms” – but they chose not to do this.

Let’s just call a duck a duck – some people think that because of who they are (rich, white, famous, etc) they can’t get pregnant unless they want to or can’t get an STD.

I’m not saying that this is the case of these three people (Salma btw has Valentina before she married him) – but that it does happen.

Apparently Bristol Palin was on the pill – but even though she took it religiously she was able to get pregnant the first time while drunk. Yeah – I believe that. So many good christian girls who are waiting for marriage are on the pill and take it religiously. Before you go -oh she might be taking it for PCOS. If you are taking the pill for PCOS you don’t need to be so diligent about taking it.


thanks for the info. now I know.

steph on

i thought he was late 50’s. Does the person who owned the original celebrity babies even own the site anymore or did she sell it? I would think she sold it because since People took over the site has defintely changed.


Adrienne on

Sorry didn’t mean to be rude or offend anybody.

M! on

They did split up for a time before getting married. No doubt this guy is a sleazy individual.

Shannon on

Wow! I thought Linda denied he was the father. Yikes.

Samantha on


Bugs on

Pinault scores pretty hot women because he has a B$$$$G heart.

Susanna on

Wow! isn’t this quite the story! Maybe Salma knew and maybe she didn’t, but if she didn’t she probably was quite in shock! I always thought this guy was much older than he looks. I would think what does Salma or what would any woman be doing with this guy?? I know I would not take a second look at him as he is nothing to look at. Well, I guess it would be his money right? They are both on easy street with him, but then Salma is rich and so is Linda, but she could have kept it a secret and go on with her life and her son’s life without having all this scandal going on now. She must need the money now or she would have kept it a secret forever! He needs to put a sock on it!

Sara on

Susan, the only thing that prevents pregnancy 100% is abstinence. Didn’t you take home ec in junior high or high school? Condoms and birth control are never 100%, even if used properly.

And I did get pregnant using the pill properly, it does happen. I have a friend who just got pregnant with the IUD! I have heard of people getting pregnant when their tubes were tied or their husband had the big V.

erica2 on

Linda is going to get one hell of a child support check every month until her son is 21! Cha ching! He should have wrapped it up!

dsfg on

Susan, these women are financially stable and were older when they became pregnant. It could very well be that they WANTED to have a baby. And not everyone believes in using the morning after pill.

dsfg on

There’s nothing wrong with posting this story. Linda’s son should not have to hide who his father is, and his father should not have to hide the fact that he is his son. Father and son should not be ashamed and feel the need to hide their relationship.

Emma on

Pamela/Adrienne- The person who used to run Celebrity Baby Blog only transitioned the site over to She didn’t stay with it once it was bought.

Ali on

Let’s call a spade a spade and just call the guy a pig. Everyone gets all up in arms when a guy like Lil’ Wayne or whatever has babies around the same time with other women but it gets tip toed around with a guy like this. Is it a race issue? I don’t know. Just sayin’…I notice a lot more “WHAT’S WRONG WITH HIM!?!” comments when it’s a rapper/athlete of color.

I think that these older men are just plain dumb. Do they think these gorgeous actresses and models are with them for their amazing personalities and good looks??? Have they never ever heard about gold diggers????? I don’t get it. They have so much money that they literally just don’t CARE that they have gold diggers getting impregnanted left and right that they will be financially responsible for (the children at least) for the rest of their lives??? It baffles me.

mama2be on

I’m amazed at all of the comments of outrage coming from people who spend copious amounts of time keeping tabs on and discussing celebrity’s BABIES. You stay classy, hypocrites.

Louise on

I think I read that Linda had fertility problems – probably thought she would not get pregnant. Also, she previously had a stillbirth at 6 months.

Louise on

Patrice on

I also thought he was much older than 49! It’s disgusting that he hasn’t been paying child support since the child was born. It doesn’t matter if the mother is ‘financially stable’ or not. The child has two parents and they should both support the child. If Pinault didn’t want a child, he should have taken the appropriate precautions to avoid it–not having sex with her was the 100% method of avoiding it. If you play, you pay.

