Nick Cannon: I’m Already Saving for College

06/29/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon‘s twins Moroccan and Monroe are just 8 weeks old, but life at home has already changed quite a bit for the new parents.

“I mix bottles, change diapers and read the twins’ little books like Fuzzy Chick, which they can feel with their fingers as I read,” Cannon, 30, tells PEOPLE during DJ Irie’s Weekend charity event at Miami Beach’s Arkadia in the Fontainebleau Resort.

“I simply do what a dad does.”

Besides picking up parenting duties, how else is he adjusting? By working even harder, the DJ and TV host explains.

“I have to grind harder to save for their college tuition,” he tells PEOPLE. “Mariah and I used to work hard, make money then spend it. Now we want to get really wealthy and learn how to save it. We have others to think about and our priorities have changed.”

Even though Roc and Roe require round-the-clock attention, Cannon hasn’t been slowed by late-night diaper changes and feedings, and is starting to see the babies’ personalities emerge.

“I’m not a sleeper so that hasn’t been a problem for me,” he tells PEOPLE. “In fact, I keep threatening my wife with wanting to have more kids! My son is laid-back like me, and my daughter is spicy like Mariah. They seem to like each other too, which is great.”

— Linda Marx

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ecl on

This is almost insulting. Does he mean to tell us that that family will have a problem paying for college?! I appreciate the sentiment, but don’t pretend you aren’t rich.

Mira on

Why am I not surprised that Mariah isn’t breastfeeding?

Mira on

Haha, I just read the entire article. The bottlefeeding part is actually the most normal part of the interview. 7 week-olds listening to stories and feeling books? Hilarious. Mariah and Nick want to “become wealthy”? Galling. Nick saving for their college funds? Oh my…

dcat on

@ecl….I agree completely. Give me a break, Nick.

showbizmom on

Honestly just because someone is in the ‘business’ doesn’t mean they are rolling in the money. I don’t know their situation but I could tell you story after story of celebrities that get rich but never learned how to manage their money and left it to someone else that well pissed it all away. Better late then never to learn how to manage your fiances no matter how much money you have.

As for her breastfeeding, maybe it just wasn’t happening and we don’t know and might never know so why pass judgement?

Erika on

What is wrong with bottle-feeding? Just because YOU breastfed, doesn’t mean it is the best option for every baby. Some people can’t breastfeed- I guess it is just better to let their babies starve. Seriously, just because you are a parent doesn’t mean what YOU did is best for every baby and that you know what is best for every child. Anyone who thinks this way shouldn’t be a parent because you are just going toads the same condescending attitude to your children.

As for saving for college, they probably don’t need the money, but it is still a good sentiment. Plus, you never know what is going to happen so it’s good to have savings.

Sarah on

God, can’t you people take a joke?!

Tess on

He wants to learn how to save money? Um, don’t spend it. There, he’s learned. He sounds like an idiot.

Mira on

Erika, defensive much?

Erica on

lol, I’m so sure they need to “save” money for college. Their combined bank accounts could probably pay full tuitions for 1,000 children.

Megan on

I guess I don’t get what the big deal is…why is everyone up in arms–what is wrong with him saying he wants to save for college–just because people have money doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed to save for college…if anyone else said it, it would be like awww how sweet…but because it’s this couple it’s like OMG…honestly? i think this article is sweet–he seems totally smitten with his kids–and there is also nothing wrong with bottle feeding…geez people lay off–it’s not like they said they were hanging the kids by their fingers out the window…they are saving for college and reading books…I don’t see a need for the police to be called…

Congrats to Mariah and Nick and i cannot wait to meet those twins =)) Keep doing what you’re doing guys =)

Wah-bulance on

What an idiot. When will he go away?!?

RKF on

I imagine he’s making the “college” comments in jest. Clearly they can afford to send much of the United States (if not other countries) to college… Regardless, it’s actually refreshing to see someone in Hollywood thinking of their children’s future education.

coffeeyum on

All of you making comments about Cannon’s saving for college tuition really do not know the cost that comes with sending a child to a private school (K-12th) in LA or NY. Frankly I hope he passes the lesson of saving along to his children as children of celebrities do not always become as wealthy as their parents. I agree with the person who stated that not all celebrities are rolling in the green. Try checking out The Buckley School…

As for the breastfeeding comments, not every mother does well with breastfeeding. Not every baby takes to breastfeeding. Specifically when one is nursing twins the personal reasons become more complex.

I’m usually a lurker but always amazed at how catty & judgmental some comments are on here.

