Denise Richards Welcomes Daughter Eloise Joni

06/29/2011 at 07:40 PM ET
Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

Denise Richards is a new mom again!

The actress, 40, just adopted a baby girl domestically, her rep tells PEOPLE.

Eloise Joni Richards is named after Denise’s mom (Joni), and Denise and her daughters Sami and Lola chose the name Eloise,” the rep says.

“Denise and Eloise’s big sisters couldn’t be happier and feel incredibly blessed.”

Shortly after the news broke, Richards posted a message of appreciation to her fans on Twitter. “Thank you all for your sweet messages,” she Tweeted. “The girls and I are over the moon and so is my dad Grandpa Irv…xo”

Richards had her first two children with ex-husband Charlie Sheen. Lola is 6, and Sam is 7.

— Julie Jordan and Dahvi Shira

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EH on

Cute name 🙂

Erika on

Congratulations to her! Her daughters are adorable and I can’t wait to see the new baby. I love the name Eloise, it is so sweet and classy. Having 3 daughters has always been my dream so I am so excited for all of them. There is just something about sisters!

Brooklyn on

Wow! Congratulations to her. I like the name as well.

showbizmom on

WOW! Congrats to them! I’ve always thought Eloise was just a cute and classy name. Now if she can adopt her Ex’s twin boys…….

Micheley on

Congratulations to Denise, Sam, and Lola.

Being a single parent is hard, but if Denise feels she can be a good mom to three beautiful girls than more power to her!

Also, I absolutely LOVE the name!!!! Eloise is such a cute, unique name.

AllisonJ on

Wow! I totally didn’t see this one coming! Wonderful news and congrats to Denise, Sam, and Lola. Eloise is a beautiful, classic name – I love it. I also love that she named her little girl after her late mother.

Best wishes to little Eloise and to Denise and her girls!

weu on

Good for her! Cannot wait to see the baby!

Nancy on

Wow, this one came out of left field. Congrats!

mary on

aww, I bet they got the name from the books, my daughter loves the Eloise books! Congrats, marrying Charlie showing questionable judgement aside 🙂 she does seem like a great mom!

Alma on

Okay this was not expected!

Congrats Denise, Sami and Lola.

I love the name.

Me on

WOW!!! I never saw this coming. Congrats. I love the name Eloise. 🙂 I cant wait to see her.

tate on

Wow didn’t see that coming. Did she just recently start going by Sami I always remember her being Sam???

meghan on

What unexpected, wonderful news!

tamara on

wow! this came out of nowhere, but congrats to them

SAshley on

What an incredibly beautiful name!!!

Emma's Mommy on

Wow ! I’m so happy for her and Sam and Lola ! I’m in shock but so happy for them ! Pretty name too !

BabyBlogAddict on

OMG – Wow such a surprise! How nice for them. I really like the name Eloise! Such a cute family!

Noelle on

Wow, this came out of left field!! I’m happy for her. She seems like a really good mom. Congrats.

aurora mia on

Wow…that’s so cool!

Mikaylah on

This is great! It is so nice to see people adopting more, especially domestically. I have always liked Denise Richards, and feel so bad for her and her daughters that they have to deal with all this Charlie Sheen drama.

Remmy on

Wow wow wow! Love the name Eloise.

Nicole on

Unexpected, but sincere congratulations to the Richards-Sheen family!

Troian on

Congratulations to Denise!!!! I thought I missed reading that she was pregnant then I re-read it. Adoption is always great and the fact she stayed within the USA is even better. She seems to be a terrific mother. Congrats again Denise, Sam and Lola!!! PS: What a cool name Eloise is.

Neese on

Congrats Denise!! So happy for you and your lovely family.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Denise, Lola, and Sam!

lifeasahouse on

that’s a surprise. Congrats to the family!!! I am sure the sisters will adore their new sibling.

MamaPanda on

Eloise would have been my son’s name if he had been a girl!

Terri on

Denise always talked about wanting more girls so I’m not that surprised. Congratulations to the family. Can’t wait to see the cutie.

Isn’t Sam named after Denise’s mother as well? I think her middle initial is J for Joni?

Sarah on

Love the name!

NM on

Does domestically just mean that she adopted within the USA, and not abroad? I’ve never heard it termed this way.

Julia A on

I love the name Eloise. How do you pronounce Joni? Is it like Joan-y or Johnny?

Mallori on

Julia A. – My mom’s name is Joni and it’s pronounced like Joan-ee. I’m sure there’s someone out there who pronounces it like Johnny though!

Crystal on

This is very unexpected but FANTASTIC NEWS!!! I know Denise, Lola and Sam are over the moon about baby Eloise!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Eloise!!! Very pretty and classic! I can’t wait to see pictures!! I wonder if Denise decided to pick a baby of a different race?? It doesn’t matter just a thought….. anyway CONGRATS you guys on your new daughter/sister! She will be loved beyond measure!!!

Amanda on

Yep, NM, actually adopting domestically is a pretty common term for adopting within the US.

