Keep Company: Stylish Eco-Friendly Sneakers for Kids

06/29/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Keep

Staying green and looking cool isn’t always synonymous.

But somehow Keep has managed to do the impossible — create a hip line of eco-friendly sneakers for kids and adults.

Produced in Chinese factories where working conditions are monitored by an independent third party, all of the shoes are made with vegan materials (no animal by-products are used) and organic or sustainably produced fabrics. Even the packaging is recyclable.

The adorable mini collection features three cool designs — Ramos, Guerra and Benten — which cost $35 each.

Our faves for summer? The oh-so cute Ramos Navajo and the preppy Benten Multi-Block.

Shop the full collection at

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fuzibuni on

While they may be made of “eco” materials, flying and shipping these shoes from China can’t be good for the environment.

Kris on

I agree, vegan and eco-friendly doesn’t count for much when you need to ship them from China, plus I’m not buying “made in China” items anymore (unless absolutely forced to do so) to support American companies and the environment. Companies need to understand that marketing their Chinese factories as “monitored and following strict guidelines” doesn’t make it any more acceptable to a significant portion of the buying public.

cn tower on

Just checked out the site and found the shipping cost to be outrageous — $35 to Canada- same cost as the shoes featured here!!! No thanks.

Amy on

These shoes are super cute. Pretty much all shoes are made in China and Keeps are at least certified with ethical working conditions. If you don’t want to buy them, then don’t buy them. Don’t see why we can’t be happy that companies are at least trying to make good product with environmentally-friendly materials. Positivity people!

Amy on

I like the designs and some of the Kids styles are available in adult sizing too! Can’t wait to match my little one.

Scillygirl on

Soooo cute! These shoes are adorbs! A small company working to make a difference is definitely something to support. Great shoes and great work.

fuzibuni on

oops, Amy blew her cover.

And Scillygirl, yes, your company is “working to make a difference”…by taking manufacturing jobs away from the US and shipping your expensive shoes around the globe.

Yes, it’s true, almost all manufacturing has transferred from the US to China over the past 15 years. It’s the main reason the unemployment rate in the US is so high and working families are struggling to make ends meet.

It’s easier to find cheap labor in China instead of employing US citizens. The difference between Keeps and those other US companies in China is that Keeps are promoting themselves as being good for the environment and helping people, when really they are just making money selling shoes.

amandamay on

fuzibuni – lol yeah, i caught that too. it’s always obvious when someone who works for a company comes on here to post glowing reviews of a product. Especially funny when they use their name twice to make fake comments 🙂

cn tower on

Good catch, fuzibuni. I thought something was up in the first “Amy” post, when she ended her post with a marketing pep talk about being “positive”.

TC on

amandamay they don’t post their name twice what happens is they try to post as a different name but probably based on the ip address the company knows who it is and changes it back to the original name, makes it easy to find cheaters like Amy.

Now I do have a problem, I have a stalker and need to change my screen name, anyone know who I can contact to get my name on here changed?

Jillian on

Tc, good luck with that one. It is impossible to change your name. There are two Jillian’s posting here and I have been trying to modifying my name for months and nothing works

Scillygirl on

Wow I’ve never heard such a load of vitriol. Keep up the great work and positive energy people, I’m sure it’s doing you good.

Nani on

I actually have a few pairs of keeps for my daughter and we love them. They are so well made and cute. I love that I can use them for a boy or girl. Another good part is when I do have another baby I can use them again!