January Jones Celebrates Beachside Baby Shower

06/27/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Andrade/Shirley/Pacific Coast News

Baby shower — at the beach!

Mom-to-be January Jones was fêted by girlfriends — including Mad Men costar Christina Hendricks — at a shower to celebrate her upcoming arrival on Saturday in Malibu.

Mingling on an oceanfront patio with pals, Jones, 33, “seemed happy to be spending time at the beach with her friends” at the afternoon party, an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “Everyone was laughing and seemed to have a great time.”

“January was in a happy and playful mood,” the source continues. “She even kicked off her sandals and strolled along the beach with a friend, dipping her toes into the ocean, smiled and playfully splashed her girlfriend.”

Jones’s baby — a delivery surprise — is due in early fall.

— Pernilla Cedenheim

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C on

Isn’t she wearing an engagement-like ring?

S.O. on

Looks like one to me!

sky on

wow, she really popped out. she always looks so pissed off in all of her pictures.

Heather Lynn on

Is it just me or has her pregnancy flown by? I can’t wait to see what she has and the name that she decides on!

Amy on

She was at the Lowes store my husband works at in Syracuse, NY on Saturday night. She was with Adrien Brody and they were buying lights of all things! Someone said they had a house at a nearby lake. The only celebrities we see around here are the Baldwin’s- this is a nice change!

Megan on

It does seem like the time has flown from the moment of her announcement until now…she looks great and I cannot wait to meet her little one =)

K on

@ C, yes it looks like an engagement ring. Hello PEOPLE, we need details!

Missy :) on

Agreed ladies, I feel like this pregnancy has flown by, as well! I can’t wait to find out the details of the little bambino – I feel like the only thing we know for sure is it will be one gorgeous babe!

And Amy – juicy info!! Do you think January and Adrian are a couple??

Oh, and, yes, PEOPLE, details about the ring, please 🙂

Catca on

@Amy and Missy – are you sure she was in Syracuse last Saturday night? The story says she was in Malibu that afternoon celebrating her baby shower… That’s a pretty long flight and when you add the 3 hour time change, it seems really unlikely that was her. Then again, Adrian Brody has a very distinctive look so it’s kindof hard to imagine a look alike! Maybe it was Adrian and a blonde that looked like January????

SadieA on

January Jones and Adrien Brody sounded familiar to me so I googled it, they were supposedly dating last June. I think they’d be cute together!

Sarah on

Hmmm… maybe Adrien Brody is the baby daddy.

Anna on

I doubt she could have gone from Malibu to Syracuse so quickly in one afternoon. It must have been someone who looked like her that you saw.

I think the reason her pregnancy has flown by so fast is because she only announced it when she started to show.

Jillian on

With a shower in CA on Saturday, I don’t see her she could have made it to NY and out shopping in the same day…… I read that Jason is not that father. That he didn’t want children.

Shannon on

She always looks so miserable. 😦

Adrienne on

Bleh. I really just… nevermind, not my place to criticize.

Anna on

jaan black, you find a pregnant woman whom you know nothing about repulsive? What does that say about you?

Hea on

Jaan – You must be really sensitive then.

IF January and Adrien Brody are having this baby together then it’s going to be one gorgeous little one.

abc on

Although it was rumored that Adrien Brody and January dated sometime in 2010 it was never confirmed, but I’m pretty sure they are not together now. I was on the TMZ website today and they had a clip of Adrien (it was videotaped June 28, 2011) at the airport in New York dropping off and kissing a mystery girl (that was most definitely NOT January). I highly doubt January and him are together.

Laura on

Was I the only one who caught Jason Sudekis’ comment at the MTV awards? He said quote “I’m going to be a father soon.” …. I assumed he was the father of her baby since he was the last person she dated.