Mary McCormack Keeps It Family-Friendly On Set

06/28/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

As a working mom whose job it is to literally run around all day, usually through the hot streets of Albuquerque, Mary McCormack needs a place to get away.

That place is her trailer on the set of the hit USA drama In Plain Sight, where she stars as U.S. Marshall Mary Shannon.

The actress, 42, welcomes her daughters Margaret, 6½, and Rose, 4, into the cozy, kid-friendly space, outfitted with a child-sized table, bookcase and toy nook, whenever she has a break from scenes.

“They’re in school during the day and then after school, they usually come here,” she says. “It’s nice and they like to be in the trailer.”

Gregg Segal

The family, which includes McCormack’s husband of seven years, producer and director Michael Morris — and a third baby due in September — splits their time between their home in Los Angeles and a home in Albuquerque while In Plain Sight is filming. And while filming often very long days, McCormack finds ways to recharge and connect with her kids in-between takes.

“We draw, paint, read and play hide and seek,” she says. “We have pillow fights in the little bedroom. Margaret was 1½ when we shot the pilot and Rose was 8-weeks-old when I came back to work. They’ve never known life without it.”

McCormack says that having the chance to see her kids during the day makes her feel like a very lucky working mom.

“I’ve nursed babies on-set and in the hair and makeup trailer,” she says. “I have girlfriends who drop their kids off in the morning and don’t see them until bath time. So I’ve been really lucky.”

Being pregnant is also something she says she feels lucky about. “I am so blessed at my age to be having a baby,” she says. “I’m thrilled and it’s like a miracle.”

Getting to play a pregnant character while she’s expecting herself is adding a new dimension to her acting.

“I thought the opportunity was so nice for the character who is not particularly maternal to be faced with a pregnancy,” she says. “And it’s nice to tune in and see a real pregnant person. This is what real women look like knocked up. It’s not all in the tummy!”

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— Alicia Dennis

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Mandy on

She’s so beautiful! I’m so happy to see her character on IPS being pregnant as well! It’s so nice for her to be able to have her children on set with her! Looking forward to the next episode!

klutzy_girl on

I’ve recently started watching In Plain Sight and I love it. It’s a pretty good show!

Mary McCormack’s daughters’ names are great. And I have a weird feeling baby number three is also a girl.

LauraPalmer on

I love her and I love In Plain Sight, such a classy lady.

Marky on

Love the show, and love Mary! I just wish this baby was Marshall Marshall’s! Oh, well, still an interesting story line!

Michelle on

I have that chair! It’s the Hibiscus chair from Pier 1 Imports.

I love Mary and IPS.

Shelley on

“This is what real women look like knocked up”–love it!

neža on

She’s great! I like her on tv, such a good actress, looks like she’s very devoted to both, her show and her family. Can’t wait to hear the name of the third child. 😀 I’m guessing another girl too! haha

connie on

I hope she has a boy. She’ll love it I have two boys and only wanted girls, but you get over that real quick.

Toya L. on

She is awesome and I love this set up. @Michelle, I love Pier 1.

sharon on

“And it’s nice to tune in and see a real pregnant person. This is what real women look like knocked up. It’s not all in the tummy!”

Amen sister! I love the show and love her character. As a mother of 4 it is nice to see a “real” pregnant woman actress.

Can’t wait to see how Mary handles having the baby!

Jae on

Lo0ve Mary! She seems like a great mom! Can’t wait to see what happens on IPS!

JulieB on

How nice to see only positive comments. I love the show too and it’s interesting that Mary Shannon is pregnant. Who’d have ever thought that would happen? Cheers to Mary and her family.

Susan Albert on

Love love Mary, and the show. I think she is beautiful.

Judy Gunnels on

My husband and I love the show In Plain Sight. We’ve watched it from the beginning. We have it programmed in the DVR to record every week.

I love the chemistry between Mary and Marshall. The new girl is cute and funny. Her sister is getting on my nerves. lol…

I had a feeling that Mary was really pregnant. She is pooching out there. 🙂 I’m wondering what will happen when the baby is born? Will she be a single parent?? or will her sister adopt the baby?? Just a thought. I hope she doesnt’ get back with her x. Oh well,

I’ll just have to wait and watch.

hayley on

mary mccormack is just too cool in ips. she is the queen of sarcasm (and who doesnt love sarcasm?) i hope her reallife baby and her ips baby are happy,healthy and sassy!!!!!!!

Shaina on

Love Mary McCormack – awesome actress. However, please tell me that Mary Shannon is NOT going to be saddled with a rugrat or that idiot ex-husband of her’s!!!!!!!!

Sonde Laton on

The person who plays her husband is so annoying. Whatever his role is, was or will be on the show, I have the following hope; brief.

Love Marshall, the girlfriend is a little too perky.

Like the army guy for Mary, nice touch, keep him.

Janet on

To Plain Sight:
Love the program and have really enjoyed this season. We want her to keep the baby. Please let her keep the baby. I was sad that she gave Oscar away also, all of us. Just let her keep the baby and bring back Lesely Ann Warren, I miss her and please keep Brandi and husband. In other words don’t change the cast. Not sure yet about Marshall and his current situation. She is a good actress and pretty, just not sure
about the couple relationship yet. Lets get Mary set up with a man to where she can let her fears and anger out. I liked her ex but I do really like the current character JAG lawyer program. You have so many ways to write the story on Mary and the baby, most want Mary to keep her baby and I honestly hope you do! Brandy can adopt also.
I just would like to see Mary love….
I know she still has to be tough.
Thank you for reading e-mail.

RoastLamb on

I saw Mary on The Late, Late Show a couple of weeks ago so I knew her character in the show was really pregnant. I really enjoy this programme and esp. this particular storyline. Great show! I love the fact Mary portrays a really smart and sassy woman. So glad Canadian tv telecasts it in the summer. Looking forward to the next series.

Anonymous on

To bad this up coming season will be the last