Completely unexpected! My first thought was how did she manage to hide a pregnancy with all the Charlie Sheen drama, but she does seem like a good mom to those girls and I’m sure Eloise will be very loved and well cared for. After what Denise has gone through with Charlie I’m sure it’d almost be easier to raise a child without having to worry about a sperm donor who is losing his mind.

Paige on

Wow. Very unexpected but exciting news. Congrats to Denise, Sam, and Lola.

Sarah K. on

Tate, I think she goes by “Sami” now because Denise wanted her name to sound a little more girly since “Sam” was Charlie’s choice and Denise wasn’t too sold on how boyish it sounded.

NM, yes that means she adopted from the U.S. – we refer to most in-country transactions as domestic

Julia A, it’s Joan-y

Anyways, that was unexpected! Congrats to all of them!!

Megan on

WOW this one totally surprised me–but in the most amazing way…I am so happy for this family…Denise seems to be such an amazing mother and her girls are the perfect age to have a little one–they’ll just dote on her no doubt about that…so happy–the four of them deserve all the happiness and health in the world! CONGRATS Richards family! Oh and I adore that name–it’s unique and old fashioned but in that perfectly beautiful way and it goes great with Sam and Lola!!

Adrienne on

Holy shish!! Im so loving these surprise celeb adoption/surrogate/secret pregnancies!!!!! (sorry for the !!!s, i like her n am very happy for their family) I miss her show, also.

Tami on

Very surprised but so happy for Denise and family! Sam and Lola are probably of an age where they’ll relish being big sisters.

“Does domestically just mean that she adopted within the USA, and not abroad?”

No, it doesn’t refer specifically to the US. It just means adopting within your own country, whatever that country is.

“Adoption is always great and the fact she stayed within the USA is even better.”

Why is it even better?

Gemma on

Congrats! Love the name “Eloise” and the moment I saw the name “Joni” I knew it was for Denise’s mother who died of cancer. I notice in the article the oldest daughter is referred to as “Sami.” It is my understanding that when she was born, Charlie insisted that she be named Sam, not Samantha…just Sam. Did Denise change her name to make it more “girly” or is it just a cute nickname? I really like “Sami!” Just wondering, that’s all! Three girls…how sweet.

Noelle on

Is Eloise pronounced ELLO (like Jello)-EAS (as in East)??

alicejane on

Wow, I didn’t see this one coming! Congratulations to Denise, Sam, and Lola, this is wonderful news for them!!

I remember Denise saying once how she likes more “girly” names and wanted them for her daughters but Charlie really likes very simple, short names (Sam, Bob, Max) and she went along with Sam even though she wished it was more feminine. But she was pregnant with Lola when they split so maybe she had more say.

stephanie on

Surprise she adopt a child wend she has 2 biological child of her own.Don’t care for her to much but she is happy that’s all that matter and why not a boy since she has 2 girls already.

Angi on

Hooray for adoption!

Juliette on

Congratulations, My daughters name is Eloise and am so glad to see someone else chose this pretty name

A on

@Noelle, yes, although in Europe the last “E” is pronounced a little as well. Pretty name!

RachelJane on

Oh I love the name Eloise! Beautiful and classy – and much nicer than either Sam or Lola. Congratulations to the family.

Hea on

Congrats to them all!

ClaireSamsmom on

Congrats to them! Denise seems like such a great mom to her girls….I am sure this new baby will be adored to pieces!

momof2 on

Ok guys this is just my opinion but I really really don’t like the name but am happy for denise and her girls!

jessicad on

Wow, how exciting!! Congrats to them, and I loved that she mentioned her Dad!

shirabee on

did not expect this at all! congrats! im one of 3 girls and it is so fun! they are going to have a blast! i love the name and if they want to shorten it, there are so many nickname options! very classic! congrats again!

Macy on

How is Sami more girly than Sam? They’re both nicknames, and Sam and Sammy are even more popular for boys. So it doesn’t “sound” girlier at all. The girliest would’ve been if she was just Samantha.

Melissa on

Congrats! That is awesome 🙂

Crystal on

I have a french-canadian friend whose daughter is named Eloise. I always pronounce it like this “Elle-Louise”, however my French speaking friend says it with an accent, sounding more like an A in front rather than an E and no S sound – like this “ay luh wee”. Quite different from my English version!

acorr on

I’m not a fan of the name…reminds me of a cranky old lady.

mg on

Congrats. Happy for them.

Bancie1031 on

What a sweet surprise this morning 😀
Congratulations to Denise, Sam and Lola! Can’t wait to meet the new addition …..

Kat on

While I was never really a fan of Richards, she really has come out of this crazy scandal well and the most level headed. Congrats on their new addition, I’m sure her little girls will have a wonderful time together!

Kylee on

Wow!! What a surprise! I was not expecting this! But I am glad that she was able to keep this quiet and enjoy the adoption experience without being in the public eye!

Shannon on

Beautiful name! Congrats to the Richards family!

Dee on

It’s pronounced Elloweez.

Karen on

Part of the celebrity baby wagon, I guess!

