Rebecca Romijn Says Twins Are ‘Wired Differently’

06/28/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Steven Lawton/WireImage

Rebecca Romijn‘s twin girls Dolly and Charlie shared the same womb, but that’s about where the similarities end.

“They’re just totally wired differently,” she told PEOPLE Saturday at Las Vegas’s Nikki Beach. “It’s like a science experiment.”

Of their 2½-year-old daughters, one is a “daredevil,” while the other is a bit more docile. This summer, the goal is to get them both swimming lessons.

“The daredevil has a tendency to just jump in a pool and it really freaks us out as parents,” husband Jerry O’Connell says.

Becoming a dad has actually made O’Connell, 37, apologize to his own mother.

“Any sort of neurosis I had I used to blame my parents,” he explains. “In actuality when you have kids you realize we’re all just wired differently.”

The couple had a bit of a date night in Las Vegas sans children, celebrating the eighth anniversary of VEGAS, whose cover Romijn currently graces. Sin City actually has special meaning for them — they met at the Hard Rock Hotel pool in 2004.

“I tried to get in her eye line,” O’Connell joked of the fateful meeting with his wife, whom he wed in 2007.

“I did everything. I was flexing as hard as I could but a man can only hold his breath for so long. I was working it for a half hour, standing in the hot sun and finally Rebecca beckoned me over and I ran in.”

Romijn, 38, adds, “I’m not gonna lie, it was a bold move on my part because I was there with a date!”

— Mark Gray

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Dee on

Don’t like anything about these two – totally self absorbed.

Danielle on

I laugh when I read them describing their twins. It is like they are surprised that two faternal twins are different. Hello, they share the same amount of DNA as two siblings and anyone can tell you siblings are different.

I have 2 identical twins born 2 weeks after they had their twins and they are similiar but DIFFERENT, even though they share the same DNA. Twins are a lot of work, but these two seem to say the same thing over and over.

Anom on

They are first time parents! This is all new to them! My two sons are so opposite it STILL amazes me…and they are grown! I think their stories are funny! The one about one twin deciding she didn’t want to wear her shirt to “school”..Just a classic parent moment! If you don’t like them, don’t read the article!

Anna on

I like them, I think they sound normal. And I understand what he means about blaming your parents about neurosis that might have been in you all along!

Elaine on

They are by far my favorite celebrity couple because not only do their interviews/appearances on talks shows always make me laugh, they seem REAL. Their daughters are adorable and while they tease and complain about them being crazy a lot, you know they love them to pieces!

There’s also the fact that JOC has been my celeb crush for 10 years now because of his work on Crossing Jordan! Much love and happiness to them both!

Mira on

Rebecca looks ridiculously plastic.

Alyssa on

Do any of you realize that they always joke around with this stuff? They’re not dumb parents who are self-absorbed; they’re being real when they talk about their children. It gets a little old when celebrities say that their children are perfect little angels and do no wrong. These 2 are real and know how to make things funny.

Jillian on

Just a big guess…..Do ya think she is asked questions and answering??? Ummmm, hello Danielle……that’s sorta how interviews work!

sal on

seem like nice people to me, and good parents.

Susan Albert on

I think they ae two normal parents, with the same problems as all parents who have children of that age.

However, the part about their one child’s tendency to jump in a pool would freak me out two.

Jane on

I thought the twins were born through IVF. Even if they weren’t, they’re obviously fraternal and therefore just sisters born at the same time. As someone else said, even identical twins are different so why it should be a surprise that their kids are different is anyone’s guess.

I think this couple state the obvious a lot – “kids are hard work”, “they’re so fun”, “they’re both really different.” Well, duh.

Jillian on

Jane, they were asked questions. They answered. That’s sorta how it works. Duh!!

ruby on

Geez, even parents of two singletons born years apart are surprised how two children with the same two parents raised in the same environment can be so different. Rebecca & Jerry sound perfectly normal, and I, too, laughed about how you really get a taste of your own medicine when you become a parent!

CG on

But many times the parents *subconciously* treat their children really differently too for all different reasons. Sometimes it’s because one child was planned and wantded,and another child wasn’t. Sometimes it’s because one child resembles one of the parents or the parents parents who didn’t treat them well etc.