Tee on

Susan, I don’t believe in pre-marital sex, so I don’t have to worry about birth control. No chance of me getting pregnant! However, I’d be really curious to know where you got the information that you’re sharing. Everything I’ve read about condoms say that they are not 100% safe. And I know that people get pregnant while using birth control properly. It’s rare, but it does happen.

Now, I’m inclined to agree with you on one thing. A whole lot of women probably claim that they were using birth control correctly when they really weren’t. Trying to save face, maybe? I don’t know. The way I look at it is this… if you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex. Abstinence is fool proof! If you’re having sex, you’re running the risk of getting pregnant, no matter how many forms of birth control you use.

I’m not trying to pick a fight with you. I’m just really curious as to where you are getting your information. You sound like you’re awfully sure of yourself and what you’re saying.

Adrienne, you have nothing to apologize for! Your comment was not offensive in any way and completely agree with you. I miss the old Celebrity Baby Blog.

Jessie on

Condoms are not 100% safe when used the right way. NO credible source will say that. They are much CLOSER to 100% when used the right way, but even so, you will find a “perfect use” rate and a “typical use” rate on any chart for most types of birth control, condoms included. Even if they DON’T break (which happens), even if they are put on properly, removed properly, stored properly, and discarded according to the expiration date, sometimes they fail. If you don’t believe that, you should talk to the baby in my belly.

stephanie on

Hea………. Thats not true condom are not are not 100% safe it could burst it plastic lol abstinence is 100% safe and Yes Linda what money she is so pretty and had a very successful modeling career where her money go.

Marky on

I know someone who got pregnant using condoms, and she was also on the shot. No BC is 100%, period! That’s just ridiculous. And to be honest, you have no idea whether he has been paying child support all along, or not. Posters, these people are not your friends, you don’t know unless they’ve made it public. If those involved have made it public, then we know. As to BC, I know plenty of people who are raising an “advertisement” for failed BC, and it’s unbelievable that an intelligent person today would think any form of BC is 100%. Even ligations can fail, unless the tubes are fried, before they are “cut”.

eternalcanadian on

Yes, Salma’s baby daddy is also the baby daddy of Linda. That guy doesn’t practice safer sex and he was dipping his wang in more than one place and got two women pregnant in the same year. How embarrassing for them both.

Oops, I forgot this isn’t Perez Hilton or TMZ. 😛

SadieA on

Patrice- Exactly! He still has an obligation to share financial responsibility for the child, regardless of how well off she is!

For the people saying she should have used a condom, the pill, or the morning after pill- did she call the child an accident at some point or something? Maybe she wanted the child! She was in her forties. If Pinault didn’t want the child then he should’ve worn protection himself. She has taken care of the baby on her own for years, so it’s not like she was looking for a meal ticket, but it’s about damn time he start taking some responsibility.

Kate on

The boy’s paternity was not a secret. Everybody knew the father was François-Henri, but nobody acknowledged it legally until now. I have read about it online many times before. I don’t think Salma Hayek was unaware of this fact. The guy himself didn’t contest the filing. He didn’t even ask for a DNA test. He is willing to support the child and hopefully, he becomes invonved in Augustin James’s life to some extent.

There is no scandal. The baby was probably conceived while François-Henri’s and Salma were separated. Then, he united with Salma and they started a family together. They had a baby and they got married. It is not surprising that Linda chose to wait until the dust was settled. And asking for child support doesn’t make her a bad mom using her child as meal ticket. The guy has money, so he should suppot his child.

Kate on

Probably, Salma and François-Henri’s pre-marriage break up had something to do with the paternity of Linda’s son.

dsfg on

“The baby was probably conceived while François-Henri’s and Salma were separated.”