Alisa on

How awesome! I am a big fan of adoption and don’t think it matters if you do it in the US or not. Babies all over the world need loving parents! The majority (well over 50%) of Americans that adopt request infant females, and I do find that a little sad, but I still think it is wonderful that Denise adopted.

Cecelia on

Congratulations to Denise and the entire family!

As for the poster who said the adoption is even better because it was done domestically, that’s an incredibly foolish statement to make. Where the child is from doesn’t make an ounce of difference nor would it have been any worse of an experience had she been born in a different country.

Also, Stephanie, what’s surprising about Denise adding to her family via adoption? I know a number of families, my own included, that adopted in addition to having biological children. Obviously you know that adoptive parents aren’t comprised solely of individuals who have had difficulty conceiving.

Manal from Jordan! on

I have a feeling that the baby girl is African American! i love it when ppl adopt!!

MiB on

@A, not everywhere in Europe!

Sophia on

Wow, I definitely did not see that one coming! Congratulations to Denise, Sam and Lola, and welcome to the world, Eloise Joni! Her name is fantastic 🙂

Kimberly on

Good for Denise! And I have to say that I really love how she adopted domestically instead of being trendy and adopting a child from a foreign country. There are thousands of children right here in North America that need loving homes too. I think it’s awful that people seem to forget that either because they want an international family or they think those kids need it more.

Jenner on

I LOVE this family. Congrats, Denise, Sami, and Lola on your new addition! What a lucky baby 😀

Cecelia on

Kimberly, you’re incredibly ignorant if you think individuals who adopt from foreign countries are doing so to be “trendy”. There’s nothing more honorable or right about adopting domestically than there is internationally. Do some research about waiting children around the globe. You’d be amazed.

hope on

Glad to see that she adopted domestically! Wish more people would follow suit!

Natasha on

Very nice…I love to hear when someone adopts child…this means so much to him

alise on

Glad to see that it’s an otherwise “normal” name 🙂

Marky on

My daughter, whose birthday is today, was adopted from another country, and she needed us as much as we needed her. At 5 months, she weighed less than 10 pounds, not because she was a preemie, but because she was starving to death. She had no hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, she was a very sad little baby until she was found on the sidewalk and placed in the orphanage. Do not tell me, someone who worked in the system here for years, and adopted domestically also, that she needed us less than the children here, and do NOT tell me we adopted her so we could be “trendy” or popular. I took a big chance on losing the relationship with my parents who, if they had believed in adoption at all, certainly didn’t believe in adopting a child of another race from another country! We knew we were doing the right thing, and my parents came around and loved her dearly. Why, oh, why do people think it’s their business whether someone adopts a child, or where they adopt from?

Molly on

Your daughter sounds lucky to have such great parents 🙂

Molly on

Congrats to her and love the name. It was on my future baby names list but I have a feeling it will now become popular

Jennifer Redgrave on

Is it Sam Joni Sheen or Sam Sheen ?

Ellie on

I get so tired of people judging the whole adoption process when many have no clue how difficult it is. If you think it’s “easy” to adopt domestically or “trendy” to adopt from a forein country, it’s not. For thousands of couples like me and my husband, having children of our own is not a possibility, and we desperately want to become parents. We’ve been disappointed twice with US adoptions that didn’t go through (birth mother changed mind at last minute) and we’ve been waiting for nearly 5 years for an international adoption to go through, and it’s been a very trying proces. I’m not sure if it’s easier for celebrities or very wealthy people to adopt, and if it is, more power to them. But bottom line, no one should judge anyone for their choice to adopt.

Beth Gebbie on

What an honor it was to have met your Mom,Joni, I had the pleasure of doing her hair from time to time.. I think your daughter Eloise Joni is very blessed!

incredulous on

Great, another girl who will have to grow up with Charlie Sheen in her life. Well done, Denise.

Molly on

How cute that the girls chose to name her Eloise – I guess they’re big fans of the books! I think if you asked most little girls what they thought you should name your daughter, you’d hear “Miley.”

Anna on

It is ridiculous to suggest that adopting domestically is better than adopting from another country. There are SO many issues when you try to adopt domestically.

My parents waited 14 years for my sister. If we had the money and means to adopt abroad, we would have. As it was, we were able do a private adoption at minimal cost. Children from other countries need homes just as badly as American children do.

In addition, American adoptions fall through far more frequently. Birth mothers change their minds or something happens. It can be a heartbreaking wait.

And as for the commentor who suggested that she should have adopted a boy, that doesn’t make sense. She wanted all girls, and she felt a girl would fit in best with her little girls. She is used to having little girls. I don’t blame her in the least for wanting to keep it an all girl affair. Just because she had two girls already doesn’t mean she should have considered adopting a boy. She did what was best for her and her family.

ARA on

Mikaylah – unfortunately not easy to adopt an infant in the US. Many of those wishing to adopt an infant (especially if over age 40) are not allowed to do so in the US and are encouraged by agencies to look outside the US. Another great option is to adopt an older foster child from the US 🙂