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07/01/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Laura on

In regards to the article about the white lies…

#1: I don’t think you should lie to your child about a fight between parents. I think it would be better to say “Yes, your dad and I had an argument. Sometimes we don’t agree but we love each other very much and we always work it out” or something along those lines. I’m sure most children have gotten in a “fight” with a sibling/friend/parent before so they understand that two people can make up. It isn’t wrong to explain to your young child that having an argument isn’t bad but to teach them and show them how to resolve them.

#3 Why can’t you explain to your child that the phone is expensive and that it is an adult device? Why do you need to lie?

I don’t know. Most of these seem silly. Is it really necessary to lie about most of those things? Just tell the truth but to a child level. And yes sometimes the answer might be “Because I’m the grown-up and you are the child” but at least it isn’t a lie lol. I’m not saying a white lie isn’t needed every once in a while but for the most part I think you can bypass them and just give the kids the truth but in a kid level and a nice way.

Jillian on

I read through the lie list and agree Lauren with what everything you said. And….quite silly.

I think it is all how you word things. Soda is not an “adult drink.” so why say it? That I just don’t get. Just say you can have it when older. Sleep can help you grow? I tell my daughter if you sleep you will be so well rested to play with all your toys and friends. The somersault……I will never tell my child I saw it when I didn’t. My mom did this to me a couple times as a child and it really bothered me. I may say, I saw a few of them and you look great, if I know I missed one. But I will be careful bc if they know you didn’t see them, then they know you are lying. Toy at the store…..explain why they can’t have it. I guess I didn’t like her reasoning behind why she said maybe later. The fighting, I think is most important bc u want them to understand what fighting is and how to deal with it safely. I can’t really think of anything to lie about. You just answer at the Childs level.