Kyla on

lol!!! This is hilarious! Are we supposed to believe they are poor? This is extremely insulting to us who actually have to go to a 9-5 everyday and cant just blow our money on a $3000 handbag and actually have do struggle to save money each paycheck for college.

Taylor on

I’m surprised no one commented on his ‘threatening’ Mariah to have more kids.

While college is NOT cheap, they definitely don’t need to start saving up before their kids can walk, especially since they’re millionaires to begin with.

Have any of you tried breastfeeding twins? My best friend tried with her twin girls, and she was constantly feeding a baby and it got too stressful.

It sounds like Nick is so in love with Roc and Roe and I wish them all the best, but they need to go away for a while and silently enjoy the twins.

Nola on

“Why am I not surprised that Mariah isn’t breastfeeding?”

Why am I not surprised someone HAD to bring it up?!.

You have obviously breastfed, well done, I’ll send that trophy out to you soon, but snarky comments on an online forum aren’t going to make Mariah go ” Oh, you know what, Mira here has insulted me….perhaps I should re-think my whole parenting structure”.

Mia on

Granted they do have millions–but the cost of living + the cost of college tuition is going to continue to increase–and who knows what it will be like in 20 years (18-college bound)–Also in the industry things can change overnight–they may have money now….but their market value can decrease in 5-10 years…and the money isn’t always going to roll in as it used to–it’s important to save money to continue to have the lifestyle/costs covered–you never know….

Melania on

He’s joking about the college thing. I’m sure their fine in that way. lol. But they want to get wealthy and stop spending so much. Me too.

Tink on

And if you actually read his comment, he said that they used to work then spend. Regardless of their higher spending bracket, they now need to ensure they are putting the appropriate money away for the future instead of continuing to spend it all.

He insults no one, you are just too frickin sensitive and stupid to see the common sense in his comments.

Maddie on

I think it’s really great that Nick is reading to them already, you’re never to young to appreciate a good story and hear a soothing, familiar voice. No doubt these two babies are very much loved. And breastfeeding twins is hard work! Maybe they mix-feed with the twins or Mariah expresses milk. Just because he said bottles, it doesn’t mean they are formula fed, and even if they are – what does it matter? They are healthy and aren’t starving, surely that is the most important thing.

qweqwe on

Also their lifestyle probably costs ALOT!

Hea on

Mia – Mariah will have royalties rolling in way past her death from old age. If they buy milk instead of champagne and sell off a few properties they will be loaded for life. This Nick Cannon seems to be a man who rarely remains quiet about anything. When was the last time Mariah actually said something to the public? It’s always him.

T on

Did everyone bashing him about the college comment miss the part where he said, “Mariah and I used to work hard, make money then spend it. Now we want to get really wealthy and learn how to save it. We have others to think about and our priorities have changed.”?

I think it’s refreshing to see someone admit they may not have made the best choices with their finances, and take responsibility for changing that.

Butterfly on

Amazing the things that people complain about! It is great to hear someone admit to making poor money decisions and now they are trying to correct them. Even better for him to do this while he still has millions, unlike others who had to go bankrupt before making changes. I think it’s cute that he describes his daughter’s personality as “spicy” instead of difficult or demanding as others have.

jessie on

I think he meant in the article that their priorities have changed and instead of spending money carelessly, they save more for the babies. i don’t think he actually means they are by any means broke and even if they never worked again, i’m sure they would still have plenty of money for college

Nina on

I think many of you lack a sense of humor. This interview is taken way out of context. If you were to listen to the full interview maybe some of you wouldn’t be so judgmental. Also, Mariah had issues with breastfeeding since they were born. What if it wasn’t her choice to stop?

JenLaw on

Yeah, that is the first thing I thought, she’s not nursing? WTF? I have twins and I nursed/pumped for them. It may not be right for every mom, but it is what’s right for every baby.

Dee on

Wow….I guess some people cant take a joke….

Lale on

Wow, people. So judgmental about her not breastfeeding. I guess no one remembers the story from right after the twins were born about having social services called. They were called because someone overheard a nurse telling Mariah to drink dark beer because *she was having supply issues*. Sometimes you can try every tip in the book and it just won’t help (happened to me).

Tess on

It’s interesting to me how many people (not just in this post, but others as well) say that people can’t take a joke. Maybe the celebrity isn’t joking? Maybe they are and it fell flat? We can only judge by what we read, not by the celebrity’s intention. And I agree with whoever said that Nick needs to be quiet and go away for awhile.

Shi on

Tess you annoy me. So when he “goes away”, can you follow closely behind him?