Kate, did you read the article? The baby was conceived BEFORE Salma and François-Henri started dating. Their separation was well after both babies had been born.

And it could very well be that François-Henri was supporting the child, just not officially through the courts.

Catca on

I have to ditto everything Kate said. No scandal – Salma and Francois were separated at the time he dated Linda E. And whether Linda has money or not is irrelevant, the child has 2 parents and they both should support the child. Hopefully Francois will also be involved with the child in some manner so the child has a father in his life. The only story here is that Linda and Francois are working out an arrangement with the boys best interests at heart. Francois doesn’t seem to be a bad guy and their doesn’t appear to be any feuding between the parties involved. Any arrangement will need to be legally formalized in court for everyone’s protection. There is alot of media attention on this court filing and I’m having a hard time seeing why this is even news.

julianna on

wait… so Linda was lying on the article about her stillbirth about the paternity of her son?

pia on

I agree with the very first comment on here.. CBB NEVER WOULD’VE POSTED THIS CRAP BEFORE IT GOT TAKEN OVER BY PEOPLE.

it makes me so sad.. and i am just one more ‘scandalous’ or RUDE post away from never coming here again. not that anyone would care.. but it used to be SO nice.. different from other tabloid-y sites.. we had danielle and her little girl anya and it was like family. nobody was rude or allowed to post ignorant things. and now it’s just.. like everyone and everywhere else.

you sold out celebrity baby blog. shame.

Liz on

How is this crap? It’s newsworthy info about two families that are posted about on this site. It says right in the post that “This is no Schwarzenegger case. No one was married. There was no infidelity.” It’s just information of interest coming to light that is being shared publicly.

Also found the posts about the old CBB amusing. I never used to comment there because I found the commenting rules much too strict. And for those alternating praising the old owner and then saying shame on CBB for selling out, you do realize Danielle is the one who sold out? So really, blame her. I can’t though – good for her. If someone offered me money for this site I’d be laughing all the way to the bank.

pia on

i was blaming danielle. i liked hearing about her and her kid. i don’t like the way things are run now. and this being newsworthy is not the point.. it’s not what i, me, myself, like to see on CBB. it was NICE before. it’s BITCHY now. there are a ton of other bitch sites and i never liked them so this is why CBB was so cool.. a sweet place to visit and now it isn’t.

MissMel on

@Susan: Where do you get your information? Any intelligent person knows there is no birth control that is 100% effective. Do some research. The pill is only 98% to 99% effective. Condoms DO break and tear from friction.

The old adage that “The only safe sex is no sex” isn’t just designed to keep teens from having a good time. It’s a true statement. I was a virgin until I was 20 because I knew this to be true and I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle a possible pregnancy (the “morning after pill” didn’t exist then.) I hope you’re not spreading this nonsense to the young people in your life because it’s not true and would be completely irresponsible.

Leah on

Linda is petitioning for child support? I distinctly recall her stating years ago that she doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000. I would’ve thought that a supermodel of her caliber would have her own money with which to raise a child. *shrug*

M! on

It’s true condoms, birth control…not 100%. Use them all properly and use plan b in case of condom mishaps and there might just be fewer unwanted pregnancies in this world. Throw in in the pull out method for good measure. If you get pregnant while taking bc properly, using the condom properly and there only being pre cum inside the condom then just wow…show of hands to all the women who claim that to happen…That’s what I did all through high school and college…never got pregnant. I didn’t get pregnant until I wanted to.

Susan’s on the right track about the stupidity and lack of communication. So often people meet and jump in the sack. No talking about it “Are on the pill? yada yada…” Condom on…maybe… There may not be a such thing as 100% safe sex but there is “safer sex” but people don’t even bother to try.

