Spotted: Kingston Rossdale Puckers Up to Zuma

06/28/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Big brother will make it all better!

Kingston Rossdale, 5, leans in to smooch 2½-year-old Zuma while he makes a pretend phone call at the park on Saturday in Los Angeles.

The pair wore matching boots, while Zuma sported a blue cast after breaking his arm earlier this month.

“He’s fine now,” dad Gavin Rossdale tells PEOPLE of the injury he and Gwen Stefani‘s son suffered.

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VEO on

I am not a fan of paparazzi infringing on people’s privacy, especially little children like this, but sometimes they capture the best moments!

This is too sweet 🙂

C on

How sweet. 🙂

Laurie on

I’m sorry but these kids look like clowns. I don’t understand why they dress their boys like this or style their hair like Kingston’s. Why can’t they just wear a regular pair of short and a t-shirt, some sneakers and call it good? They’re kids; not fashion plates. If they want to be fashionable as they get older, and can understand what to chose from, then I’m all for that.

cn tower on

Laurie, prepare for a barrage of negative comments to your post, but I’m behind you on this one.

I might add that lots of celebs with kids around the same age (e.g. Naomi Watts, Jen Garner) manage to dress their kids in normal, everyday outfits, so why encourage the paps and draw (unwanted?) attention to your children by parading them around like this?

Mira on

The combat boots are a tad ridiculous, but the ki8ds are precious!

emily on

Laurie & CN Tower: Why do you care how thier children dress? I’m confused why you insist they should be dressed “normal”. I honestly will never get that. You cant expect to love the fashion choices of everyone you see, so why get bent out of shape about it?

Live and let live.

Molly on

Laurie and CN tower, you both sound ignorant. You both are probably homophobic and racist too. Must judgmental people are.

Miss Anne on

‘Dude, what are you doing? Can’t you see I am on the phone with my agent?’

Anna on

Honetsly their outfits here are pretty normal, it’s just the shoes and Zuma’s socks that make it look a bit strange. It’s a cute photo!

Taylor on

Molly- What on EARTH are you talking about? Just because they don’t like how someone dresses their kids, they’re automatically homophobic and racist? You sound ignorant and judgmental.

I think their clothing styles are a little out there and odd for my tastes, it looks adorable!

Molly on

Sorry Taylor,I still think they are racist and homophobic

Molly on

Also Taylor, never respond to me again. I can’t stand hateful, bitter people like you.

Hea on

Get over yourself Molly and don’t you dare complain about other posters “non-pleasant posts” after that jackass comment you just posted. You’re probably doing it just to annoy people and you’re at least succeeding a bit in that. Hope that’s pleasing you and I hope you dig that stick out soon. 😛

Fab on

Molly is clearly an idiot looking for attention… And for the others “normal” is boring and there is NOTHING boring about Gwen so why would u expect her to dress her kids boring???!! Hahaha!!!! Y’all are funny to me on theses posts…. Great Photo!!!!

kay on

Really, Molly?????? And you call other people bitter and hateful? WOW.

Molly on

Kay and Hea so you’re proud to be defending homophobic racist people eh? They didn’t deny it so I must be correct. If I wanted attention I wouldn’t be on a baby blog full of ignorant people like you.

Rebecca on

Oh wow! It’s a post from Molly including the words “ignorant,” “judgmental,” “hateful,” or “bitter.” You don’t see that every day! What a surprise to see it now. /sarcasm

Jillian on

OMG…..I seriously can’t stop laughing. Molly, you make no sense. You need to learn what words mean because nothing you said makes sense! How on earth could someone be racist?! And bc they didn’t respond it’s true? Maybe they haven’t come back to the page?! I know…I know….don’t ever talk to you again. I am so hateful. I hate celebrities. Why am I even here. Just leave.

It’s not going to happen Molly. I will not leave. And no one else will., so you will have to just deal with it Mols!

Jillian on

Oh and I loveeeee this picture!!

Hea on

Who’s homophobic and racist? Grow a brain, Molly. For your own sake. You said a poster was homophobic and racist. They themselves didn’t. Nobody even hinted that they had those views and you can’t decide that they do.

Jillian on

Hea, totally agree.she just told me on another post that I am homophobic and racist……of course for no reason. She’s a joke.

Jen on

Molly is obviously an online troll surfing the comments and trying to stir up trouble. Every comment section has them they are the people managing to turn every conversation into some hot button issue like racism and such. Best just to ignore those people:

( : In Internet slang, a TROLL is someone who posts inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4]