Spotted: Nicole Kidman and Kids Touch Down

06/29/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Alison Dyer

G’day mate!

Nicole Kidman has her hands full toting daughter Faith Margaret, 6 months, and Sunday Rose, 3 next week, through the airport after landing in Sydney on Tuesday.

The actress, 44, welcomed her youngest daughter with Keith Urban through a gestational surrogate in December.

“The love I felt … she was the most wonderful woman to do this for us,” Kidman says.

“I get emotional talking about it because I’m so grateful to her.”

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Megan on

Gorgeous kids. I can’t believe Sunday is so big!

Now cue the “Where are Isabella and Connor?!!” posters in 3, 2, 1…

Bee on

Why are they wearing coats in June? Is it cold in Australia?

Meow on

Hey Bee, just felt like saying Australia is in the southern hemisphere, so they are in winter right now, not summer.

Sri on

Bee, it’s winter in Australia. Southern Hemisphere. Opposite season than the Northern Hemisphere.

The girls are cute!


I can’t believe how much those two resemble each other. Both are cute. I have never said a mean thing on this sight and I hope this isn’t taken in a mean way…but why is she not wearing a bra? I am assuming they are wearing coats because its cold in the airport. Her chest is telling me it must be cold there.

Shir on

Bee, considering that Australia is in the southern hemisphere that means that when people in the northern hemisphere have summer, they’re in their winter months- and vice versa πŸ™‚

Andrea on

It is Winter in Australia right now.

The girls are absolutely adorable! I can believe how fast Sunday Rose is growing up. And Faith has the cutest chubby cheeks!

Cate on

Bee, it is winter in Australia and yes, it does get cold in Australia. Another ‘think before you post’ moment.

Nola on

June is winter over here!

Remmy on

So what you’re all saying is, it’s winter in Australia? πŸ™‚

Jessie on

Kristin, my thoughts exactly. Wowza!

mom in vegas on

for those commenting about her wearing a bra, some ppl myself incl have really hard nipples that show through everything. i always look cold, regardless of what im wearing.

cara on

Gorgeous girls !

I ownder why has it taken so long to post the photos here, they have been all over the web for days now.

Jillian on

Cate, not everyone knows it is cold in June in Australia, which is what she was clearly asking. Another “think before you post moment.”

Mia on

Aw-I think Faith looks just like Nicole–and Sunday is all Keith.

JJ on

Jillian – Maybe people need to learn a little about the world. It’s pretty sad that there are some people who don’t know the difference between hemispheres.

And believe me I thought before I posted this.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

It’s the coldest time for us downunder right now, could do with some sun, it’s heatpumps, electric blankets, scarves, hats weather here, roll on Oct/Nov! Nice to see baby Faith Margaret now she’s a little older. Def resembles her big sis!

Indi on

Such a cute family!!! Very amazed how a little nipple could stick out with such a warm coat on (must be thin coat) I think that is the most provocative picture i have ssen of her

Fab on

LOL!!!!! Seriously????? You guys are Paying that much attention to her boobs??? I didn’t even notice that!!! I had to scroll back up after reading the comments… SMH!!!! ….. Very Cute Children….

Liz on

Cara, the picture was taken Tuesday and posted Wednesday. Don’t see the big deal and it’s certainly not “days.”

Agreed, JJ. I thought this was basic knowledge but maybe not. But good for them for asking or Googling and learning something.

I cannot believe how cute Faith is, she looks just like Nicole.

Bancie1031 on

WOW this is the first time I’ve noticed how much Sunday looks like Keith! In my opinion Faith looks more like Nicole ….

Very cute children ……

Amanda on

Oh please Jillian, my first grader learned about the hemispheres and how winter here is summer there and vice versa this year. It’s common knowledge.

Those girls are adorable! I think Faith looks more like Nicole and Sunday more like Keith.

As far as the bra comments, how does anyone know what she’s wearing under her clothes? She has a winter coat on and they are still showing, bras are much thinner than that. They are just nipples, everyone has them and they are much less offensive than muffin tops or whale tales.

me on

To those who are getting so bent out of shape because someone asked about weather… don’t be so judgmental. Treat others as you want to be treated, which, I’m sure isn’t rudely.

T on

I don’t know about the whole bra issue – I mean if she doesn’t have a bra on and they’re that perky after having a baby (Sunday) then GOOD FOR HER!! Consider me jealous πŸ™‚ Are we sure it isn’t just a seam from the coat or something?

Jillian on

It is amazing how some answer nicely and some just want to insult. Must make you feel better, huh? And clearly you must know everything about everything and never make mistakes.

Dickie on

I am going to chalk up those nerts (we all get them, come on people whats the big deal) to something else. I cant believe no one else has said this – she looks to be about 3 or 4 months pregnant. That coat is tight on her and she cant close it around the belly. And then there are those nerts – so common during pregnancy. She is totally pregnant.

hannah on

Yep its winter here! Although today is a t-shirt kinda day πŸ™‚ Her daughters are beautiful x

NU on

Why don’t we ever see her with her 2 older adopted kids?

Jillian on

I was just on a post about Rachel Zoe and I saw this:

Why do they both always look so awkward with the baby? Is it because the only time they are actually holding him is in front of a camera? I hope IF she is nursing him (which I’m not sure I believe) he is getting enough. He looks very thin and doesn’t have any baby fat. I realize not all babies are covered in rolls, but he looks almost ill skinny and lost in those clothes.

Plus, is it not almost July? Why are all these celebs overdressed?

– Amanda on June 24th, 2011

Is this yours? I am sure there are other Amanda’s because, there is no way you wouldn’t know about June gloom in LA, right πŸ˜‰

Anonymous on

It would seem even colder to them, arriving in winter straight from summer in the states. Also, it’s a heck of a long flight to Aussie, I would totally ditch my bra for the trip too to get a bit comfortable πŸ™‚ She probably thought she could throw on a coat on arrival and no one would notice!

Tanya on

What a little cutie baby Faith is! She looks so adorable and clearly has got the ginger hair gene from her mommy. I think its the first time I`ve seen a clear picture of her!

Luciana on

Jillian, why are you complaining about people being rude to you?
‘Cause, actually, you tried to look superior on Cate..

And yes, knowing about hemispheres is basic geografy!

But maybe american schools don’t teach about the world to the students…

Oh, well…

Anonymous on

It’s geography, not geografy. Maybe some schools don’t teach spelling.

Jillian on


Jillian on

Lucian, no one was rude to me. Didn’t say they were! Didn’t try to look superior. And I know all about Australia but not everyone does. Just like everyone in Europe doesn’t know things about the US. Sometimes ppl ask questions on here that I think, how do the not know, that’s basic geography/history, etc. But I don’t get snappy with them.

Christian on

I wonder how her two adopted kids with Tom Cruise are doing? I bet she wouldn’t know, but I can only speak for myself. Either way, those are two beautiful daughters she have!

Jillian on

Christian, she has a relationship with them. They chose not to be in the press. They have all said this multiple times.