But whatever…Linda lost a baby in the past and all she ever wanted was one. She got one. Exactly what she wanted…Francois got what he wanted too.

laurelcanyonfashionista on

i bet they both fell for his personality…ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

Jillian on

Leah, regardless of how much money she makes, the child deserves support from the father. That’s only fair for the child. One would think it would be common sense that the father would be responsible for supplying his children regardless what the mother makes. *shrugs*

Jillian on

In the article posted on this site, People said the father was an architect. She was not quoted saying this, so maybe People assumed and misspoke and was wrong.

While I understand this article has to do with babies, so does Halle Berrys custody fight and that wasn’t here. So does Arnold’s love child and that wasn’t here. Both of those stories WERE on, which is where I think this one belonged. This site over the last year keeps going down hill.

Tami on

“Let’s call a spade a spade and just call the guy a pig. Everyone gets all up in arms when a guy like Lil’ Wayne or whatever has babies around the same time with other women but it gets tip toed around with a guy like this. Is it a race issue? I don’t know. Just sayin’…I notice a lot more “WHAT’S WRONG WITH HIM!?!” comments when it’s a rapper/athlete of color. ”

Ali, I agree with everything you wrote here. So many of these self righteous, pretentious parents on this site KILL me.

mama2be on

@pia, REGARDLESS of how “nice” it used to be, it is a CELEBRITY BLOG ABOUT BABIES, not a parenting blog/community. This is par for the course of any celebrity-related blogs, especially now that there aren’t nazi-ish rules about what people can comment. If you want to be a voyeur to someone’s life and their children, GTFO and go read MckMama’s blog or something. Whether the comments are “nice” or not, you’re still actively engaging in the exploitation of celebrity’s children–you really don’t have a leg to stand on either way.

Judy on

Pamela, I totally agree. But it’s not the first time I thought that about an article here. I used to read the old blog every day, but it has lost it’s nice spirit.

Niko on

How can anyone think Condoms are 100% safe? Anyway, speaking of condoms, Mr. Pinault probably don’t know what they are. HaHaHa!…

pia on

@mama2be…. how sweet of you to try to help me out and show me the error of MY ways. thanks.

nazi-ish rules? meaning before you couldn’t say a baby was ugly? or that before they wouldn’t have posted this stupid article? yeah cause that was what the nazi regime was all about, right? about being sweet and complimentary… um no.

perhaps you don’t get it. i have no leg to stand on in so many ways.. but i also have a right, as do you, to express my opinion without being told to get the f out.

this is the entire point of what i was saying in the first place.. it wasn’t like this before… it was nicer and kinder and sweeter before.. and i prefered it before. you may (of course) reply to this but i am actually done here. i may be ridiculed by you who calls strict rules for not posting hatred and scorn nazi-ish, but it’s ok cause i’ll take my voyerizm elsewhere and won’t have to tolerate your ignorance and crappiness.. tata!

MiB on

I guess I don’t see much to get upset about, this situation is really a bit like the situation with Bridget Moynahan, Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen, She got pregnant at the very end of the relationship, they split up, he starts seeing someone else before or at the time they find out about the pregnancy. He then goes on to have a baby with his new girlfriend/wife. The only difference is that Tom Brady was married before he became a father again and that François-Henri Pinault for some reason or other (and we really don’t know why) hasn’t officially acknowledged his son until now. These things happen every day around the world, and yes, it’s different from Lil’Wayne or Oscar delahoya who got several women pregnant more or less at the same time. Augustin James was several months old when Valentina was concieved and François-Henri Pinault and Linda Evangelista had already split up when he started seeing Salma Hayek. Besides, both were financially independent, childless women in their early 40’s, it could be that they weren’t to anxious to prevent a pregnancy because they (consciously or subconsciously) wanted a child and knew they could care for it no matter if they got financial support from the father or not. Besides, doesn’t the cusotdial parent have to pay child support if he/she legally acknowledged the child?

Melly on

Tacky and disgusting.

dsfg on

“No scandal – Salma and Francois were separated at the time he dated Linda E.”

Catca, they weren’t separated; they hadn’t even started dating yet.