Sar on

good grief, maybe the bottles he’s “mixing” are part pumped milk, part formula? maybe she can’t produce enough- remember the article about her drinking beer in the hospital to help her milk supply? maybe she nurses every other feeding and formula feeds every other? yikes ladies, not your kids, why do you seriously care…

momoftwins on

As a nursing mom of twins for over 11 months now, it is freaking hard! Around 7 months we had to add formula b/c I just couldn’t make enough to feed 2 babies well. Also my babies have taken bottles since they were in the nicu and I pumped for over 9 months. The reality is bottles can make life easier in some aspects daddy being able to take a feeding can be an absolute life saver, that said I’m actually having a really hard time giving up nursing, but the thing it has taught me is not to judge. Do I think breast milk is best, absolutely, but I know plenty of people where it is just not an option for one reason or another. Don’t judge.

kimmie on

Mariah doesn’t nurse not becuase she has twins, but because she’s a diva. Or did you really believe that she would nurse if she had a singleton?

Tess on

Shi – sure, when Nick goes away, I’ll follow. Which should mean he and I will both be around for a long time.

Toya L. on

Nick go away but let me read what you have to say and then comment. Hunh?? *roll eyes* I can’t wait to see their babies.

Jillian on

It is not a requirement for her to breastfeed or pump. It is a requirement for her to be a good mom and make the best decision for her family. They chose formula, their decision. Why must people bash other mothers for their choice on how they chose to raise their children?

Toya L. on

@Jillian, I agree. I read that every 90 seconds a mother dies during child birth and instead of moms congratulating each other for a miraculous birth, for both mom and baby being alive and seemingly thriving, they want to criticize how a child entered the world, breast or bottle, married or single etc… Sad….. 95% + comment are from another woman.

Jillian on

Toya, wow. I didn’t know that. Between this post and Lailia, it’s a bit ridiculous.

Ashley on

Y’all are haters… First off I wasn’t breastfed and I turned out just fine. It’s the mother’s choice. SECOND good for Nick being fiscally responsible. More famous folks should be like him. Look how many nimrods get famous and blow thru hundreds of millions of dollars like it’s nothing. He should work hard and save for his children! Reading to children should start in the womb. Reading to them at their age is fabulous and stimulates the mind. Nick sounds like a good dad to me!

ann on

I find this a bit insulting as well. Its like he is making a joke….but does he realize how many poeple in america would like the send their kids to college but can’t? We can only put $10 a week away for my child’s education….Nick really has NO clue about how life really is. Rich people suck.

Nic on

Get off Nick’s back. It isn’t their fault that you can’t put your kids through college or that the economy is bad. They get to talk about their own experiences and if that insults you, too bad. Lots of stars have been rich and then they weren’t. MC Hammer, Mike Tyson, Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, need I go on? It’s smart to save, no matter your income bracket. Half of the reason that a lot of Americans are doing so badly is because some of us ‘regular folks” spent beyond our means.

I have a friend who has a kid in a private preschool, lives in a large home, and has two new cars in the driveway. She lost her job and within 2 weeks was talking about how she might have to sell a car? I asked her how much savings she and her husband had and she answered a couple of thousand bucks. That answer alone told me that she couldn’t afford the private preschool, large house and two new cars in the 1st place. Nick Cannon is being smart.

NJGirl on

Regardless of who they are, college is expensive. While there are scholarships and such, at least they don’t want their children to have to rely on student loans to get an education.

jones on

Nick and Mariah make such a nice couple. I hope they have many wonderful and happy years together. I know they have beautiful kids. I am glad they don’t have to worry about their kid’s education, that must be a nice feeling.

Brandi on

1) There are far too many negative people on the internet.

2) Whoever made fun of him for reading to his babies REALLY has no room to judge anyone’s parenting skills. It is WONDERFUL to read to babies, even newborns. Sure they do not follow the story, but the sound of your voice is soothing, the colors on the pictures stimulate them, and yes, babies LOVE touching various textures. I have read to both of my children since bringing them home from the hospital and now I have a 5th grader on an 11th grade reading level who would rather buy books than toys ANY day. Do your research, perfect your own parenting skills, THEN try to give advice to others.

3) Yes, even celebrities have to save. How many do we hear of losing it all, going in to forecolosure, etc. They make tons but spend more. We are talking about a couple who have dropped hundreds of thousands on one car. Luxurious homes, very expensive taste. He is simply saying they are doing what any good parent would do, thinking about their children’s future over his and Mariah’s current wants. Private school is expensive, they obviously will have to pay for that for k-12, then college. College tuition will at least TRIPLE by the time these babies are ready to go. All of these self righteous “super moms” on here should know all of this. But because they’re talking about someone pretty, rich and successful, they tend to ignore logic and spew nonsense. That’s my rant for the day. 🙂